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    After listening to @Ueda and @Serias talk about the vision of the game and the amount of effort that went into implementing the Hidden Mist Village and the Hidden Sand Village me and my friend @SpellWiz started brainstorming ideas and a village layout for the Hidden Cloud Village. This is what we came up with, because Rory and Serias appreicate any playermade content that could contribute to future development and success of NinOnline Basic line-art of cloud village layout I imagine use of flicker pads and bridges to traverse the village Exclusive Passive: Body Flicker range is increased by 2 tiles. Decently balanced mastery. Similar to Sand's perfect cloak. Due to the Cloud Village's structure, it's ninja have adapted to traverse the large gaps. Exclusive Combo Mastery: Laser [Water / Lightning] Ninja from the Cloud Village have passed down techniques that utilize Storm release to create focused lasers. Exclusive Alternate Mastery: Cloud-style Kenjutsu [Weapon Master] Agility-locked sword(s) with agility-based weapon master skills. Can use strength-based weapon master skills with the cloud-locked swords, and vice versa. Agility and strength-based weapon master skills share respective cooldowns. Any cloud-locked swords have lower base-damage than current swords, but higher attack speed. Level 10: Cloud-style Backlash Slash Free-aim-based skill. Charge and perform an upwards slash, interrupting casting jutsu on-hit. 1-2 tiles directly in-front of the user and 2-1 second standing-running cast-time based on level. Level 15: Cloud-style Reverse Beheading Free-aim-based skill. Spin instantly, dealing damage to all enemies within 1 tile. 1s - Instant cast-time based on level, 1 tile radius in all directions. Level 20: Cloud-style Riposte Free-aim-based skill. Users swiftly lunge forward creating an extended range of up to 3 tiles. 3-2 second running cast-time based on level. Level 25: Cloud-style Afterimage Strike Target-based skill. After seemingly splitting into 3 from the intense speed, users instantly move in-front of and attack their target up to 3 times instantly. 2-1 second running cast-time and 3-7 tile range based on level. The user briefly appears surrounding the target on all sides except directly behind them, and any spots unavailable reduce the amount of hits. Level 30: Cloud-style Deception Beheading Substitution-based skill. The user feigns Substitution Technique, preparing to counter. Before receiving an attack, they reappear right in-front of the attacker and launch a counterattack. Level 35: Cloud-style Crescent Moon Target-based skill. Makes the user instantly move in-front of their target and widely slash, creating a large crescent shape hitting all enemies within 2 tiles on all sides of the user, except directly behind. 2-1 second run-cast and 2-4 tile range based on level. Exclusive Summons: Drill Bird Walk/Flicker. Lunges forward to attack head-on with it's beak, creating an extended range. (2-6 tile range based on level) Not as ugly or huge as Pain's monster. Baku Stationary/Target-facing. Pulls in all enemies in a cone-shaped radius. (3-7 tile furthest-point range and 1-2 tile knockback towards summon based on level) Not as huge as Danzo's monster. Or a simpler elephant. Exclusive Organization: Kinkaku Force 5 Members. Aimed to be a heavy team-play based squad. Bashōsen (Fan): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Random large-scale element-based attack is released on auto-attack. High damage, as well as effects based on element. Cost 100 chakra per-cast. Gives 25 intellect. Kohaku no Jōhei (Pot): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. On use, pulls target towards snared user. (Think 1 tile knockback towards the user, 2 tiles if target is below 50%) Consumes 100 chakra per-second. If a target is touching the user, while below 20% health, they are killed and instantly sent to their hospital and counted as a kill for the pot's user. Gives 25 fortitude. The next three are a testament to the "team-play" design of the organization Kōkinjō (Rope): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Upon the user successfully landing an auto attack on a target without "Word Soul Leak", "Word Soul Extract", "Word Soul Seal", nor "Word Soul Sentence" debuffs, 100 chakra is consumed and the target receives the "Word Soul Leak" debuff for 30 seconds. Gives 25 agility. Shichiseiken (Sword): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Upon the user successfully landing an auto attack on a target with "Word Soul Leak", 100 chakra is consumed, the target's "Word Soul Leak" is removed and they receive the "Word Soul Extract" debuff for 30 seconds. A linked, targetable and invincible, "Word Soul" mob is spawned at the location for the debuff's duration. Gives 25 strength. Benihisago (Gourd): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Only with a "Word Soul" mob as a target, on use the user pulls the target towards themselves. (Think 2 tile knockback towards the user) If the target touches the user, it is unspawned and whomever it is linked to has "Word Soul Leak" removed and receives the "Word Soul Seal" debuff for 30 seconds. After "Word Soul Seal's" duration you receive "Word Soul Sentence" for 30 seconds, during which you are pulled toward the gourd's user. (Think 2 tile knockback towards the user, 3 tiles if target is below 50%) Anyone touching the gourd's user while under the effects of "Word Soul Sentence" are killed and instantly sent to their hospital and counted as a kill for the gourd's user. Consumes 50 chakra per-second while pulling anyone. Insignificant chakra results in the inability to pull "Word Soul" mobs, as well as no one with "Word Soul Sentence" being pulled in. Those affected by "Word Soul Sentence" are only pulled while the gourd is equipped. Gives 25 chakra. Cloud Village is years-away content, and I expect literally nothing to come of this post besides simple chatting. For most things I have given example cast-times, ranges, etc. but more balancing would be required for any actual implementation. The organization items may sound a bit OP or over-tuned, but compared to puppets/ssm I would defend the suggestions. Specifically, the 3-man combo items would require 100 chakra each and 30 seconds to execute 1 person, which a 3-man squad should be able to do easier than using these items. The theory is 3-man comboing the healers and killing everyone else. Also, the Gourd user would be a target the entire time to stop the effects of "Word Soul Sentence." There's also the village layout; according to the devblogs, round buildings are especially tough...that's the entire village. Flicker pads is a personal preference, as I feel that it would be cool to traverse the village that way. Based off the basic line-drawings, a pure conversion to pixel-art and mapping wouldn't be possible, but the ideas are there.
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    Hello Master @Ueda The community has been complaining about the current states of Hidden Weapons ( Pipe and Fan ). Why? Simply, because, elementals benefits from these weapons more than the actual masters of these weapons ( Pure Fan and Pure Bubble ninjas). PIPE - 2 seconds snare - Low CD - Can spam two of them on the ground without no repercussions - Low damage For a Bubble Ninja, the weapon does not seem that strong, it more looks like it is a mediocre weapon that will help them chain snares but nothing else. For a Water User, this is an extra WP, that allows them to have multiple occasions to chain a combo with INT SCALING with no way for their opponent to escape. For another elemental, the weapon gives them more versatility and the CC needed to cancel jutsus and chain combos with INT SCALING. Therefore, it is clear enough to understand that Water Ninjas benefits more from using a weapon that belongs to their subpath. Not only water benefits way more than it should but Non Water elementals also benefits more from the hidden weapon than the people mastering the hidden mastery itself. FAN - Knockback -Projectile -4 sec CD - Tornadoes, a 1 sec stun that selfstun the users for 0.5sec For a Fan user, like said earlier, the weapon is alright, and helps them do what Fan does wich is knockbacking. For an Int Wind Ninja, the weapon allows them to land Tornadoes out of flicker -> Wich leads to 386 damage minimum ( on 100 INT). Compared to a Fan User that deals 185 damage(on 100 STR) ( Tornadoes + fan hit + kunai ) or 275 damage ( if we include wind barrage, that selfstuns for one second and is a guaranteed punish if used in close range after landing flicker + tornado, so it's not rewarding because you will probably get punished for more) For a Non Wind elemental, the weapon allows them to cancel stuff from range and also get some extra damage with instant jutsus with INT SCALING. Like said earlier, we can clearly see that Wind Ninjas benefits more than it should from Fan abilities, tornadoes allow them to land twice the damage of what a Fan Ninja would deal out of that combo. Non Wind elementals aslo benefits way more from the weapon since they can land instant jutsus (with INT SCALING) out of the knockback from Fan while a Pure Fan can only land kunai and wind barrage most of the time. CONCLUSION The Hidden Masteries Jutsus and the weapons are not the problem. Elementals benefits way more than they should and these weapons are extreme boost when it comes to 1v1 for elementals and this is wrong. To me there needs to be a change on STR Requirements on some of these jutsus as far as I know. For the weapons, to me it is still odd to see a water/fire wearing a fan (not even a wind user or something) or a lightning medic with pipe (not linked to bubble by water or any means). I do not have a fixed proposition to fix this but I am pointing out the problems because they actually affects PVP alot, in 1v1s and in group fights and I honestly think it should be looked at. @Ueda please consider. ALSO, I ALWAYS WONDERED WHY HUNTER NIN HAS WATER WHIPS AS WEAPON AND SAND ANBU DOES NOT HAVE SOME SORT OF FANS AS A SPECIAL WEAPON ( IT WOULD BRING MORE UNIQUENESS AGAIN TO THE VILLAGES SINCE THE THREE OF THEIR ANBUS WOULD HAVE DIFFERENT WEAPONS). I THINK IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE SAND ANBU WITH SOME SORT OF SPECIAL FAN. Lumy, a Fan Ninja tired of seeing other ninjas benefiting more from tornadoes and fan than himself.
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    In this post I would like to start a movement against a certain thing that has plagued this community recently. Toxicity. I often get attacked in my PMs after I killed someone in a DZ. This game's one of the main aspects if PvP, you will die and you will kill. That's one of the ways you progress through, there's no need to attack someone verbally in a rude way and there's no need to make fun of someone who lost to you. In my personal opinion, being good at PvP doesn't make you a cool person, it doesn't mean you're good at the game. There's much more to being a good player. In my opinion, a good player is someone who is not toxic, someone who can accept that he lost or someone who takes the win and respects his opponents. The main reason why I wanted to create this post is because I wanted to address a big issue. Recently I have been getting into situations where I have to face disrespectful and plain toxic people. I believe that Nin is losing its old RP charm. And NO, I'm not a fan of peace between villages, because I love hunting, BUT I believe that we should respect each other no matter if we lost or won a fight. I also don't believe it is necessary to kill every lowbie on bi who is grinding larvae. We should focus on organizing more RP events that include people from all villages. There is no rule that says you can’t kill a lowbie trying to do Seals 100 times even on bi... but think about it, do you get pleasure from it? This isn't something that rules can change, only you can make a change by doing something little like that. These little things may feel insignificant when you're alone, it can be like a droplet of water, but remember that the ocean is made of thousands of those droplets. Make a change, make this community a better place for the future generations. Please write your reply down below and let me know if you agree or disagree. I would appreciate to hear everyone's thoughts. My goal is to stop the strong hatred between villages, it is unnecessary and is plaguing the experience of a lot of people. After all it's just a game that should be enjoyed by the players. If you would like to join this movement and support this community, I will create a discord where we would host joint RP player events between all villages. We are all players spending hours upon hours on the same game, we should enjoy it together.
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    Dear Ninja, In the spirit of Nin Online reaching 7 years of development, and 3 years of live service, we are doing a humble event to celebrate another year of Nin Online~ As a throwback, I'm inviting you to take a nostalgia dive to our first ever anniversary post from 2014.. Things were certainly different back then! This year we're going to be doing 3 small things as part of the big celebration. Free Gold Neck Protector For all existing Gold Ninja & Silver Ninja, and for all those who become Gold/Silver before the end of August 2020, you are entitled to receive a free Gold Neck Protector from the cash shop. This is in the same spirit as the Gold Forehead Protectors given to all Gold Ninja from before August 2013. Where the very first few initial supporters of the game donated to the game when it was but an alpha announcement. Although it wasn't a grand sum of money to receive back then, it gave me what I needed to push the game into alpha with a decent server and pay for our upkeep costs through the development early on. For that, Gold Ninja and Silver Ninja will always hold a special place in my heart and in the legacy of Nin Online for being the pioneers of the game. What better way then to all have an item to symbolize "I was here". Time-Exclusive Cosmetic To celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we are going to be selling a limited time only cosmetic item - White Jira Vest! The Jira Vest is a new series of items from 2020 so it's fitting it receives a special version for 2020. The White Jira Vest will be on sale from 1st August - 31st August. After it's sale, it will not be available for purchase anymore ever again, but will be tradeable in-game so that players can continue to pass it down to future players. GM Riddle Me This (For Free Stat Resets) We will also have a mini-event for everyone to play with our GM team. If you want to win a free stat reset (one per player), each GM has been given a limited amount of coupon codes that will give you a free Stat Reset from the cash shop. As long as you can hunt them down and bug them to give you a riddle! If you can answer it there and then, you will be given the code and you can use it to claim a stat reset from the cash shop here..! So far GMs @Erox @Kenock @Serias have each been given 10 Coupons..! @TheWolf is holding 2 with him. More coming soon? We'll see! Conclusions First I'd like to apologize for the delay when it came to this event, we've really had a lot on our plates recently pushing the new server, and all the updates since. As you may guess, this has been a lot of work and as such, celebrations took a back seat. I know I'm not the only one who is joyful about another great year for Nin Online, and the ones to come, so I should know not to be too sluggish on getting this out.. We still have a lot in stall in the coming months and years, so as always, look forward to another great year for Nin Online, and if you're new here.. Welcome to the community! Regards, Ueda
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    I would like to discuss the recent events that have unfolded in the War event held by the GM Erox. The first match was a 2v2v2 Genin fight in which Sand was victorious, but the GM Erox decided to revive the enemies even though in the War event rules which HE sent it is obviously stated that: "Ninja who faint in combat during this phase are immediately teleported out of the waiting area, they are considered casualties. As this is a war zone, they will have battle injuries.". When he was pointed out that he made a mistake, instead of listening to the side which has won and was just requesting that they are teleported back and killed, he decides to give them a rematch. Again, even though the winning side said that they do not want a rematch he continues to impose his own rule and even says "y'all can hate all you want but this is my event". After that Sand loses the round cause of course both of the villages will focus the one who won it the first time. I understand that this is his first War event, but how does he tag the players in discord and tell them to "Be sure to read up on the rules and what to expect" when he did not do the same, cause if he did read them he'd know that they are supposed to die and get Battle Injuries. Why did he not let the winning side decide if they want the rematch or not and why was he balantly arrogant when he was being told that we do not want a rematch is beyond me. This is not the first time he is disrespectful to the players and just goes and does what he wants.
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    After I made the "Better Future" post, I decided to create a discord where all ninja who supported the original post, and want to form friendships with other villages are welcome! So now I am making this post to summarize our first meeting. Today we held our first "official" meeting in the Land of Toads. We started by forming a circle, symbol of our un-official organization, the Shinobi of the Round Table and we discussed our future. We didn't have any plans at the start so we decided to do some practice with friendly fire. We created teams consisting of ninja who were from opposing villages. It was really dangerous since everybody could get hit by their teammates, but that was practice for a real war. After we regened from our injuries, we decided to do a tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Where Kyreno smacked everyone and Hageshi suffered. In the future, we will be organizing more meetings which will be more RP based, but I believe this is a great way to start! Thank you everyone for coming! @Krait, @Prado, @Emiya @Kyreno, @Kyoji, @DeadZoom, @Leiting, @antar86, @Hageshi Date, @Roei, @Double, @Skouri,@MAdara01, @NIghma Date, @Sanshouo, @Zukoo And the best part was... we decided to celebrate by offering a peaceful sacrifice to the lord of the summons, it was fun (well...not really for me .-.)!
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    made for fun purposes, no hate, no discrimination, no racism.
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    This is a Summary of the first Military Police Summit. With Mist Military Police Force, Leaf Military Police Force and Sand Military Police Force in Attendance. The initial idea of the Summit was to bring forward ideas to improve the current Military Police Force Organizations. I will list all of the Suggestions that were presented during the Summit as well was the Solutions that were agreed upon or the conclusion to the talks. Topic 1: Genin are unable to use the Jail Jutsu. After a lengthy discussion and multiple suggestions being presented. All 3 Chiefs agreed it would be best to place the Jail Jutsu based on Title in the Organization instead of Rank in the Village. Chief, Deputy Chief and Captain ranks should be able to use Jail Jutsu regardless of Village Rank. Topic 2: Lack of Buff for the Organization. A lot of good ideas were presented here as well. Arm band with a buff, Badge with a buff, Adding a buff onto the clothing all came up. But Ultimately all 3 Chiefs agreed a passive buff in the Village Territory should be applied. Leaf's Territory is everywhere around the Village down to Dark Bridge. Sand's Territory is everywhere around the village until Katabami Bridge. Mist's Territory is everywhere on the island until Land of Water Port. Topic 3: Additional Item/Jutsu. The Mist Chief Kyoho suggested a Tazer or Baton, or a restraining Jutsu. Sand Chief and Leaf Chief shut the idea down and Disagreed to it. The consensus was that the Jail Jutsu is fine as it is. However it would be nice if the Jail Jutsu unmasked people and the Prisoner could not put a mask on while Jailed. Topic 4: Accountability and Record Keeping. The Suggestion presented was to allow the board in the Military Police Office Building to be intractable, To be permanent records for Military Police Members to be able to access. The board will be record of everyone Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned, and who Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned Them (Including if they escaped Jail). When someone is Jailed, or escapes Jail an Announcement would appear. Similar to Zoomy was Jailed by Pyrox or Pyrox Escaped Jail and Left the Village. This will stop Military Police Force members from being able to abuse, and they can keep a record of who was made rogue or brought back into the Village. X was Exiled By (Kage) X was Pardened by (Kage) X was Jailed by (Police Force Member) X Escaped from Prison and Left the Village Jail logs and the announcement should also ignore masks for the sake of Record Keeping and Police clarity. Topic 5: Redesign of Police Uniform. All 3 Police Chiefs agreed this needs to happen. A lot of great ideas were thrown around but the main Solution was to have a Male version with full Pants, and a Female version with a skirt. The colors for all the villages should be changed to: Dark Blue for Leaf Males Pink for Leaf Females Brown for Sand Males Red for Sand Females Light Blue for Mist Males Dark Purple for Mist Females Topic 6: Build in Payment / Salary System. Leaf Village and Sand Village both already had their own payment system within their Organization. Mist suggested a Daily Mission where they Patrol their Village for 100 Ryo, However the Summit had gone on for awhile, and it was agreed to talk about a solution to this another time. If anyone would like to add to this, or give more suggestions please feel free to add a comment on this subject. Thank you all, to all the Military Police Members who attended the Summit. I'm glad that all 3 Police Forces were able to Discuss these issues and I hope we can continue to work together to make the Organization have more meaning.
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    I really enjoyed seeing this. I have to say that Cloud village is still a long time away. I just finished Mist and I want to focus on creating more depth to existing content than just adding yet another variation. So for now this is on the back burner. But you really hyped me, and even if you don't see it soon, this will definitely inspire me, atleast the village layout. I think it's an interesting idea to have a village that uses flicker pads this way! But the problem would be that navigating it would mean you need flickers, unless we do away with that requirement entirely. Will see about all that. But great post. One of my favorite suggestion posts ever!
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    Hey you, yes you the ninja watching this video right now! Do you not know which village to pick? Are you unhappy in your current village? Well, do I have the solution for you. Here in Sunakagure, the strongest ninjas are born. We've got the best training areas for lowbies like yourself, including the giant scarabs cave. Easy leveling if you ask a champ. Not to mention, the hidden weapon of the village hidden in the sand? Well it is the land of the wind afterall, presenting the FAN! Not only do we have the top tier Wind Sub mastery - Fan But Suna villagers also gain access to the fan subset of weapons. These are absolutely great, providing crowd control at distance SWOOSH. STILL NOT CONVINCED? Suna has by far the best passive in the game, our cloak is 100% effective no matter how high your enemies chakra is. Leaf and Mist just want to play jesus with their revives and water walking. Take that christianity. Besides, we go hunting even if the numbers are low! Don't play at peak times? No problem! Someone's going to be willing to hunt with you. We've all got missions to do after all. So what are you waiting for? RESET SAND TODAY (DISCLAIMER: IF YOU GET SENSORIED THEY WILL STILL BREAK YOUR CLOAK, This is a fanmade parody video and in no way does it reflect the actual political opinions of sunakagure please pepe don't exile me for this)
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    Since every village has a weapon except leaf I was thinking of suggesting one. Chakra blades! Basically Asuma's chakra blades, so I was thinking of having different kinds of chakra blades, like a lightning chakra blade, wind, fire, etc. One for every element. So when you press Z you throw one and the effect varies from blade to blade. The lightning one shoots a fast chakra blade that stuns the opponent for basically as long as poison senbon does. The wind one shoots a chakra blade that can go through the enemy. Asuma was capable of piercing trees with one in the manga. The fire one has a burn effect but is slower than the ones above. The water one slows down the enemy (a nerfed version of mud river and is also slower than the lightning and wind blades). The earth one slows down the enemy but is slower than the water blade (the same as mud river). I also wanted to add Yin and Yang release because why not, so basically they stun the enemy like the lightning one. If you guys can only make like one of them for balance purposes then I'd go with the Yin and Yang one because it's a bit more neutral. Edit: Sorry I totally forgot, you would need 20 strength to equip this weapon. The more str the more dmg.
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    I made a quick video guide for side missions located across the villages. More will be coming soon and if all goes well I’ll do daily mission video guides! If I’m missing anything leave a comment . Big thanks to @Senketsu for helping with the mist missions! Leaf Seals- Sand Seals - Mist Golden Bars - Leaf Cloak Technique Mission - Sand Flicker Technique Mission - Kraken Tentacles Mission - Shoutouts to @Feinz @ExiledKyoho and @Satan for helping! Snake Lair Mission - Guren Mission - (Coming Soon) Mist Secret Seal - (Coming soon)
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    A New Song Made By Syllablistic( @Erox) and Jun ( @Ninja ) ROUTE 89 The sun, doesn't shine, over here, no more, Been tryna figure out, where the light, bends too. Cuz I'm losing my shadow, my pride, my soul. Runnin in, circles, like, where do we go. I ask you, for help, but you, told me, no no, Now I'm sinking, further, into the, low low, As I, hold my breath, my body, unfolds, I know, my goals, have holes, but. (This is, my road.) (Uh Ohhh Uh Ohhh) [JUN] Had to live my life no time to fucking dream Never got to experience all the finer things Struggling to eat food on a hot day Like Frozen Ice cream melted to a sundae Never been First always been in last place Im the snail in a rabbit tur-tle race Guess i move at my own freaking pace (Uh oh Uh oh Uh ohhhhh) But my pace is fucking slow Everyone knows that im growing old We are not alike you're hot im cold (Uh oh Uh oh Uh ohhhhh) If you was with me this whole time I would call you my special last line Of defense but no offense No Halo above your head but you're Heaven sent God's Gift a present in the present-tense I've been stressed tryna get a nut and im the squirrel Playing checkers not chess My mind is in a swirl where would i be (Uh Ohhh) where would i be if not in this world The sun, doesn't shine, over here, no more, Been tryna figure out, where the light, bends too. Cuz I'm losing my shadow, my pride, my soul. Runnin in, circles, like, where do we go. I ask you, for help, but you, told me, no no, Now I'm sinking, further, into the, low low, As I, hold my breath, my body, unfolds, I know, my goals, have holes, but. (Uh Ohhh Uh Ohhh) The sun, used to shine, bright, through the blindfolds, A waterfall of light, I could call, my own, Now I'm picking up the piece's, like, where do we go? The hardest part is startin, when you're driving down this road. [SYLLABLISTIC] Yeah, Sylla, check it out, get up, we can bounce, a little, or roll an ounce, whatever. Listen. I flip it and grip it I gotta RIP it or whip it, it's never scripted my scriptures are either quips or ellipses, from futures past, I've been given this gift to give ya a feelin, I try to fill in the details, like it's a mission of drillin I gotta. Take it slow, touch and go, I've been thinking all night, On this flow, on this road, taking hits to fog my. Inner woes, even though, lines been blurrin on high, and thats just my mind, but I've been alright. Cuz I stay stressed, not worried about pay checks, as long as what I'm doing is something I love, then stay blessed. Or better yet let's take it to the stage, and sweat press, I guess I'm thinking about the time I couldn't just say less. And what I hate is, I couldn't just feign bless, the darker side of me was showing all of my pages, open book, but my spine was showing the strain just (Strangest), imagine what it's like to think you're just in the way. Shit. The sun, doesn't shine, over here, no more, Been tryna figure out, where the light, bends too. Cuz I'm losing my shadow, my pride, my soul. Runnin in, circles, like, where do we go. I ask you, for help, but you, told me, no no, Now I'm sinking, further, into the, low low, As I, hold my breath, my body, unfolds, I know, my goals, have holes, but. (Uh Ohhh Uh Ohhh) The sun, used to shine, bright, through the blindfolds, A waterfall of light, I could call, my own, Now I'm picking up the piece's, like, where do we go? The hardest part is startin, when you're driving down this road. [Outro] If yesterday you told I would never be alone, I'd probably just say thank you while I'm looking at my phone, I guess it's easier to keep my secrets on the low. I know, my goals, have holes, but, this is my road. My Road.
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    It's me again! Trying to get more female outfits and hairstyles, like always. So in my mission for Rory to give us more female items, I decided to create outfits based on female characters from "The last" Movie/anime. Zoomed out: Bonus headband
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    I was laughing while editing this, so maybe you will enjoy. @Evie You tilted me with those scalpel xD
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    Hello guys, since NCL started I had idea of ranked system ingame which would warp u to arena vs your opponent, count points, wins, loses and would have a ranked system simillar to League Of Legends or so with monthly rewards (idk). Because of that I created a simple concept image, I'm not professional UI/graphic designer but I put a lot of work in it. @Ueda Here u go. Fullscreen: Just window: Also thanks to @Bogdan for our talk on NCL discord. @Zoomy I picked u because orginal ss is from bounty book lol
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    New GM Event System that allows GMs to control a dozen things that will help make events less chaotic. When a GM starts hosting an event, it will be announced and instructions will be given on how to join. Players can type /eventjoin (event name) to join the event. They will automatically be teleported to the event space. Players can type /eventleave to leave the event they are in at any time. GMs also have control at any time to mute all participants, warp all participants, nullify all participant's attacks, send them and only them messages. GMs can also automatically reward players for participation, so no more waiting for 1 event coupon trades. This is not yet used in any meaningful way, but we now have instanced maps as a feature in the game's engine. This update also takes advantage of our new server being in a modern language. We're making the engine more scaleable. Reviving a fainted player with Mystical Palm Technique now grants them temporary invulnerability for 2 seconds. This is so they have a fair chance to react to the successful revive. This timer might increase as we see how it affects open world PvP. Bubble-pipe bubbles now last 13 seconds up from 8. Bubble-pipe bubbles now snare for 2s down from 2.5s. (we will be trying to fix the inconsistency of the bubble pipe attacks making bubbles soon) 16 Palms Technique now has 0.7s up from 0.5s End Cast time. Revolving Heavens Technique now has 1s up from 0.5s End Cast time. Increased Cooldown for Revolving Heavens Technique from 24/23/23 to 26/25/25. Fixed Wild Slashes Technique Rank III not causing Bleed I effect. Possible fix for prison being used on NPCs causing random players to warp to prison. Fixed Sand village academy combat lesson bug with Killer scorpion not doing damage. Fixed being able to play animations for Lightning Cutter Technique, even though it cannot actually self-cast. Fixed bug with jutsu being used on clones causing problems for other players. Improved Clones client-side animation code. Fixed Leaf Village Summit being a danger zone.
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    Lock Pipe to Bubble users and we'll have a post called "How Mist became so weak!".
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    Leaf does not have a weapon cause it's hidden mastery does not use one. It is indeed unfair that Sand and Mist have a weapon which everyone can use while Leaf doesn't have one, but adding a weapon to Leaf is not a way to fix this imbalance. It would in fact add even more of it. Fan and Pipe should be locked to the hidden masteries that use them. That is the best way to fix this since elementals with those weapons are arguably much stronger than those without it.
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    I don't know when I first got adopted into the Baguette family I do remmember the first one I met was Ryujin, He told me to come to Sand when I was wondering what village to join. See the thing is, they didn't really help me at first except answering a question here or there. They wanted me to get a hang of things on my own. So I did, and when I reached a level where I could help the family as much as they could help me. They took me in with open arms. When I say family, I mean it. They really are a family, Freezehud and Ryujin are brothers they were the newest addition to the Baguettes before I joined. Then there's Tetsuya, nobody knows much about him besides that he's the only actual French Baguette. Vaga pops in now and again, he seems to be the most passionate in the group he was the leader of the SMPF and he's put me as acting chief while he's away. Sparkzz is known as the lightning god, I've never seen someone move as smoothly as he does in combat it's like watching an artist at their craft. Lumy has the title of Anbu leader, he's the man with the silver tongue which unironically made him a silver ninja. His Brother Mylu used to hang out with the Baguettes, but I never met him I sometimes wonder if they're the ones that got rid of him. Then there's Dona, he was the first of the Baguettes with Sparkzz. People don't call him Don Dona, They call him King Dona, with a capital K. He's a self made man, he took all of the baguettes under his wing, he has it all fame, wealth. power... He always knows when to join voice chat and when to cloak out. Aizen and I joined the family at the same time, the guys an idiot but we love him anyway. I don't know where this life will take me, but I do know that I'm surrounded by the right people.
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    Hello guys!I was wondering about the game last night and suddenly this idea stormed in my head. What i mean is that i'll be giving away 4000 ryo to a random person How to enter this giveaway Go subscribe the official channel of Nin online: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3CnHhTdoPdQGS-rVxcSRMg And comment down below Nin Online! Thats all you gotta do!Two quick steps And send me screenshot at my discord or pm me at this website!Discord: Dokufu#3240 Also the winner will be picked at 5th of August Gl and have fun my fellow ninjas P.S @Erox @Serias please do record events and if you can edit them and send them to Ueda so he can post it on youtube thank you.
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    Huge respect to sand quitting the event, honestly i wish leaf did the same. Here's a little tip: if you are a gm, at least make your interference with players less noticeable.
  24. 10 points
    I wouldn’t call this an "honest" mistake. The rules were clear. Sand already got punished when he revived the losers and let them in when they were supposed to be “eliminated".He then proceeds to give them a rematch instead of either keep it going with the score or tp them and let them die.But... Deciding to give another chance to the losers for his own mistakes? I don’t know if that was truly honest. To back up his decision he said "hate all you want this is my event my rules" (something in those lines). It clearly felt like a sabotage more than anything. We players have lives and we don’t have time to lose, when we clear up a time of our day to play some cool event it must be run properly. The frustation was expected to be high because we didn’t log to lose our time on sabotaged events. I hope the event will be remade.
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    Hold Shift while cursor is over chatbox to move it to any position on the screen! When you drag the chatbox to the bottom of the screen, buttons are hidden to make space for it. GM Accountability features. We want Game Masters to be free of scandal, free of being accused of abuse. So their actions should stay accountable to the players they are serving! GMs trades are now shown globally so odd looking trades won't go unnoticed by players. GMs dropping items now announces globally, so odd looking drops won't go unnoticed by players. GMs can trade Event Coupons again! GMs no longer share XP with party members. Optimized/Compressed large packets (game sending data) like Jutsu, Animation, NPCs and Item data. This should speed up logging in! Piercing Jutsu, and traps like Firewall Technique now attack multiple targets if they are standing in the trap.
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    Hey ninjas, i haven't posted anything in a while so here a made a little something, enjoy<3 . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCRyvEwUBsc i worked on this very late at night or very early in the morning i should say so im sorry for the misspellings in the video
  28. 10 points
    Rebalanced "Retiring Old Puppets" I & II missions to require less puppet kills. Increased XP gained from "Retiring Old Puppets II" Attempt to fix Ninken and Ninkame potentially attacking players.
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  30. 9 points
    So we all know the villages like to raid one another right? Riiiight One problem with that. There is no real strategy involving the maps. I suggest that we get maps that can have more than one route to enter. Think about it this way, as things are right now, when people raid, its about 2 things, the amount of numbers a attacker or defender has, and who is more patient. He who enters first dies. We all know it because everyone likes to go to the entrance points and spam their AOE attacks right there for anyone unlucky enough to enter. Even when cloaked its certain death. It would be cool to see some kind of maps that would make Flanking possible which in turn would also make people strategize better in fights. It would also make it so people who are trying to avoid fighting when returning from recon missions to take the less used route or long way around. Hope this idea is well liked and maybe incorporated in the near future. Hope to see you around Nin ~Tea Drinker Shinra
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    So because of Covid I got some free time on my hand so Im willing to draw art of your ingame characters for free. Ive gotten quite good at drawing over the years and besides it will be a nice addition to my portfolio. Im willing to spend around a week on this so guessing I will be able to do about 15-20 depending on how long each takes me. So first come first serve. I will release em all at once next week. Pls only post if youre interested in one. I need a screenshot of your character, description of what you want it to do in the art (could be using jutsus too, but I will need a ss of that jutsu) and a background description (ss would be good). Can add a quote to it too if you want.
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    ANBU / Hunter-Nin / 12 Guardians / 7 Swordsmen / Sand Puppeteers Update You no longer use daily missions to exchange for your special organization items. Instead, each organization gets a fixed amount per day. As of now, each organization gets one. However, it might change in the future. Increased Revolving Heavens Technique base damage by 5/5/4 damage on it's respective ranks. Fixed a mapping bug in Land of Water, 3-way road split, where a tree was walkable.
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    Hello guys, it is me, Pinku from the Nin Challenger League. After seeing how today's recent events unfolded I must say I am clearly disappointed in the Nin Online Staff. I know you guys are people just like us and have room to make mistakes, but the issue here is not the mistake you made (well yeah it is actually LOL), but what you did afterwards. If we were to compare the NCL events which recently have been hosted WITHOUT a GM, they've gone smoothly, fast, and without any issues. How is this possible you may ask? The answer is simple. After we make mistakes we ponder about how to fix the issue PROPERLY for all sides involved, instead of going with a biased point of view. So the issue with today's event was the clear bias shown towards mist, and not only was there bias, there was also the refusal to accept the mistakes that we're made, and were therefore branded as "my rules my event". This not only adds salt to the wound of the sandies that we're on the bad side, but it also makes it seem as if the GM's have an attitude towards certain players. I am not here to slander Erox as much as I'd love to do that, however we should ask ourselves, how do we resolve the issue better next time? nah fuck that. I'd just like to say that it was handled poorly, you guys know damn well what you did wrong and how to make it better lulz. The comments afterwards were just straight up stupid, and the outcome was nothing but expected. What's done is done and the least you guys can do is apologize like seriously ._. .
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    Added New Level 27 Mission "Lover's Quarrel" Removed Prepare Hotkeys NPC in audience area for Ninja Dodgeball.
  35. 9 points
    Added New Level 20 Mission "Yozo the Bozo" Added New Level 30 Mission "Okada's Debt"
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    Hello everyone, today me and my clanmates were talking about the Blood Puppet Retirement mission. I already heard people complaining about it since it was introduced. The problem is really simple, in my opinion Its really hard and time consuming especially considering the reward. The reward as it is now is pretty much the same as Medicine Supplies III. If your buddies arent online and you wanna solo it you better just abandon it. Either you will die on the way there or there will be a group of sandies waiting for you at the entrance. Even with a group it will take quite some time since it is comparable to killing a slightly weaker version of the the Alpha snow wolf. 70 times. With the stronger puppets flickering at me if im not careful, no space to run around as freely as at snow area etc. (alpha snow wolf has 2.1k hp and 326 dmg, the "weaker non-red glowing" puppets have 1.2k hp and 245 dmg, stronger ones have 1.5k hp and 356 dmg) I could get over the fact that I dont get missions like WW or VMW as often because of it, if the mission at least rewards me better. Like 1k ryo and 300k exp. I might consider. I dont believe you would nerf the mobs just for this mission so would appreciate if you consider making the reward for completing higher, thank you. @Ueda
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    @Ueda @Erox @TheWolf @Kenock @Serias I think majority can agree the last FFA event had potential (really cool using alternate leaf village) however was really ruined by all the teaming that happened. As you can see in this video I present to you the 3 types of people in the FFA. https://youtu.be/A0HKLxY6uc (Direct link if video doesn’t play here) My FFA suggestions - 1. Give everyone the same exact look upon being warped in the event. (Bald, black shirt, etc.. you get the idea) Why : So no one sees their friend and walk away. 2. Mask everyone’s name to “???” And one color, No different colors. Why: That way with the original suggestion it’s harder to tell who that person is and cause the Fight or Flight mode. 3. GM(s) constantly monitoring and warping around the map making sure two people are fighting and not running side by side (GM should be able to see names) Why: Because it’s easy to just go in a VC on discord and tell your friend (Hey let’s meet bottom left and 360 spin to know it’s us) Thats all I got, if you got better ideas or suggestions post them. If you try to roast or bash someone this forum post isn’t for you.
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    Village map update I spent some time to add a lot more signage to each village. With signs pointing players to.. - Jonin Standby Stations - Spas - Kage Office Buildings - Cash Shop Stash - Documents - Mission Assignment Desks - Aviary - And more..! Hopefully this is helpful to new players and alleviates some of the hassle finding the places you want in unfamiliar villages. Added Mist Medic Clothing Added on-screen instructions in each aviary explaining how it works. Added on-screen instructions in each scroll shop explaining how it works. Fixed missing female black shoes graphic. Updated Mist Village Entrance Bridge Graphics Fixed Sand scroll shop enchanting bug.
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    Added New Level 22 Mission "Kairi's Parcel" Added New Level 25 Mission "Honey Hive Hunt I" Added New Level 25 Mission "Honey Hive Hunt II" Added New Level 40 Mission "Gobori's Odd Request" NOTE: These are not daily missions. You get them by talking to NPCs. Added new item "Honey". Chairs in Land of Fire Daimyo Castle's can be sat on now. Fixed a few missing art pieces like Tanzaku Quarter's Tori Gate, Spectacle Shop Signs and Leaf Noticeboard.
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    Did you only watch the first season of Naruto? Do you want to roleplay as so dark and too deep 4 u Sasuke? Do you suffer from major protaganist syndrome? Join leaf today, home of the legendary B I WARRIORS You too can hopelessly attempt to defend your village with battle injuries! Who am I kidding maybe you'll get lucky and hit that 22% will of fire and revive with 5% of your health and no chakra! SIKE YOU ARE DEAD AGAIN BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME Ah to be fair, you do have gentlefist easily the most broken thing in the game just don't pair it with weapon master if you don't wanna be called out on it. Here are some notable things about leaf: - Highest population village. - Lowest skill rate, but that's fine just zerg with everyone else - They make sure not to fight a battle unless they outnumber at least 5 to 1 talk about strategy! Just get more people! Disclaimer: I do not represent Leaf in anyway shape or form.
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    Added 3 new event reward shop prizes, 3 colors of Jira Vests. Added 1 new cash shop item, Red Jira Vest. Added 2 new accessories, one is a monster drop "Tales of a Gutsy Ninja" and the other is an event prize "Make-out Tactics"! Optimized Map Packets sizes by around 60%, so loading a map for the first time is faster. Second attempt to fix Cash Shop not giving items. Another attempt at fixing Map lock bug Improved Takumi village hospital 1st floor walls to not let projectiles pass through them.
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    These 3 stats have been in the game for quite a while now and the only use they have is war event which doesn't happen very often. Every member of a village can contribute to these stats and i think maybe they could have more value and that would actually make a great difference. I wonder if it would be possible to scale the rewards we get from missions and the village's jonin bot strength just from these. For example Economy : Ryos you get from missions slightly scale with your village's total economy. You get 300 ryo from guard duty if your village has a decent economy you would get 350 for example. Intel : Exp you get from missions slightly scale with you village's total intel. If you would get 20k exp from completing a mission with a decent intel you would get 22k instead Manpower : this one could have different uses for jonin bots. 1- all villages start with 1 jonin bots as the village gain manpower you get more jonin bots ( there would be a cap of course) 2- it doesn't affect numbers but the strength of the bots making them stronger or weaker in a case of a village with low manpower 3- it affects both. After reaching the cap number of bots manpower now start making them stronger ( you start by getting more bots but weak ones, after reaching the cap on numbers your bots become stronger) How would this help ? well, from my point of view i can say that every villages and kages will now have a clear goal ( make their village stronger ). It will aslo encourage all players to do missions daily and making the game more active and entertaining. Even after reaching max lvl players will be more motivated to do dailies and im sure the Kages will start ask for everyone to do dailies everyday. it could also show opportunity for new missions available for official orgs, missions with the main goal of increasing these stats. People might also start doing dailies in party of 4 so the whole village would be busy gaining power which will also increase rivalry between villages it would be almost like a new mini game inside of nin. How far could this go ? well let's say if this system is added into the game and it's successful it would be good to go even further with these stats like stealing intel from a village with the mission ( compromising documents ) would lower the enemy village's intel ad increase yours. Basically add ways to attack the enemy village's stats. It could also be used when villages make an alliance to trade some economy or when a village lose war event it would pay the winner with economy example ( leaf lost war event to sand = leaf should pay sand 500 economy points). well there are alot of things you can think of with these stats they have a lot of potential. Mist Sand Leaf All of this are just my ideas you guys can tell me what you think or what could be better/ more fun all numbers in this post are randomly chosen refrain from answering something like " -100 economy would be better than -500 because of x and y" Love <3
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    I’ve recently been running around doing wage war and cbk on all my accounts, and every single time I have to resort to counting on a friend for kills or ryo due to the sheer inactivity of the danger zones. Half the time u run around you’ll probably find no unlucky soul (except yourself) which could be perfect prey for your missions. Instead, everyone afks or trains in safe zones leaving all the people who need missions to be either slaughtered by armies or pray that there is at least someone training in a dz... to solve this issue I was thinking of making kills count in safe zones. Now, hear me out. You don’t lose any bounty or anything in safe zones. It’ll still be that you only get bounty in danger zones, but you can get kills in safe zones as an option. Thank you for reading the topic and I look forward to reading the responses!!
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    Weird that Leaf also clearly sees the issue but all mist players can say is "sand soft for leaving"
  46. 7 points
    So Leal, Pinku, and Enver out here making songs against our village so I thought I'd clap back. A few of you asked for this in the past well here it is. BEEN ABOUT THE SMOKE PT 2. You niggas a joke, ima make you fucking choke, bubble pipe filled with soap Logging off on the boat Jun off the top rope There is no hope For you niggas in Leaf Ima keep it fuckin brief Mac kicked me, cuz of some fuckin beef, he aint really like me But I don't care, he is a hoe and leaf a day care Alarnin a pedo but girls don't care Atrane for kage have no fear But Better beware when I'm in a dz Killing so many niggas RI PP In hospital have that nigga ZZ Head to discord and shoutout GG I feel like Cena cuz you niggas cant see me Another new rapper already with an EP Your songs are garbage like a scratched up CD Village of mistakes you talking about Leafies Village of Regrets is fitting for sandies Seigi went Sand cuz they couldn't keep bounties I am a God with angels around me You niggas are soft paper towels bounty All by myself what the fuck is an army You loving these traps I call you barney You are an animal i call you Donkey You collect tails I collect money you are a clown that shit is so funny You do what they say you a crash dummy Why are you crying your nose a lil runny (Wipe your Nose crying ass bitch and stop capping HOE!) So what is the deal heard a nigga named Leal coming at me he for real? This not a drill, lil nigga gonna get killed He better pop pills Jack gonna get jilled This a horror movie filled with thrills he wont make his next fucking meal In the back all you hear is squeals You called a medic? why you need some heals I have no chill Running this bitch treadmill Eating this up like its my first meal Shoot at your orange watch it get peeled I think I'm done with yawl I've had my fill All my bars unique you can not steal Close this envelope don't break the seal Now who the next rapper that want to get killed. SHOW LESS
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    Yo sup peeps its yo boy Fuze, So since i upgraded my pc just enough to be able to record i started recording hunts and posting some edits of my hunts! Id like to know if yall like this kind of content and tell me if i should keep making these Let me mention i have alot of fun making these and i think we lowkey need a constant Nin youtuber Am i right??
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    Added Ninja Dodgeball Event Introducing a new GM hosted event!
  49. 7 points
    Fix bug with unequip Shiroaka with extending buff duration. Fix bug with Cash Shop not giving items. Server maintenance, improve server speed.
  50. 7 points
    Server maintenance, improve server stability and performance. Bug fix with Cash Shop.
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