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    October 2020 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @Charky @Prado Chunin: @Blade Dancer @Jay @Argalo @Black Rain @Ryutekzu Sand Village Jonin: @Donatello Johnson @Bolan Chunin: @rompeortos @SandMaster @Zeref @Marino @Ivannice Specialized Jonin: @Yaeto for exemplary medical ninjutsu use Mist Village Jonin: @Boo @Leiting Chunin: @Ainz Ooal Gown @RedRum @Kronkaro @Yashagoro @The Avatar I'd like to thank @Serias for hosting Leaf and Mist Chunin Exams and @Erox for hosting Sand Chunin Exams! Great work!
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    Since this jutsu is called a "Wall" and not a "Box" I think that it would be a lot better if on max level it casted a 3 tile wide wall in front of you instead of casting 4 walls around you. Something like this:
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    Hihi, I'm bored, so I decided to suggest a few things I'd like to see added/changed. I have no experience with pixel art, so these are just examples/ideas. (1 ) Bunny ears (2) Poison kunai effect - right now it looks the same as a normal kunai. (3) Halloween event items (4) Konan wings Cheers.
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    Most of us who play this game can agree that it’s a fun game and it can get competitive at times but I think the Nin community should try to be more kind and polite towards people to make the game a better place in general, like this for example (My bad for saying 2d game and the things I said this was before I became Woke) Right after he said those lines I realized I was in the wrong and I should never do such a thing to a fellow community member so later on I decided to apologize This is just one of the many few arguments and fights that take place on nin and I hope everyone can witness this example on how we can better ourselves since I too was toxic before I became WOKE. I hope my story help you guys grow and make this community a great place!
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    Hello! I have a suggestion that has been suggested before, so consider this a repost but anyways as always we see GMs getting the Ryo from Chunin Exams and we all know that it's not a small amount and we also know that more or less it serves no purpose and is wasted. So, I suggest that an automated treasury is made for each village which can either be governed by a Village GM or Current Kage, it's working should be the same as a player account's inventory and whatever goes in and out is known by everyone through the village notice board and is also logged/recorded by GMs. The amount that is donated or is collected by the GMs for C.E registrations goes into the treasury for each village or any kind of donations donated by the respected villagers of each village. Some rules I would suggest if it's supervised by a Kage: 1. Each village kage has the authority to withdraw "X" amount from village treasury but he must first write a formal report and state the reasons for the withdrawal to a Village GM. 2. The amount that was withdrawn must be used in certain amount of time, failure in doing so must result in a fine. These rules must be enforced strictly by a village GM, so no abuse takes place. Alright, this is all I had to say, please leave your remarks in the comments below and feel free to improvise on the suggestions stated above.
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    Well, I was bored and I came up with the idea to edit a video, it's my first video, I accept all kinds of constructive criticism xD
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    Just uploaded one of my funniest video, hope you enjoy!
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    Here is another card *:・゚✧. Oya oya oya requests are closed for now, and the cards are going to be coming out a lot slowerrrr ٩(ˊ〇ˋ*)و Whi (・<・ )? Because homeworku, assignmentso, my gameu, lifeu ( ̄  ̄|||) Good byo I hope u all have nice day, lemi just get swept away now‿︵‿︵‿︵‿ヽ(■_■ )ノ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵
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    Dear Ninjas, Let's try doing a best dress contest twice a month. Starting with submissions for first half of November. Cut off date is every 15th and 30th. Send a screenshot of your latest outfit and we'll pick the best dressed user. Rules: Reply to this topic with a clear screenshot or video of your outfit. Present it in any way you like. No photoshopping, or editing. Show your username. Only 1 submission per round. Prize: 10 Ninja Credits to buy items in the cash shop, to the best dressed account, every 2 weeks. Send in your screenshots! Let's go! Ueda
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    Hey @Ueda , i have reached another milestone with my rubbish collection. Can i get a special title XD (Or silver/SJ for being a example villager keeping the community clean in these pandemic times ) Edit: NEO JANITORS FTW!
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    All hail da supreme yamikami
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    I have been playing this game for a long time and during the begining of my journey debuff like bleed, poison, slow, silence, snare and many more were not a thing. So when they were added and tweaked to work well with the current jutsus, the game became way more balanced. Right now I believe that it is the most balanced the game has ever been, if we forget the official organizations buff that is! They were introduced with no weakness/debuff just like the jutsus in the first years of nin online (example: Youthfull spring, used to boost your speed and melee dmg without any self-silence, everyone thought it was fine like this until silence was added and it became less powerful but way more balanced compared to other masteries). so i started to ask myself why are the jutsus and consumable items the only things with debuff? Maybe that new organizations items would make more sense if they had some kind of debuff too. (this is just an example of a debuff) And if adding a debuff to the weapon is not a good idea (it would be dumb to have a self-bleed or self-silence debuff to any weapon) maybe that negative stats should be a thing! This is the only thing that I never saw in game. It might make balance more easy if you had to give up a little bit of "this" to have a strong buff. Of course, it is not every organizations items that needs negative stats or/and debuff. And everything that I said here is not limited to official organization items but to regular high level item too. (it could be bone sword too) I took the seven swordsmen buff and blood katana as an example because they were the only items I had access to (and the only items i had some idea for this suggestion).
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    This game is pretty fun and I’m sure everyone had their funny moments on this game so I decided to post mine, feel free to spam this topic with ur funny nin online moments
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    I will leave this clips right there, full of proud abusers! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tj5Y5EXU3rVSfNJA0pZm_2O4gbL7IyRd/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qmqdF3SfBlN8Mg_yPvqlL8pwGi14hera/view?usp=sharing Names of the drilling air bullets abusers will soon get dropped if y'all want the tea.
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    Dear Ninja, Our Halloween Event is ON! Pumpkin Boxes are spawning in the following maps: Valley of the End, Desert Warzone & Land of Waters Bounty Station... For the duration of this event that last map will be a War Zone as well. Pumpkin Boxes respawn every 5 minutes and drop Ninja Tools, Blank Scrolls, Medicine/Pills and Event Coupons (which can be redeemed for cash/exclusive items in the Prize Shop in Takumi Village!) Event duration: 12th October - 31st October
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    Lets please not forget the bear jacket
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    I appreciate the provacative title. I'm a new player to nin and so far am completely in love with the game, and despite what people may say, I think it is wonderfully balanced (relatively), the staff team so far have been completely amazing and the game looks beautiful. However that being said, one thing that I think really would level the playing field would be the issue of FPS; As with PC games, specs greatly vary from player to player. The problem arises in nin is where increased FPS and better refresh rate screens (I'm looking at you 144hz gang) result in players being able to execute combos that normally wouldn't be possible for others with lower FPS. This also includes actually running faster in maps, especially ones such as big desert etc, which imo is a huge tactical edge. Whilst we cannot control things like ping, I believe introducing a mandatory FPS cap for all players (could be 60hz, perhaps 120hz?) would really level the playing field a bit. From what I've read I also believe this would be in line with the vision the staff team has for the game. Let me know what you guys think!
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    Hey there, welcome to Nin Online! I understand that FPS is an issue for a lot of people. Unfortunately, at the moment our client is utilizing an outdated rendering technology. For a game like Nin which has a lot of large 2D textures, it is pretty graphically intensive (despite being 2D). We are currently working on a new client built in Unity which will bring cross-platform support and also improve performance drastically. Thanks for the kind words, I hope you continue to enjoy playing! EDIT: I also notice there's a lot of wrong information being spread in the comments here regarding running speeds, FPS caps, "FPS boosting" and stuff like that. Re: Running Speeds, it has nothing to do with FPS, it has to do with frame dropping. When you client is hanging due to loading in textures, sometimes it hangs. During that split second, your client is unable to send a movement packet to the server and move, hence you lag behind. Nobody is running faster, only people who encounter frame dropping due running slower. This won't be a problem with the new client. Re: "FPS Boosting" that was never a real thing, it was a wild claim by an ex-staff member doing an experiment. Re: FPS caps enforced by the client in DX9 vs DX8. Your client is just as FPS capped in both renderers, just one is hardware and one is software capped. The difference is in DX9 you get around 50% increase in performance. It also impacts texture loading speeds, hence less frame drops. The only thing you benefit from it is a nice number saying your FPS is somehow higher than your monitor's refresh rate. That's not possible.
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    Hi, I think social things should be more prevalent in game. My first suggestion is a marriage mechanic. With marriage, a simple mechanic would be to have a marriage ring item that when equipped and in a party with your significant other would boost experience earned by a small amount and perhaps drop chance by a small amount but only if in a party with just the two of you. Third wheels are a mood killer. Divorce could work if you are married for a specified amount of time (2 months for example) and afterwards one of the couple can choose to break it off and remarry (To prevent abuse). The marriage itself could he a mechanic that doesn't require game masters present. A temple building could be interacted with the betrothed in a party and both would have to agree twice each (To avoid an accident) and make a payment of ryo (4,000 each?) To finalize it. Thanks for reading~
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    Right now event is only for villages, if you are a missing you are screwed. You'd have to run to a village just to die. There should be pumpkins in the bounty house near Takumi.
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    So this has been a little project I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. I'd be interested to see people's feedback on it. So far it will take the input level, generate the max exp you need as well as show you how much exp you need to level. From there it will give you the break down of total number of kills per mob until you level. (e.g. 1000 Snow Wolves, 1400 bears, etc.) You can also input the kills you make as you go along! (Fair warning Team kills are currently calculated as 0.5 of a kill to match their rough exp value). It also has a feature where if you pass the 10+ level mark of a mob it will flag them as unusable (in red) so you can focus on the mobs best suited to you! This works from level 1-50 (there isn't much 50+ content i've been able to access being only level 37 myself. IF people can get me exp values for any 50+ mobs i will update it with a 50-60 section. (Disclaimer I made this myself so it may have a few technical bugs, but as it's an Excel spreadsheet they shouldn't be too drastic. Do let me know with Screenshots if it breaks for you in any way) Nin_Online_Exp_Calculator_Leaf_Edition.xlsx
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    As you all know, pvp is a big part Nin online I am hoping to put of a village event to host where people make teams of 2-4 and we make you different battle scenarios against other teams. Battles will include 2v4 2v3 3v3 3v4 or 4v4 and battles will occur in closed off alleyways or broad open places You will of course have and audience And depending on how this goes you will be judged and critiqued on your performance weather you win or lose. the point of this event (or events if we have more than one) is to: 1) better your understanding and experiences in team fights 2) Understanding your teammates and their fighting style 3) Understanding the map layout and advantage point of each spot (Areas may include: Sewers, market, spa, training grounds, arena, and more to be determined) The point of this post is to see how many Leafs are interested in doing an event like this so that an event can be planned (keep in mind I’ll be working on Eastern time) please leave some comments and concerns on this idea down below
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    A treasury that a kage could withdraw from could be good, but at the same time the developers have to be cautious with implementing features such as this since they are easily abused. Perhaps there could be a feature similar to the one that keeps GMs in check by globally announcing their trades. A message could appear on a villages chat like "Atrane has withdrawn 10,000 ryo from the treasury" Funds like CE payment, council registration fee could be deposited there, or perhaps there could be a deposit monthly from a villages Economy Score. Like if a mission gives econ points, it would give funding to the village treasury. Very good idea overall that gives space for kages to host events for their village.
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    Hi i am neixsn huh i found this game on YouTube, I found it really excellent I like this type of game, I have played about 2 before but unfortunately they are dead, I would like to be sword / lightning in this game so hello everyone, if someone can recommend me to someone to that teach me in these masteries or talents I would appreciate it, I think I will start in leaf, i hope to have fun xD
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    Many people try to make nin a better place at this point just ignore toxic people and enjoy the game cause nothing will change
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    For some of us players who have played the game for a while have filled up our friends list to the point where we have to scroll down using the "V" arrow if we want to see who's online. It would be a lot more efficient to list everyone that's currently online at the top of the list, and then the offline people should be beneath them. Maybe even add a system that tells you how long ago someone was on the game.
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    We've had updates recently (Puppet missions/area) It's 2 indie devs, who are making this game better as much as they can. We have an idea of some upcoming updates from following their announcements. Which are an org re-work, Land of Iron, a totally new client based on Unity. They are also still working on advanced masteries though that is for the far future, they're also working on coding new commands for the GM's to be able to host events more easily. Obviously all of that information is freely available, but as you need to be spood-fed there it is. If you don't like the game, nobody is forcing you to play it as it is now.
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    Hi all, I don't know how many of you remember, but a while ago I started a mini NIN video series again called Yukiro's tale, some of you may even remember Shinji's day off, but I am back to make a continuation of Yukiro's tale. I am here basically asking for anyone who might like to volunteer as an actor for this next coming episode. Please dm me if you are interested. Here is the original first episode. You'll probably notice some heavy final fantasy influence lol. :
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    Hey ! 2 new video from the hidden Sand Village. I'll Hope you enjoy it ! Thanks for Good Feedback
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    Found this game by chance, coming upon its OST. I looked it up and now I'm here. I know this game is RP oriented but I wanted to jump in and play so I am making up my character as I go along. Chose the Mist village since I knew nothing much about it and it's pretty cool. I hope to learn more about this game and become a helpful medical nin. Unsure what I'll make my second jutsu.
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    Hello dear ninja, (Always wanted to say it like Rory sama) I'm willing to host a training event about reaction time in combat for the leaf villagers. We gonna focus on each ninja and work on your reaction and movement out of cd in generally. This training relevant to any kind of ninja, The requirements is lvl 25+. if you are below and want to participant in dm/pm me please. In the end of the training the player that show the best reactions will get the Dojo Shirt from the Cash Shop as a reward. The Training will be 1 pm EST, October 17th. at tg (Training Ground), See you there!
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    I think this jutsu should get tweaked a bit. It is a 3 second stand cast which makes it extremely hard to cast, along with the fact you get the cursed seal icon over your head while casting which makes it very obvious what you are trying to do. It is said to "make the user's body stronger in every way", which is true since it buffs all stats by 20%, yet the only real worth you will see from it is Intellect and Chakra (still have to recharge to actually get the worth). Your HP increases but it does not get healed the same amount, which forces you to either use Cell Regeneration on yourself which is another 2 second stand cast with high chakra cost, or rely on your teammates to heal you. Considering that the jutsu has a 3 second stand cast, which is the highest cast time in the game next to Revive jutsu, I think that when it buffs you it should also heal up your HP and Chakra by the same amount it increased. Right now you don't really feel the power of the jutsu as opposed to when you saw it in the anime. So basically if you have 1000 hp and 300 chakra and it buffs you to 1200 hp and 360 chakra, the jutsu would also heal you up for +200 hp and +60 chakra. This way if u cast it while you are lower hp / chakra you would actually see the benefit of the jutsu. This makes a lot more sense to me since in the anime it was more of a last resort jutsu when the user was cornered and almost defeated rather than something you use at the start of the fight.
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    I don't think the issue is so much a lack of content, we have plenty, imo. From personal observations, game was packing when the new server came and there was little to no delay - we had like 240 people online at times and it didn't even affect the server's performance. Now the lag is back for some reason and it gets to a point PvP is almost impossible, at times, if you are not from NA. Some people literally can't cast jutsus or get selfstunned without them going off, snare after every teleport and have their jutsus cast sideways when they move around, because of delay. It went from not only playable without tunneler for EU players, but actually not laggy at all, to laggy even with a tunneler. The fact that we did have a smooth game tells me that its not only the distance that is an issue, there is probably something else causing it and affected it to a point it got laggy again. This is not to bash the server or staff or whatever, I just really think that somehow fixing the delay (which has already been proven to be doable) is more important than adding new content. Everyone compares masteries and tries to balance stuff, but the most unbalanced aspect in the game is ping, majority of NA players have no delay, while majority of EU players play on 100+ ping, even if their internet is decent. There won't be balance and PvP will not feel fair until ping difference is at least somewhat reduced. I really feel like the server has been getting progressively worse in the past month or two and it makes the game feel kinda wonky. Whether it just naturally gets laggier with time or something else is affecting it, I wouldn't know.
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    I understand if people are disappointed. Unfortunately, there is bound to be periods of time where there are less updates for awhile. Ever since launching some of the biggest content updates last year, we started taking on very large, long-term projects such as remaking the entire server and client. This unfortunate as it is for content development, takes priority because it's necessary for the long-term viability of Nin Online's game service. We're also working on expanding the game service to another region at the moment. Re: other projects https://www.ninonline.org/forum/forums/index/topic/28131-thank-you-on-a-personal-note/ Thank you for saying that Nin is a great game. It's been 7+ non-stop work and dedication. The only reason Nin can exist is because I personally sacrificed a lot. Including quitting my job and working freelance to fund it's first 5 years of development. If you can find a game developer who can do what I do, who would be willing to work on Nin Online for little to no money, which can't be put into a serious resume/portfolio because it'd be associated with Naruto as a fan game... let me know. Gilgamesh explained everything else!
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    Fixed Mist Jonin Standby Station being accessible by rogue ninja. Added Interrupting cast to Nuibari.
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    Strike System With the introduction of the 9th Hokage all past strikes have been wiped, making way for the new era of leaf. The system will work similarly to in the past, once a ninja has acquired 3 strikes from breaking rules, they will be exiled. It's me and my councils hope that no cases should ever be brought this far, however it is necessary that we include it here on the rule book. Strikes that are given will not fade throughout the time I am Hokage, they will last the entire duration of my term, so make sure to avoid rule breaking. Flagged System The flagged system is a system meant to integrate newly pardoned ninjas back into our village. Flagged ninjas will risk an exile with any case of rule breaking, if a broken rule comes up we will discuss and decide the next course of action for these ninjas. Flagged ninjas also cannot participate in chunin exams or war events until their period has ended. Also, ninjas cannot join official organizations (12 Guardians, Anbu, or LMPF) if they are currently serving a flagged period. This period usually lasts 1 month from the date of your pardon, however if you pay a 5k ryo fee to our village treasury this time will be reduced to 2 weeks. You are able to pay this fine at any point throughout your flagged period, if the 2 week mark has passed when you pay then you will be removed from the flagged system. You cannot break a rule and then choose to pay to avoid an exile. Pardon System Pardons in the leaf village will work differently under our administration. The Hokage has the decision to bring a name to a vote or not, once he has decided if a ninja should be voted on his 3 councils will vote yes or no to allow them through. If 2 councils say yes, the pardon will be approved. If 2 councils say no, the pardon will be denied and the rogue ninja will have to wait 2 weeks to try again for a new vote. In order to balance out the Hokage's power of bringing a vote, if 3 out of 3 councils wish for someone to be brought back to leaf, I will allow them back. Alliance List @Diary @Kyodo @Korva @Kansai @FoxDre @Aashu @Chrollo Lucilfer @Healer @Yunkai @Raitou @Medicated @Dark Shokan Organization Allied ninjas are welcome into our lands without fear of being attacked or asked to leave. Also, they are not allowed to attack leaf ninjas or the alliance will be ended.
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    The bounties of the people I killed to get to that amount pay even better. This picture is not a sign of defeat, but a sign of mercy. Sometimes I must give money to the poor, I am a generous god after all.
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    As the title says, buffs and debuffs are not affecting heals. I don't see why a medic with BI is supposed to heal the same as one without it...It also makes any chakra buff useless due to it not increasing heals.
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    I think that there's a huge potential with this game when it comes to group play and online interaction, but there's a lot being missed out. For a MMORPG the lvling style is very grindy and linear and relies a lot on dailies, so much that people just do their favourite dailies and logout and that sums the experience of nin online. We have some really cool boss concept such as the spider and the snake where you party up and do them together as a group, that feels so refreshing and good when you do them because it's great and you interact with other players in orders to kill the boss. Now it would really be great if we had more of this, because at the moment it's sorta limited, not only spider is only 20-30 but there's not a lot after that... But this is not my suggestion, my suggestion is to turn the tides and make lvling more fun and less about grinding in the same place for hours, instead you could create certain places similar to the sewers where you need to go in with a group or solo and you have to eliminate the mobs inside (they wouldnt respawn) and complete the dungeon and at the end of it you would have a boss to fight agaisnt. I will briefly explain : Dungeon System Solo / or Party (4 max) There would be places around the map with entrances similar to the sewers in leaf, by going inside you would start the dungeon, not only you would not be able to leave but other people wouldnt be able to go after you either. In here you find limited mobs that won't respawn, they would give you the normal exp that mobs do and at the end of the dungeon, you would find a boss and after defeating it you would get a large sum of exp, near a daily level of exp. The dungeon level/mobs appearance would vary dependant on the overall party/solo level, so for example if you do a dungeon and your overall party lvl is 15, you would find tigers/small scarabs/boars as mobs. This would massively helps those masteries like chakra medic/taijutsu/weapon master that struggle grinding alone, so if you manage to make a group, you could always go to these places farm together at defeat the boss to get a large extra sum of experience. This would mainly help the early stages of lvling like 1-30 where it's sorta grindy and boring to level and this would just have players stay active more often than just occasionally pop in to do a daily or two and leave. You could even put a limit of 1-2 dungeon per day if it would boost the lvling experience too much. Give it a thought
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