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    Guys, three days ago I broke two knuckles of my right hand, so I won't be able to play for some weeks, if i connect i will just talk XD, hope to see you all!
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    Dear Ninja, The first official attack from the Akatsuki, more types of events like these will come. Make sure to stay up-to-date for upcoming events, we will make announcements for special ones ahead of time going forward! We had this fun little event several months ago, although we've been trying to find a Media person to make the video edit for a long time. Special thanks to @Jester. You can find his YouTube in the description of both the 2nd Chunin Exams and this video. I have made sure to edit them to include it, to give proper credit and to thank him for his hard work! The game is just getting started, we will continue to have unique events like this one and post them on YouTube for everyone to see. These will be snapshots and contain the best parts of the event, we will try to go midway of the duration we did with the 2nd Chunin Exams making them last around 30 minutes. This is also one of our plans to make the game grow. We're getting better at creating videos and content, that is super professional and RP-oriented. I wanted to make it up to you guys for not producing the best video for the 2nd Chunin Exams, since we made a lot of mistakes and are working on making our content better. A special thanks to everyone that participated in the event!
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    Posting those patch notes didn't really increase player activity, all it did was cut into my time to develop the actual game.
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    Sorry but games need patch notes it's frustrating for players having to find out what's new.
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