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    Improve server performance. Added more spam protection. Packets will use a separate thread to update server to prevent lag spikes.
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    1 - Orders from the Mizukage are absolute. 2 - Respect and follow orders from higher ranked Mist ninjas. 3 - If you have an argument with a villager, and you are not able to solve it, contact a high rank Ninja (Council, Kage). 4 - It is strictly forbidden attacking or killing any Mist Ninja. (Obviously does not apply to spars, tournaments, etc.) 5 - Mist should always be your priority over anything (Organizations, friends from other villages, etc.). So it is forbidden to do anything that could endanger a Mist Ninja or the Mist village. 6 - You are not obligated to help each single Mist individual, unless there is a village combat going on (wars and raids). Then you must help your village. 7 - You are free to use identity concealing items inside the village, but if any Higher Rank Ninja requests you to show your name, you must obey. Breaking any rules will result in a punishment, decided by the Mizukage depending on the severity. About missings: - There is no way to leave the village under good terms. Once you went missing, you are a Mist enemy. - If you are a missing, and wish to return to the village, you must serve our village (in any way you are requested to do so, and for an indeterminate time) also show your skills in combat so the higher ranks can decide if your Skills are needed in our village. About alliances: - We have no allies at the moment. We are only loyal to ourselves, if you want to be nice to other villages, feel free to join them and get killed once you leave our village. THE BLOOD CHALLENGE: If there is any Mist ninja that you think should be exiled, you can try calling them for a Blood Challenge. It's up to them accepting or not your challenge, but if they do, you will fight and the loser leaves the village. Any Blood Challenge thats accepted, should be informed to the Mizukage so they can watch the fight (Best of three rounds). After it's done, the Kage will exile the loser. If you got exiled by the Blood Challenge, and want to come back, feel free to ask the Kage (after 1 month), which by agreeing, will set up a new challenge, where you'll be able to fight a Ninja chosen by the Mizukage. But this time, they won't get exiled if they lose. Mizukage's Memorial 1st Mizukage: @Kenock Shadow Council: @Ueda @Sezu -------------------------------------------- 2nd Mizukage: @Kureji Shadow Council: @Anborn @Deviax @VestaOrion -------------------------------------------- 3rd Mizukage: @Berserk Shadow Council: @VestaOrion @Kiara @Arufa -------------------------------------------- 4th Mizukage: @Feinz Shadow Council: @Zoomy @Blany @Kyuzo
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    Fixed server stability and lag,
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    I consider myself quite lucky that I could take part in the contest and compete with much older players . Thank you Ueda for this rare opportunity to share some of my nin screenshots with the community (at this point I probably have a few thousands of nin pictures). Shark skin looks rad, especially with a Cursed Seal! (also check those fish ABS \(*o*)/ ). My only regret is loosing my belowed green scarf, I got as a gift from my clanmate Phoenix Hinode on my medic graduation, just days if not hours before the announcement of the winners and aqusition of the shark skin. RIP dear buddy, nothing will be the same without you. You were the best item for me. [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] Ps. Since it's a screenshot contest, maybe we could all meet together in one place (Toadland?) and take memorial photo of the first generation of the Free Fish People? I already took one with Eagly (and Hageshi Hinode in the middle), but the more the merrier. @Moisty @Seiryu @Dona @Tekkey Hinode @Harmony @Vinsmoke @Mylu @Eagly
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    All the Snow Village bosses are nerfed until they can be balanced due to a rogue developer changing exp rates without consulting anyone. Fixed Bubble Spray Technique Cooldown 18/22/22 to 18/18/18.
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    Server has improved messages for banned users. Improve server stability. Increase maximum events in the game world to prevent events not triggering. Login server has been optimized. It will now do 10 logins per second, and it will queue the other logins until it is their turn. Mist will now give you clothes from character creation.
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    Ranks Mizukage The Mizukage is the Mist village's leader. The Mizukage is generally known to be a relentless fighter, as due to the political system governing the leadership position, being such is a requirement. To be strong is also a requirement to maintain the position. As the Mist village is a war torn village, and being the only thriving village in the Land of Water, the Mizukage holds to most important job, and sets the example for all other ninja to follow. Gaining Mizukage rank is easy, you just have to defeat the Mizukage in a challenge for his position. This can only be done if the leaders of the 3 clans in power choose to call for a battle to the death. The winner of the battle becomes the Mizukage, who then chooses 3 new clans to be in power. The old Mizukage is normally exiled if defeated in a battle challenge before his 6 months tenure. Retirement: If a ninja is a Chunin before becoming Mizukage, and serves as an active Mizukage for atleast 6 months. He will be promoted to Jonin upon retirement. Chunin & Jonin Path Chunin and Jonin path is the traditional ranking system in all villages. Chunin As a Chunin, you have reached a level of maturity and ability that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess and as such, are qualified to guide other ninja and lead missions. In a war, a Chunin would be a team leader. Requirement: Passing a Chunin Exam Jonin Generally highly experienced and highly skilled shinobi who serve as military captains. In a war, the Jonin would be a commander, commanding teams as battalions. If enough villagers and the respective Kage deem the shinobi to be fitting to the rank, they will be promoted. Requirement: Send a team of Genin into a Chunin Exam, Complete numerous RP Missions with players with mostly good reviews Specialized Jonin Path A Specialized Jonin, sometimes called an S-Jonin is a ranking granted to Ninja whom display "Jonin level abilities" in one area of the Ninja Arts (eg. Sensory, Medical Ninjutsu) but are not balanced in terms of skills, and hence would be unlikely to climb the normal Chunin and Jonin paths. Specialized Jonin are normally tasked to lead missions that require a higher-than-usual level in a specific ability. Eg. Leading a team of Medical Ninja on a rescue mission. In a war, a Specialized Jonin will normally either lead a team tasked with his specialization, or fight as a Genin-level ninja. A Specialized Jonin is comparable to a real world military specialist. A completely different path from the Officer rankings, and still under officers (in this case, Chunin and Jonin) in ranking. Requirement: Display extraordinary abilities in one area of the Ninja Arts, participate in a Chunin Exam. Genin Genin are the lowest level of ninja and also the ones that display the most difference in power. When they become genin, ninja start to do their bit for their village's economy – being sent on missions that the village gets paid for. Requirement: Pass the Genin Test in the Academy Academy Student Academy students are trained and prepared for life as a shinobi. They are not an actual part of the shinobi force, as they are still in the process of mastering the very basics of the ninja lifestyle. However, they can be conscripted as part of the war potential in times of emergency. Titles Shadow Council The shadow council is picked by the Mizukage indirectly, by deciding on three clans within the village to elect someone to be in the Shadow Council. They hold great power to overthrow the Mizukage himself, which is the only check on power the village has. Requirement: The general rule of thumb is that the highest ranking ninja from each clan is the default choice, unless there is heavy objection within the clan. Hunter-Nin Leader More information coming soon..
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    The past laws were overly complicated and flawed. I'm simplifying them with this revise. 1. Do not kill another sand ninja for any reason. This includes directly causing them to die in ways such as leading a bunch of mobs to them and then cloaking away. This does not include not helping them in battle or killing them in a mutually agreed upon spar. This results in a strike. There is no excuse for doing this as you have to have pvp on to be able to kill a fellow villager. If you have pvp on in a danger zone, you are responsible for the repercussions. 2. Don't kill allies on the peace list in the same ways that apply to rule number 1. Since you can target them and deal damage without pvp on, accidents do happen. This won't result in a strike unless you are clearly deliberately killing them. The Kage is to use his power to decide whether or not it justifies a strike. 3. If you are exiled 3 times, you are perma exiled from the village. This does not include leaving the village to be a hermit to level faster unless you are caught attacking sands in which case you are treated with the same 3 strike rule. 4. Not aiding a fellow sand ninja in combat is Not against sand law. There are too many scenarios where there could be legitimate reasons for it and it adds too much drama. Obviously, aiding a fellow sand ninja when they are attacked is most definitely appreciated. 5. If told by members of the anbu, kage, council or smpf in uniform to do the following, obey. Failure to obey can result in a jailing: Reasonable things for them to order: . Attack/stop attacking *target person* . Stop following me. . Tell me what happened . Take off your mask. Things that are unreasonable to ask: . Tell me your alts . Go scout in enemy territory . Farm me an item . Go anywhere that is more than 2 maps away 6. Verbal harassment is not tolerated. If you are being an asshole to somebody, take it up with the gm's. It's not the player's responsibility to deal with this and is against the terms of service. If it becomes severe enough, the Kage has full power to exile you on the spot. 7. Follow all terms of service. 8. 3 jailing's result in a strike. That's all the rules. I hope this simplified it and made it easier to understand.
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