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    Hello Mist Village, as the Second Mizukage I was given the oppurtunity and power to choose 3 Clans that will be represented in the Shadow Council of the Mist Village. As the clans have already elected and told me their Clan Leader, I will gladly also announce the Representives for the Shadow Council. The 3 Clans that I chose are: Sakame Hoshi Murasame Clan Leader: Clan Leader: Clan Leader: Anborn Deviax VestaOrion Congratulations @Anborn, @Deviax and @VestaOrion. I'd also like to use this opportunity to officially announce the MMPF-Chief of the Mist Village: Congratulations @Maj. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be held a (RP) Ceremony to briefly introduce myself and the new Shadow Council. After the introduction we will hold a Free-For-All Tournament (FFA). For those that want to participate in it, there will be a price (Ryo) for the winner. Where: infront of the Chunin Exam Registration Building (located north, inside the Mist Village) When: This Friday, the 19th July at 4 PM EST I hope to see as many people as possible. ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
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    It already is. The villages from the great continent all fear us.
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    I will represent the my clan and it warriors with honor and the role of shadow council member with pride and diligence!
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    Nice to see some activity from the new Mizukage Congratz everyone!
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    @Deviax @VestaOrion@Anborn OMG IM SO JELLY CONGRATS GUYS I PROMISE YOU'LL DO A GREAT JOB I'm routing for you 3!!!
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    1st place: @Aikya 2nd place: @Wrathful 3rd place: @Kureji Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated. To receive your forum title please message @Ueda
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