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    Hayashi Attire Concept By: Yousei Reiketsu *Edited December 19, 2020* I was playing around with some concepts lately, After seeing a lot of the clans attires recently being imported into the servers I was inspired to attempt to make something neat of my own. The concept above derives from many vast inspirations. In this post Ill be breaking down each piece while providing additional backgrounds upon what slots are these concepts intended to fill, a brief description of them, as well as a little bit f background upon the process in which how these pieces came to be. Hope you enjoy them. Attire Components
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    Dear Ninja, It's been months since the last development log as usual. Since the game is already released, often times it makes more sense to just release things rather than spend time explaining what we will release or have released. The content speaks for itself! Since today has been a rather productive day already, I wanted to take some time off from patching the game to talk about the current plans for Advanced Masteries and the content on it's way. We have a lot planned and here's a short roadmap (with no ETAs). Planned Updates with no ETAs 12 Guardians Ninja for Leaf village This is the Leaf equivalent of 7 Swordsmen of the Mist and the Puppets Brigade for Sand. 12 Guardians will wear a sash that will increase their stats while worn. Finishing the remaining 3 Clan Outfits! Amazingly, thanks to the contribution of our artists and players who have mostly commissioned other artists to do custom clothings for their clans, we've completed 12 out of 15 of our clan's looks. Arbitrary Level Cap Increase from 50 -> 60 The level cap will first increase from 50 to 60, with some caveats. There will be no new content released along with this, and nobody is expected to grind this out. There will be a level 50 quest line coming in the next round of updates that may take awhile. Here's where things get a bit interesting. From level 2-50 you gain 5 stat points per level, however, once you past level 50, you gain 4 points per level. Once you past level 60, you gain 3 points per level. This is a complete explanation.. 2-50 - 5 points per level 51-60 - 4 points per level 61-70 - 3 points per level 71-80 - 2 points per level 81-90 - 1 point per level 91-100 - no points This may sound confusing, because why is it that it's becoming less rewarding to level past 50? This is to balance PvP at a mid-level rather than all the way at the end game. Or simply put, the stats rewards is purely based on this philosophy: "A lower level player should stand a chance against a high level player" Or in simpler terms "A level 50 should be able to fight a level 100 without feeling it impossible, a level 70 should have a fighting chance against a level 100 and a level 80 should find it very easy to outplay a level 100." Or in simpler terms "Gai Sensei should have a chance to defeat Madara" Or "Naruto should be able to fight Zabuza" The reason why I've decided to raise the level cap arbitrarily is because of this progression plan: 1-9: Academy Student Phase 10: 1st Mastery 30: Summon / Cursed Seal 35: Last Jutsu of 1st Mastery 50: 2nd Mastery 61: 1st Advanced Jutsu 75: Last Advanced Jutsu 90: "Max Level" So if at level 10, you pick Water Mastery, between level 10-35 you learn all your Water Jutsu. Between 35-50, if your time as a fully complete Water Ninja. But the moment you pick your 2nd Mastery at level 50, you don't have any time at all to learn Jutsu, instead you can have all the jutsu of your second mastery immediately. So if you learn Earth Mastery at level 50, and there isn't a buffer period from 50-60, there will essentially be no time between you going from Level 49 Water Ninja to Level 50 Water, Earth, Wood Ninja. So these levels are still fine to raise before adding Advanced Masteries. Land of Iron The Land of Iron will initially be rolled out as an extension of the game's world, with grindable enemies. But will not feature much else. Land of Iron Mission Arc The missions for this land of Iron will come after the place actually opens as purely a grind spot. Along with this, will come new drops, new clothings and perhaps new mini-games. Conclusion The purpose of this post was mainly to explain the coming increase in level cap and why Advanced Masteries / Combined Masteries will be absent in this level cap increase. None of these updates have an ETA on them, so they can come anytime between Soon™ and 2026. Somewhere inbetween may be the new Server revamp, Advanced Masteries, Combined Masteries. But I hope everyone enjoys today's updates! Regards, Ueda
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    After listening to @Ueda and @Serias talk about the vision of the game and the amount of effort that went into implementing the Hidden Mist Village and the Hidden Sand Village me and my friend @SpellWiz started brainstorming ideas and a village layout for the Hidden Cloud Village. This is what we came up with, because Rory and Serias appreicate any playermade content that could contribute to future development and success of NinOnline Basic line-art of cloud village layout I imagine use of flicker pads and bridges to traverse the village Exclusive Passive: Body Flicker range is increased by 2 tiles. Decently balanced mastery. Similar to Sand's perfect cloak. Due to the Cloud Village's structure, it's ninja have adapted to traverse the large gaps. Exclusive Combo Mastery: Laser [Water / Lightning] Ninja from the Cloud Village have passed down techniques that utilize Storm release to create focused lasers. Exclusive Alternate Mastery: Cloud-style Kenjutsu [Weapon Master] Agility-locked sword(s) with agility-based weapon master skills. Can use strength-based weapon master skills with the cloud-locked swords, and vice versa. Agility and strength-based weapon master skills share respective cooldowns. Any cloud-locked swords have lower base-damage than current swords, but higher attack speed. Level 10: Cloud-style Backlash Slash Free-aim-based skill. Charge and perform an upwards slash, interrupting casting jutsu on-hit. 1-2 tiles directly in-front of the user and 2-1 second standing-running cast-time based on level. Level 15: Cloud-style Reverse Beheading Free-aim-based skill. Spin instantly, dealing damage to all enemies within 1 tile. 1s - Instant cast-time based on level, 1 tile radius in all directions. Level 20: Cloud-style Riposte Free-aim-based skill. Users swiftly lunge forward creating an extended range of up to 3 tiles. 3-2 second running cast-time based on level. Level 25: Cloud-style Afterimage Strike Target-based skill. After seemingly splitting into 3 from the intense speed, users instantly move in-front of and attack their target up to 3 times instantly. 2-1 second running cast-time and 3-7 tile range based on level. The user briefly appears surrounding the target on all sides except directly behind them, and any spots unavailable reduce the amount of hits. Level 30: Cloud-style Deception Beheading Substitution-based skill. The user feigns Substitution Technique, preparing to counter. Before receiving an attack, they reappear right in-front of the attacker and launch a counterattack. Level 35: Cloud-style Crescent Moon Target-based skill. Makes the user instantly move in-front of their target and widely slash, creating a large crescent shape hitting all enemies within 2 tiles on all sides of the user, except directly behind. 2-1 second run-cast and 2-4 tile range based on level. Exclusive Summons: Drill Bird Walk/Flicker. Lunges forward to attack head-on with it's beak, creating an extended range. (2-6 tile range based on level) Not as ugly or huge as Pain's monster. Baku Stationary/Target-facing. Pulls in all enemies in a cone-shaped radius. (3-7 tile furthest-point range and 1-2 tile knockback towards summon based on level) Not as huge as Danzo's monster. Or a simpler elephant. Exclusive Organization: Kinkaku Force 5 Members. Aimed to be a heavy team-play based squad. Bashōsen (Fan): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Random large-scale element-based attack is released on auto-attack. High damage, as well as effects based on element. Cost 100 chakra per-cast. Gives 25 intellect. Kohaku no Jōhei (Pot): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. On use, pulls target towards snared user. (Think 1 tile knockback towards the user, 2 tiles if target is below 50%) Consumes 100 chakra per-second. If a target is touching the user, while below 20% health, they are killed and instantly sent to their hospital and counted as a kill for the pot's user. Gives 25 fortitude. The next three are a testament to the "team-play" design of the organization Kōkinjō (Rope): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Upon the user successfully landing an auto attack on a target without "Word Soul Leak", "Word Soul Extract", "Word Soul Seal", nor "Word Soul Sentence" debuffs, 100 chakra is consumed and the target receives the "Word Soul Leak" debuff for 30 seconds. Gives 25 agility. Shichiseiken (Sword): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Upon the user successfully landing an auto attack on a target with "Word Soul Leak", 100 chakra is consumed, the target's "Word Soul Leak" is removed and they receive the "Word Soul Extract" debuff for 30 seconds. A linked, targetable and invincible, "Word Soul" mob is spawned at the location for the debuff's duration. Gives 25 strength. Benihisago (Gourd): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Only with a "Word Soul" mob as a target, on use the user pulls the target towards themselves. (Think 2 tile knockback towards the user) If the target touches the user, it is unspawned and whomever it is linked to has "Word Soul Leak" removed and receives the "Word Soul Seal" debuff for 30 seconds. After "Word Soul Seal's" duration you receive "Word Soul Sentence" for 30 seconds, during which you are pulled toward the gourd's user. (Think 2 tile knockback towards the user, 3 tiles if target is below 50%) Anyone touching the gourd's user while under the effects of "Word Soul Sentence" are killed and instantly sent to their hospital and counted as a kill for the gourd's user. Consumes 50 chakra per-second while pulling anyone. Insignificant chakra results in the inability to pull "Word Soul" mobs, as well as no one with "Word Soul Sentence" being pulled in. Those affected by "Word Soul Sentence" are only pulled while the gourd is equipped. Gives 25 chakra. Cloud Village is years-away content, and I expect literally nothing to come of this post besides simple chatting. For most things I have given example cast-times, ranges, etc. but more balancing would be required for any actual implementation. The organization items may sound a bit OP or over-tuned, but compared to puppets/ssm I would defend the suggestions. Specifically, the 3-man combo items would require 100 chakra each and 30 seconds to execute 1 person, which a 3-man squad should be able to do easier than using these items. The theory is 3-man comboing the healers and killing everyone else. Also, the Gourd user would be a target the entire time to stop the effects of "Word Soul Sentence." There's also the village layout; according to the devblogs, round buildings are especially tough...that's the entire village. Flicker pads is a personal preference, as I feel that it would be cool to traverse the village that way. Based off the basic line-drawings, a pure conversion to pixel-art and mapping wouldn't be possible, but the ideas are there.
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    Dear Ninja, Embark on a journey to the northern section of the Land of Iron, where you will discover the capital of the land, Iron City. Ruled by a faction of Samurai that are oppressing the people, you will need to earn the trust of a group of rebels barricading the exit of the city and planning their attack! We're starting off 2021 with a new location, the Land of Iron. Arriving in the Nin Online world on 9 January 2021, Saturday. Expect the new location to come with a level 50-60 story arc, like the Land of Toads arc, that includes over a dozen new Quests, as well as new items, weapons, enemies, bosses and more! Hope you guys enjoy it! Regards, Ueda
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    Hello Ninja! My name is Wolf, I'm the new Developer working on Nin, My jobs currently consists of remaking the software powering Nin Online and then further upgrading it! Some of you may already know me, and may have even played on the new server I made.. The new test server which as I write this is online and fully playable, Is a completely rewritten server built with modern development tools. I wont go deep into the technical details about this now, But basically both performance and stability will hopefully be greatly improved, but most importantly it'll break us free from limitations placed on us by the old engine which is extremely dated. We plan to replace the server application as soon as we can. However an exact date is unknown as of now, as we have a few more issues to work out. This upgrade will not wipe any existing data, don't worry! The plan is to install this new server without affecting the game in any way besides improved performance initially, and then further improve it from there. If that's all old news to you, that the server is being remade, read on! This development log is actually not just about the server. We're also going to be previewing the new client in development using the Unity Engine! The new client is still heavily in development, but already has improvements from the current one. Some Clips: 7c40cfc8ecc51bd89b2bbb13b6413e3a.mp4 122c47da0c2fb868afbd46bb9a678085.mp4 122c47da0c2fb868afbd46bb9a678085.mp4 Some Pictures: Looking at these images and videos you may think its just a weird stripped down version of Nin Online, and that's kind of what it is at the moment. It has a long way to go, But this new client already includes some things the old client could never do, No spoilers But the biggest thing we've noted, is performance! This client idles on around 300+ fps on my machine in Leaf Village, to give you an idea just how much better that is, the old client runs at 40-50 fps on my machine. That being said, not everything is loaded at the moment. So whats done so far? It may look simple enough, display some graphics, make a character walk around, but this isn't what the client is doing.. The client can connect to the server, Load all the server data, see Maps, walk around, attack, See other players, see NPC's, fight NPC's, see animations and effects, and some other minor things. There's still a lot that isn't implemented such as NPC Dialogues, Projectiles, Chat, Inventory, Hotbar, Targetting, Jutsu and all the menus just to name a few. So don't expect this client to replace yours any time soon. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! Regards, Wolf
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    Dear Ninja, The Problem In Mid-2019, when attempting to run a Inter-village Joint Chunin Exam, and subsequently a War Event, we found ourselves in a situation where we could not continue those events due to the server crashing because of the increased load on the server software/application. As some of you might know, Nin Online was built on top of an engine that was built in the 90s, using a programming language that is very outdated, Visual Basic 6 (VB6). Not for no reason, in 2013, this engine was the only viable choice to build a game like Nin Online available open source. The engine that Nin Online was built on was a fork of Mirage Source called Eclipse Engine, which was built by @Robin. From that point on, I knew that the growth of the player base would be unsustainable on our current VB6 server software, and started moving all of our resources into resolving this issue as a priority. The Conversion Project History It's been a long journey to get here, but we're finally in the final stages of using our new server software rewritten in a modern programming language. This is not the end of the project to enhance the server, infact, it's a new beginning. This long project has seen multiple attempts, the earliest works on it began in late 2018. But with the addition of a new member to our team, @TheWolf who has been working with us since February this year, we've managed to get it to a point we think it is capable of replacing our old server software completely. The project consisted of many stages, and we have a lot of people to thank for their contributions. Including @Seth for leading the charge for the project in the majority of 2019. At that stage, we were trying to convert the server from VB6 to VB.NET, but it ran into a lot of issues. Issues that we learned from and restarted in February 2020, with mainly Wolf and myself working to get it converted from VB6 to C# this time round. Seth also jumped in a couple of times to lend a hand in this new version, being more familiar with the Authentication Server's code base than anyone else. We also got a lot of advice and help from @Robin whom helped us each time the project ran into a dead end. As well as @Suirad for creating a whole application to convert our VB6 binary data into readable JSONs which we then converted to C# binaries format. The Benefits of this Project Immediately, we expect everyone to feel noticeable improvement to the game, less hanging, more smooth combat. But the real reason we needed to move is that VB6 was simply too limited in features, and it's outdated IDE made it hard for us to debug problems like the crashes that were happening with too many players online while hosting events, as it gave us little information to work with. Thanks to this new server software built in Visual Studio/C# we can use state of the art tools to solve these issues as well as continue to optimize the performance to scale better. On top of all of that, there was always the fear that eventually Windows would stop supporting Visual Basic 6 runtime although highly unlikely in the near term, it will down the line happen. So moving to a modern code base means we are future proof. This is just the start.. We are going to continue to optimize the server in radical ways which will bring about better performance! With this fancy new server, it'll be easier than ever to add more on top of it, including new features and revamping old ones. During the time which the server has been the main focus, I've also been working on content updates for when the New Server Software is finally operational, so expect some content updates soon! Wolf is also in the midst of rewriting the Game Client in Unity C# which will then mean that Nin Online will be fully modernized! TL;DR New server software is up now, it was a lot of work, this means Nin is more than 66.6% modernized now. only our client remains. That's in the works. Content updates coming soon. Regards, Ueda
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    It's me again! Trying to get more female outfits and hairstyles, like always. So in my mission for Rory to give us more female items, I decided to create outfits based on female characters from "The last" Movie/anime. Zoomed out: Bonus headband
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    February 2020 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @Hawt Chunin: @Ichika @Hadashah @Dangan Sand Village Jonin: @Mana @Booty Gang Pinku Chunin: @Beat @Small @Peperoni Johnson Specialized Jonin: @Ayo for exemplary Medical Ninjutsu usage Mist Village Jonin: @Carolinne @Adult Sasuke Chunin: @Leiting @Amatizu @ExiledKyoho @Shiv
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    Village Special Abilities! Born and raised in the Leaf village, Leaf Ninja all have a Will of Fire, an undying determination to keep on fighting. When you faint, within the first 10 seconds of fainting, there is a 5% chance that you will get back up to fight again! Being a small village, the Sand village trains it's ninja to be adept in stealth over pure strength. All Sand Ninja are Born Assassins that are able to use Cloak of Invisibility perfectly. They can however, still be dispelled by someone with a high chakra ability - Sensory Technique. Trained by their element, the Mist village starts all of it's academy students fighting on top of water filled arenas where they learn to charge and maintain their chakra while standing on water.
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    Hello everyone my name is Nej, I decided to make an introduction post because I never had one of these and I have been inactive for a while due to not know what do to in the game. I am active now again and I recently reset my character to Mist after @Zabuza Momochi won Mizukage and I am loving my time spent there. I wish to be more RP indulged in the game and this is an attempt at it. I take time out of my day to help new comers all of the time and if someone here is thinking about going to the Hidden Mist Village, come through. I will heal you while you train and give you tips. If you wish to contact me my discord is Nej#9123 I hope everyone is having a great 2021 I love you all, see you in nin online... Also, RESET TO MIST.
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    Before I start, can we please be civilized? If you disagree with something, it's completely fine just don't start dragging the person and their opinion. First of all we have the org problem. Our 12G buff is extremely underwhelming compared to what the other villages' orgs bring. They both have a lot of CC and in the 7sm's case, the stat buffs are quite literally broken. In the past few days, Sand literally proved that even with lower numbers their puppets can carry them to victory. I've been in 12G and I can assure you that most of us DO NOT want anything that is also BROKEN, we just want something to be able to compete with the other organizations mentioned above since clearly sheer numbers can't be the solution for everything. I'm sure fellow leafies have great ideas for a 12G ability. This screenshot shows how broken PB's puppets are and they're AOE. In maps like DB or KB, they make a HUGE difference. If you actually think this is fair then I don't know what to say at this point tbh. Secondly, our passive. Quite literally the most unreliable passive in the game. Don't get me wrong, WoF definitely saved me a couple of times and I doubt any leafies can say the contrary BUT since it's RnG you literally never know what's going to happen when you get it. It's literally a 5% chance but people still want to say that it's broken and the percentage is actually higher etc. The owner of the game literally said it himself. I think it's unnecessary to explain why WoF is bad at this point. Many leafies AND non leafies have said it. In a week I think I get like a total of 5 WoFs and I try to login every day, that should say a lot. I think it should be like a choice. You get 3 WoFs in a day (resets at daily reset) and basically you get up with 25% of your max HP and 15% of your max chakra. Or another idea: when your HP drops to like 200 HP, you get 50 hp back and a stat buff for 15 seconds. Please feel free to give other ideas too. If I missed something please add it @Ueda Please listen to us
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    Dear Ninja, For this year's Let It Snow Event I decided to go a little bit further than the years past. With the help of @Angelik Date, @Fuze and @Kvaset for contributing artwork, I'm proud to announce what the event will entail this year. Hidden City of Joy For the duration of the event, our good ol' Hidden City of Joy from back in 2018, will be open to all. This time, the city is 3x bigger, features a gun store where you can buy a pistol and ammo to kill zombies (and each other), new special enemies, as well as 4 new rewards. This will be our most lowbie friendly Christmas event yet. The city is also an Arena Zone, where a single bullet is usually a kill. So watch out for both Zombies and other player's gangs. You can enter the city by talking to an Event NPC in each village. The City will open from 5th December 2020 to 5th January 2020. New Rewards These are 3 new cosmetic rewards available from Let It Snow 2020. We also have a special new cosmetic item, Angel Wings , which will only be available through Let It Snow 2020 and never again through another event. After this event, we will only ever give out Angel Wings to players who bless the server a great amount in a single month. More on that in the future... Some of the rewards from previous years are also available again! You can also get Event Coupons by trading your spare Zombie Organs and Snow Balls. Free Stat Resets FreeStat Reset Visit the Hidden City of Joy and speak to Santa Claus. This year he has a Naughty or Nice list which he will use to decide if you are eligible for a present from me. If you are naughty, no worries, you can earn you way into the nice list! New Cash Shop Items Green War Armor is a time-limited exclusive item that will be on sale for the duration of Let It Snow 2020, after which, it will never be sold again. It is tradeable and treated like a normal item after claiming from your stash, but has no Ryo value. New Weapon Released Although not exactly Christmas-related, we also added a new weapon this update... Iron Scythe Our first ever scythe. It's still going to work the same way as a sword, but this will now drop from -redacted- and be available for Weapon Masters. Art done by @Fuze Side Notes I spend most of my time through the year on development, so I rarely get time to put together fun events like this. But it's always the most fun I have working on Nin Online. The end of the year is a special time for everyone because it's the advent of a new year. Let It Snow in Nin Online has less to do with Christmas and more to do with celebrating another year of Nin Online. So much has happened in the world this year, so I thought it would be nice if we put into extra effort this year to bring some seasonal festivities. We hope you enjoy what we have prepared!
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    Hello Master @Ueda The community has been complaining about the current states of Hidden Weapons ( Pipe and Fan ). Why? Simply, because, elementals benefits from these weapons more than the actual masters of these weapons ( Pure Fan and Pure Bubble ninjas). PIPE - 2 seconds snare - Low CD - Can spam two of them on the ground without no repercussions - Low damage For a Bubble Ninja, the weapon does not seem that strong, it more looks like it is a mediocre weapon that will help them chain snares but nothing else. For a Water User, this is an extra WP, that allows them to have multiple occasions to chain a combo with INT SCALING with no way for their opponent to escape. For another elemental, the weapon gives them more versatility and the CC needed to cancel jutsus and chain combos with INT SCALING. Therefore, it is clear enough to understand that Water Ninjas benefits more from using a weapon that belongs to their subpath. Not only water benefits way more than it should but Non Water elementals also benefits more from the hidden weapon than the people mastering the hidden mastery itself. FAN - Knockback -Projectile -4 sec CD - Tornadoes, a 1 sec stun that selfstun the users for 0.5sec For a Fan user, like said earlier, the weapon is alright, and helps them do what Fan does wich is knockbacking. For an Int Wind Ninja, the weapon allows them to land Tornadoes out of flicker -> Wich leads to 386 damage minimum ( on 100 INT). Compared to a Fan User that deals 185 damage(on 100 STR) ( Tornadoes + fan hit + kunai ) or 275 damage ( if we include wind barrage, that selfstuns for one second and is a guaranteed punish if used in close range after landing flicker + tornado, so it's not rewarding because you will probably get punished for more) For a Non Wind elemental, the weapon allows them to cancel stuff from range and also get some extra damage with instant jutsus with INT SCALING. Like said earlier, we can clearly see that Wind Ninjas benefits more than it should from Fan abilities, tornadoes allow them to land twice the damage of what a Fan Ninja would deal out of that combo. Non Wind elementals aslo benefits way more from the weapon since they can land instant jutsus (with INT SCALING) out of the knockback from Fan while a Pure Fan can only land kunai and wind barrage most of the time. CONCLUSION The Hidden Masteries Jutsus and the weapons are not the problem. Elementals benefits way more than they should and these weapons are extreme boost when it comes to 1v1 for elementals and this is wrong. To me there needs to be a change on STR Requirements on some of these jutsus as far as I know. For the weapons, to me it is still odd to see a water/fire wearing a fan (not even a wind user or something) or a lightning medic with pipe (not linked to bubble by water or any means). I do not have a fixed proposition to fix this but I am pointing out the problems because they actually affects PVP alot, in 1v1s and in group fights and I honestly think it should be looked at. @Ueda please consider. ALSO, I ALWAYS WONDERED WHY HUNTER NIN HAS WATER WHIPS AS WEAPON AND SAND ANBU DOES NOT HAVE SOME SORT OF FANS AS A SPECIAL WEAPON ( IT WOULD BRING MORE UNIQUENESS AGAIN TO THE VILLAGES SINCE THE THREE OF THEIR ANBUS WOULD HAVE DIFFERENT WEAPONS). I THINK IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE SAND ANBU WITH SOME SORT OF SPECIAL FAN. Lumy, a Fan Ninja tired of seeing other ninjas benefiting more from tornadoes and fan than himself.
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    Dear Ninja, Normally in June, we'd release a time-exclusive cosmetic as a way to commemorate another year of Nin Online and for these items to hold "I was here in 20XX" significance. But as the days are passing and my focus has been on the actual in-game content but more importantly the major reworking of the game's core technologies (Server & Client), I've found myself further and further past the dateline to write this annual note that signals another successful year of service and further development. So I'm just going to write a love letter without the gift for now with the promise we'll have one sometime later this year. Nin Online is a love letter As you all know, Nin Online is a game made by fans for fans. It's been the biggest project in my life so far, and it's been something I've been making since I was a kid in one form or another. Some of the newer members might not know, but Nin Online really started in 2006 when I was a kid. I wanted to make an MMORPG based on Naruto, because there was none at the time. I was way too young back then, so I spent years learning, I went to school to learn infact, and I joined projects to learn how to make Nin Online. Then I made Nin Online in 2013. There's dev logs documenting the entire journey sprinkled all over this forum. Filled with so much history, I urge anyone who hasn't done some digging on the past to just start reading our Dev logs from 2013 till today. It'll really give you a clearer picture of the vision from then, and how it's being fulfilled till now. To a lot of us Naruto is something that has all meant something to us at least at some point in our lives. It's that commonality that brings our otherwise very different personalities together and keeps our community grounded at the end of the day. It's something I still strive to honor as much as the game differs from the series, I still want everyone to feel like they are part of the ninja world, but it's your ninja world. A bright future It's almost crazy how Nin Online is still growing and livelier every day. With a player base larger, more active and dramatic as ever, it's unbelievable almost. The recent months past have also been the most financially successful in Nin Online's history! This year, we intend to take the game's capabilities to a new level by remaking both the Server and Client (the technologies that power Nin Online) and we're already more than half way through that. Once we're done with these major reworks, we intend to introduce features that have been asked for since the beginning. I don't want to speak on what exactly because I've learned too well that hyping things in advance causes advanced backlash when we shift our focus. Things are honestly looking very positive for Nin! Through the thick and thin I have to acknowledge that without the support of all the Gold Ninja from back in the day, we would not have had a game to launch into live service in 2017. Without the support of everyone who has supported the game in the past year, the server rework project would not have been able to happen. And with your support into the future.. we will have another year of Nin Online to celebrate in 2021. We've had rough times over the years, we've had staff members come and go, and we've had our fair share of complaints, backlash and criticism. Things can get really nasty and debates can get very heated. But I will always respect and remember the kind people in the community who have stuck with us, stood up for the developers and shown us support regardless of whether it was cool at the time to do so. I love you all! Nin Online Kampai! Regards, Ueda
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    Almost half of this map is water and you have no way to access it. Adding the stairs on the bottom would fix that and would allow for this map to be utilized way better. There could be some mobs which only spawn on the water and some interaction with the sign that's under the tree on the small patch of land. The bottom left of the map where the water is could be used as map switch to Mini Bridge. It would also be good if stairs were added here and there was a map switch on the bottom right of the water area that would map swap you to Mini Bridge. This is where the map switches would be. I think having more map switches here would prevent map swap camping.
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    In this post I would like to start a movement against a certain thing that has plagued this community recently. Toxicity. I often get attacked in my PMs after I killed someone in a DZ. This game's one of the main aspects if PvP, you will die and you will kill. That's one of the ways you progress through, there's no need to attack someone verbally in a rude way and there's no need to make fun of someone who lost to you. In my personal opinion, being good at PvP doesn't make you a cool person, it doesn't mean you're good at the game. There's much more to being a good player. In my opinion, a good player is someone who is not toxic, someone who can accept that he lost or someone who takes the win and respects his opponents. The main reason why I wanted to create this post is because I wanted to address a big issue. Recently I have been getting into situations where I have to face disrespectful and plain toxic people. I believe that Nin is losing its old RP charm. And NO, I'm not a fan of peace between villages, because I love hunting, BUT I believe that we should respect each other no matter if we lost or won a fight. I also don't believe it is necessary to kill every lowbie on bi who is grinding larvae. We should focus on organizing more RP events that include people from all villages. There is no rule that says you can’t kill a lowbie trying to do Seals 100 times even on bi... but think about it, do you get pleasure from it? This isn't something that rules can change, only you can make a change by doing something little like that. These little things may feel insignificant when you're alone, it can be like a droplet of water, but remember that the ocean is made of thousands of those droplets. Make a change, make this community a better place for the future generations. Please write your reply down below and let me know if you agree or disagree. I would appreciate to hear everyone's thoughts. My goal is to stop the strong hatred between villages, it is unnecessary and is plaguing the experience of a lot of people. After all it's just a game that should be enjoyed by the players. If you would like to join this movement and support this community, I will create a discord where we would host joint RP player events between all villages. We are all players spending hours upon hours on the same game, we should enjoy it together.
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    A short introduction First of all, let's make sure things a clear so that there aren't any misconceptions regarding the state of RP (Roleplay) in NinOnline. The main focus of the game is on PvP, emphasized by several tournaments and an active community creating new builds and an existing meta. And while RP is encouraged, it is not the focus. But Nin has had a track record of attracting people that come for precisely that, which is why I want to help anyone that may struggle with this unique RP environment. Index The basics of RP The RP of NinOnline 2.1. How Gameplay and RP tie together 2.2. The current timeline Your very own shinobi 3.1. Where and how to start 3.2. Goals and ambitions 3.3. Organizations 3.4. Consistency 3.5. Preventing to become a Mary Sue Tips, tricks, and examples 4.1.1. Being part of a Conversation 4.1.2. Being part of a Conversation: Examples 4.2 How to properly use the /e and /emotes commands 4.3 The chunin exam 1. The basics or RP RP, or roleplaying, is the art of socially interacting with another, or multiple, participants through writing. While this seems simple enough, achieving an exciting and enjoyable experience is much harder in reality. Several factors come into play, starting with some "rules". Now, these are not set in stone, and more like guidelines that anyone who has some experience with it will agree are necessary to ensure a smooth experience, even if some of them seem mundane or obvious. But they are the basics after all. No. 1 - Ownership Probably the most important thing, you only get to decide about your character. More often than not, you will see RP that you can't wrap your head around. Maybe it's their backstory, their behaviour in a particular situation, or so on. But no matter how major or minor your complaint is, it is their character. Dictating what someone can and can't is an absolute no go. If you dislike someones RP, walk away from it. If that is not a possibility, keep interactions with that character limited. No one else gets to decide what kind of character, fitting for the setting obviously, you can play. But more on that later. No. 2 - Writing and grammar Obviously, this is important, but people often assume that just writing proper English is all. It isn't. While being able to understand what you wrote is mandatory, given the whole social interaction through the writing part, but there is more to it. What you write can be grammatically correct, but still wrong regarding context and setting, or create a specific image for your character. It will be tough for others to perceive you like a deep and emotional character if you only ever talk like Killer Bee. And sure some people find it fun or will use the universal excuse of "That's just how I RP!" but aren't willing to live with the consequences of others not treating them in a way they would like. So always remember, not only check how but what you write. No. 3 - Focus Another point often overlooked. You must take your time and commit to the session. Leaving in the middle or not responding in conversations are big killers for RP and can quickly ruin it for everyone. And while there is casual RP, if it is clear that time is needed you've got to be ready to offer it. No one will judge you if your connection interrupts or private reasons make your leave the PC. But being hungry and ditching to make a sandwich or leaving because of your ranked match that is starting in a different game is poor behaviour and will guarantee that you won't find many people that are willing to RP with you anytime soon. No. 4 - RP =/= Normal Gameplay The title may be a bit confusing, so let me go into detail. RP makes you go into a role, and within that role, you may have friends and enemies only tied to said RP. So if you have a grudge against someone based of RP, don't carry this out of RP. It, first of all, doesn't make any sense and can fuel toxic behaviour within a community. It is fine having a rival or something similar but knowing when to stop is essential to maintain healthy relationships. But at the same time, trying to befriend anyone can cause trouble as well. The different villages in NinOnline have unique rules on interactions with members from other villages. So always keep track of the current relations between villages, or you'll quickly end up with no allies. Besides, you can't use the information that you acquired outside of RP when interacting with others. But more about that later. Now if you follow these guidelines or at least keep them in mind, it should make the whole experience better for you and everyone involved. And with those out of the way, let's get in-depth about the hows and whys of NinOnlines unique RP. 2. The RP of NinOnline The setting of NinOnline, as before mentioned, is a world full of shinobi taking inspiration from the Naruto universe. That is what we will mainly go off since NinOnline has no set story by the developer or any specific lore in that sense and is entirely run by the community. Villages and official organizations are controlled by players. Now, what does that mean for RP? A lot of people are under the assumption that "if there is nothing set, I can be whatever I want!" which is not the case. Over the several years that I've been playing, I saw scientist creating clones, war heroes seeking revenge, mafia leaders and all of them just genin. The issue that comes with this is inconsistency and a weak character that doesn't fit and won't be taken seriously. Going after the standards set in Naruto is the only way to provide a fair environment for everyone. Now people make the argument of Sasuke being a prodigy from a young age, Orochimaru was a genius scientist, and so on. What a lot of people forget is all those characters where established within their universe and were able to prove those statements. Coming fresh out of the academy boasting level 1 and claiming you are anything like them is childish at best and pathetic at worst. The gameplay of NinOnline takes a crucial part in this and helps us to differentiate the good from the bad, literally. 2.1. How Gameplay and RP tie together NinOnline is a game, with stats and levels. It has rules and regulations on how things work and interact with each other. You can certainly have a solid RP character claiming he is "the greatest Tai user" for example. But if you lose to any run of the mill Tai user, your RP starts falling apart. This is where Nin vastly differentiates from regular RP since just writing isn't enough to solidify your character. Players will test your statements, all the time, and not being able to prove your claims results in no one taking you seriously. At the same time, this opens some doors for people that are uncertain about what kind of character they want to pursue. Instead of claiming to be the best, make it your goal to become it. Now your character has a set goal with no set time of completion, which allows for natural RP that will keep itself alive. You need to be able to tie your RP with the gameplay you provide since they go hand in hand. It may seem like a burden to some since they prefer to be the protagonist, the hero, the chosen one of their own story. But this isn't your story. It is your story within NinOnline, full of people with their personal stories and goals. And obviously, that means you may never be the best but at the very least gives a reason to try and become it. Now, of course, if your goal isn't to become the strongest in combat, the gameplay still affects your RP. Don't claim to be a hardened fighter and die to a few bites of wolves, and don't claim to have jutsu that can crush any enemy and barely scratch someone in a spar. Your actions are tied to your RP, which brings both good and bad. It limits what you can do but prevents people from just making up whatever they please. And if they still do you know who to avoid. Back to the topic of how the gameplay and RP are connected. NinOnline offers different commands on how to express emotions and actions, for both casual and RP. For casual use, you have the /emotes command which will list you with several options to express feelings by showing a little emoticon above your character, shown below. (Not including the emotes /clap, /slowclap, /321, /rock, /paper, /scissors) /! /? /<3 /n /r /... /go /y /' /cry /huh /wave /grr /!! /hi /gg /owo While these are valid to use, it always depends on the people you RP with and the situation you find yourself in. That's also why I refer to them as casual; additionally, they are used by the majority of the community for regular conversations and goofing around. Now the alternative and prefered way of showing emotions by dedicated RPers ist to use the /e command. Typing /e followed by a space and any message will look like this: (/e is daydreaming, /e is feeling immense pain, /e is worried, and so on) This way of expressing yourself is not only more engaging but also allows you to go deeper with emotions and states of mind that simply can't be done with the emoticon method. It is also a fantastic way to be part of a conversation without forcing yourself in or interrupting others, but more on that later. The final part would be RP missions. Those are unique missions hosted by a higher ranking shinobi of your village and provide you with tokens that can be turned in for experience points. The host of the missions has free reign over deciding who passed the task and thus, poor RP may result in a failure. It is also an excellent way for people to get into RP if they haven't had a chance to do it before and can be a great way of showing how the RP of NinOnline works. There are currently 4 RP missions, available at level 12, 17, 22, and 27 respectively. There are also the Chunin Exams or CE for short which are advertised to be heavily RP focused, but I will make a separate section just for those. 2.2. The current timeline Even though there is no defined storyline, NinOnline had its fair share of events, official and player-made that all contribute to an exciting environment for RPers. Wars happened between villages, uprisings, rebellions, corruption, and if someone takes time to dig deep in the forums they'll find a plethora of beads to build a character on and make something truly unique. But, as per usual, this brings a lot of challenges as well. While you may believe in the corruption of a council, it is not necessarily canon unless there is empirical evidence. So while you can still RP with the idea of a corrupt council, remember that it is purely your take on the situation around you and not fact. And thus we face another problem, going back to guideline number 4. What if you find out on discord or see screenshots that prove your point? Let's stick with the council example. If you find out that council members were bribed to vote for a specific candidate through any other means than RP, first and foremost has this information to be reported IF it is going against the rules of NinOnline, that's a given. Then you can use this information, mock them, and so on. Now, if it is an elaborate RP event planned and overlooked by the staff, rules change. If you somehow got wind of anything, outside of RP, you can not use it since your character didn't acquire this information. But we are going off-topic so more on that later. So, remember that you have several options on how to perceive the world, based on past or current events. Want to be careful around the Anbu because you believe they are corrupt? Go ahead, but don't make things up. Justify it by events you read about on the forums or witnessed yourself instead. You think that the Sand village is switching leaders way too often, showing political weakness in your eyes, go ahead. Besides, if you are capable and confident enough, why not make a post yourself? Make it clear that it is for RP purposes and maybe you lead the next chapter of the timeline? It is a very touchy subject and hard to fully grasp by just reading about it, but eventually, if you spend enough time in the community, you will get the hang of it. This concludes the section about the unique RP environment of NinOnline, so let's move on the most exciting but also often the most significant source of conflict in RP. Your Character. 3. Your very own shinobi Now that we know about the basics of RP and the specific situation in NinOnline, it is finally time to start making your character to throw out there! But where to start? This section goes into detail about the basics of character creation, their backstory, and common mistakes to avoid. 3.1. Where and how to start First of all, we need to remember what we learned in section 2 and 2.1. If you are a new player and start the game, you will be an academy student at level one. And while it is pretty simple to advance to the genin rank, the fact remains that you are a greenhorn. A beginner about to step foot into this new world. So what can we do for our character in terms of RP? First of all, the backstory is always an excellent way to start. If we visit our profile, we see a tab titled Ninja Bio. This is the perfect place for your backstory since it is easily accessible by everyone. In terms of design, there are no set of rules, and everyone has their style. Always check out the bios of other players to see how they did it and get inspired. A popular method of making ones bio more unique is creating ninja info cards. Their designs also vary and can be found on a lot of profiles, but let's continue with the main topic. So you have the ninja bio tab open, excited to create something and find yourself in one of those two scenarios. 1. I got so many ideas, where should I start? 2. I got no idea what to do whatsoever. We already established, as a beginner, there isn't much in terms of achievements that you could've possibly done. So refrain from making you look like the best of the bunch. We know that our abilities in-game tie to our RP, so more humble beginnings are recommended. If you prove yourself, you can start going down that route and start pursuing RP in that direction. But more importantly, and often overlooked, is your heritage. How did you grow up? What about your family? Any rivals or close friends? What made you go down the path of a shinobi? By answering all these questions, adding some character traits, things they like & dislike, it elevates your character far above the standard and is a solid base for future additions. Once again, though, remember section 2. If you claim that you come from a village that was raided by the neo-akatsuki and destroyed, this is not canonical nor has it happened as any sort of event. If you still want to stick with it, why not be from one of the main villages? They got raided multiple times throughout the timeline by a plethora of different people and groups. Not only is a backstory like that more believable, but it also solidifies your character as part of this world despite not have taken part in mentioned events. With everything set, let's go for some goals. 3.2. Goals and ambitions You wrote your backstory, created your character, and got some levels. What now? A lot of new players face this problem when playing, and it becomes even more of an issue for RPers. Having a goal becomes tough if the "story" of the game is everchanging and dynamic. We can avoid running into this roadblock by utilizing the features given to us by the game. As mentioned before, the simplest goal would be a combat orientated one. Trying to become a good PvPer and basing our goals of that. While it isn't the most unique nor incredibly exciting path to go for, it is a reliable option and something that will never fail due to the strong presence of PvP. If you like fighting but want to have more RP becoming a teacher may suit you. Using what you learned and training the new generation is not only a fantastic way to incorporate PvP with RP but also helps the community. Getting beaten by a random ??? that jumped them helps no one and discourages, especially new players. Being able to train and improve your skills in a controlled environment is especially alluring to newcomers, and a great way of making your mark as a teacher in terms of RP. Not into fighting others but enjoy grinding and collecting? The role of a merchant would suit you best. NinOnline has several cosmetics that you can farm and sell to interested buyers. Buy joining the official NinOnline discord you also get access to the trade channel, with constant offers to buy and sell a multitude of items. Not a fighter and prefer to support? Welcome to the world of medical-nin. Being able to heal others can be a significant edge in different situations, and the unique ability to revive someone prevents the infamous battle injuries status. And for anyone afraid that they won't be able to defend themselves from threats as a medic, NinOnline made sure that if you can heal a lot, you can hurt a lot. It may sound confusing at first, but you'll understand if you play the game. With some goals for the long-term set, there are a few more things you can do to flesh out your character. 3.3. Organizations NinOnline has several organizations in the game, official and player-made. These organizations are beneficial for RPers since they allow us to find a place of like-minded individuals to pursue common goals for all sorts of purposes. Can't find an organization that suits you? Create your own! It is a robust tool to emphasize what your character stands for and create a micro-community within the world. As I mentioned before, there are official organizations like the police force, for example. Adding a new layer of rules, these official organizations are perfect for people that are still desperately looking for any sort of "legitimate" reason to RP since now, sticking with the police force, you are enforcing the rules of the village. You have a unique role in the bigger picture of that villages community. And if you prefer the more evil side of things, the neo-akatsuki is something you can strive for. 3.4 Consistency So for this section, we assume our character has a pretty normal backstory. He grew up in the Sand village, a mom and dad with no other siblings. His backstory states that he never went out of the sand territory. Let's assume he managed to reach level 30 and became a chunin sticking to his backstory. He hosts an RP mission for some genin and decides to slay some tigers with them. In RP one of the genin asks him if it is safe to go there and our chunin replies "Of course, I know that place like the back of my hand". Now if he wasn't just coky in front of his team, he just caused an inconsistency. Describing your character in one way and acting completely different is exceptionally harmful to RP since, as we mentioned before, we have to go by a set of rules; otherwise anyone can be everything, which is not what RP is. A much simpler example is, someone states in their bio that they are terrified of blood and can't stand to see it, almost passing out at the sight of it. Now they pick either weapon master or medic as their masteries. This makes little sense in regards to his backstory since both of these roles are the closest to blood, with the weapon master causing open wounds using his swords and tools and medical-nin having to tend wounded allies. This would be less inconsistent if they justify it by saying they want to overcome their fear head-on. Otherwise, the character has no reliable backstory that others can use in RP. But this applies to all aspects of a character. The way they talk, behave, react, the more specific you define this, the more attention you have to pay. The best RPers are the ones that rarely, if ever, break character and stick with it no matter what. Being able to do and say anything turns you into a Mary Sue, which we will look at in the next section. 3.5 Preventing to become a Mary Sue. Taken from Wikipedia: "A Mary Sue is a generic name for any fictional character who is so competent or perfect that this appears absurd, even in the context of the fictional setting. Mary Sues are often an author's self-insertion or wish fulfilment. They may excel at tasks that should not be possible for them [...] They may disregard previously established aspects of the fiction such as characterization and natural laws." This is important to know since many beginners tend to create characters that fall under those criteria. They make shinobi that are both open and friendly but are also laid-back and shy. They love going out with friends but are introverts at the same time. Several different characteristics that contradict themselves and make for a terrible character. Also, they tend to give them too many abilities and strengths. We already established that in terms of PvP you couldn't make anything up since you have to prove yourself against others. However, people still manage to ruin their characters by adding all sorts of skills. Great at cooking, dancing, fantastic climber, fearless, immense willpower, the list goes on and on. A lot of people want to make a good character, and no one wants to be labelled as weak or useless but more often than not are weaknesses of a character what gives them depth. No one will care for the journey of a character that is already a master of all, and no one will cheer for them in a tournament, but rather the underdog that despite his obvious short-comings made it just as far. Weaknesses do not equate to a weak character, but a well-rounded one. Now we should have our character, presumably not a genetically modified shinobi, time traveller, or the lost descendant of god knows who, but a young shinobi setting out to carve his name into history with his ambitions and beliefs, with strengths and weaknesses. With a goal in mind and a potential organization in sight, you have your very own character and the all the basics to start RPing in NinOnline. The next section goes more into depth about some topics and provides some additional help by using made-up scenarios and interactions that can help everyone, not just newcomers. 4. Tips, tricks, and examples This part of the guide will focus on a more direct approach by showing you side by side comparisons of different RP encounters and extensions of the previous topics. There are many facets to it and, especially even for advanced RPers, it is often a struggle to perform right, no matter the preparation or dedication. I'll try my best to provide examples tailored to NinOnline. 4.1.1. Being part of a Conversation While I talked a lot about the relevance of actual skill concerning the gameplay, at the very start, we established that RP is the written interaction between individuals. And we do that mainly through dialogue. It is simple enough to talk with one person only and do RP, let them finish, they let you finish. Not much to do wrong here. The tricky part starts when there are multiple people involved. So let's lay down some ground rules necessary for a smooth experience and then go into the intricacies of it. As mentioned before, allowing someone to finish their sentence is key to proper dialogue. But now, with multiple people involved, it may become quite hard to join in or get your point across. We already established that your character is not a protagonist by default. So sometimes you may slide into the role of supporting or side character, and don't let that discourage you. And usually, if the people involved know what they are doing, they will let you have a say eventually. Keeping that in mind, you may find yourself in the spotlight of an RP session. The key is not to overdo it. If you already got in that position, it doesn't make sense to hog it and makes the whole experience boring for others. And always keep in mind, you won't always be in that position, so if you abuse it, you may receive the same treatment or will be exempted from future sessions altogether. Another big problem is almost abusing the (OOC) or (Out Of Character) clause. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you would have to break RP, you would type in brackets (). We already established that we are all humans, mistakes are made, and sometimes things are just not clear enough. You can use this to indicate to others that the sentence on display is not from your character, but the player behind the screen. What do I mean when I say abusing? A lot of players, especially inexperienced ones, will constantly break character and type a lot of messages with the (Out Of Character) method. And just like most things, it should be used only if necessary. If you don't understand and order, don't break character to ask what you need to do, but do it in character. No one will judge you for asking a question, but they will if you keep interrupting the RP since that is what we are doing. We are out of character, meaning the RP was interrupted by something else. In most scenarios breaking character is not needed, but people assume it is fine since it is precisely that, out of character but can't see that they are still a major roadblock for a smooth experience. So unless absolutely necessary and unachievable by any other means, try to avoid it like the plague. Now if you find yourself in the position of a bystander, you can still contribute. We learned about using /emotes and /e earlier. This is an excellent opportunity to put them to use and make the session more exciting. Did someone say something exciting? Show it by using an emote! Your enemy said something infuriating, but is still in his monologue? Start fuming! Maybe your emotions will lead to attention from others, and thus you managed to be a passive part of the conversation and get an active role. Now, as with everything, don't overdo it. Not every quip needs an emotional response, and overusing /emotes and /e is a common beginners mistake. Use it sparingly at the right time, and you'll make any conversation much more lively. Let's look at some examples. 4.1.2 Being part of a Conversation: Examples So let's have a scenario of 4 people involved, a specialized jonin (Saku) with his assigned team (Flame, Iskarus, Hisa) doing a simple reconnaissance mission. Name: Text like this represents normal dialouge (Text like this represents events happening in-game) Text like this represents using the /e command Saku: Alright, we have arrived, Flame and Hisa, make sure no one was here before. Flame: Sure thing. Hisa: Will do. (Flame and Hisa start moving around, investigating the area) Saku: Iskarus, you'll follow me, we will check the surrounding area. Iskarus yawns Iskarus: That sounds boring as hell. Saku: Too bad, come on, follow me. Iskarus shrugs. (Iskarus and Saku move ahead, but can't find anything suspicious) Iskarus: Great, a waste of time. Saku: I know you'd rather be sparring now, but we have a mission to do. Iskarus: Wasn't there anything more exciting available? Saku frowns. Saku: It's not always about fighting, you know? Iskarus: Tell that to the neo-akatsuki. Flame: Complaining again, Iskarus? (Flame and Hisa joined up with Iskarus and Saku) Iskarus: Ah, shut up, nobody asked you. Flame starts laughing. Saku: Did you find anything? Hisa: No, nothing at all. Hisa stretches and yawns. Hisa: So can we go home now, I'm tired. Iskarus: Yeah, we are wasting our time here. Flame: As if you have anything better to do. Flame grins wide. Iskarus: I do, beating you in another sparring match. Flame: Ist that so? Well, let's go then! (Flame enables PvP, indicating he is ready to spar.) Iskarus: Sure, I get to beat you in a different setting. (Iskarus enables PvP as well) Hisa crosses her arms. Hisa: So immature. (Flame and Iskarus get in position, but Saku runs between them) Saku: Enough already, this is too dangerous. Flame: Ugh, fine. (Flame disables PvP) Iskarus: Oh, what, afraid? You should be. Saku starts grinning. Saku: If you want to spar that badly, let's head back to the village, and we have a go. Loser has to buy ramen for the team. Flame looks excited. Hisa: Nice, free ramen. Iskarus: Anytime Teach, get ready to pay up! Saku: We'll see. (The group heads back to the village) That was a lot; let's analyze the conversation and use of emotes. I wrote it deliberately with everyone being considerate of each other and assuming no one interrupted anyone. Notice how a majority of sentences are kept short. This is very important and something you should always pay attention to. Writing too much slows down the flow of the conversation, people will be too busy reading your wall of text, and the RP quickly withers away. This applies even more to the /e command. Writing too much is counterproductive since it is meant for emotions and not conversations. On the topic of using /e, notice how I used it in a way to connect it to the previous or upcoming sentence. This is a great way to give your dialogue more punch and make it feel alive. Sometimes the /e command has been used purely for reactions, which is a clear example of the earlier mentioned method of being part of a conversation without interrupting it. The amount of /e used is also in an acceptable range, but some could argue against it. This always comes back to preference, but since the things they wrote in /e were very short I doubt anyone would have a problem with it. So this is what we gathered. -Use sweet and short sentences unless you need to describe something of importance, or it just can't be done otherwise. -Use the /e command, but keep it short and don't overdo it. Now let's look at another example. This time, with a jonin (Reign) and his team of genin (Randi, Sepu, Dominic) doing a reconnaissance mission as well. Name: Text like this represents normal dialouge (Text like his represents events happening in-game) Text like this represents using the /e command Reign: We arrived at the destination mentioned in our mission documents. Let's scout out the nearby area and find any clues that may lead to enemy movement of any sort. Randi and Sepu, you check this sector while Dominic and I will check the next one. Sepu: Alright. Dominic: Understood. Randi: What the hell, no way. I will go with you Sensei, Dominic is not ready to handle a surprise attack like I am. Dominic: What makes you say that? Randi: Sensei, trust me, you are much better off with me on your side. Dominic: Hey, I'm talking to you! Dominic gets angry. (Randi runs ahead of the group) Reign: I guess Randi and I will go. You two stay together then. Dominic: ... Sepu pats him on the back. Sepu: Don't let it get to you. Dominic: You're right. (Meanwhile, Reign runs after Randi and meets up with him) Reign: Randi, this kind of behaviour goes against everything they teach you in the academy, and I won't have a genin disobey me and make up their own mind. It is simply unacceptable, and I hope you understand the consequences of your action. Randi: Look sensei, I found footprints. And from the looks of it, they must've been from the neo-akatsuki, and they are fresh too, maybe we can catch them off guard! Randi revels in the fact that he found something by himself, screaming out loud "Soon I will get my revenge on the neo-akatsuki for attacking our village." Reign: Now hold up how can you be sure that it is from the neo-akatsuki? We have no reports of them in our mission documentation, and they haven't been roaming this area for quite some time. (Reigns message was barely sent as another wall of text from Randi is posted) Randi: Take the others to the village and warn the Kage; I will go ahead and find more evidence. Don't worry; I'll manage on my own. Reign: Listen here; you are the genin; I am the jonin. You don't give orders. Randi: What the hell, I am clearly more competent than all of you. Why would you prevent me from pursuing my destiny, my NINJA WAY! You know what, maybe the neo-akatsuki is right after all. I don't need a village to hold me down. Screw you and these other morons. I'll be back even stronger and crush you. Randi gets furious about the fact that the jonin won't understand him and proceeds to flee into the wilderness by himself. (Randi runs off into a different map, not regarding Reign or his team in any way) We will end the convo here because I am sure the majority can tell that this was an example of how to do everything wrong. I purposefully wrote it with everyone staying in character despite the horrible RP going on, to make the errors more clear. So let's dissect and apply what we already know. First of all, both Reign and Randi are writing way too much. Their sentences are long, full of unnecessary information and overall poorly executed. The most significant problem child here is Randi. Not only does he continuously write excessively, but he ignores his teammates and his higher up. He is lost in monologues and forces himself into the position of leader. This also applies to the way he is using the /e command. That command is used to express emotions and actions one takes that aren't doable by gameplay means. We established that these should be used both sparingly and kept short. He overdoes it and makes his performance even more underwhelming. These mistakes become much more problematic since the chatbox used in NinOnline is already small, and long sentences like that make it impossible to have fluent RP for everyone involved. 4.2. How to properly use the /e and /emotes commands I have been mentioning it a lot, and we are going to use this section to elaborate on how exactly you should use it without hurting your RP instead of helping it. Said several times already, but something that can't be stressed enough. Don't overdo it!!! It is the biggest mistake of a lot of people and the downfall of their maybe otherwise completely fine RP. You should keep what you say in /e short and sweet. Here are some good examples. (Someone else said something to another person.) Saku is angry. (Someone stars yelling or screaming) Saku shrieks in surprise. (A friend or ally gets defeated in combat) Saku starts tearing up. To the point, clear, not disrupting the flow of conversation, and thus, the flow of the RP stays intact. Now for some terrible examples. (Someone else said something to another person.) Randi gets infuriated about what the hokage just said, he can't believe that he heard it with his own ears. (Someone stars yelling or screaming) Randi is struck with fear, causing him to stumble backwards and fall on to his rear, resulting in his pants getting dirty. (A friend or ally gets defeated in combat) Randi suddenly realizes a wet feeling on his eyes "Are those tears?" as he quickly wipes them away with his forearm. Now we have to make it clear that, objectively these sentences aren't wrong. Some may argue they provide more information than the short versions, but they aren't taking into consideration the context of a given situation. 90% of the time, short sentences are more appropriate and just work better. So what about the other 10%? This is where you go back to the topic of context. If several people are interacting with each other, we use the short versions, but in some unique cases, we can use the more extended versions that are similar to what Randi used. Below I will list possible scenarios that may be applicable. 1. As a way to initiate RP If there isn't already any RP going on and you don't just want to ask for it blatantly, you can use a longer /e message to indicate your intentions effectively. Saku gets excited seeing his friend Flame sparring and decides to join him Saku is happy to be greeted by Iskarus, and starts grinning wide. Saku is baffled that Hisa got so much stronger since the last time they met. This is a valid use and clear sign that you are currently RPing and thus totally acceptable to be wordier than average. 2. Doing a specific action in RP Maybe your team leader asked youto look for clues in the forest where a group of genin have been assaulted. Instead of simply walking around a bit and continuing the conversation, you can use a longer /e message. Saku gets frustrated since he can't find anything useful in the area. Saku shudders as he accidentally puts his onto a bloodstain. Saku rummages through a bush and manages to find a strange-looking kunai. Scenarios like these are probably the best for longer /e sentences since they paint a picture we can't achieve otherwise. The trick is not to use this all the time and is one of the most common mistakes during chunin exams. Standing in the waiting room and using a sentence like this: Randi pulls out a scroll with plans and strategies for the upcoming exams and shows it to his friends. Let's remember context. In our first example, Saku was given a task and used the /e command to emphasize his actions that he couldn't do otherwise. In the instance of Randi, it becomes trickier. If no one asked him and he just said it for the sake of RP, it is a poor choice and somewhat of an ass-pull. It is much more graceful to talk about a plan with your team and create it right then and there. Thus, after your entire team does some RP you could use a /e sentence like: Randi writes everything down that he has discussed with his team. Now it becomes much more understandable and more exciting since it is a reaction to a prior event. If you want to insist that you were prepared beforehand make that clear to the rest of the people involved. Mention it to your team in a conversation, brag about having studied prior exams, etc. You need a set-up, or otherwise, your RP will suffer. 3. Thoughts and Passive Interaction Sometimes, you don't want to say something directly but share certain information or feelings with your peers. This is where longer /e sentences can come in handy. But be careful since this is another big problem for a lot of people, overdoing it and technically never saying anything and being mute, in an RP sense. There are generally two methods we can approach to get our thoughts across. A direct and a more narrative one. The direct way would look like this: Flame starts thinking "Why won't anyone listen to the kage during the chunin exams?" In this case, we can see what the character in question is thinking about any given scenario. The narrative solution would look like this: Flame is confused; he didn't expect the chunin exams to be so unorganized. This way makes it seem, as the name suggests, that someone is narrating his thoughts and allows us to phrase things that would be otherwise not fitting your character (throwback to section 3.4) as long as it is within reason. We can also use longer sentences for situations where you simply can't interact with but don't want your character just to stand around and be silent. So let's assume we know for certain our character won't be getting any involvement for a set amount of time, and we don't to just spurt out random lines. Now lines like ... Flame stretches and lays down on the floor, trying to get himself into a comfortable position. ... become acceptable because you won't be doing much anyway, and is an excellent way to be a passive part of the RP, of course under the assumption you won't overdo it. So what have we learned? Using the /e command is a double-edged sword. While it provides your RP with a lot more depth and can make for some engaging scenarios and conversations, using it poorly or in excessive amounts can quickly make you look like a complete tool. So always remember, when you are about to type your next /e command, ask yourself "Is this really necessary?". It is regularly better to type less. We already know that we can't constantly be in the spotlight, but we can always make a fool out of ourselves. Use /e responsibly. 4.3 The chunin exam The without a doubt biggest RP event available for players is the Chunin Exam, or CE for short. This is a tournament hosted by the Kage of a village and the primary way to advance from the genin rank. I have been part of, and spectated, several CE over the four years and was the first person to receive a higher rank because of RP. So I want to use this opportunity to talk about this major RP event and why the outcome should not discourage you from doing RP or stop playing altogether. Let's get started! Since players in the form of the Kage and the higher ranking shinobi are in charge of handling the CE, they all vary greatly in execution. Some may go more smoothly than others, and the enforcement of RP is handled differently. Already we come to a big issue with the CE. At the time of creating this guide, I was fortunate enough that a CE was held within one of the villages. And witnessing the decision making of the Kage made it extremely clear that the player run communities are both a blessing and a curse. Let us look at some examples. "Kage A held a CE. He is overall considered ruthless and harsh for his strictness and enforcement of rules, both PvP and RP related. And not doing any RP at all restricts you from receiving a higher rank, even if you would've won the entire tournament. The higher ranking shinobi overwatching his CE act similarly." "Kage B held a CE. It has just begun, and the crowd is rowdy. He tells them to be quiet to explain the rules. One of the participants, entirely out of character, constantly interrupts him. The Kage, in RP, walks up to him and warns him for the last time. He continues though, met with an emoticon by the Kage. The Kage is overall very forgiving and doesn't punish at all. His higher ranking shinobi act similarly, breaking RP regularly and fooling around, even arguing with him, but not in an RP sense." Now we have two completely different Kage and how they handle their CE. Every RPer will of course side with Kage A, since in their eyes it is the proper way to host such an event. But we established that this is a PvP focused game and community. So while it is called an RP event, since it is in the hand of sometimes people that never did any RP, you can see how this becomes a huge problem. So a majority of people prefer Kage B, since he will pardon and give them second chances till the actual fighting portions of the tournament start. This is also why I mentioned it at the beginning, don't get discouraged by the CE since Kage change as do participants, so you have a chance to be part of a decent one eventually. And some may think now "But why participate if RP isn't enforced properly?" and I can only say you are right. The CE is a big turn off due to the false advertisement and inadequate regulations in most cases, but as stated, villages are run by players. And the examples given weren't made up, but things that happened in real CE tournaments. And again, some may think now "If even the higher ranks don't care, why should I?" and once again I can only say you are correct. You shouldn't, but it is the only official way to get a higher rank within the game by RP means or at least stated that way. And maybe you get lucky and have a Kage A hosting your tournament. I realize that it sounds underwhelming for everyone that wants to join because of the RP but still do it. You need a team, after all, so get some friends together, and if everyone is just not caring, at least your team will. CE are a great way to make memories, and even a Kage B may see your RP performance and gives you a rank. And if you think that is impossible with the current leadership, try to push for a vote, or change villages. As an RPer, we are the minority, so we have to bend a lot to get the experience we desire. Some may have been looking for actual advice, but following this guide is all you need. It is a glorified RP session after all, so the same rules apply. We talked about how to be part of a conversation, consistency, passive engagement, and the use of emotes. There isn't anything else you would need for the CE. So give it your best, and obviously, try to have fun with it. Don't get frustrated over other people failing miserably trying to string a coherent sentence together. RP with your team and be the best at it and trust me, if you give it your all, people will notice you. They always do. And this concludes my guide on NinOnline specific RP. I am always willing to help someone in terms of RP regarding their backstory or otherwise so just message me. I hope I could help someone with it and can't wait to see you in-game. Afterword If anyone wonders who I am and why I did this. I'm Saku, joined this game a little over 4 years ago, only ever had this account and been a big fan of RP way before that. As mentioned already, I was the first person to receive a rank because of RP, being promoted to the first specialized jonin of Nin. That's why I wanted to make this updated guide since there is an older version pinned, but I felt it didn't represent me or the Nin RP accurately, so I reworked it. I enjoy writing, so feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks for taking your time reading this far. You're the best.
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    Dear Ninja, After discovering a set of accounts linked with illegally obtained items, and illicit trade of those items for real world money. We've taken action to ban around 60 accounts that were linked (by IP address) to the accounts. If you find that your account has been banned with no apparent reason, it is due to sharing accounts, trading accounts leaving traces of the IP in your account permanently. As such, it is advised to NEVER give out your account, or log into an account you do not own, as if such an incident occurs, you could lose your own account. Regards, Ueda
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    New & Improved Idle Animations for Players and NPCs! Way more fluid animation speed and breathing pacing. Fixed Emoticons playing order There was a long standing bug where emoticons played wrongly. With this update, non-looping emoticons like /rock /paper /scissors are working perfectly. Other admin/dev related bug fixes. Before afters below! Old vs. New
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    Dear Ninja, In the spirit of Nin Online reaching 7 years of development, and 3 years of live service, we are doing a humble event to celebrate another year of Nin Online~ As a throwback, I'm inviting you to take a nostalgia dive to our first ever anniversary post from 2014.. Things were certainly different back then! This year we're going to be doing 3 small things as part of the big celebration. Free Gold Neck Protector For all existing Gold Ninja & Silver Ninja, and for all those who become Gold/Silver before the end of August 2020, you are entitled to receive a free Gold Neck Protector from the cash shop. This is in the same spirit as the Gold Forehead Protectors given to all Gold Ninja from before August 2013. Where the very first few initial supporters of the game donated to the game when it was but an alpha announcement. Although it wasn't a grand sum of money to receive back then, it gave me what I needed to push the game into alpha with a decent server and pay for our upkeep costs through the development early on. For that, Gold Ninja and Silver Ninja will always hold a special place in my heart and in the legacy of Nin Online for being the pioneers of the game. What better way then to all have an item to symbolize "I was here". Time-Exclusive Cosmetic To celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we are going to be selling a limited time only cosmetic item - White Jira Vest! The Jira Vest is a new series of items from 2020 so it's fitting it receives a special version for 2020. The White Jira Vest will be on sale from 1st August - 31st August. After it's sale, it will not be available for purchase anymore ever again, but will be tradeable in-game so that players can continue to pass it down to future players. GM Riddle Me This (For Free Stat Resets) We will also have a mini-event for everyone to play with our GM team. If you want to win a free stat reset (one per player), each GM has been given a limited amount of coupon codes that will give you a free Stat Reset from the cash shop. As long as you can hunt them down and bug them to give you a riddle! If you can answer it there and then, you will be given the code and you can use it to claim a stat reset from the cash shop here..! So far GMs @Erox @Kenock @Serias have each been given 10 Coupons..! @TheWolf is holding 2 with him. More coming soon? We'll see! Conclusions First I'd like to apologize for the delay when it came to this event, we've really had a lot on our plates recently pushing the new server, and all the updates since. As you may guess, this has been a lot of work and as such, celebrations took a back seat. I know I'm not the only one who is joyful about another great year for Nin Online, and the ones to come, so I should know not to be too sluggish on getting this out.. We still have a lot in stall in the coming months and years, so as always, look forward to another great year for Nin Online, and if you're new here.. Welcome to the community! Regards, Ueda
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    It's always nice taking time to look back at a full year of Nin Online running as an actual realized game. As of now, we've had almost 4 years of live service operation since launching Open Beta in May 2017. It feels like such a long time ago now that I actually lose count of how long it's been and have to check announcements to remember. For those who don't know the full history of Nin Online, the game project started development in mid-2013. We had multiple closed and open alpha tests, before finally launching Open Beta in 2017. This recap post is something I try to make time for every year to gather all my thoughts on the state of Nin Online and the state of Nin Online's continued development. Some random "year in numbers" stats This year, we had 10,000+ new registered accounts and 7,478 new forum posts. We localized the game service to Brazilian Portuguese. We added 263 new patch notes... Of all those patch notes, here are some of the highlights of running Nin Online for 2020... Game server recreated in C#, replaces our Visual Basic 6 server operation! Networking replaced from Winsock networking to Mirror. Unique Clan Clothings Improved Idle Animations for player and NPC characters. Village special abilities (buff WoF ) Crazy new crosshairs (rainbow spin woo) Flicker improvements (won't fail to flicker when player's front and back and blocked) First level 50+ content (Blood puppet factory area) Optimized large packets including map packet sizes by 60% Ninja Dodgeball Event 7 new side missions Added signboards in villages for directions and on-screen instructions for aviary and scroll shops New GM event system (the /eventjoin system) Moved stash from Gumi to dedicated UI button Added 43 Gold/Silver exclusive emoticons 5 Chunin Exams, 3 mini-events in the middle of the year, Anniversary Event, Halloween Event & Let it Snow event Added a friggin' gun FINALLY Fixed random DoT / Maplock bug 104 new items (not all released) 28 new mobs & npcs (not all released) 11 new jutsu animations (not all released) Nin Online Podcasts I had a lot of fun on the 4~ Nin Online podcast episodes I did this year, including the one where the new client was shown off! It was nice to talk to everyone we interviewed and hear their stories about the community and experiences in-game. I hope to do more in the future! The year of player contributions I have to say that this year has been a first in the amount of people stepping up to create art or hire people to create art, independent of any direction from myself, for Nin Online. It all began with people learning to do pixel art or getting others to help create clan outfits for their own clans, other clans and eventually entire pieces of content like weapons and Christmas cosmetics. Thank you for everyone who went out of their way to contribute to Nin Online your time and money, and I'm happy to have help! The new server software The importance of the replacement of our old server software to our new C# server... cannot be understated. It's been so nice knowing the server isn't crashing when it reaches 100+ players anymore. With the new server moving to C# also comes the added benefit of a modern development environment which has helped so much in solving bugs like just today fixing the years old bug of people getting damaged by random NPC poison/bleed effects. Without the new server, this wouldn't have been possible. The way our new server handles errors like a boss, not resulting in crashes, has also been something we previously never accounted for but has been so great. Transparency & Optimism for 2021 Honestly, I feel that the second half of 2020 was slower than I would've liked it to be in terms of content updates. Also, I took a long break for the majority of December to play Cyberpunk 2077 and watch Community. :p I have a lot of optimism that things will pick up with the start of the new year, we have work and people lined up to help me in the coming months, including my plans to steal Wolf back from his big game studio job soon. I am excited to start 2021 with some content updates dropping as early as January. On top of that, Nin Online has been performing a lot better than past years financially (thanks to more players stuck at home during the pandemic and the new brazil localization), and with that I'm able to start paying people more to work on Nin, which is going to be a great going forward. Gratitude Finally, I just want to thank the Nin Online team who have really helped me with Nin Online this year. Thank you @TheWolf for working with me throughout the year. Thank you @Kenock for leading the expansion of Nin Online's game service into Brazil, constantly pestering me to work on specific issues and telling me whenever the server crashes. Thank you @Erox for being a big help with support, moderation and running events. Thank you @Serias for actively helping me with art and also moderation. Thank you @Robin for helping with the new server project. Thank you @Seth for his continued assistance despite having a busy year attending school. Thank you @Sezu for joining us again this week and already contributing a bunch of the upcoming content. Thank you @external & @Lucass for helping us moderate discord. EDIT: On one last note, there's something I'd like to say that I forgot to write about when I posted this... In a year like 2020, where myself included, a lot of us were forced to spent a large portion of it cooped up at home, the community has been a nice place to enjoy a social environment with stakes beyond short rounds of finding out who the imposter is, or running through obstacle courses with strangers. Nin Online is a special game, but not just because of what the game is, but what the community has made it become. The Nin Online community is amazing - we have "petty drama" every day, we feel strongly defensive about what they represent, and people have friendships (and pseudo enemies) that go beyond what casual interactions in other games allow you to... because you guys spend months to years in it, interacting with one another, making stories and a history of meaningful events in our collective imaginative world. Nin Online Community is truly something like no other. I have not felt the amount of comradery and stake in a long time, and as much as I try to stay neutral to everything, watching people form their own personas or show their character makes being around the community a very enjoyable experience. In 5 years, I don't know if Nin Online will still be around, it might be. In 10 years, who knows? But the one thing you'll surely remember from your time here are the experiences with people you shared here. People will come and go, nobody can stay entertained on something forever. But during your time in the community, enjoy your share of stories and impart enough for others to remember you. That's what community is about, and on a bigger scale, what life is about. I appreciate what everyone here contributes in their own way as a person to the whole community. Enjoy your petty drama and discord pvps, because it's a privilege to feel such strong emotion about something and because who knows when the next time you'll feel so strongly about anything is, Thank you!
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    Fun things to do with friends, as we know Nin is a hardcore game geared towards pvp most of the time but there are some wholesome moments where we can do things that dont end up in a salt fest this is one of them! So some background information "The Wanderer" A higher being descendant of the moon people (Erox) is visiting "earth" our mission is to take our visitor around our world and show him the way of life that humans have on this planet! Along with my friends @Camellia and @Taeledra we work together to escort our wanderer friend to one of nin's greatest sights the Elusive Glacier Bear! After traversing the lands the wanderer decided that he wanted to take a break, treating this sightseeing as an escort mission we obliged to his request. Taeledra then used her expert knowdlege of the earth mastery to create a smooth surface so that our otherwordly visitor could feel comfortable. In this image above you can see the wanderer teaching us a game from his planet, where if we rolled above the number 20 we got to take a step forward on the bridge but anything under would end up in taking steps backwards! I ended up winning this little game and it was very enjoyable to play with friends. After play though, it was time to return to the mission at hand Being asked by @Taeledra to scout i then proceeded to make sure that the vicinity was clear. We waited Ages for the Elusive Glacier bear to spawn while making idle conversation sharing our thoughts on meditation and the creation of chakra that we now use today that we inherited from the wanderers great grandmothers grandmother. Camelia and I both being members of two of the most blood thirsty clans within the Hidden Mist Village (Sakame and Hoshi) attacked the Eusive bear ferociously in fright that it may dissapear to never been seen again for years not realizing the feelings of the wanderer who hates to see violence before his eyes, as Taeledra tried to warn us being to consumed into the battle we didnt realize what we had done until it was over. We apologized to the wanderer asking him for forgiveness and then headed back to our village ! After a very eventful today full of laughs, mistakes, triumphs, we learned to enjoy our present moment and the people around us as the wanderer had taught us, to try to not resort to violence in every situation The wanderer bids us farewell and wishes us the best on our path , although hes gone i still feel as tho hes still with us, watching us every step of the way ! Peace, Love, Positivity The objectives of this mission was to show our culture to the visitor while causing the least amount violence as possible to those fellow players around us and even animal mobs! Special Thanks to @Erox The Wanderer, a big thank you to @Camellia and @Taeledra to introducing me to this style of rp and such a fun time in the few time i do log in. Roleplay in Nin Online is very much alive as long as the players that are interested in it decide to join together and create moments like these its all up to us! We have all the tools needed now we only have to add our imagination! ~~True Art are the memories we draw upon (yesimobssesedwithartidontcareeither)<3
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    New Level 35 Wind (INT) Jutsu: Wind Claw Technique! Murasame Clan Outfits added! Hoshi Clan Scarf added! All secondary pieces of Clan clothings are now level 20 required. For example, if a clan has a robe and a vest, the robe will be level 10 and the vest will be level 20. Renamed Hoshi Folding Fan to Star Folding Fan to avoid confusion. Wind Claw Technique causes Bleed II. Slicing Wind Technique, Wind Scythe Technique, Wild Slashes Technique and Blade Piercing Technique causes Bleed I.
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    October 2020 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @Charky @Prado Chunin: @Blade Dancer @Jay @Argalo @Black Rain @Ryutekzu Sand Village Jonin: @Donatello Johnson @Bolan Chunin: @rompeortos @SandMaster @Zeref @Marino @Ivannice Specialized Jonin: @Yaeto for exemplary medical ninjutsu use Mist Village Jonin: @Boo @Leiting Chunin: @Ainz Ooal Gown @RedRum @Kronkaro @Yashagoro @The Avatar I'd like to thank @Serias for hosting Leaf and Mist Chunin Exams and @Erox for hosting Sand Chunin Exams! Great work!
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    Hello Leaf. As you know there are still some months left in my term, however I feel it is necessary for me to remind everyone to prepare for the future. These next few months will be over sooner than you realize and so it is necessary for those who hope to become my successor to begin preparations and campaigns for the next election. 10th Hokage candidates should start making themselves known and also begin gathering support from the ninjas of our great village. This includes allies who will support you from the council and also from the ninjas who stay away from the politics aspect of the game. Becoming the Hokage is to become the one who will lead our village and this role is not one to be underestimated. You will be tasked with managing organizations, relations with rival villagers, managing pardons and exiles, leading our armies in times of war and battle, and also with keeping morale up in times of defeat. I know that our village is full of ninjas with the potential to become great leaders, but it's important to remember that you should have the drive to become one. With all of that said, I will still be your Hokage for a couple more months and I will give my best effort to keep our village in it's place on top. Thank you all for supporting me this far, and I will be counting on that support while we continue through the rest of my term. Good luck to everyone participating in our exams on the 9th, I hope to see you all there!
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    NyctoPhilia The White demon of the Mist Known For Her Insane use of the Mist Hidden Techniques
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    Right now, official organizations does not feel like they are really meaningfull for the game. They are good content but their purposes is not well known. Without them, the game will stay more or less the same (the proof is that some organization like akatsuki, leaf and mist anbus are inactive). Their buff and exclusives outfit are the only reason players want to join them. In this topic, I will try to gives suggestion on how to make those organizations have a higher impact in the game overall. My main focus will be to use official organization to give more life in danger zones and integrate them into the game as a "side effect". Complete organization's missions to get buffs. Instead of having to pay 100 ryos for a buff, the members of those organization should do a mission that give a real purpose to their org. And once the mission is completed, they will receive the buff of their organization. (It would be better if the missions are in danger zone so they become more lively) For example: Puppet brigade mission's could be to collect 5 puppets strings or spider eggs (to go out of the village) or any Sand danger zone map Guard Duty for X seconds Seven swordsmen could be: any mist danger zone map Guard Duty for X seconds 12 guardians: Any leaf danger zone map Guard Duty for X seconds Akatsuki: any villages danger zones map Camp Duty for X seconds Anbu: Any ennemies village danger zones map Camp Duty or Spy on kage offices for X seconds or even some kind of doc mission Of course those missions should not be completed with the help of alts (that's why there is no killing players or bounty missions involved) And to make this update work, all the previous organization buff should be deleted or exchanged for 100 ryos. So everyone can start from 0. Maybe that the new buffs could be worth more than 100 ryos since it will be harder to get them. Obviously better missions can be found/made. It is just an example to show how this could help danger zone activity. A limit of org mission per day. Maybe it could give some xp too since it is impossible to get help from alt lol Put (some) official organizations headquarter in danger zones. If it makes sense rp wise, more organizations headquarter should be in danger zone (like akatsuki) so the members have to give some activity in danger zone to have access to their missions (so their buff). It does not have to be far from their village. Puppet brigade could be around the puppet factory 7sm could be around the mist bounty house 12g could be hidden in chakra forest (the big forest in the leaf village). I believe that anbu HQ should be the only one to stay inside the village safe zone because they are supposed to be a secret. Basically, the main purpose of my suggestions is to integrate official organization in the game by giving them extra roles to play in danger zones compared to other players. The organizations missions that give them their buff as a rewards and their headquarter being in a danger zone is the only way I could find (for now) to force their members to go in danger zone for more than 5 minutes. I hope this suggestion helped in a way even if it is not added in game.
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    Hello everyone! I found this website the other day in another discord server and I wanted to share it here. https://picrew.me/ This website allows you to create your own custom character in a lot of different artstyles. While the website is in japanese its pretty easy to navigate. (If you use google chrome, you can right click anywhere on the website and select translate to english.) With a little work you can even add some things yourself! Like for example I added The leaf bandana and Netted shirt to the art to make it look like my character even more! I think this can be very useful for a lot of people RPing.
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    I would like to discuss the recent events that have unfolded in the War event held by the GM Erox. The first match was a 2v2v2 Genin fight in which Sand was victorious, but the GM Erox decided to revive the enemies even though in the War event rules which HE sent it is obviously stated that: "Ninja who faint in combat during this phase are immediately teleported out of the waiting area, they are considered casualties. As this is a war zone, they will have battle injuries.". When he was pointed out that he made a mistake, instead of listening to the side which has won and was just requesting that they are teleported back and killed, he decides to give them a rematch. Again, even though the winning side said that they do not want a rematch he continues to impose his own rule and even says "y'all can hate all you want but this is my event". After that Sand loses the round cause of course both of the villages will focus the one who won it the first time. I understand that this is his first War event, but how does he tag the players in discord and tell them to "Be sure to read up on the rules and what to expect" when he did not do the same, cause if he did read them he'd know that they are supposed to die and get Battle Injuries. Why did he not let the winning side decide if they want the rematch or not and why was he balantly arrogant when he was being told that we do not want a rematch is beyond me. This is not the first time he is disrespectful to the players and just goes and does what he wants.
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    Dear Ninja, I've taken on a project that I'm excited to finally say, is finished! Since Mist Villages implementation its been an uphill battle to maintain it and iron out the creases, but through all of the updates and forums posts we're here today with a better Nin and better Mist Village for it. Now, there's an aspect to NinOnline that most time's go unnoticed after a while but still play a critical part to the player's experience as a whole, and that aspect is undoubtedly NinOnline's Music/Soundtrack. Which brings me back to the project I've undertaken! Mist Village Soundtrack The key points of this project were the following No live drum kits A sense of motion and feeling in each song Catchy and subliminal runs Sections of three (Rule of 3's) Nin style music Let me run you through how this will play out but first a warning. WARNNING: Don't listen if you wish to wait and experience it for yourself In-Game. In the beginning there was only silence... Erox said onto them... "LET THERE BE MUSIC!" (Listen with each section as you read) Mist Village Maps: Mist Village, Indoor Market, Mist Bounty House. Notes: The focal point of this track is to make the village sound alive and feel like you're a part of a bigger community! all hearts can beat as one. Mist Village.mp4 Misty Conflict Maps: Mist Village Entrance, Slight Slope, 3 Way Road Split. Notes: The song uses the natural tones and sounds giving the sense of wonder or adventure, now imagine you're taking your first steps outside of the village. Misty Conflict.mp4 Misty Tension Maps: Misty Hides, Bamboo Forest, Bloody Pond. Notes: You're battle hardened and ready for duty be it Boars, Giant Ants or even that damn Tanuki! Either way you're ready for any outcome. Misty Tension.mp4 Misty Flows Maps: Big Slope, By The River, Land of Water Port. Notes: Your first real challenge await you in these maps whither its the grind or enemies, you can hear the river bed waiting to be moved around you! Misty Flows.mp4 Mist Divided Maps: Across the Sea (Boat), All Sea Maps. Notes: Its time for your real first journey out of the Land of Water, will you run across the Sea knowing full well the dangers ahead or will you ride a vessel, Either way it will be a long journey to the other side. Mist Divided.mp4 Thank you for allowing me to put my mark in NinOnline I do hope this enhances your experience playing and creating your very own world in something we all love! With love Erox~
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    Hi! I just started playing recently and wanted to say hi and share this little bio thingi I drew up! Ninja Bio Name: Shinju Mochizuki Basic Information Gender: Female Height: 155cm Birthplace: Benisu Island Rank: Mist Genin Mastery: Dying Introduction Shinju was a civilian from a merchant family based in Benisu Island before moving to the Land of Water. Being a member of the Mochizuki branch family and last in the line of succession for the position of clan head, Shinju expected to live out a quiet life away from the battlefield where clan, business, and power meet. However, with the clan head's waning health, both business competitors and cut-throat clansmen are trying to take advantage of the situation. Shinju leaves Benisu Island when her position dangerously shifts from sixth to fourth in the order of succession after two successful assassinations on other candidates for clan head. Stranded in the Bloody Mist when the passenger ship she boards to the Land of Hot Water is rigged to sink, Shinju decides that rather than wait for an inevitable death once she's found by her enemies, maybe she'll become a capable enough shinobi to survive... but probably not not because she's more likely to die first. Shinju's still dry behind the ears, but maybe Mist can get a bit of blood and water behind them? Extra When confronted by enemy shinobi: Shinju: "You don't want to do that." Enemy shinobi: "What'll happen if we do?" Shinju: "I'll die."
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    As seen in this GIF I have landed a full combo with 0 effort and without even facing my opponent to do so. I fail to see how this is in any way balanced considering there are villages which have no access to this kind of a weapon. The argument that you spend 15 points for it is completely irrelevant cause the weapon scales off those stats and you will do enough damage with the weapon alone to get more worth than you lose in stats, let alone the combos which such a weapon allows. It requires zero aim, it is basically an instant cast Water Prison with 1.5 sec less snare time, you're also able to have 6 bubble traps up. The Fan weapon is also rather strong, but it's strenght lies in being able to use the Tornadoes jutsu which is an instant cast 3 tile stun with a short cooldown, allowing you to combo a lot of unavoidable damage when used with Body Flicker or punishing your opponent's Substitution. Fighting multiple users which have these weapons is exteremely discouraging, it's fine if they are the actual subpath since they have lower scaling and their damage is nothing special or in Fan's case it has a lot of cast times and end cast times, but when elementals burst you just cause they pressed melee and you happened to warp behind them it's extremely annoying and unbalanced. This does not bring any sort of "uniqueness" to villages since noone uses the hidden masteries which are meant to be the unique thing for the village. They just use the weapon instead and burst enemies with the higher elemental scaling cause it is way more worth than actually bothering to use the sub-path. Something needs to change, almost the whole playerbase agrees that this is a big balance problem and it is not fun to play against. @Ueda
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    Hello fellow Mist Villagers! I am glad to announce the new joint event that will be hosted next Saturday at 12 PM EST{23rd of May} by Mist higher-ups and Imperial Academy, the event will be a culmination of events, having both PvP and RP aspects, details are given below. Mizukage's Speech{The Beginning Of The festival}:- First Mizukage will start off the event with a small speech of motivation and will give his Shadow Council to state the general events that will take part in the festival, their time and hosts, lastly the Founder and Headmaster of the academy will give respective speeches and will start the festival with Enrollment exams. Note: This will take place at 12 PM EST. Enrollment Exams:- Hosted by Imperial academy itself, will be an event consisting of both PvP and RP aspects. The pass outs for these exams will be granted Initiate Students rank in the academy and will receive tutoring from hand picked teachers by Mizukage/Founder/Headmaster. Note: This event will take place right after the speech. Level Requirements: 12 level or above. Capture The Flag Event:- Consisting of three rounds, three-man team, the genins under level 35 will be allowed to participate in the event and will be rewarded on their performances. Note: This event will take place right after the Enrollment Exams. Level Requirements: 35 level or below. https://www.ninonline.org/forum/forums/topic/28169-capture-the-flagrp-event-is-back/ Break of 15 minutes. Senior Students Exam:- After the break, one of the most important exams/events of this festival will start, the exams to decide the potential candidates to hold important postions in academy and they will be nurtured heavily. The Initiate students who are level 35 or above are allowed to participate in the exams. Note: This event will take place right after the break. Level Requirements: 35 level or above. Fishing Event:- To lighten the mood of the festival an RP event will be held and all mist villagers will be allowed to participate, following the traditions of their ancestors, they will fish in the flowing rivers around the mist village. Best RP'ers will be rewarded. Note: This event will take place right after the Senior Students' Exam. Break of 45 minutes, other ranked mist ninjas can use this time to host their own events. Mist Tournament:- Mist Festival will end with 1vs1 Single elimination tournament for 41-60 levels and 20-40 levels. Lastly, if you're not yet part or in the Academy's Discord, you can PM me on forums and I will invite you.
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    Improved Kage Panel Now only displays titles that you can assign. Fixed bugs with assigning titles. Fixed a bug that allowed people to equip binded items over non-binded items when inventory is full causing the non-binded item to drop to the floor. This caused a lot of reports of people losing their items as they didn't pick them back up. Fixed Exploit that allowed players to add Missing ninja into their Team. Fixed NPC AoEs including Clams Acid Mist technique. Removed the loud ear killing sound that is caused by Summons teleporting to their owners when they are too far away. Fixed Kage Panel Title Assign/Remove from trying to give the wrong titles.
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    Yo, i had this in mind for a while now... there it is Shōgyō no(commercial) Sato(village) is a village located on one of the islands in the land of water. People who made it back from there say it got everything you need but the way there is too dangerous, the Wind is violent and there are no boats that goes there because of the dangerous journey. There is one guy that lives in the asoki village who always make it back from there he can give you a ride for the right amount of money or for valuable goods else if you're a ninja you can try running there but most of the ones who've tried ran out of chakra mid- way and drown and the ones that made it back tell stories about something terrifying in the sea. Shogyo no Sato is populated by rich merchants, successful bandits, robbers and scammers. The rich merchants used strong and huge commerce ships to sell their goods, the bandits would usually sneak into one of those to get to the island after stealing something precious, But after the last great ninja war a violent hurricane destroyed the port and greatly damaged the commerce ships. The rich merchants are upset and are trying to rebuild the port as soon as possible most of the bandits who got there got wealthy working on rebuilding the port, you might wanna go there too just make it back alive ! This is a layout (kinda) i made of the shyogo village 1 : Shyogo no sato's great library : They say this library contain important information about the ninja world and also records of legends of the past, The bounty book record ( book with top 10 of high bounty records ) , the book with the top 10 most ninjas killed and so on.. There are also some rumors that says you can find information about the great villages special forces (anbu etc.. ) but no one that i know ever found this book so i'm not sure. Oh and they also have a record of past akatsuki members and leaders don't let anyone catch you with any of these valuable information, you will regret it. 2: The abandoned manor : I don't know what's in there, no one never made it back. 3: The holy church : probably the only church you will find on this island, they claim helping the poor and ask for donations ( it's a scam don't fall for it! don't let them know you know this detail they will send " holy " assassins) . They also worship the "gods" of the abandoned Manor and if you break their rules they will offer a sacrifice to these "gods" and it will be you. 4: The market : this place is where you will find everything you need!! from illegal pills that boost your strength in exchange for your health to sweet lollipops you will find everything you need { the market's npcs : Okida : he's one of the successful bandits who got to this island he will buy any ninja sword, fan and pipe for a slightly higher price than the other places and then he will sell them for a way higher price Kitsune : well i don't know where she's from but she will sell you any type of bandages you want for an extremely high price of course they were hard to steal after all wunta : are you hungry? she will feed you.... you've got a lot of money on you ? she will scam you Ketsuken : He likes collecting ninja tools. Sell you special tools? i don't know, maybe. watch out, don't get scammed Manku : he's an awesome bald boy and if you bring him a bunch of rubbish he will sell you a fake genin or chuunin paper promotion for the right price. i have no idea if they actually work but don't trust him zunetsu : if you bring him you kunai he will sell you a stronger one, well.. that what he always says. Be cautious! kuzukan : he's a little shady but he's got the good stuff ! illegal pills !! Fuzan : he collects scrolls, sell him a few scrolls he will make you a reverse summoning scroll. Yes you have to pay him money after giving him scrolls, smh what a scam! don't know if his reverse summoning scroll actually works so don't try it } 5: The nice guy farm : There's a nice guy there and he will buy any animal part you bring him for a slightly higher price that the others. He will also sell you a lot of animal of animal parts that you won't find nowhere else. He will buy brown bear paws for a good price too those are rare. 6: granny mahiu's green house : there's a lovely old lady there as soon as you enter she's gonna ask you to go get her animal parts and plants for her medicines and they are also great ! 7: shogyo's hospital : it looks like a normal hospital but there's a lot of crazy stuff under it. if you let them kill you and use your body for researches and experiments they will give you some money, not sure what you're gonna do with money once you're dead but believe it or not some people fell for it 8: construction area : they are trying to rebuild a port there, you might find a job or something to do there i heard they pay well. 9: Mike's Arena : there's a guy called Mike there and he's extremely strong if you beat him in a spar he will give you some stolen taijutsu manuals that he stole from the hidden leaf but first you have to pay him for the spar, Good luck ! 10 : The council : this is a place where the rich folks meet up if you're a strong ninja you can visit them they will give you some dirty jobs to do. Uncle ishi : he's an old man that visits the village once in a week or so, he only stays in the village for an hour but he sells extremely rare goods for a lot of money he usually only visit the rich folks since only them can afford his goods. Shogyo no sato perks Items yous sell have slightly higher price there but swords are special for okida so he will give u a little more ryo for them. the same thing goes for the nice guy and animal parts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this is only a suggestion, an idea i had none of this is actually going to be added i made this map using this me no talk english, english not perfect tell me what yall think
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    Strike System With the introduction of the 9th Hokage all past strikes have been wiped, making way for the new era of leaf. The system will work similarly to in the past, once a ninja has acquired 3 strikes from breaking rules, they will be exiled. It's me and my councils hope that no cases should ever be brought this far, however it is necessary that we include it here on the rule book. Strikes that are given will not fade throughout the time I am Hokage, they will last the entire duration of my term, so make sure to avoid rule breaking. Flagged System The flagged system is a system meant to integrate newly pardoned ninjas back into our village. Flagged ninjas will risk an exile with any case of rule breaking, if a broken rule comes up we will discuss and decide the next course of action for these ninjas. Flagged ninjas also cannot participate in chunin exams or war events until their period has ended. Also, ninjas cannot join official organizations (12 Guardians, Anbu, or LMPF) if they are currently serving a flagged period. This period usually lasts 1 month from the date of your pardon, however if you pay a 5k ryo fee to our village treasury this time will be reduced to 2 weeks. You are able to pay this fine at any point throughout your flagged period, if the 2 week mark has passed when you pay then you will be removed from the flagged system. You cannot break a rule and then choose to pay to avoid an exile. Pardon System Pardons in the leaf village will work differently under our administration. The Hokage will bring a name to a vote among ranked ninjas (Chunin and above) in our village discord. These ninjas will have a 24 hour window to vote and discuss and after 24 hours the majority will win. If a ninja fails to be approved, they will have to wait until 2 weeks after the denial to attempt another vote. Alliance List @Diary @Kyodo @FoxDre @Chrollo Lucilfer @Dark @Tresmorne @Taranys @Bmore Johnson @Nefarious @Rosemary Shokan Organization Allied ninjas are welcome into our lands without fear of being attacked or asked to leave. Also, they are not allowed to attack leaf ninjas or the alliance will be ended.
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    This is a Summary of the first Military Police Summit. With Mist Military Police Force, Leaf Military Police Force and Sand Military Police Force in Attendance. The initial idea of the Summit was to bring forward ideas to improve the current Military Police Force Organizations. I will list all of the Suggestions that were presented during the Summit as well was the Solutions that were agreed upon or the conclusion to the talks. Topic 1: Genin are unable to use the Jail Jutsu. After a lengthy discussion and multiple suggestions being presented. All 3 Chiefs agreed it would be best to place the Jail Jutsu based on Title in the Organization instead of Rank in the Village. Chief, Deputy Chief and Captain ranks should be able to use Jail Jutsu regardless of Village Rank. Topic 2: Lack of Buff for the Organization. A lot of good ideas were presented here as well. Arm band with a buff, Badge with a buff, Adding a buff onto the clothing all came up. But Ultimately all 3 Chiefs agreed a passive buff in the Village Territory should be applied. Leaf's Territory is everywhere around the Village down to Dark Bridge. Sand's Territory is everywhere around the village until Katabami Bridge. Mist's Territory is everywhere on the island until Land of Water Port. Topic 3: Additional Item/Jutsu. The Mist Chief Kyoho suggested a Tazer or Baton, or a restraining Jutsu. Sand Chief and Leaf Chief shut the idea down and Disagreed to it. The consensus was that the Jail Jutsu is fine as it is. However it would be nice if the Jail Jutsu unmasked people and the Prisoner could not put a mask on while Jailed. Topic 4: Accountability and Record Keeping. The Suggestion presented was to allow the board in the Military Police Office Building to be intractable, To be permanent records for Military Police Members to be able to access. The board will be record of everyone Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned, and who Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned Them (Including if they escaped Jail). When someone is Jailed, or escapes Jail an Announcement would appear. Similar to Zoomy was Jailed by Pyrox or Pyrox Escaped Jail and Left the Village. This will stop Military Police Force members from being able to abuse, and they can keep a record of who was made rogue or brought back into the Village. X was Exiled By (Kage) X was Pardened by (Kage) X was Jailed by (Police Force Member) X Escaped from Prison and Left the Village Jail logs and the announcement should also ignore masks for the sake of Record Keeping and Police clarity. Topic 5: Redesign of Police Uniform. All 3 Police Chiefs agreed this needs to happen. A lot of great ideas were thrown around but the main Solution was to have a Male version with full Pants, and a Female version with a skirt. The colors for all the villages should be changed to: Dark Blue for Leaf Males Pink for Leaf Females Brown for Sand Males Red for Sand Females Light Blue for Mist Males Dark Purple for Mist Females Topic 6: Build in Payment / Salary System. Leaf Village and Sand Village both already had their own payment system within their Organization. Mist suggested a Daily Mission where they Patrol their Village for 100 Ryo, However the Summit had gone on for awhile, and it was agreed to talk about a solution to this another time. If anyone would like to add to this, or give more suggestions please feel free to add a comment on this subject. Thank you all, to all the Military Police Members who attended the Summit. I'm glad that all 3 Police Forces were able to Discuss these issues and I hope we can continue to work together to make the Organization have more meaning.
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    Hello. I am current Chief of Leaf Military Police Force. Recently my organization (and probably other Police Forces) have faced a problem: the lack of free/active ranked ninjas. In our case it's pretty important because the jail jutsu is locked for Genins. I guess it was meant to decrease the abuse of that jutsu. I think a solution to this problem can be solved in a different way. Here is my suggestion: base jailing ability on organization ranking instead of village rank. Recently titles have been added for Police Forces, which is great idea. What about basing jail jutsu on them? Kages can grant them, so i think that would be fair enough to decrease potential abuse. Give here your feedback what you think about it guys.
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    JESUS CHRIST OKAY. It took me a while but HERE WE GO. This is my entry for the RP Story Event. It took me quite some time to put together (y'know maybe a whole month but whatever who cares), but here it is. The event itself has inspired me to start putting together a series in this vein, so thank you @Erox, for the inspiration, and thank you literally everyone else who posted here, reminding me that the spirit of roleplaying in this game isn't dead. You guys are great!
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    Hello, today I am going to show-off some hairstyles! The first one is a male hairstyle that I personally would use and that's the idea of making it. The question to myself was, would I use this? Now it's your turn, I'll start it off with this one. This is the first male hairstyle but I wanted to jazz it up a bit more, so I created a second one with a small modify. This is the second male hairstyle and it's been slightly changed, this is something I would definitely use. Ok, so now I am going to move onto the female hairstyles! and this is really just the same hair with different style's of which way the hair is tied. Alright, first I'll show you the braid hairstyle. Second one will be the single ponytail hanging on the side. And last but not least, double ponytails. I hope you enjoyed what I had to "Show-off" so yeah comment below and let me know what you think. I will be making a lot more hairstyle's in the future, that's if I don't run out of ideas. I will continue to create more and more and will post them here to show them off, thanks again guys. - Lastant
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    Hi, I am glad that something was done about wind finally. But the recent nerf on vacuum was overtuned and I think everyone agrees. Before nerfing a jutsu by that much, I think the whole kit should be looked at. Now that vacuum is nerfed to the ground, Wind with no weapons becomes not viable in 1v1s & in large scale fights. I think one of the main problem was the fact that vacuum, the most damaging jutsu that scales x3 had a CC effect wich was utter broken. I think taking off the stun on vacuum would already be great, since this stun allowed people to combo even longer. But right now, THERE IS NO WAY THE THREE SPHERES LANDS unless you have a snare/stun. Here is some ideas that could've been made : - CP increased to 45, taking off the stun, increased CD to 23, stays instant & selftsuns(1sec)(maybe even 2sec). -> This would be the most fair nerf, since it already used to selftun for 1sec, that way the combo wouldn't be free and less spammable with that high of a chakra cost and that high of a CD. - If we take in consideration the recent patch note, vacuum now has a cast time... the first sphere should stun... there is no way the three spheres land in a 1v1 fight after waiting 1sec to land it even on a situation where your opponent is snared. - Keeping vacuum the way it was but nerfing the kit, jutsus like windclaw/drilling air bullets being able to hit three times are the thing that made wind overkill. Those nerfs would still make wind viable in 1v1. A 1tile jutsu, that has traveling jutsus (projectiles) with a cast time is too much. Now the main problem is that what we call ''Leaf's wind'' , wind with no access to tool became too weak wich is wrong in my opinion because it feels like the jutsu was balanced around the fact that people could easily land vacuum with CC weapons. The thing that annoyed most players is the fact that you could get bursted out with no use of skill by the help of weapons like fans(+ tornadoes) and pipes. For myself, it annoyed me that int wind users benefited more from Tornadoes than a Pure Str Wind. At the end of the day, Wind wasn't buffed in the past for no reason. Now it's back to the point where it has no purpose, it's not good 1v1s nor in group fights now. Again , I am speaking about wind with no tool. The thing people does not understand is that the only reason why vacuum SEEMED to be easy to land is the fact that tools like fan and pipe allowed wind users to land this jutsu so easily it was cancer ( a jutsu like scalpel too). Vacuum is a one tile traveling jutsu that you can't even see travel with your eyes, if you take off the stun on it and keep the selfstun it will end up being punishable. Fixing the fact that people can use fan and pipes by nerfing the early weapons, making tornadoes share CD with Vacuum there wouldn't be ''easy'' ways to land vacuum with no punishment (if the stun is taken away, it will be punishable). Only luck can help you land a projectile with one tile that travels too fast for the eye with a cast time. Int Wind deserved that nerf, but I think it was wrongfully nerfed and that jutsus like claw and drilling deserved a heavy change more than anything. I do not expect any of these suggestions to be added but the nerf was definitely overtuned and I just want it to be looked at. Would be appreciated. Cheers.
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    Since this jutsu is called a "Wall" and not a "Box" I think that it would be a lot better if on max level it casted a 3 tile wide wall in front of you instead of casting 4 walls around you. Something like this:
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    Well, here we go again, ik none of you were waiting for this but here it is regardless. So, Rat boss? Not a fresh idea at all many ppl suggested this but, here i am with the same topic, not to seek rep no. But to keep the idea and concept that a Boss in the leaf sewers would Obviously be badass. I mean the last time i saw this was when @Westbrook made at topic on it which can be found Here. Thus i decided to make a boss concept called urs... i mean Giant Mutant rat Man, The name could use some work. So again i gave @Fuze some renders to work with and we went in on this This was the aim we intended a Humanoid Rat Boss, well i had the idea for a ratbat or a Giant rat but among the small group of ppl i can call my friends this one was the most appealing. Again i was talking to my buddy @Kyreno probably one of the only leaf ninja i can actually relate to XD, He was pretty hyped for the concept,He was saying we could give him a spinning attack, and maybe some other wm techniques as well. So fuze started the first render for our man eating Rat Creature, i told him to make it look as Blood thirsty as Possible, the hind legs and the tounge sticking from the mouth were also cool as they gave the creature that rodent look. I dunno if fuze was high when he made this or what but it looked fantastic. However this first render was deleted By accident Lmao. React with this emote and he'll attempt a redo. So.... after checking out the anatomy of a rat fuze tried to replicate the God tier resnder that was his firs and we ended up with this: It never looked as beautiful as the first render but we decided to work with it anyways, we began contemplating where to put the swords on the waist or back, we decided to go with the back because the waist positioning never looked that good on a non-human. So this would end up being the final sketch XD, a rat in a torn Jacket brandishing two blades. Backstory Well i for one suck at creating backstories, so a Swordsman registered for a strength enhancement experiment being carried out by the leaf village medical division, The experiment Greatly increased his Strength, and agility but it would rob him of something even Greater his humanity, fearing that intel on their experiment would be leaked to the higher ups the medical division trapped the test subject in the leaf sewers where he remains to this day. Mission - Into the Dark Their have been a number of disappearances linked to the leaf sewers we are tasking you with investigating these mysterious occurrences. Exp: ??? Welp that's all this time around stay tuned for the finale Credits @Fuze for them sketches as always @Kyreno For being kyreno XD
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    In the fighting spirit of Deathmall & Gen @Deathmall @Gen We are gathering at the Leaf Graveyard (Located North of the Leaf Military Police Force building) on May 16th, 2020 at 1PM EST. In remembrance of a great friend, an ally on the battlefield and a wonderful leader. It will be the end of a great journey but the start of an even better story for a legend. It will be open attendance, everyone is allowed to come not only Leaf villagers. Hope to see a lot of you, we appreciate all the time, effort, and extra support Deathmall has contributed to Nin Online he will be missed no doubt. We will be hosting a gambling event at the end of the ceremony in memory of the old man with some nice prizes funded by the Leaf treasury. If you are interested in coming to pay your respects or unable to attend leave a reply/comment. Appreciate y'all, Raw Special Message from Deathmall: "Thank you all for the experience, it was a pleasure learning,enjoying and fighting with you all over the years. Enjoy good luck friends!" "The End" Gen & Deathmall Short Story It's a dark stormy day in the Leaf village. Standing in front of a couple of young ninjas at the gate, our brothers', Deathmall & Gen. A large raid was approaching... Deathmall steps forward to the ninja preparing for battle. "Leevi, I need you to do me a favour, my boy!" Deathmall said to Leevi as he took a toke from his cigarette. "What's good Death?" Leevi responded "Take the others for safety! Commence tactic 13a" Deathmall said to Leevi with a sudden smirk Leevi shook his head in confusion before quickly getting focused. "I won't question your judgement, this must be a real threat...Are you sure? Gen stepped in and nodded in agreement. "They're coming, get ready!" Gen said as he focused his attention on the tree outside the gate. "Olright you guys follow Dairuto's orders, I'll be back in a moment!" The old man instructed the others as he gave them one bright smile! Suddenly the village gate started to close, Deathmall & Gen dashed forward at extreme speed, everyone was unaware the old man was still able to move like that. All that could be seen was a horde of ruthless ninja rushing toward our gate. The Chunin & Jonins' stood in a horizontal formation as instructed by Leevi preventing anybody from attempting to leave. From the inside, we could see an absurd amount of chakra being channelled from two bodies. Gen spread chakra into his hands creating large bright blue chakra scalpels. The horde was closing in, Deathmall jumped into the air quickly doing hand signs as he fell nearly as light as a feather. Gen kept guard using double his usual chakra limit while deflecting projectiles targeting the Third Hokage. As the enemies approached, Deathmall finished his hand signs landing from the ground with an enormous aura of lightning infused chakra around him as he casts the largest lightning pillars, stunning all the missing ninja making them flee the area. The battle led to the sacrifice of Leaf's Ex-ANBU Leader Master Gen & over-exhaustion of Lord Third Deathmall Sasayaki leading to his demise after the battle. Deathmall Rank: Jonin Leaf 3rd Hokage Leader of the "Red Moon" Organization Gen Rank: Chunin Ex-ANBU Leader RIP 2015-2020
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    While Nin Online has plenty of problems, it's ability to create a sense of community is very underrated. If you want to make the most out of what this game has to offer, talking and connecting with other people is essential. It's very cool to me to see each of the different villages develop their own diverse cultures, and for each of their players to take pride in it. Some players get lucky and find their home right away, while others may jump village to village until they finally find a crowd they fit in with. Either way, for many of us the game play is only partially what keeps us playing for months and years. It's the community that exists within the game that brings us back time and time again.
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    Dear Ninja, Our forum software, which is heavily tied to our game's services has been upgraded! With this comes a bunch of cool features now ready to find (and try) or waiting to be implemented. There's a bunch of new organization related features as well as Discord Integration. If you aren't in our discord server already, you can join by clicking on the discord button on the home page. Discord integration The discord integration also gives you your forum rank (Gold & Silver Ninja) in discord, which will unlock a bunch of additional discord permissions soon. This is only possible now because of the forum upgrade! Why the sudden upgrade? This upgrade has been a long time coming, but we've been putting it off because of how integrated the software is with our server (Logins, Cash Shop & Organizations). During the time which we hadn't upgraded, the forum software makers changed the way passwords were handled to match new PHP standards. This meant two things, we could upgrade our web's PHP version, speeding up page loading times.. and that we couldn't do that because we would have to upgrade our game's server to handle the new password system. Today I've decided that it's time to do so. There's also more improvements to security. As our old software was pretty outdated, this left us open to potential attacks through vulnerabilities that had been patched out in newer versions. Thankfully, we should be very well guarded against these problems now. Registering for Nin Online through Discord isn't supported at the moment Do note that while the forum does provide a Discord registration option, there is no option to login to Nin Online through Discord at the moment. That being said, it's something we will look into in the future and if you do choose to register that way, you can add a password to your account and login normally through the Account Settings section. Regards, Ueda
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    New Sasayaki Clan Clothes, sponsored by Deathmall. Updated Sasayaki Clan Emblem to match. All clan clothings are now tradeable. However, they can only be worn by their clan members. It is encouraged to give new clan members clothings as a way to welcome them into the family.
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    Added more No warp tiles to Sand Jonin Standby Station to make sure non-chunin+ can't get in. Added Kazuki Clan Outfits! Added Sakame Clan Outfits!
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