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    I would like to discuss the recent events that have unfolded in the War event held by the GM Erox. The first match was a 2v2v2 Genin fight in which Sand was victorious, but the GM Erox decided to revive the enemies even though in the War event rules which HE sent it is obviously stated that: "Ninja who faint in combat during this phase are immediately teleported out of the waiting area, they are considered casualties. As this is a war zone, they will have battle injuries.". When he was pointed out that he made a mistake, instead of listening to the side which has won and was just requesting that they are teleported back and killed, he decides to give them a rematch. Again, even though the winning side said that they do not want a rematch he continues to impose his own rule and even says "y'all can hate all you want but this is my event". After that Sand loses the round cause of course both of the villages will focus the one who won it the first time. I understand that this is his first War event, but how does he tag the players in discord and tell them to "Be sure to read up on the rules and what to expect" when he did not do the same, cause if he did read them he'd know that they are supposed to die and get Battle Injuries. Why did he not let the winning side decide if they want the rematch or not and why was he balantly arrogant when he was being told that we do not want a rematch is beyond me. This is not the first time he is disrespectful to the players and just goes and does what he wants.
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    After listening to @Ueda and @Serias talk about the vision of the game and the amount of effort that went into implementing the Hidden Mist Village and the Hidden Sand Village me and my friend @SpellWiz started brainstorming ideas and a village layout for the Hidden Cloud Village. This is what we came up with, because Rory and Serias appreicate any playermade content that could contribute to future development and success of NinOnline Basic line-art of cloud village layout I imagine use of flicker pads and bridges to traverse the village Exclusive Passive: Body Flicker range is increased by 2 tiles. Decently balanced mastery. Similar to Sand's perfect cloak. Due to the Cloud Village's structure, it's ninja have adapted to traverse the large gaps. Exclusive Combo Mastery: Laser [Water / Lightning] Ninja from the Cloud Village have passed down techniques that utilize Storm release to create focused lasers. Exclusive Alternate Mastery: Cloud-style Kenjutsu [Weapon Master] Agility-locked sword(s) with agility-based weapon master skills. Can use strength-based weapon master skills with the cloud-locked swords, and vice versa. Agility and strength-based weapon master skills share respective cooldowns. Any cloud-locked swords have lower base-damage than current swords, but higher attack speed. Level 10: Cloud-style Backlash Slash Free-aim-based skill. Charge and perform an upwards slash, interrupting casting jutsu on-hit. 1-2 tiles directly in-front of the user and 2-1 second standing-running cast-time based on level. Level 15: Cloud-style Reverse Beheading Free-aim-based skill. Spin instantly, dealing damage to all enemies within 1 tile. 1s - Instant cast-time based on level, 1 tile radius in all directions. Level 20: Cloud-style Riposte Free-aim-based skill. Users swiftly lunge forward creating an extended range of up to 3 tiles. 3-2 second running cast-time based on level. Level 25: Cloud-style Afterimage Strike Target-based skill. After seemingly splitting into 3 from the intense speed, users instantly move in-front of and attack their target up to 3 times instantly. 2-1 second running cast-time and 3-7 tile range based on level. The user briefly appears surrounding the target on all sides except directly behind them, and any spots unavailable reduce the amount of hits. Level 30: Cloud-style Deception Beheading Substitution-based skill. The user feigns Substitution Technique, preparing to counter. Before receiving an attack, they reappear right in-front of the attacker and launch a counterattack. Level 35: Cloud-style Crescent Moon Target-based skill. Makes the user instantly move in-front of their target and widely slash, creating a large crescent shape hitting all enemies within 2 tiles on all sides of the user, except directly behind. 2-1 second run-cast and 2-4 tile range based on level. Exclusive Summons: Drill Bird Walk/Flicker. Lunges forward to attack head-on with it's beak, creating an extended range. (2-6 tile range based on level) Not as ugly or huge as Pain's monster. Baku Stationary/Target-facing. Pulls in all enemies in a cone-shaped radius. (3-7 tile furthest-point range and 1-2 tile knockback towards summon based on level) Not as huge as Danzo's monster. Or a simpler elephant. Exclusive Organization: Kinkaku Force 5 Members. Aimed to be a heavy team-play based squad. Bashōsen (Fan): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Random large-scale element-based attack is released on auto-attack. High damage, as well as effects based on element. Cost 100 chakra per-cast. Gives 25 intellect. Kohaku no Jōhei (Pot): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. On use, pulls target towards snared user. (Think 1 tile knockback towards the user, 2 tiles if target is below 50%) Consumes 100 chakra per-second. If a target is touching the user, while below 20% health, they are killed and instantly sent to their hospital and counted as a kill for the pot's user. Gives 25 fortitude. The next three are a testament to the "team-play" design of the organization Kōkinjō (Rope): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Upon the user successfully landing an auto attack on a target without "Word Soul Leak", "Word Soul Extract", "Word Soul Seal", nor "Word Soul Sentence" debuffs, 100 chakra is consumed and the target receives the "Word Soul Leak" debuff for 30 seconds. Gives 25 agility. Shichiseiken (Sword): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Upon the user successfully landing an auto attack on a target with "Word Soul Leak", 100 chakra is consumed, the target's "Word Soul Leak" is removed and they receive the "Word Soul Extract" debuff for 30 seconds. A linked, targetable and invincible, "Word Soul" mob is spawned at the location for the debuff's duration. Gives 25 strength. Benihisago (Gourd): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Only with a "Word Soul" mob as a target, on use the user pulls the target towards themselves. (Think 2 tile knockback towards the user) If the target touches the user, it is unspawned and whomever it is linked to has "Word Soul Leak" removed and receives the "Word Soul Seal" debuff for 30 seconds. After "Word Soul Seal's" duration you receive "Word Soul Sentence" for 30 seconds, during which you are pulled toward the gourd's user. (Think 2 tile knockback towards the user, 3 tiles if target is below 50%) Anyone touching the gourd's user while under the effects of "Word Soul Sentence" are killed and instantly sent to their hospital and counted as a kill for the gourd's user. Consumes 50 chakra per-second while pulling anyone. Insignificant chakra results in the inability to pull "Word Soul" mobs, as well as no one with "Word Soul Sentence" being pulled in. Those affected by "Word Soul Sentence" are only pulled while the gourd is equipped. Gives 25 chakra. Cloud Village is years-away content, and I expect literally nothing to come of this post besides simple chatting. For most things I have given example cast-times, ranges, etc. but more balancing would be required for any actual implementation. The organization items may sound a bit OP or over-tuned, but compared to puppets/ssm I would defend the suggestions. Specifically, the 3-man combo items would require 100 chakra each and 30 seconds to execute 1 person, which a 3-man squad should be able to do easier than using these items. The theory is 3-man comboing the healers and killing everyone else. Also, the Gourd user would be a target the entire time to stop the effects of "Word Soul Sentence." There's also the village layout; according to the devblogs, round buildings are especially tough...that's the entire village. Flicker pads is a personal preference, as I feel that it would be cool to traverse the village that way. Based off the basic line-drawings, a pure conversion to pixel-art and mapping wouldn't be possible, but the ideas are there.
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    Huge respect to sand quitting the event, honestly i wish leaf did the same. Here's a little tip: if you are a gm, at least make your interference with players less noticeable.
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    Hello guys, it is me, Pinku from the Nin Challenger League. After seeing how today's recent events unfolded I must say I am clearly disappointed in the Nin Online Staff. I know you guys are people just like us and have room to make mistakes, but the issue here is not the mistake you made (well yeah it is actually LOL), but what you did afterwards. If we were to compare the NCL events which recently have been hosted WITHOUT a GM, they've gone smoothly, fast, and without any issues. How is this possible you may ask? The answer is simple. After we make mistakes we ponder about how to fix the issue PROPERLY for all sides involved, instead of going with a biased point of view. So the issue with today's event was the clear bias shown towards mist, and not only was there bias, there was also the refusal to accept the mistakes that we're made, and were therefore branded as "my rules my event". This not only adds salt to the wound of the sandies that we're on the bad side, but it also makes it seem as if the GM's have an attitude towards certain players. I am not here to slander Erox as much as I'd love to do that, however we should ask ourselves, how do we resolve the issue better next time? nah fuck that. I'd just like to say that it was handled poorly, you guys know damn well what you did wrong and how to make it better lulz. The comments afterwards were just straight up stupid, and the outcome was nothing but expected. What's done is done and the least you guys can do is apologize like seriously ._. .
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    I wouldn’t call this an "honest" mistake. The rules were clear. Sand already got punished when he revived the losers and let them in when they were supposed to be “eliminated".He then proceeds to give them a rematch instead of either keep it going with the score or tp them and let them die.But... Deciding to give another chance to the losers for his own mistakes? I don’t know if that was truly honest. To back up his decision he said "hate all you want this is my event my rules" (something in those lines). It clearly felt like a sabotage more than anything. We players have lives and we don’t have time to lose, when we clear up a time of our day to play some cool event it must be run properly. The frustation was expected to be high because we didn’t log to lose our time on sabotaged events. I hope the event will be remade.
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    This was not a rage quit, nor did the Kazekage initiate/decide it on his own. The participants just did not want to stay in an event with a GM trying to sabotage them. Yami and Lumy won with 60-70% HP left. Fair and square. Either way, none of what happened is a sign of weakness or softness. It was not about winning or losing, Sand didn't run away [especially not because of a loss], it was pride. Every self-respecting individual would do the same. Taking shit from people and staying in an event in which you will obviously be targetted by someone who thinks he owns the game, is the real sign of weakness. That's something a pushover would do. Are you a pushover, Sona?
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    Weird that Leaf also clearly sees the issue but all mist players can say is "sand soft for leaving"
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    Even if it was an honest mistake, his attitude wasn't right. "Hate all you want, its my event" is not it.
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    No you are a sore loser right now. Each masteries plays differently. You are a wm/water with 2 subs and a lot of homings. Obviously you are low hp compared to tetsuya since you are a lvl 50 hybrid wm and he is a lvl 60 wind/fire. One wind combo is far from taking 80-90% of your hp... He used wind AND fire jutsus (2 elemental masteries with high dps) and it took around 30% of your hp because you have low fortitude. You are too blinded by wind jutsus you forgot to see all the fire bullets he landed to you. The problem i actually see with wind is wind claw because no one complained about wind before that (people actually wanted a buff and the lvl 35 jutsu). And if you think that vacuum is a problem, then maybe every insta cast CC should be nerfed too. Or maybe that it is simply flicker that need a 1 sec silence?
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    I feel like the title of this post already shows what I’m going to argue about. Due to the recent buffs wind has gotten, the mastery has become an actual terror of a mastery to fight against. One small combo can delete an opponents health almost instantaneously. This is all because of the high base damage that most of the wind jutsus have. While other masteries struggle to reach 100 damage the more intellect you input, wind can reach it quite effortlessly. Honestly, you can see how broken wind is when you see a simple wind user with 60 int absolutely demolish a level 60s hp with one combo. I hope Ueda can at least think of this post whilst the war event goes on today. Have a great day guys :>
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    Erox did same during Deathmall funeral. He started to jail people even when it was PLAYER EVENT, saying HE CAN... Well Rory told him he cannot, he suddenly changed his mind. I dont blame Sand for leaving, thats why I also didnt join that event. It was just unfair and messages like: arent proper when playerbase isnt happy about something
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    I had really good time. All I got to do was to spectate the event today. Just seeing so many people gathered together was great and it reminded alot of joint CE. I got to do some funny RP. Keep it up. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ REP to anyone who bothers to host cool events like these
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    He made an honest mistake by not asking the sand Kage if the wanna rematch or not, it feels bad to be on the sand side of the mistake but definitely wasn't on purpose, hes a human person he'll do better next time.
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    Added New Level 27 Mission "Lover's Quarrel" Removed Prepare Hotkeys NPC in audience area for Ninja Dodgeball.
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    The fact that I just lost 80-90% of my hp from one Wind combo in a tournament is rather concerning.
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    Added New Level 22 Mission "Kairi's Parcel" Added New Level 25 Mission "Honey Hive Hunt I" Added New Level 25 Mission "Honey Hive Hunt II" Added New Level 40 Mission "Gobori's Odd Request" NOTE: These are not daily missions. You get them by talking to NPCs. Added new item "Honey". Chairs in Land of Fire Daimyo Castle's can be sat on now. Fixed a few missing art pieces like Tanzaku Quarter's Tori Gate, Spectacle Shop Signs and Leaf Noticeboard.
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    This boss ^ Entrance boss for a raid group. Raid group: Allows 8 players at once for a specific instance from any village cooperation. Door 1: Option boss Door 2: Option boss Each new boss opens 2 new doors. Every time you go through the tower you get different bosses, Each run could be unique up till a point. How many floors you ask? How many bosses do you want to make? This would be a nice little raid dungeon. Also this should be instance based. Each floor should be progressively more difficult with unique drops. The top floor (The raid dungeon boss... The BIG BAD) has a 100% chance for a random selection of items. Blanks, ryo, item, w/e. How could we prevent 8 players from butting heads with the drop? Each floor should drop an item for each player in the party. The idea of making it instance based could subject it to new gameplay mechanics such as the multi-village teaming and everyone being able to collect the drop. Thanks~
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    @Sona that wasn't a rage quti, We respect other and we want to be respected. We left because that's about honor and showing that not everyone is ok with what Erox is doing (last few events )
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    I thought B I was 8 minutes not 8 days I mean I get it, you tryna save face Man your lyrics, ain't hit me Bro already reset to leaf Damn, busy leveling? Just drop the thing Just give it up man, I never wanted beef but if you do I got sand that I'm kicking up I'm just spitting what the critics want Been in here a minute and since then I been in front I'd say you should use your gentle palm against this It's clear my last diss left you in convalescence Gilgamesh's rise is Jun's obsolesence You should really stop now bro it's called a lesson Yeah we got seigi, They win with no direction My village only deaf when you drop your mixtape Bro I don't need dona to put you in your place The day I call you dad is the day I'm in a grave I'm doing this for fun man, you the one talking bout fame Yeah I got high strength my basics they do damage Being honest with you, you ain't a challenge I'd 1v1 with wild slashes turn your ass into salad He's Jun?Nah, he's budget twenty one savage Thinking that he's all that with, his shitty one liners But man the fact is, your raps are all average
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    Never blame someone for standing his ground or do something because he felt like something wasn’t right. You’re comparing being punished for not knowing something/information about the event/bugs when we are complaining about the rules not being respected by a staff member. Clearly you have the wrong mindset. The event did continue though. I don’t think you would be in the mood to continue to participate on an event when after winning not only your opponent gets revived but also get another chance to win for no reason.
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    You’re getting the post deleted just by saying stuff like that. Thanks
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    >Test his whole combo >Does 521 damage "YOUR COMBO DOES MORE THAN THAT"
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    Seeing as how many people were complaining from the recent war event, I’ve decided to make a forum post on a different method on how each village should conduct war. Instead of making it into a tourney style type of event, I feel like this war event should instead take place in a wide map where dozens of players from each village can fight each other. A map sort of like the sand villages war zone. As always, I love to see people’s opinions and reactions to my posts so don’t feel afraid to give a response!
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    In the Casino all i see is Triple 7s At your neck with this lethal weapon You a filler I'm the main Canon You unimportant to ninjas Cut you off like an infection In fact go back out the way you came in..man Cuz you wont get no help Dona can't clear this map You all by yourself You can scream, but your whole village is deaf Ahh shit here we go again Jun reset too bad I'm not Sand I'm in the Leaf no you don't want beef I'm trying to sleep and count my sheep 1,2,3 and a,b,c You stepped in Quicksand its knee deep You gonna need a rescue Your village like a big zoo All the monkeys in it I think we have a breakthrough You should use this as your Nin debut You was possessed by Kings Controlled by they Voodoo Killing your own villagers That's the greatest taboo You might want to alt tab After doing so bad I promise it wont hurt Palm bottom quick jab Quick Leaf Convert Now you made them all mad A Gilgamesh Concert Fame you wish you had Roaming the world like a depressed Nomad I'll pass you the torch if you call me your Dad. Hope you wrote this down with your little notepad You better take Notes I'm not no fucking joke In the deep end you better stay afloat if you don't, you might just drown No Heroes, Only clowns If you a King where's your crown It's Do or die Switching Sides Suicide You got Bis I wonder why You need a guide I'm too ahead Cant match the stride @Gilgamesh I'm waiting
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    Here the usual happens a GM who gives certain privileges to a village. erox was always mist and protects them in many ways. how is it possible that the misties die and when they revive erox they want to rematch. erox should have forced them to kill themselves or directly TP them out. It has been a very clear victory for sand but as always we are the village that no staff defends. I suggest staffing delp is a person who is doing too much for the nin community and is hosting events and that at no time have there been any problems. erox events have long been giving problems with the issue of favoritism.
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    To be honest, this whole issue with the war event could’ve been fixed if the events would stop being tournament based. Too many events are influenced by the dozens of tournaments this game does to hand out coupons. Instead of doing events like these, GMs should move towards hosting Hide and seek events in an event exclusive map or other fun ideas that players come up with
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    The fun part is when i participated it. wait...i couldnt.
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    It doesn't matter what you say it's his event and obviously his forums too since he keeps deleting all the posts related to this event.. I guess some people can't take criticism
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    Everyone saw it, pretty Unfair and anything else but fun. But it's his Event his rules right?
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    This is a respectful post discussing an in-game event hosted by staff. I agree with what was said and also how it was presented. let's keep toxicity out of the forums please.
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    In conclusion, Niti. Don't see any animosity. We tried and tried. The result is 521 damage. 585 if you run and take two hits from the dragon combo. Maybe you didn't see your hp before you got hit. But there's no way I'm taking 80% of your high Hp off this combo. And you've checked with me several times. And there's no way I could have used the wind shuriken because I don't have the jutsu and the cooldown share with tornado. I just think that you didn't see your Hp and that the burst surprised you but as I said before Fire and Wind have big damages but no synergy. It would have been easy for you to at least avoid the dragon while I am self stun.
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    I lost 800 ryo on it and gave up
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    It is harder to set up but lightning has more stun to land once cutter hit the target. Different masteries, different playstyles. We don't want any masteries to be the recolored version of another. wrong wrong wrong, he took around 30% of your hp in one combo (maybe more because you are squishy as a hybrid). And according to you it seems like flicker is the problem. Once again, the person fighting yami was full int. You can only deal huge amount of damage if you have the int for it. And you can say that yami was complaining about wind/med, but i actually believe that he was showing the gap of skill between him and rie who used the sub mechanic in her advantage. This is the problem with everyone who want a nerf to vacuum. They don't actually want the game to be better, but the people using wind to be worse. If you want a better game, the wind jutsus you need to change is claw and/or the flicker mechanic. Rory added the stun on vacuum after years for a reason. After reading this i know you have no good memories of the fight you had lol
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    Niti I touched you a few times before you combo. And After. Fire and Wind have a high burst but no real synergy. You complain like a beginner while you have experience on the game. I beat Bogdan right after him who is Wind/Med (much better than Fire/Wind in 1V1). Now just assume losing isn't the end of the world. Asking for a nerf because you're getting beat is just childish. It's about questioning yourself first, I guess.
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    No need for nerf if you buff everything else.
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    Fixed GMs unable to trade event coupon. Fixed potential trade exploit. Fixed bug with not being able to select view non-claimable bounties when chatbox is at bottom of the screen. Fixed UI default positioning bug.
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    I was laughing while editing this, so maybe you will enjoy. @Evie You tilted me with those scalpel xD
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    This exact same event described is currently being hosted as we speak
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    In the Gold Ninja explanation the "much more" link that just takes you back to the cash shop, the link just needs to be updated. (Purchased it anyway to support the game :P)
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    Again Erox isn't monitoring the posts since hes the party involved so I'm moderating actions that only have intentions to slander, and bring about controversy.This post is nearing that tho. Peace Love Positivity
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    If they can't take light criticism for mistakes they made then don't be a GM, he knows what he signed up for
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    Guys, Im thankful for all the replies to the post but please keep the intensity of the arguments to a minimum and try to get along instead of claiming rude things to each other
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    Sadly I have to say I didn't record it (it was live streamed on the Nin Discord). But at least I can backup @Niti's claims. Tetsuya took the majority of his HP in a combo. But I also agree with Dona here, it's up to what mastery you pair wind with. Wind Fire is a massive damage combo.
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    I really hope @Hageshi Date recorded the fight. He didn't hit any projectiles on me in the fight. If there is a video, please watch it. Of course my HP is lower than the average player because of stat split, but regardless of what you pair Wind with, the damage is absurd in those combos. I promise you, he took a lot more than 30%. I was literally sitting at 90% HP (if not more) when he used the flicker combo, and you saw what my HP went down to: About 1/10 of my previous HP bar. No one cares about winning or losing, but this is clearly a balancing issue when one combo can take away at least 80% of my hp, Dona. And don't say he hit Phoenix Fireball a lot - He didn't. Apart from that flicker combo, I took damage from the wind homing once or twice cause I didn't want to sub it. It's okay though, when/if Hageshi recorded, you will see what really happened. You and I both know I barely got hit in that entire fight. As for the flicker part, you already know I support reworking flicker. I talk about it daily on the Nin discord, that both Sub and Flicker need reworks because they are not good mechanics in the game right now.
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    That 4 second cool down on poison scalpel needs a nerf.
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    When the patch about vacuum stunning was out. Wind was strong enough and didn’t need any more buffs. But with claw added to the combo. It is overkill. Some tweaks needs to be done to make it strong enough but not too weak either. This was a player on 150 int wich is not representative of the average nin player but on 100 intellect a wind combo deals around 500 damage since Claw Happened. -Taking off the stun on vacuum or replacing it by a silence could help. - A severe damage nerf on claw would be needed too since it already knockbacks and does bleed effects.
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