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    Opposed to the first Guard Duty mission which has you guard a Safe Zone map, I think a higher level one should be added that requires you to guard a Danger Zone map near the village. Since you'd need to spend a lot of time in a Danger Zone the mission would give a lot more exp. I think it's a good way to promote more Danger Zone activity. There could also be missions like for example "Border Patrol". You'd need to spend time on the maps that mark the borders of village territory. For example Sand villagers have to patrol Katabami Bridge, Leaf villagers have to patrol Dark Bridge...
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    Shield for allies may be what Bubble is missing to become a mastery worth picking for team fights. That's as far as my idea goes. Cheers! Edit: To make it actually viable in team fights and make Bubble an actually decent mastery to pick, it could work like EP, but with reversed effect. 2 seconds stand cast, gives every ally in a set area around the user a shield for (example) 5, 10, 15% of user's max HP (would justify being forced to go full tank). Just need to somehow prevent it from stacking when multiple people use it, that'd be OP. Open to suggestions!
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    Yeah i got way to much free time on my hands If you got more screenshots dm me in disc Alpha.#0113 i plan on making this complete.
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    I made this in my free time. Hope you like it! I could only upload 3 pages on one post. Page 4 is down below
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    i aint paying 3k for t3 no more
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    June 2020 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @M o o n @Esty Chunin: @Hasty @Enver @Eroyuu @Andura Fuinha @Phoenix Hinode Sand Village Jonin: @Dona @SparkZZ Chunin: @sajin @Ryujin Goto @Vipe @Donatello Johnson @Sukki Mist Village Jonin: @Vint @Zoomy Chunin: @Vangeance @Nitche Mirana @Fletch @Boo @Greasy
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