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    As someone who has been in this Organization for a while I think that the current buff it has should be replaced with something else, right now it's just 12G buff on steroids, making it feel less unique than it should be. 12G has a stat buff, Puppet Brigade has a summon, 7SM have weapons so I think that Akatsuki should have jutsu rather than a stat buff. In the anime there were 10 different rings, each member having a unique one. It would be nice if this was a thing in the game as well. It wouldn't have to be some new jutsu, but rather stronger version of ones we already have in game. For example Feast of Lightning jutsu that casts in AoE and stuns enemies for 1 second, AoE Water Prison, Triple Giant Fireball, Triple Mud River, Wind Homing that hits in AoE and knockbacks all enemies it hits. I think this would be a lot more unique for the Org and help in situations that we mostly face (which is fighting outnumbered). The jutsu would have cooldowns and possibly CP costs so they wouldn't be spammable but would be strong enough to compensate for no longer having a stat buff. Even when looking back at the anime the most unique thing about it's members was that they all had some sort of jutsu or abilites that were not seen anywhere else. @Ueda
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    get a girlfreind man ;-; stop with those post . https://media.tenor.co/videos/b1e37a303a5a328a0339b2f004be0e18/mp4
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    I feel like there is some potential with genjutsu as sort of a support / diversion role. Maybe a skill could be something like "If an enemy is hit with it, their screen goes pitch black (can only see their player) for like 3 seconds" or something like that. Another skill could possibly be "If an enemy is hit with it, you will disappear on their screen for 2 seconds, but when you reappear there will be a clone of you that doesn't do damage, but needs to be hit to be destroyed" which can possibly buy you a few seconds. This one is getting a little risky -- but maybe something along the lines of "anyone in range of the attack has their skillbar randomized/jumbled/switched around for 3 seconds". Another one could be "The enemies HP/MP bars are shown as 0 for 5 seconds or something similar so they won't know how low/high they are. I'm just spitballing here, but I think it could be really cool and a nice niche/unique mastery that could be super useful for team battles, or maybe escaping an attack. The problem is, I'm not sure if this is to OP, or too UP. Also, I'm not quite sure what to do about damage dealing attacks. Obviously, you'll need them for grinding/1v1s, but I can't think of too many. Maybe something along the lines of - "Creates a few invisible pits and any enemy who is standing on them will take constant damage". Feel free to add on any suggestions, or tell me how much you hate it Post-Post(lol) edit: Also, I'm not sure how you could really use most of these skills for grinding since you'll be fighting NPCs
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    Hi I like to make this post talking about some issues and idea I would suggest for balanced masteries so I go over what each masteries need buffed or nerfed imo .I will also talk about damage jutsu nerf for all jutsu I will apply the 100 int /chakra or strenght as example.Also I will take into account ping and fps at the end.You are free to say if you agree or disagree in the comments I am open to critic too 1.tai honestily I think tai so op with or without a second mastery my sugestion is mostily to remove the third sub ablity that happens with ys sometimes and remove one knockback or interupt effect that tai has.Also scaling it with sake and medic add a ton of damage that I think might be need a 5%nerf in it 2.gf The complains about gf the problem is mostly flicker combo but nobody has a right to complain on that since everbody who is "skilled in pvp" uses it ,so imo I think gf need to remove the knockback of mountain crushers and at leat lower the all the jutsus damage by 20 to at best 25 % . 3.medic Medic is a well balanced mastery all in all if it wasnt a combo mastery I think the only buff medic need it the 2 rarely used jutsu chakra antibodies and cursed seal could use a buff a 5 sec longer timers .Only thing i would nerf is the tile range of posion scalpel by 1 tile that all.Also i suggest 1 more int medic jutsu to help the player. 4.earth A nice mastery with need for a small buff my suggestion is make earth wall more useful by make ppl not be able to flicker pass it or change the shape in 2diffrent ways the user can chose simple long wall r 4 small walls(the flicker part for that wall), I suggest adding a bleed effect at spikes to i mean it makes sense they are spikes i if the hit you with the spike you should get bleed . 5.fire The high damage element that need more love one of the worst masteries in game my simple suggestion is make giant fireball instant cast (earth has spikes so it only fair ) and make the fire vortex range bigger by 1 tile. 6.water A op element in all was but damage I suggest simple to make wp lose some range for 3 to 4 tiles or make the prison time for 1.5 sec , a nice buff would be making mking colliding wave 0.5 cast time. and I suggest 3 % damage buff but I think damage is ok . 7.wind A truly broken mastery what else can be said it need a ton off nerf to be okish . remove the claw interrupt and knockback,make the drilling airbulles like fire and water ones not making them all 3 hit the target unless the place by mistake ran into them .Make vacuum a simple non stun keep the 3 part but remove the stun that would be then a ok mastery.Also the damage wind make is to much at least 20 % damage nerf to ALL jutsu . 8.light The mastery I use mostily a stun mastery who has mostily selfstuns or castime stuns or slowrun a the mastery so bad it the most predictable thing ever make by man only ppl who defend it are combo users who never use lighting outside chidori combo sometime they try to and spear but gl with that (hoensitly my lighting bois and girl we all know you use your light like 30% of the time compaired to your second mastery ) .It need massive nerf like making feast runcast make it 1 sec but make it run cast if wind and earth can have it i see no reason why lighting cant . Make spear instant cast or lighting senbon stun one of the 2. not both and my most favored and original idea remove current and add it to advanced chidori so chidori can be slow cast but when it hit it hit the range of what the lighting current would do.Add 5 % damage buff and a bit lower chakra cost .Also this is a sugggestion but I out off all I think the chidori one is best but I wanna make it clear I dont want all those buff at th same time 2 out of 4 of those would be fine. 9.bubble This mastery is only good becuase other non bubble users who use pipe act like it is but even they see it need for a buff my suggesting is a full 35 % damage incress in all jutsus and a small but important effect make nonbuuble users have double longr time for sumoning the bubbles since like most fan users they abuse the ability.Also make bubble be breakable like honestily 10.wind str A good mastery with 2 simple need making tornado 1 sec cast(no selfstun) or 60 strenght requerment and making wind barrage a knockback that all I say. 11.weaponmaster int a good mastery but int need a 5% damage nerf would be fine , also make the hidden tag unseeable for all player expect the user or team members (if teamed)Also make tripple tag like earth wall and option like a straight line of tags or a zig zag line let the player chose . 12.weaponmaster str A so called meta mastery for ppl with the right ping or fps and a shit damage mastery if you cant meele (need to be fixed tai land all it hits while a wm who should do the same doesnt).How to start well I a wm who thanks to delay cant land meele I am sure some of you may do that but that luck sadly hasnt yet been givent to me so to say wm is fine because you can meele ppl is not a valid excuse to make up for the lack of damage jutsu do so what are my suggestions well simple make meele 1 more tile SINCE a tai hit 1 tile enemy with normal hit why does a sword man with a big ass sword not have the ability to land a 2 tile with a long sword look at the neeedle sword you wanna tell me that thing cant hit a 2 tile player but simple solution is make its meele 2 tiles hit(all swords maybe not 7sm since ther swords they use are op ) or fix the meele issue . for jutsu beheading need to be not a slow cast and need knockback all in 3 tiles range and make it a 1 sec cast .make shockwave slash instant cast instead and make the cooldown longer instead .Making blade piercing not a selfstun would be fine to i suggest at least 2 out of 3 would be good not all 3 that would make the mastery to op also I suggest a 15% damage bonus for all jutsus (small info most fire/wind jutsueven some earth do more with 100 damage then i do with 110 and bone sword ) Time to learn to play with TRUE SKILL my bois and girls here is my special idea I think nobody will like: Make both SUB an FLICKER better by making ppl who use them being unable to trrow tools,cast jutsu or use jutsu or weapons .Most good pvp player who use sub punishement and flicker combo should rethink there pvp god status it a weak and horrible abuse of both jutsus i do admit I sub punish but I never flicker combo ppl it a simple depends and abuse of flicker or sub .(i challange you all to try to od a turniment without using sub punishement or flickers attacks) About ping or fps I think this game depends on it to much much more then other games I hope a new server can fix it but I doubt .I like to make it also clear I talked about those elements as solo elements not as combo that would be to long for all .Well that all I like today for now deeply sorry if my grammar is fucked up I tried my best I have bad grammar and I write fast as you know so ty for reading and have a nice day here is your potato at the end .
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    i said it need a buff but i dont play those masteires all i know is from fellow players who told me but it need better jutsus and more much more damage while pipe need ot be somehow nerf but sincei dont playi can only go with what i see.i have gone into details about my view on wm and light that what i play and about the abuse of flicker and sub
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    Ahh, that's super exciting!! I wonder if we'll need new characters for kekkai genkais. And yep, definitely some balance and testing needed. Just wanted to get the general ideas across And yep absolutely. I feel like it would definitely be niche, but I think it could be extremely fun and interesting to use + some people like support, having to work in teams and what not
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    According to the rumour mill Genjutsu, forbidden jutsu and kekkai genkai are planned... Like the ideas for jutsu man surely with some tweaking for balance they could be great! (3 seconds of a black screen seems really long) Definitely the kind of mastery that you'd have to do your dailies with other people but the rewards vs effort could definitely be worth it.
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    Just a testimony of how big of an empire Sand is! Hope you enjoy the video
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    There's a lot more! But for now I'm listening to these
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    As someone who's been playing the game daily for the past 6 months. I think that's a very egotistical way of seeing things. Currently a lot of "META" builds will have advanced mastery, (tai med, Earth wind, wind water, wind wm, water wm are a few examples off the top of my head) To punish users who have decided to play a certain mastery combination by not allowing them to have advanced which essentially ends up gimping them after putting months in to reach level 60 is far from fair.
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