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    Merry Christmas! O_o If you excuse me ima eat my cookies. >:)
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    Hey everyone as the end of the year is approaching and 2021 is coming with COVID hopefully if not gone down to low numbers what do you all have planned? As you read this post also like it cuz why not Lol its positive, constructive, and good criticism. Don't be toxic do that on discord 2020 was filled with a lot of updates from Clan clothing being added, to wind changes and other balances, and finally we had got orgs added. Wonder what 2021 will bring? Snake summon, land of iron, advance masteries, new client, More balanced fps/ping from bad fps/ping players, and maybe even new balances? Who knows I sure as hell don't LMAO! My goals for 2021 with the Nin Community is as followed: Make more Jun on The Track Comedy/Cool Rap Songs ( P.S. I've got a microphone for Christmas so it's definitely time for Jun on the Track!) Hit 60 on my Bubble/Medic and Not reset but instead make alts Get unbanned from Nin Discord by @external or @Ueda Enjoy another year of Nin Without being banned from the game...hopefully LMAO SOMEONE FOUND THE BUBBLE IMPOSTER ON SAND'S CAMERAS AND REPORTED IT! Bubble has been ejected and was the imposter!
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    assuming this is still relevant This suggestion's goal is to reinforce and encourage role play in the Akatsuki while also giving them a "' goal " and bring diversity within the organization# Akatsuki's major issue is how the org is built, feeling like it's missing a lot. it's a normal org with 10 members and a +25 all stats buff. while some people will argue that this buff should be enough and it's really strong, well it's not about the buff itself it's about how its just one thing for everybody and akat duos are not reinforced, going out with 2 people even with ring you will easily end up outnumbered, with 10 people on buff it's the same result. I've been in akat for a long time ive seen all the akat generations and lineups struggle with this, bring 8 and they bring 16. No the ring does not help us take double our numbers if you were wondering we still have Cooldowns and limited chakra like everyone else. The org is supposed to recruit skillful people you would say but skills has its limits and numbers rule the game. We've had some of the most skillful players in the game, matter of fact akat has had more skillful players across all generations than any other org, from @Crowlock @Niti and itachi when akatsuki was first released we've had @Dona @Lumy @Mylu @SparkZZ 4 of the most skilled players in this game, the great @Booty Gang Captain himself even @Aghila was part of akat and they can all tell you during their akat time they struggled the most against large numbers. we've had couple downfalls but always come back strong with good players @Black Rain @SDZ @Ainz Ooal Gown but we still struggle with the same problem from the very beginning of akatsuki. During crowlock's term akat was expended to a 12 players org after crowlock spoke to rory about this struggle. Well you might now say that akat is not supposed to be dealing with large numbers since they are not supposed to be raiding as a whole but roaming around as small groups of 2 ~4. that doesnt work we have no tool to support us going around in small groups we just get cornered in a 2 v 10. As good as a +25 all stats buff might sound it's easily to get overwhelmed and alot of akat and ex akat players will admit this if they're being honest. well now about the argument saying " well akat has the best flat stats buff cmpared to the other orgs " that is true we do have the most stats but when we step out in dangers it's not going to be org vs org it's going to be akat against the whole bounty book it's that easy to overwhelm us when we escape leaf sand is waiting for us blocking our way back we re only strong in little skirmishes against forces close to our numbers. Being Akat is feeling like you need to have a 10 men group to go out or to even have a chance when it shouldn't have been about this at all in the first place, i believe Akatsuki should be forced to work as 2 men teams roaming around but we should also have the tools necessary for that so here is my suggestion. Necessary nerfs - Akat members should have friendly ( meaning they can hit each other this is necessary to make sure that akat won't go around with 10 boosted players and instead take a more RP oriented route and send small teams out ) - Akat rings no longer give +25 on all stats ( necessary for the rework) - Akat members lose 80% of their bounty instead - Akat members lose bounty in safe zones ( akatsuki is Hostile towards everyone beside themselves the only safe place for them should be their hideout ) Rings rework Name : (Rei) zero + 30 chakra + 10 fortitude ability : when it's raining the wearer of this ring regenerate 30 chakra every 10 seconds ( inspired from nagato's chakra rain ) Name : (Gai) Boar + 15 agility + Movement speed ability 1 : the user of this ring can create clones of themselves that attacks the wearer's target ( inspired from white zetsu ) clones HP : 300 clones agility : 50 ability 2 : the wearer of this ring is able to cast a transformation jutsu that transforms them into a tiny rock or a tree ( transformation breaks if the user takes or deal dmg, transformation last 2 mins ) ( inspired from black zetsu's hiding and spying abilities) Name : (shu) Vermillion + 35 intellect ability 1 : the user casts a genjutsu which allows them to dodge their opponent's next attack ( basically a sub this ability is inspired from itachi's genjutsu substitutions) ability 2 : the user creates a clone of themselves ( low CD ability inspired from itachi's ability to spam crow clones) Name : (Byaku, Haku ) white + 20 chakra + 20 intellect ability 1 : the wearer of this rings is able to cast a teleportation jutsu that teleports them to the akatsuki hideout. ability 2 : the wearer of this rings is able to cast a teleportation jutsu that teleports them to the land of water's bounty station. ( inspired from konan's fast travel ability ) Name : (Ao, Sho) Blue or green + 50 intellect passive : explosive tags scales with intellect ( this ring is for int wms or burst specs akatsuki members ) Name : (Gyoku) Jewel + 30 strength + 10 Fortitude passive : the user of this ring has access to Akatsuki's armory selling or able to craft poison throwing kunais, slow inflicting kunais and enchant a weapon with debuff abilities ( enchanted weapons or tools wont be available after quitting the akatsuki or unequipped the ring) Name : (San) Three + 20 strength + 20 Fortitude passive : the wearer of this ring can equip the akatsuki scythe located in the akatsuki's Armory ( scythe basic bleeds, has low damage but regen hp/sec) Name: ( Hoku) North + 30 fortitude Passive : the wearer of this ring regenerate hp/sec passive : the wearer of this ring gain 30% of its victim's bounty in safe zone and 80% in warzone ( inspired from kakuzu as a tank and love for bounty hunting ) Name : ( Nan ) South + 45 chakra +10 fortitude passive : wearer of this ring regenerate chakra over time passive : the wearer of this ring doesn't have chakra drain on water Name : ( Ku ) Void +20 intellect +20 chakra passive : the user of this ring cannot be cc'ed for 3 seconds after bring cc'ed ( inspired by orochiaru's slipperiness ) Each rings is different from each other which will allow every akatsuki member to be unique and not just another akat member their opponent will know what they're dealing with and try to counter it while akat ill have way more options than before Rings like Boar and white are more oriented towards scouting while boar is more of a confusion and infiltration type white is a good map traveler able to respond to calls that others wont other rings like blue and vermillion are combat types while blue is more of a burst type vermillion is good for diversion while still dealing damage and outplaying your opponent three and jewel are more of a support/weapon/tools type able to map lock with bleed or catch up with slows jewel is especially good for chasing Ku can be an excellent combo/cc chain breaker and hoku will be the one dealing with the high bounty targets that are hiding akasuki passives : akatsuki members can only be map locked for 3 seconds after being in combat ( since akatsuki is aiming on hunting with way less people and meant to be agile most of the time it will be 2 against the world this gives them a fair chance at running away from huge groups and disadvantageous battles ) akatsuki rings are bind to the member's account and no longer drop on death they lose extra bounty instead, cannot buy another ring if u already have one ( this also prevents people from swapping rings ) this is just a suggestion feel free to share your thoughts.
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    Hi!People are always saying that no event this no event that or event only for NA timezone etc.Well,the reason i am here is to announce that i will be hosting Non-Official Events! In this Event, you should not expect any ryo or rewards because my purpose is to make the game fun by involving the community itself. So in this event,i will of course be the Manager I will be needing two secretaries so if you have to volunteer for the job ,DM me in discord or at the website (Shonen#7048). I will be hosting Events of two timezones! One day i will host for EU Timezone and One day for NA and the event Registration will be each Monday and the event will take place at Week-ends(For Na it will be Saturday,For EU it will be Sunday) I will be posting the rules and everything regarding the event when i post it tommorow(Monday for EU timezone,Sunday for NA Timezone) Thanks for reading and this is just a reminder, No rewards should be expected!
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    What a positive guy! Thanks for the insight Jun! nerf pipe.
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    primal i would suggest you to read the post again it's not about a buff or complaining its about encouraging RP and small group hunts within the akatsuki which is what it was supposed to be in the first place the rework is about bringing it closer to what akat is in the anime and bring more fun to it along the way man pls calm down
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    Once again, It is not a buff its a change, in one way its a nerf and in another way its a buff. This idea would kinda ruin 10 man akatsuki hunts which keep in mind were never the point of akatsuki anyway. I think you tunnelvision on the fact that these rings do get buffs for themselves. While yes the rings themselves do get stronger the underlying conditions he is asking for would overall nerf the akatsuki itself HOWEVER it would encourage smaller group play and as I stated it would encourage a stronger "resolve" to go after akat in dz.
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    I think it isn't a big buff, it's more of a rework which encourages smaller group gameplay (especially with the friendly fire) I think it works way better. Of course if we're being realistic this won't get implemented as nobody is gonna be bothered to code this. That being said there are some changes that could be made seeing as some rings get nice buffs/passives and some simply just get ones that are already in the game (such as the charge chak on water buff). In general I think this would be an alternative rework to what we have now which could be fun and seeing as nerfs are also considered I don't see this being as OP. And yes akatsuki should be recruited based of their strength I agree with your point HOWEVER the point that rumaki is trying to get across is that smaller group hunts arent being encouraged enough and as it stands it doesnt matter if 6 buffed up akatsuki go out as they will encounter buffed up zergs with way bigger numbers. There is simply no incentive for them to go out as they have to wait 30 minutes in dangerzones for 16 villagers to come out. If the villagers get 80% of their bounty even in safezones its gonna encourage them to go after akatsuki faster without the need to gather up with a big zerg.
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