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    Hello everyone my name is Nej, I decided to make an introduction post because I never had one of these and I have been inactive for a while due to not know what do to in the game. I am active now again and I recently reset my character to Mist after @Zabuza Momochi won Mizukage and I am loving my time spent there. I wish to be more RP indulged in the game and this is an attempt at it. I take time out of my day to help new comers all of the time and if someone here is thinking about going to the Hidden Mist Village, come through. I will heal you while you train and give you tips. If you wish to contact me my discord is Nej#9123 I hope everyone is having a great 2021 I love you all, see you in nin online... Also, RESET TO MIST.
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    So thanks to my boi @Tekkey Hinode i got a chance to check out this site where you can craft own minifigure or just make in 3d your own minifigure of your nin chr. https://www.heroforge.com/ If you want to make me to make it for you pm me in discord at primal#1992 here are some of my gallery: 1. ANA PRIMAL 2.ANTEPRS 3. NORTHWIND 4. TEKKEY HINODE 5. DEKO 6. YAETO 7. AZHURA 8. SAVIOLA 9. RYUTEKZU 10 SANSHOUO 11. RUBY 12. PHOENIX HINODE 13. MACDOM 14. KING DONA 15. ANTAR86
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    I know this may have been talked about in the past.. and if it has been I want to bring it back up Whether or not people want to admit it.. leaf is a village that takes pure skill.. we don't have a aimbot Fan that snares every 2 secs.. or a Instant poisoning WATER PRISON pipe. We don't even have a stick to run at ninjas with or some kind of pebble to throw at them, literally NOTHING and I see it as a massive disadvantage especially with others villages orgs being people running with boomsticks and godzilla puppets but that's a topic for another day. : ) Enough Rambling.. lets start . Chakra Based Weaponry Chakra Blades: (Melee/Close-Mid Range) A sharp Knuckle Blade with the abilty to absorb the users chakra for added lethality, in the right hands this can be a very useful . Attack style: Sends out a wave of Chakra in a straight line(basically a downgraded hiramekarei), slicing them for bleed 1 DOT if critical . Range: 1-2 tiles Scaling: Chakra Dmg: Medium Attack Speed: Slow Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Chakra (inability to use taijustu jutsus while equipped) (Inability to use chk scalpels while equipped) Chakra Dagger: (Melee) A weak short dagger infused with users chakra to gain a slight boost in damage and a Major attack speed Attack Style: Basic sword attack.. but one handed Range: Basic attack range Scaling: Chakra Damage: Low Attack Speed: Very Fast Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Chakra (inability to use taijustu jutsus while equipped) (Inability to use chk scalpels while equipped) Intelligence Based Weaponry Rajin Blade: An electric energy sword that originally belonged to the Second Hokage, said to be the sword of the Thunder God. Attack Style: Sends out a wave of electric energy damaging and immobilizing the target for a very short duration Range: 1-2 tiles Scaling: Intelligence Damage: Very Low Attack Speed: Very Slow Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Chakra (inability to use taijustu jutsus while equipped) (Inability to use chk scalpels while equipped) Wooden Staff: Nobody knows what the Adamantine Staff does yet.. sooo I cant give a Description but basically a watered down version of whatever it is (inability to use taijustu jutsus while equipped) (Inability to use chk scalpels while equipped) Agility Based Weaponry Sōshūga: The “Twin Attacking Fangs” are a beautiful pair of nunchucks with handles carved to have the shape of a dragon head at its base. Attack style: slightly increases damage and extends melee range by 1 tile Range: 1 tile Scaling: Agility Damage: Medium Attack Speed: Normal Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Agility Flying Raijin Kunai: A specially crafted Kunai used by the Fourth Hokage and can be seen as the starting point for the Transportation Jutsu that he excelled at. Attack Style: throwable projectile, if the kunai hits a target it marks the target for 10 seconds.. during this time the user can choose to teleport to the target (ALT+Basic Attack Keybind) Range: Normal Throwable tool range Scaling: Agility (higher agility = lower cooldown) Damage: Little-No Damage Attack Speed: Instant throw and recall but Medium base cooldown Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Agility I don't know what's the plans for leaf and if the fact that it doesn't have a weapon is the way that the creator wants the game to be but I hope you take my thoughts into consideration . If you made it this far, Thank You & I appreciate it .
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    The mist got good org buffs and summons and even pipe but it's still the most unactive village or is always at the edge of being dead again. Mist is fun but even I left it because I got bored there and exhausted from the village. Problem with boat The problem with the boat is that it acts less of an RP thing and just another annoyance many players already don't like the mission that wants you to carry stuff back to your village and the boat makes it even worse. Every time you go out to do a mission you lose 10 min in just boat time waiting for AFK as there is nothing much to do and you feel that game is punishing you for dying more than another village as you need to stay in the boat and pay another 10 Ryo for the boat. Some of us and even me sometimes says just take Kraken but it's not that easy many new players just don't know how to run Kraken as it does massive dmg old mist players can run it but even I take 700-900 dmg from time to time and if you are on bi running Kraken even become more of a pain so you are forced to take the boat. This all leads to players feel punished by the game as every time they die they think of leaving the village. Suggestions to fix the boat Either to reduce the time it takes from 5 min to 1-2 min or remove both the Kraken water map near both mist port and Asoki this will make running Kraken a better option and it will make sense RP wise too as the sailor took a different route which is longer that doesn't pass Kraken. Lack of content to do in the mist The other major problem that is present is that there is not much to do in mist don't get me wrong they are a bunch of things you can do I stayed mist for a year and enjoyed it but as alone there is not much to do I feel like some of these suggestions from before by me and other community members will be good for mist if implemented. I liked the idea of there being more things to explore in each village maybe in mist there can be an outside group or you can do stuff with the ruler of mist outside the village area or bandits outside the village. Leveling in the mist village is hard the leveling in the mist is hard too because it takes too long to get to the mainland while all the low-level maps are DZ this is a debatable topic as some ppl want more DZ while some player wants under LVL 10 mobs to be in SZ but I think boars should be a DZ and flies doesn't current low-level mobs type ()foxes map LVL 9 ()dragonfly LVL 5 ()Boars LVL 13-17 Also the level 1-10 mission samurai drink? why is this mission so toxic you can't do this mission as a lowbie many mist players are kind enough to give samurai drink to you but if they are not online you are stuck to abandon it? I made a post about it so you can read it below Special swords Some other stuff I will like to see other than these are the addition of the special sword I was about to make a topic for it separately but I thought why not put in this the sword seller NPC of mist shows an option of the special sword for mist but they are not added yet I would like to see them in the game and it might give some benefit for being a mist. These are some of the problems which every misty can say is somewhat responsible for mist being not able to hold player after these are fixed I think mist will be able to give more of a fight against another village like sand and leaf as for a few months they are being forgotten.
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    ❄ Hello Mist! ❄ As the title suggests, there'll be Clan Wars! As bloody as it sounds, I'm sure that it'll prove to be even more exciting as this is the way of the Bloody Mist! A Korean style FFA tournament between the five clans and their members, each clan will start with their lowest to highest level member, clans appearing with the most members will be the first to send their members to engage in the combat. Forexample: If Clan Yagyu has 5 members, Clan Murasame has 5 members and Clan Sakame has 3 members, then Clan Murasame and Clan Yagyu will send their first members to battle and Clan Sakame will be allowed to win the round by default till the three clans are balanced in terms of quantity. The event will be held on upcoming Sunday at 2 PM EST near Mist Aviary. The prizes are yet to be decided but they will surely satisfy the participants. Here are the few Authorities you can contact to either get more information on the event or to join the discords servers of each of the respective clans. ♛ Mist Leaders ♛ Mizukage: @Zabuza Momochi Co-Kage: @Leiting ❆ Mist Clan Leaders ❆ Hoshi Clan Leader: @SaphV2 Kazuki Clan Leader: @ExiledPyro Murasame Clan Leader: @Krem Sakame Clan Leader: @Grimmjow Yagyu Clan Leader: @The Avatar
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    This guys is right, everyone buy the skin changer and go black mode to balance things out, time for a revolution
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    Hey everyone! I thought about making this post because I've noticed something quite unfair when it comes to missions. On level 60 as a rogue it's not possible to make any passive money by doing missions. Only mission you're able to earn some money from is CBK (cold blooded killer) where you kill 14 ninjas and you are awarded only 140 Ryo. I honestly believe for killing 14 ninjas we should be awarded with way more Ryo. If the award was upwards to 500 Ryo it'd be way more worth doing as a high level. The main reason why I'm pointing this out is because villagers are able to afk for 30 minutes and get 300 ryo just like that, while CBK takes way longer and is least rewarding. We are rogues after all and part of our rp is being criminals and kill innocent villagers in danger zones.
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    I'm open to the idea of making it so people have the choice to retire earlier and still getting Jonin rank after.
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    So as you know, Nin Online is heavily inspired by Naruto, and Naruto takes place in a feudal Japanese-inspired world with mainly Japanese characters. For the Naruto series, more representation was added much later after Cloud village became more prevalent in the storyline. I personally try to add more diverse skin toned characters at times, but I also try not to over do it so as to follow the source material more. A lot of our NPCs are loosely inspired by characters in the series. When we do eventually add the Cloud village, you can expect for it to add some diversity. But Nin Online is a game about your own character, your own Ninja, in which there is no shortage of customization options to make your character in any skin tone you see fit. PS: I know this might've been made with a lot less seriousness than this response calls for. But I do hope nobody feels racially discriminated by the game's art, setting and design. There is some limitation on what we can put without taking away from the setting at this time.
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    There is no Taco Bell in naruto.
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    I Gojo the Akatsuki leader, herby announce me stepping down from the Title of "Akatsuki Leader". I'm too famous and busy to keep worrying about these guys within the current akat 24/7 but I'd like to inform everyone of my highlight as being their leader, and what I plan to do next. ii so the best sht was probably being on akat kos it made me proud to see the ones I raised go into a rebellious phase and attack the ninja that raised them, especially my boy STD (STD are irl brothers so ye). Oh yh so like what I plan to do next is become the taka leader feel me? Cuz all these people hate taka and that seems entertaining, Jakusha already denied my request to join them.. Of course even though I'm taka I'll put my Hispanic brothers first MMG!! ii thas all I had to say ninja gtfo- wait i forgot to say, ima swing my joint to black rain cause he wanted to be like me so bad so ye he's the akat leader 4 now
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    Samurai mission is biggest joke in the game. It's basically same as docs on level 30+, but on low level almost everyone sees you because you lack int + drink drops on death. If no one in mist provides you with drink, you can run 10-15 min to sand just to see that there are many people on guard duty map and because you lack intellect to pass through them there is just no way you can do it as two villages are hostile to each other. + mission gives absolute JOKE xp for how difficult it is Poorly designed!
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    That’s the best solution right there. People think fan/pipe is there for fun... it’s there because they’re needed to use hidden jutsus... Why would you just randomly give an exclusive weapon to leaf for no real reason since the weapon won’t be attached to a mastery. Lock them to their mastery & nerf the first hidden weapons. You’ll see a high decrease from hidden weapon use.
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    A player writes up a suggestion piece on the forum. He lists things he thinks would be cool for the game he is clearly passionate about. Is the above really the appropriate reaction of a GM? Missing Nin have access to their villages weapons, that argument doesn't make sense. Lets not pretend the game design for the past year has had anything to do with pvp balance. As long as we acknowledge that, so be it. Balanced: Nin Online Game Balance.mp4
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    You're doing god's work spooks, love to see it. For the sake of game balance it makes no sense for only 2 villages to have access to INSTANT CAST CROWD CONTROL on their basic attack. I understand that its because they have masteries that require it, but that does not change the fact that it is available to all of them. We've yet to see what the staff does because it is so damn rare.
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    Greetings citizens of the Leaf Village! I am Yamamoto Takeshi and along with a couple of other people, we have come to present to you an Orienteering event! We are still hard at work at creating the event. But we are shooting to hold the event this Saturday 19:00 GMT+0 (14:00 EST) /// 7pm GMT+0 (2pm EST) any postpones or delays, we will let you know! Meeting location will most likely be near the Kage Building! How does this event work? There will be 7 riddles or sentences given to you one by one in order. You have to figure out what the riddle is hinting to (could be an NPC, location, decoration or a spot somewhere), then run to that spot, get a confirmation that you got the correct riddle and receive your next riddle! The zones will be limited to Leaf territories and Tanzaku. At every location, there will be a person there to confirm you/your team passed that specific riddle and will hand out the next riddle you have to find. It's a race! The First Team that finishes all the riddles, successfully in order, will receive the best rewards! Second Team that finishes the riddles will receive the second best rewards! And Third Team that finishes the riddles will receive the third best rewards! Everyone else will get a participation reward Party up! You will have the choice to form groups of 1-4 players! How do I register? Once you have you have formed your team, you can Post on this forum your team and teammates or you can PM me on discord Lu Xun#8917 with the information! What are the rewards? We are still figuring out the rewards! If they haven't been decided by the time the event starts, then I will personally contact the winners in the upcoming week for their rewards! We also accept any kind donations to the event, we already have some people who are donating and we are utmost appreciative for it! Looking forward to the event! Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone for participating! Congratulations to the winners! 1st place team: @Bonsai @Dohan @Neji Hyuuga @Shinmon rewards: 5$ gift card each and 2k ryo! each 2nd place team: @Tonraq @SkywalkerXD rewards: 1k ryo! each 3rd place team: @Persona Kurama @Tekkey Hinode @Chx @Jtms rewards: 500 ryo! each special shoutout to @Daniel @Reji @Zon for doing a tiebreaker against the 3rd place team and fighting hard for that 3rd place spot! Despite being newer to the game and lowbies! It was an intense tiebreaker as we saw both teams racing towards the final destination! special reward: 100 ryo! each + 1 blank each. Rest of the participators got 50 ryo! each! Thanks for coming everyone!!!! AND SPECIAL THANKS TO: @Emiya @Hadashah @Kuraen MacDom @Yukiyo @Briareos @Hageshi @Angelik Date For being there at the event, being one of my "riddlers", preparing for the event and making all the managing and processes for this type of an event smooth! Thanks to @Maj For helping with the preparations! Thanks to @Esty For helping with the preparations, discord and super useful ideas and tips! SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR DONATORS: @Deathmall for a 5$ gift card donation! @Kekiro for a 10k ryo donation! RIDDLES AND THEIR ANSWERS: Riddle 1: Somewhere in The Hidden Leaf is a creature known for it’s “thunderous” rule. It’s subjects even refer to him as a kage. It’s base of operation is known to reek of a foul stench. answer/location: RatKage Riddle 2: A place of prayers. Housing some of the Fire Daimyo’s bodyguards. These people would wear a cloth marked with the Kanji of Fire 火 . There are a dozen of them! answer/location: Twelve Guardian Temple Riddle 3: I am a lonely container of death. I sit nearby a small house that leads people into a secret entrance. The poor skeleton in my casket would like some company. answer/location: Graveyard outside of the little house that leads to the tunnel (left of GD) Riddle 4 "Hi! I hope you have a keen sense. My name is Kimi, I play hide n seek a lot! Do you know my favourite hiding spot?" answer/location: Kimi's hiding spot during the Hide and Seek mission, her spot is at the hotsprings, under that yellow roof thing Riddle 5: I am in a place in The Land of Fire. Sometimes if you consume too much of me you will get very light headed and might even lose your balance! In fact, for the “Sake” of this riddle, I will tell you that I am being sold for 30ryo! answer/location: Bar house/Bartender that sells sake in Tanzaku: Riddle 6 What opens it's petals during the day and closes it during the night? Would make for a romantic gift. But sadly, they are not for sale! they're all hers! answer/location: Flower Shop in the leaf Village Riddle 7: "A step in the "right" direction. There exists an item that can bring warmth to anything inside. Its doors open and close at every interaction. It lies in a place where you can reside." answer/location: The microwave inside the small yellow house, near leaf's gate. Last words: Was super fun to plan, prepare and host this event. Unfortunately, I don't see a 3rd one being done any time. But I have lots and lots of ideas for future events, stay tuned! But for the future of Orienteeering, maybe far in the future I could host one in the mist or sand maybe. I've always thought about the idea of doing this type of event elsewhere in-game ^^ Or perhaps toad or land of iron? hehe.......
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    Leaf ninjas play the game on hard mode I wish I could be brave like you guys lol
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    Hi All! As I finally managed to grow my toad summon to full size, it occured to me that compared to other summons (Monkey, Weasel, Ninken,...) Toads do look a bit basic in terms of appearance. So I've been thinking: Lore-wise we've got all these different Toads (Hoshitomo, Momotomo, Satomo, Yoshitomo, Taitomo, you name it...) at Toad Mountain, right? In the anime there's also an abundance of toads coming in all shapes and sizes who excel at different things (e.g. Gamabunta - Toad Oil Flame Bullet; Gamaken - Weapons; Gamariki - Genjutsu, Gama - Taijutsu etc) and have signature clothing / armour or colour. I think that one type of special attack is more than enough for summons in terms of game-balance, so there's no need to add genjutsu or other special attacks to toad summons in general. What I do suggest however, is adding some sort of clothing to the summon to make it look well... less like just a giant toad. We've been brainstorming with players in-game and came up with the following ideas to improve the looks of toad summons: For War toads: - Gamabunta's happi vest (with the kanji "ebi" on the back) - Gamabunta's kiseru pipe - Gamabunta's dosu blade - Gamahiro's katanas - Gamahiro's sash - Gama's bead necklace (with the kanji chū) - Gama's samurai armour - Gamakichi's cigarette - Gamakichi's tanto For Toads: - Gamakichi's vest - Gamatatsu's vest - Gerotora's obi For Tadpoles: There's not really much to add here as tadpoles are as small as they come. (People's reactions to my tadpole mostly varied between "sweet" and "disgusting" but I was mostly proud of that little speck) Some people have also suggested that there could be a total of 3 different toads wearing the respective armours of Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamahiro. When the player utilizes the summoning jutsu they would randomly summon one of the aforementioned three or one could decide which toad to sign the contract with (as sort of a personal summon) upon acquiring a summoning scroll. A whole new idea on the latter would be the creation of a "toad customization" menu where one woud be able to customize their summon in terms of colour, armour and clothing. Of course these are just suggestions which, in my opinion, could benefit the overall atmosphere of the game so please don't take them as me making demands or anything. I (like most of us) feel strongly about my summon and would like to see more of- and improve this specific game feature. Thank you for making it this far, feel free to react / comment as I'm curious about your thoughts on the matter. See you in-game!
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    Never tried myself at pixel art, but I hope these might give you a rough idea about some of the concepts in the original post. Gamabunta's happi vest: Gamabunta's kiseru pipe: Gamabunta's katana (instead of dosu blade): Gamabunta's set (without the dosu blade): Gamabunta's full set (with dosu blade): Gamahiro's sash: Gamahiro's set (katanas + sash): Gamakichi's / Gamatatsu's vest: Gerotora's obi:
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    Being Kage is draining, having to lead and moderate a 1/3 of the community for 6 months, which is half a year is way too much considering we got other stuff going on in our lives. I think the Kage terms should be reduced to 3 to 4 months. Just the idea of having this big of a power for half a year is crazy to me but the responsabilities that comes with it are even worse. Some will say that you can just chill and relax but doing that will only make the village go downhill. It's been three months and I'm drained. I wish that to no one... however I think reducing the term would be good for the community and the Kages themselves... a win win situation.
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    Hey guys, I wanted to talk about a dark and very frustrating subject. Racism. As we all love this game we can't deny. That Rory and the staff team might have something against black people. How many black npcs is there in the game huh? We need more black npc's unless you want to release them once cloud village becomes a thing. #BLM #ACAB #Fritzogey
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    If there were, it'd probably get camped by border patrol Ainz.
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    Mastery lock pipe and fan. Take away knockback and snare from first tier of weapons. PvP reason why: Having two or more pipe users can infinite snare you. It's a free WP on hit with no CD. Fan's knockback allows a free tool hit as well for everyone in that village. This is broken gameplay mechanics. RP reason why: How can a non-water mastery produce water from pipes? How does damage after pipe not pop the bubble? How can a non-wind user produce wind from the fan? Sealing techniques require blood sacrifices, where is this? How can only their village only know to use these weapons and not everyone else when there are criminals willing to do anything to hurt their village? Fix this already.
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    Being part of this exact raid group last night, @Eroxthere is absolutely no reason that 3 very good players (One of them being known to be able to 1v3 people if morale is high, and circumstances allow.) and 1 not-too-bad player (me) should be outclassed by one person with a INT build using Kiba. This mans had 400 or less total hp and was still an absolute weapon after his medic died. It would ridiculous to say that Kiba should be able to hit you 25+ tiles away, and also clip through the environment like trees, cliffs, rocks, etc. This man 1v4'd us using only the base attack of Kiba, since it has unstoppable range and hits through objects, AND lived to fight an Akatsuki member shortly after we were dead. Leaf is already receiving the short end of the stick with the terrible entrance to the village, a broken lock on the CE arena that is abused by invaders EVERY single day, and to top it all off, the only hidden mastery with no weapon, yet all the jutsu is locked to its mastery, unlike fan / pipe. Will of fire is by far the least useful passive of the 3, and it doesn't even respawn you with any chakra or decent health to actually give a decent fight back.
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    wdym what about missings.. a missing sand has fan.. a missing mist has pipe
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    Christ the maturity levels in this thread are pathetic.
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    This is too much fun, went a lil overboard.
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    My Ninja regrets. I regret leaving the leaf 3 year ago with @Niti and them. They turned me into a toxic Takumian who only like to PvP and trash talk. Had I remained leaf I would pursue a more peaceful roleplaying approach, become a Jonin and teach new players how to play the game.
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    Definetely worth talking about, but it doesn’t change the fact that you willingly abuse a bug to gain an advantage over other players. if someone else abused a bug , you should definetely report this bug or even the players, but that your reaction on getting called out by people who don’t want you to abuse a bug is to point with fingers on others and be like “BUT THEY ALSO DO” is really kindergarten level man... why not find a more mature way and actually stop it and find a solution ?
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    This is true and also to make it fair for them when in combat you shouldn't be able to run into your clan house. I noticed when I am getting attacked I can easily just run to the clan house door, hit it and go right in. This should be looked into as well to make it fair for enemies raiding.
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    As the Rogue ninja you can : - Kill every ninja for get his bounty, - Farm Guren and gafuki (30 min respawn make it a lot better than Guard Duty for villagers) At all if you go kill 14 peoples, probably some of them will give you some bounty. i dont think this mission need higher ryo reward.
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    Fixed Vacuum Sphere Manual teaching Drilling Air Bullet Technique (Recent regression)
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    Since Weapon Mastery revolves mostly around it's melee and risky play I had an idea how to improve this jutsu and make it more unique. The jutsu would still be a 2 second slow run cast, but instead of casting normally when the cast time ends, it would give you a very short buff to melee which makes your next melee do the Beheading. This would make the jutsu more of a charged up heavy melee swing which I think would be cool. 2 second slow run cast makes you very vulnerable and the Beheading part selfstuns making the jutsu very risky but I think that with this change there will at least be a reward that matches it.
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    Dear Ninja, It has come to our attention that players have been request name changes through support tickets instead of going through the proper system which is to wait for their account to have name changes available again. Players have also been flooding support ticket requests for accounts that obviously do not meet the requirements for having name changes or for old inactive usernames freed. This makes dealing with support that much harder for us and slows down support for everyone else. This "service" was always provided as a "favor" and not something marketed as a feature for Gold Ninja. I've decided to put a $2 service fee on the freeing of old inactive usernames, which will hopefully get people to do make sure an account meets the requirements before making the request, as this is very time consuming for myself when handling support. In addition, we have also added a new requirement You cannot have had any warning points added to your account / open report cases warranting investigation on your account for the past 6 months. This is to ensure moderation isn't obstructed or given a hard time by the changing of usernames. Note: This is only for name changes done outside of the usual Gold Ninja system where you can change your name without manual admin work every year. It only applies to name change requests sent manually through support ticket, usually when players want an existing username freed. Regards, Ueda
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    Fun to play around with, thanks for sharing
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    I want to start off by saying I love this game. My accomplishment of making it to lvl 18 in a matter of 2-3 days with a medic build can speak to that I would hope. But there are some... kinks (giggity) to this game if you're gonna be joining the leaf. Now forget what some people may say about the leaf sucking, it has wonderful people there and you really should join us. You can easily and quickly find higher ranks for rp missions as well as help with quests from answering simple questions to escorts to danger dangos and of course many people like me willing to help that grind be just a little less of a hassle. But there is one thing about konoha that truly does suck, one place I wont go as a medic, not to grind or to help grind. It is a death trap, true and true. My friends, I'd like to introduce you to the tiger area for the leaf village. Now its a lovely designed place. Neat scenery and the tree in the middle on the left is a nice touch. There's even a safe area in the water to heal if it gets too hectic. But this beautiful beasty has a nasty side and its right there, on the right. You see, instead of a bridge connecting the two islands it is a teleporting seal, and as you can tell, the tigers have gotten wise to that fact. They wait there, ready to pounce. Clever girls huh? The problem really comes in with the spawn mechanics. You see, you can farm tigers on the left for a while, but eventually so many will build up on the right island, that they stop spawning on the left. This of course, forces you into what I like to call, "Dinner Time." A vicious cycle of teleporting over to the right side and either getting instantly rekt and sent to the hospital, or barely surviving until eventually you either realize your new life purpose is to be the tiger's dinner, or give up and go make yourself some. Now there's a silver lining, a different tiger area you can go to for grinding as a leaf shinobi. But I must warn you my friends, the journey is perilous and the destination although better still isn't exactly paradise. The long trek to salvation starts by heading straight south from the village, to the deep south where you will find a forest that you swear every time you have to run through it gets longer. You will get stuck many times until you have practiced but eventually you'll be flying through this bad boy like a chicken with its head cut off so keep running forest gump. After you get past that you will take a left in a dank spider ridden swamp and end up here. Trust me, where the bears rip and tear, you don't wanna get stuck there. So pack a cloaking jutsu or you just might get sniped by pooh bear on the way to your tigers. But don't worry, we're finally almost there! You will have one last test before you make it to the promise lands my friends and although I got lucky here I must warn you, the gate guardians do not slack on their stair guarding duties very often. So its best to make sure that cloak is ready to go again before stepping through Yogi's territory. Now you may be asking, Temptation, this is quite the track, you didn't even show all the screens you have to get through only the landmarks, is it really worth it? Quite frankly, it depends on who you ask... This is friends is it, the promised land. Plenty of room, and they even have a tool merchant right in the middle for restocking. It doesn't have the safety of the water to heal but hey the much larger open area makes that less of a problem. There is... one problem though. You see, because we've traveled so far to get here... well let's just say you won't be in Kansas anymore. You see this is smack dab in the middle of the Leaf and Takumi where one goes to get the danger dangos. It is, how do they say it? A rouge's wonderland. So you may have a lot easier time with the tigers, but your chances of getting ganked by another player skyrockets. But don't worry my friends, there is one final saving grace. The real reason I made this thread. One last tip of advice for leaf shinobi grinding tigers.... Just don't.... Find a team and grind wolves till the poor little things won't give you anymore exp then skip tigers and go straight to bees. You can forget what Nicolas Cage said, not the bees? No! YES THE BEES! The wolves and the bees are our salvation my friends. Now get to grinding.
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    I regret not being there for my son @Vipe
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    It's weird that this hair isnt in the cash shop and only obtainable in character creation, but maybe there could just be a feature where you can "unequip" a hair. For example, click the hair once to put it on and when you click it again it makes you bald. Kind of like a toggle.
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    its really bad when enemies seeks to CE arena but its ok for leafies to run in hosp even when they in combat? atleast u have to be OFF combat to get in the CE arena @Tekkey Hinodemaybe consider as well getting the leaf hosp bug fixed
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    thank you @Briareos ♡♡♡ as for my choice for the best medic in nin... hm... there's a lot of great ones but i pick @Tekkey Hinode (︶ω︶)
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    I think something else that could be a factor in people quitting on the kage, is that it's losing it's charm being the 10th+ kage in a village. We're at 15th Kazekage now, and most of the players currently, have no clue who the first 7 even were Although, I don't agree with some of your points, since each village is run and build differently (e.g. monarchy, anarchy). So not all the villages are gonna be popular just off that reason alone. One option, could be a mid-term election. So after 3 months, you can decide if you wanna do the full 6 or stop your term there. Idk...
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    I'd like to suggest some love for this jutsu, currently it's used (rarely!) is a crescent combo by STR weapon users. But what do we get from it? Some damage and add bleeding on the opponent AND get self stunned which allows us to get punished easily. What I'd suggest is, make it snare the opponent (come on, we're literally piercing them) and nerf the self stun to half a second. This jutsu has great potential as it's a 35 str requirement. It can become as useful as a lighting spear or a water lash which are greatly used for skill shots and combo additions, or even cancels. The tooltip description also mentions "charge"? If it was supposed to have a cast time or it used to have, by adding snare/stun or anything might as well add a cast time which will balance it out.
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    There were easily around 20-30 accounts, many of them level 1 academy students, botting away at the casino. The addition of the casino missions opened player's eyes to how profitable this method of ryo farming is, and as each day passes the number of accounts continues to grow. @Ueda if this remains unchecked, it will continue to pump ryo into the game's economy, causing certain players to have massive hoards of ryo. Thanks for reading and I hope it is looked into.
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    Changed Chakra Points cost of summoning Ninken and Snake to the same as other summons at later ranks. Removed Dodgeball Event NPCs as they are no longer necessary and were being abused to escape fights. Removed Knockback from Crystal Fan basic attack. Improved AFK/Botting Check on Tanzaku Slots to first explain the situation before asking question. Fixed bug that allowed for Ieyasu to spawn outside of his bounds. Fixed visual mapping bug on Striped lake. Fixed a missing collision block on "The Forest Exit" map that allowed for tiger mob to spawn out of bounds. Fixed mapping bugs on bottom left of Mist village, including one that allowed for players to wrongfully enter Mist village academy. Fixed broken Mist village Chunin Exam arena entrance allowing non-Mist ninja to enter. Fixed Mist RP Mission NPC information dialogue saying "find 2 other leaf village ninja".
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