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  1. Most players don't get to experience instance bosses like Kumorui or Manda at all. There's not much info about them, and when you finally find out they exist, you've already exceeded the level cap to enter the instance. And in the case you do know about them, it's extremely hard to find a team. This is suuuch a waste of resources. Both bosses are extremely well made. Detailed, and with new mechanics ( which is something we dont usually see with most Mobs ) There're a lot of solutions//Alternatives to this. Removing the level cap, but: Making the boss accessible once a week / every X time. A key is needed to enter. This key would be either craftable ( 200 venoms = 1 key ) , or a reward from X mission? The Mobs inside would modulate to the level of the player with the highest level. A lot of players also are expecting dungeons to be added in the future. Turning these instance bosses into mini-dungeons would be the easiest way to do so, while , at the same time, enhancing the experience a lot. Something like: We already have everything in-game to make this possible. The doors locking//unlocking after completing a floor, are already on Sand's academy, for the final exam. Turning this into a mission ( Completing the Dung ), could reward the player with a new title & such.
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  2. Like the title suggests, there should be an alternative way inside the Sand and Mist village. Similar to Leaf, you must remove all the village seals to gain access to a specific room. This can be tied to the seals mission to gain access to a secret tunnel that leads into and out the village. This will primarily focus on lowbies trying to sneak into Sand or Mist to do their daily mission without having to deal with enemies guarding the 5 tiles into a village.
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  3. So currently certain organizations have no upside to them outside of having bases in certain locations. Compared to other organizations this is a turn off to join the organizations because they lack buffs or perks and some even lack uniforms. My idea Yakuza - 0 cost for spawning in tanzaku since they control the town and reduced prices there when purchasing tools and gambling. Some kind of black suit pr uniform if possible or a new tattoo cosmetic. Hermits - Hermit Organization members should gain the perk of not popping up on bingo book even when they have a bounty since they are hermits and option to spawn in hermit base. Hermits should also get the Hermit Headband removed from coupon shop to be replaced with something else and make the Hermit Headband a purchasable clothing item for members of this organization.
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  4. TLDR: Merge both client's, even if keeping separate databases, allowing people to log in through the same downloadable client and website. Showing ping if possible. Disclaimer: This is a solution that will not alter much for the Global players, but a lot for BRs. Also, I'm aware this is technically way harder than it looks for the average player, but worth the effort and risks IMO. This suggestion aims to bring both communities closer, and bridge the gap we currently have in versioning, where most of the files have to be localized with each new update, ending up creating a very dissonant gameplay experience. For those in the Global version that are not aware, here are some of the differences we currently have: No minimap, no enraged mobs, different balancing, still on halloween event, different UI, etc... What I can assume is the version from at least 2 months ago. From what I've gathered this was always a cat and mouse situation since release, and even if it may feel already known by the staff, I wanted to make this suggestion to the issue be known broadly and help voice the BR community, cause a good part of them don't speak english nor visit the foruns regularly. I can understand that with this changes eventually we can have more players switching from A to B, and this can help both sides to have more players regularly, what seems to be wanted by everyone nowadays. Attached a rough sketch of how it would work, cause besides that the rest is not very visual. I've added the Ping part cause I could foresee most people creating accounts and not grasping that they are in the furthest server if not indicated, so maybe preselect based on ping by default, and then let them chose. I could also add a suggestion to eventually merge the database so players can seamlessly log through servers when they want to gather with folks in other regions, but I believe that would go against the Ideas section guidelines, so want to reinforce that this is not the thread for today, only to merge the game clients/patchers. Hope everyone who agrees can push a vote here so the staff can see how this is desired.
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  5. Dot cure Clears dots like poison bleeding and burning. regen time booster. The target doesnt have to wait for 30 to regen. Much like a bench but you're a medic. People sit on you anyways so.
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  6. Isnt much of a change but its a nice idea
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  7. Believe this has been brought up before, but over the past few days I've been trying to help new players and directing them to NPCs with missions has been a struggle when I'm not there to bring them directly to the NPC. I think some sort of identification for missions would help a lot of people in the long run. They dont have to be directed to use the Wiki to find available missions, they'll be able to stumble upon these NPCs and understand right away there is a mission available. If it could scale when available that would work even better as well. (The identification only showing up for a level 18 mission once you hit level 18, rather than it showing up and the NPC telling you to return later). If possible, I think something similar to how World of Warcraft handles this would work well. This can even be used for the daily missions desk, and once you've finished dailies and they have no more to give, you wont see this question mark above their head. In World of Warcraft, as you progress through a quest you're directed to your next point of interest/NPC with an exclamation(!) mark. I dont think that is necessary for Nin Online, but I do think the initial identification for NPC's that provide missions would go a long way in helping the game.
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  8. Hello everyone, brand new nin here looking to learn the ropes.
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