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    Hello!I continued my clan banners and now I made 2 for each leaf clan, in case anyone wanna decorate their profile cover photo. Feel free to use them. Each clan is represtented by a color, but they all share the similarity of using a forest as a background, cause Leaf village I also created leaf village ones in case someone is not in a clan but still want to use a forum banner:
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    I just finished the Land of Iron mission with the help of appa and ana primal. Doing the tower mission was the worst nin experience I've had, and I have been spawn killed by eight year olds in takumi at 2 am. Having finished it, I would like to address a couple things. When you finish the mission and trigger the cutscene, you are bombarded with flashes of white each time a new npc comes to "help." These flashes of white are actually legit not ok. Many games have seizure warnings for this kind of thing, and there is no warning for this. Your eyes just get combo'd for no reason. I suggest just removing that flash. Give the npcs the flicker animation to come in. Easy and simple. Secondly, the robes you unlock should have more colors, and the first one should be free. You just did all this work for the entire village, all the samurai you killed (800. I repeat. 8.0.0.), the two insanely op bosses, all the ryo spent on coming back, and you are rewarded with slightly more exp than the bounty hunting mission, and your choice between a blue, brown, pink, or teal robe AND it costs you 22,000 ryo. I think there should be as many color options as at least the 35,000 ryo jacket. Give us the option for a black robe, red robe, orange, purple, yellow, at least please . As for making the first one free, that's not as important. It really should be though considering it's supposed to be the Chief's gift to you. "Thank you for saving all of us and doing all the tasks for us, I'll now let you spend 22,000 ryo for one of these four robes." It's kind of like slap to the face to be honest. Lastly, the bosses themselves.... You have to cheese these bosses. You cannot have a cool normal fight with them. There is absolutely no reason they should be able to flicker to you, stun you, then one shot you. You cannot create a build that doesn't get one shot. Kanye West said it best, no one man should have all that power. Well, two men do, and it is not cool. The other thing is health. These boys are BEEF cakes. You could make them stand still and do nothing and it would take one person 10 minutes to drain their health, probably longer. I'd suggest making the health less, and damage less. It still has to be a boss, I don't want them to be glacier bear tier. But hey, maybe reduce the damage per hit to like 700 and not 4000. And decrease their health by like 1/4 or 1/5. And I know I said lastly, but pls those rooms are so small. Why so small? If nothing else, pls I want to buy a red fur robe ;-;
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    Good morning to the entire ninonline community. I would like to propose to the ninonline staff team to create a bank for the players. A bank system would be very good because as you have been around for a long time you start to run out of space and have to choose between which things to keep in inventory. We can take advantage of this bank idea to give more importance to having the premium, why? very simple being premium you can have more slots in the bank than a person who is not gold. I think I speak for almost the entire ninonline community that we would like to have a banking system like almost all mmorpg games. @Ueda @Erox
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    I'm offering cheap nin credit for the community since long time and doing it to support poor ninja and either to collect some ryo for myself But this days players around buying from me and than sell it to you 1:1. Next time you might consider to buy nin credit come directly to me i'm offering 10 nin credits for 8k don't be a fool and buy it 10 for 10 from a reseller. That's all what i have to say cheers stay hydrated and fk Rain.
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    Heyo its me again with another suggestion. We all know pardon/exile abuse is a thing, many of us have experienced it on both ends. Sometimes its to take raid points, sometimes its to prevent villagers from raiding, sometimes its to get a free tp to village places, doesn't matter what it is, what matters is that there are easy ways to prevent it. Now the first suggestion I wanted to post was one suggested by @Mana on Nin discord. How about we make it so that there's a cooldown on exiling/pardoning for about 24 hours. Meaning that one has to wait 24 hours to get pardoned if exiled. My second suggestion is something that I came up with personally, and that is to make it only possible to pardon people in kage offices, this encourages roleplay/kage meetings and prevents any form of exile/pardon abuse from ever happening again (hopefully)
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    idc to whining about it. First of all he managing to play 2 rp of a ninja. one as akatsuki leader wm/med (Already broken) and the second one that he recently joined sand to upgrade the meta masteries he already have to sometihng even bigger. He doing the same progress again just to hold crystal fan. The man doing Risky > melee > p scalpel > tool > shadow shuri > e kunai Since he figured out that he can make himself even stronger so he joined Sand and i see him lvling jutsus on gd like a nerd. I don't care to whining about it, I never actually like this guy he looks cool but he always searching for greatness and trying to lead and be the top of the communication skills. I calling out for Rory to give attention to many posts that been asked for nerfs recently. Yami's post deserve to give more attention. I assume by many players thoughts the conclusion was to make the Scalpel on a silence effect.
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    good work finna be using those soon
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    Dear Ninja, We're happy to announce we're finally opening up testing of a "secret" project that we've been working on for awhile now. For the past few months, we've been working on rewriting our Nin Online client in C#, which will mean the end of the era of Nin Online running on an outdated engine. We're dubbing this update... Nin Online Inochi Which is not a new game title, but just a temporary alias to differentiate between the old Visual Basic game client (and era of visual basic server) and the game moving forward with a modern codebase and renderer. Eventually when we depreciate the old client, we can throw away this distinction. But for the time being, when reporting bugs for example, please do include which version of Nin Online you are currently playing! The significance of the word Inochi means life and I like that with the new client we can finally address key quality of life improvements, as we're in the middle of rewriting the entire user interface system. We'll also eventually be adding some more ninja lifestyle features like owning houses and organization houses, which would not have been easy with the old client. Although right now, for the most part, Nin Online Inochi is meant to be a 1:1 recreation of the old client, it still comes with numerous improvements from minor bug fixes to major features, here's some changes... Zoom & Target Following Camera Options In-game Settings (Including Keybinds) Other cool changes so far Important notes We are discontinuing support for 32-bit OS with Nin Online Inochi. As much as we'd love to support the small amount of people still on 32-bit Windows. We are looking into how we can get it working again, but we recommend trying to install 64-bit Windows if that is an option for you. It is still currently rather buggy, but the amount of improvements that this new update brings is worth letting new players try using it to see if they are able to withstand the bugs in order to enjoy all the benefits it provides. This includes much better performance and even possibly consistent latency/ping due to better handling of incoming network packets. Some users have noted that some anti-virus softwares don't like our new patcher, this is hopefully addressed by having the game install with admin rights, but if it isn't, you might need to manually update the client if it says it's outdated. We will continue to support the old client for the next few months, but once the new client is ready to have complete features added to it, we will have to discontinue it in order to progress further. Hair colors are significantly altered in Nin Online Inochi. This is temporary. The reason it's appearance is different is that we're using a new method of coloring the hairstyles that is much more performant and allows us to add many more hairstyles. We intend to make it so you're able to choose ANY hair color on the RGB spectrum in the future.
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    I personally would like to see a Sage Mode added (Similar to Int Medic's Curse Seal) except as a universal jutsu similar to Sensory, but something like this would require high stats and i think instead of basing it at say 80 chakra to use it, it would require two or more stats such as 80 Chakra, 50 Agility and 30 Strength to access and use it. That way its really an option for those who would want to use it verses everyone having it just for the buff. As far as Tailed Beast's and Jinchuriki, I think a whole system would have to be made for this to work. Something like, only one Jinchuriki (Per tailed beast) can exist at a time, the buff has a long CD and upon death/faint theres a 2% chance of the tailed beast being released (Similar to Will Of Fire Passive), further on that, if the tailed beast is released the now ex jinchuriki would have a much longer BI or rather a stronger Debuff related to BI rendering them in a very weakend state, (This would replace the whole... Jinchuriki's die if the tailed beast is released) Other things to consider, Global Announcements when a Tailed beast is Sealed/Released. X Player from X Village is now the X tailed beast's Jinchuriki. Those players would become top of the bingo book or given a special position in the bingo book (Like a special Page or something) Only People with the Sealing Jutsu would be able to Seal said beasts into players or themselves if the jutsu is mastered. then we would have to come up with some type of combo jutsu system because some NOT ALL of the most powerful sealing jutsu in the anime relied on either killing/sealing away apart of yourself (Reaper Death Seal) or Sealing a great amount of power away after preforming the jutsu (Five Elements Seal). and i mean combo jutsu as in two or more players use the same jutsu on the same person to speed up the process, For example, Reviving someone usually takes a good 10 seconds or so. so if two players were using the revive jutsu on a player it would take 8 seconds, then 3 people it would make it 6 seconds and finally with 4 people if would take 4 seconds. and of course combo jutsu's would be limited to 4 people at once. Idk all in all its allot to think about and i could keep going but this is definitly a good topic to think about and how it would work in the game realistically as content instead of just adding more buffs.
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    Laws Section Important: These rules are not meant to be absolutely literal for every case scenario, there is no such thing as black and white for a proper and fair system. When a complicated situation arrives, the administration and LMPF are encouraged to discuss alternatives with proper judgement. As long as crimes are defined as “in-game” and do not break the game's terms of services, breaches of these laws will be investigated and enforced through RP with the LMPF. Each of these rules have a range of severity, this may escalate from a simple jail to a whole strike or even an exile. Instant strikes are only issued with the agreement of the administration. Multiple jails may trigger a strike upon LMPF and Council/hokage’s decision. Rule-1: Do not kill or attack Leaf ninja, Peace listed ninjas and pardon trial subjects. This includes manipulating the surroundings like luring a jonin or mobs towards them. This rule won’t apply in agreed spars and it loses a lot of weight in random Free for alls. Rule-2: Aid must be provided when a fellow leaf ninja is in danger even more when you can make a difference. (However, there might be situations where a fight is lost or that you have a mission such as docs/survey, or other exceptions, in such cases report the enemies to the discord, every case will be treated differently through investigation but never leave our comrades to die when you could have saved them.) Rule-3: Is prohibited to help considered enemies to the Leaf village in the following ways: Healing and reviving. Giving them a flicker shortcut on purpose. Tag teleport. Supporting them in battle against Leaf. (This is instant exile.) Rule-4: Respect and follow plausible orders from LMPF, Ranked, Council and Hokage. The hierarchy in this case is Hokage and council>Jounin>Chunin> Special Jounin and LMPF under working conditions. Rule-5: Leaf Ninjas must abide by the conditions set by LMPF or the administration when there is an event or alliance with another faction. Rule-6: Deceiving, manipulating and lying in a LMPF investigation is severely prohibited. Rule-7: Any type of toxicity is prohibited in the Leaf Village and can get you punished, striked or exiled. (Extreme and continuous cases of toxicity should be reported to a GM as well.) Rule-8: You are free to use a mask within the village although is not encouraged, any request from LMPF or Rankeds to remove it should be obeyed. Running away and making them lose their time can trigger or escalate a punishment. Rule-9: Obey ANBU member requests of not following them unless you have the same destination by coincidence. Rule-10: Do not scam or steal any Leaf Ninja, PL or pardon trail subject.
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    At level 100 bosses will hit you so hard, you will be losing stat points
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    Change the last answer on the test from "suck it up its a harsh world" to "suck it up, its a harassing world" Cheers, 6ix.
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    I figured I'd share it here
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    Hey everyone, As you all know Yuan is banned from the discord for nin online permanently. I think this is a bit unfair, as him and izana had a history of joking around together and then all of a sudden he was hit with a permanent ban. He deserves a second chance, he has put a lot of time and money into this game. I am sure he has learned his lesson now after being banned for so long. He brings life to suna, he will probably be a kage soon. It would be detrimental to the lives of Sandies if our possible future kage is not able to discuss freely with other ninja as being in the same server is one of the best ways to dm someone on discord. Please support the cause!! #FREEYUAN
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    I think the biggest issue is that all this effort is worth like 2 days of VMW2s (3 a day). It's the reason I'm not really looking forward to doing it when I'm 50. All that grinding for 2 levels seems underwhelming to me. Toad and LoI are supposed to be questlines that take you through 30-40 and 50-60, respectively, not a bunch of missions that give as much exp as normal dailies, only 10x harder and time consuming, for a total of 2-3 levels and then back to dailies. The fact that LoI came so long after 60 cap was released and pretty much everyone was already level 60, from doing 50 cap missions, makes it even more underwhelming. Makes me wonder if we'll have to do the same dailies when 70 cap is out and have a questline that feels more torturous than rewarding. Level 1-60 takes roughly 2 months (for me at least), and if nothing changes in the future, if we get lv100 cap it will take a literal year to level 1-100. We'll probably still be getting Daimyo express at level 99, too..
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    Ay hello! Was kinda thinking that a "barber" npc or something would actually be a pretty nice addition to the game. (ofc it'd cost ryo)) I dont find it something illogical, lore-wise talking. It'll obviously only be the basic hairstyles from the char creation screen and maybe a hair dye option (ofc only for the ones that bought the object). Having to either hide your whole head or reset/create alts just for a simple hairstyle change feels kinda weird lol. It'll also give more outfits combinations and ideas for most people.
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    And dont forget the fact that Akatsuki would be involved with capturing the Tailed Beast, there would have to be some sort of system for that. maybe we could make it a Major event every time akatsuki captures all the tailed beast, theres a war or some kind where akatsuki members are given a great buff of some sort and have to fight every village. Or even get the raid points in on this, lets say with this buff they have to cap all raid points to "Take over the world" idk it could be really interesting to see how it would play out and this is all just an idea so anyone is free to share their toughts!
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    Bank and Auction house when??? Oh 2030? No problem me and the boys are waiting for the filler arc to end !
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    It's better if we call it a storage instead of "bank" but let's go a step further and force people into a danger zone by making this storage aka "ninja shed" that one random house with a random NPC in it left of snow wolves. Unless that dude is for some future-old-content I'm not aware of. You know, forcing people outside of their village and all is always a good idea.
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    The secret to solve all the world's problems Rework gf Nerf/rework crystal fan Make scalpel a silence Remove cc from lvl 10 pipe n fan
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    12-14 kills is way too much. DZs are empty for most of the day and then people start going out in big groups. The fact that you start getting these missions as early as like level 30 or whatever is ridiculous. How is anyone below level 50 supposed to get 14 kills (besides teaming up with level 50s, or killing alts - both of which a new player is unlikely to be able to)? Especially with all these safezones and level 10 and below not counting for these missions. For the amount of exp you get, compared to missions that take WAAAAY less effort, it's just not worth it.. the required kills should be lowered to like half. Also, I'll use the chance to remind that VMW missions' exp was lowered as a temporary fix to an exploit, which was fixed a long time ago, and the exp was never reverted. We had a new level cap added after decreasing the exp you can get from literally the best daily mission available. It just makes leveling slower than it already would've been if VMW hadn't been nerfed.
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    Regardless what other people say. This LoI quest shows that most people “skip” doing it which is mean it a failure as a developer if you planned this LoI thing to be a main quest. And Slifer is right about the boss mechanic, if we dont change it now. Perhaps in the future we would have a boss with 1m HP meanwhile our jutsu hits like 200 damage. Furthermore since the boss can 1 shot you, so i guess the next boss will kill you twice
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    ikr I hate the rebels tbh i don't want their title. appa and I tried to murder them in the village lol
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    Congratulations! The winner of the 2nd half of March is @Adarya! All submissions after 15th March is considered for the next round.
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    As one of the Asian players, I could actually feel the significant improvement in ping/latency when using the new client. Thanks so much to all the developers and GM that made this happened.
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    I agree with Hageshi, the exp on the missions should be increased and maybe it will be ideal if the hp of the bosses along their attack power is brought down a bit. Each LOI mission should at least give us the exp of that of vmw2 and the starters that are a bit easier like "Guarding the barricades Part 1/2" can give vmw1 exp, it's supposed to be a quest-line like toads that should at least boost us 5 levels(including the experience from the mobs) I actually also want another hp nerf on kuraken, it's just too much hp to be brought down, even with a dps group and agi tai/med, it takes 35+ mins to bring it down including a chakra medic that heals us like a bot without stopping. Dear @Ueda
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    Hey there just another Legendary Ninja doing legendary things with a challenge for you all!! Lately in discord a few vets have been saying lets lock Fans/Pipes to the respected masteries and a lot of people disagree with that suggestion. Why do they disagree? is it because they need the crutch to stand a chance in the world of Nin? is it because they have bad aim and can't land any jutsus? You don't have the answer do you? Hell I don't either but any who. The challenge is if you aren't a Wind user or a Water use try fighting without your weapon and try to get better at the game as a whole. Right now these weapons are carrying some of these ninjas and down the road you never know what can possibly happen. They may become mastery locked or they may receive a higher requirement. All I know is Ninja AKA JunPachi is not a Bubble Pipe user and he's from Mist. He's a Wind/Fire user with no Pipe relying on pure aim and skill and is enjoying every minute of it. Be more like him...Don't rely on meta!!! Meta Changes Will You?!?! #Noweapon
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    Ainz talking like he 1v1 the boss but we all know he needs rain/boo to save him
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    For a Greater Future, Long Live to the Revolution Greetings, sovereign people of the Leaf Village, here I inform you what how the future of our nation will be held. After so many years fighting for the freedom of my country, with my good friend @Jiroubou, better known as the leader of the people, and also with my other friend the @Ryutekzu, better known as the hunter of villains. After so many battles with the rebel Z warrior movement, we managed to overthrow the dictator @Atrane supported by the imperialist Takas. There were many sacrifices in this battle but all who fought will be known as martyrs of the future, peace and REVOLUTION. Here some historical pictures of the events: First of all we will start an egalitarian system where there is neither the rich nor the poor, we will all be equal. I will create a system in which all the resources of the people of the village will be stored in the treasure and we will distribute them in equal parts, (absolutely not suitable for me). There will be no more injustices and differences in the quality of life since we are all human and here I will expose the rules that will allow this wonder to take place. We wont be known as the Leaf Village anymore. From now on we are... The Republic of the Leaf This will be our national flag from now on as well. I expect every leafie to salute our symbol of independencee and freedom every morning. Constitution Amendments Amendment 1 Address the Commander: From now on I am not known as the Hokage, I will be known as The Commander in Z Esty. Failure to address me correctly will be severely punished. Amendment 2 Illicit enrichment: If we catch you with more than 10k ryo, we will arrest you and seize your properties for a fraudulent act of enrichment. Amendment 3 Freedom of Speech: Defamation against the egalitarian sovereignty of my mandate is not tolerated, any breach will be sanctioned with jail in the sewers. Amendment 4 Revolutionary Industrialization: Any attempt to create your own business is sanctioned, all industry belongs to the government. Amendment 5 Trust Mandate: Any attempt or sign to betray the REVOLUTION will result in execution, betrayals are not tolerated. Amendment 6 EQUALITY: Human rights will only apply to intrinsic followers of the revolution and peace. Amendment 7 ABSOLUTE ORDER: Obey any command from the Commander in Z or the Generals, failure to do will result in jail in the sewers. May peace order be restored and avoid tyrannies and injustice with our revolutionary insight for a better future. Here are some of the deeds of our hero Ryutekzu the villain slayer fighting one of the Imperialistic villains in Atrane's regime. This battle will be remembered, The downfall of @Dairuto the villainous villain. (Colored, Ryutekzu Guevara defeats the villain of villains to overthrow Atrane's dictatorship)
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    Regardless of how easy or hard it is, a boss shouldn't be made by design to be cheesed. That makes zero sense gameplay wise. You should make bosses able to be reasonably accomplished by normal means.
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    I've been killing these bosses since the 3rd day of Land Of Iron release and I haven't had any issues with them. Stop crying about it and trying to make it easier.
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    Barber could be a gold sink as well. We have a shitload of premium hairs which are very interesting and blink blink, so why not let the BASIC ONES(the ones in char creation) to be available at the barbers? make it cost like 5-10k ryo or something. I dont see a problem here at all. Hell even make it 7 days temp.
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    Hey I have been thinking of an idea for BI and hospital beds. My proposition is if you are lying in hospital beds, your BI would go down twice as fast. It would fit with RP since while you are lying in the hospital, you would be resting/being treated but if you are out and about fighting and what not while injured it ticks down regularly. This would make it a little nicer for if you are just trying to wait out your BI to continue playing but also still prevents people from BI warrioring during a raid on your village as you would have to stay in the hospital for it to be in effect. It is a simple change but would add a little quality of life to waiting out BI's and fits well with RP I think.
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    Slept on village with a slept on Kaze!
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    Part of bandit questline
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    For anyone who missed the inauguration ceremony of esty I recorded it so you guys don't have to worry here ya go!
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    Only OP on Bubble/Fan/GF + WM. These will be balanced against Advanced so we'll have to wait and see. In the mean time the drops are rare, so unless they drop ~10 of them before Advanced it shouldn't really swing the balance of the game. This game isn't just about 1v1's. Snake gives a really cool suggestion. Almost everyone agrees instant disable on Autos from tools/weapons is too strong, more so when the stat investment is small. Having a Stack system for applying Status Effects from tools/swords will reward consistency and good gameplay. Instead of a Fan knocking back on hit, each hit applies a stack, 3 stacks applies a knockback. Stronger fans/pipes might have a 25% chance of applying their effect instantly. Obviously it's easier to apply stacks with a triple-hit fan, but a good fan user can't cancel every single cast-time jutsu like they can now. This way the Claymore can have a strong effect and damage but a slow attack speed, making it harder to build stacks. Meanwhile Twin Fangs has a weaker effect and lower damage, but faster attack speed to apply the effect. Claymore is still stronger, but not in such a bland/vertical way.
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    Fixed bug/exploit for warping from "End of the Valley" to "West of the Valley".
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    It's not easy coming back... here. To the place where it all began... Where they decided to take.... everything from me. ... I do not return here to satisfy my desire for vengeance. That is a hollow goal. Today... I return to where it all began... to serve Justice.
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    This right here. If you got real low scaling or some other negative aspect, Rory puts in another effect to make up for it. The new Kyuketsukki katana is strong, but the str requirement on it means you have to drop your other mastery so I think it is balanced. Obviously, Fan/wm, Bubble/wm, and Gf/wm are the exceptions (all of which are op). Those complaining about GF/Wm the most also have to realize out of the three it will be the only one that won't get Advanced. Fans are stronger than the swords because their hit counts for more than one, cancels, jutsus, and hits from a long range. Fan-> tornado-> combo or simply just spamming fan+tool. Swords cannot combo off itself as it only slices. All in all, Kuraken sword looks like it multi-hits and does crazy damage and Bostaff looks like it does too much basic damage for a high damaging int user. (This is looking at purely stats and not gameplay) Fan's triple hit and/or low str requirements should be adjusted. GF should definitely get reworked. I do not think it is OP by itself because it is something you can run from easily outside of tournament staged 1v1s. Ever since the vacuum nerf, it has always been the 1-2 combo. It is very boring. Pressure point sucks hardcore with bi timer. The swords are fine imo. Kyuketsukki has more agi stats and 120 str requirement. It's only the select mastery combos (Fan/wm, Bubble/wm, Gf/wm) that might need to have some caps on it.
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    Been working on this fun little pilot today, so I thought I'd share it with you all. Hope you enjoy!
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    @Gilgamesh Don't you dare talk to my wife like that or we will be having some problems.
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    Just put Poison Scalper to how it was before, no stun with it's old hitbox, and done
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    silver for antar
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