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    It's me again! Trying to get more female outfits and hairstyles, like always. So in my mission for Rory to give us more female items, I decided to create outfits based on female characters from "The last" Movie/anime. Zoomed out: Bonus headband
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    This is a Summary of the first Military Police Summit. With Mist Military Police Force, Leaf Military Police Force and Sand Military Police Force in Attendance. The initial idea of the Summit was to bring forward ideas to improve the current Military Police Force Organizations. I will list all of the Suggestions that were presented during the Summit as well was the Solutions that were agreed upon or the conclusion to the talks. Topic 1: Genin are unable to use the Jail Jutsu. After a lengthy discussion and multiple suggestions being presented. All 3 Chiefs agreed it would be best to place the Jail Jutsu based on Title in the Organization instead of Rank in the Village. Chief, Deputy Chief and Captain ranks should be able to use Jail Jutsu regardless of Village Rank. Topic 2: Lack of Buff for the Organization. A lot of good ideas were presented here as well. Arm band with a buff, Badge with a buff, Adding a buff onto the clothing all came up. But Ultimately all 3 Chiefs agreed a passive buff in the Village Territory should be applied. Leaf's Territory is everywhere around the Village down to Dark Bridge. Sand's Territory is everywhere around the village until Katabami Bridge. Mist's Territory is everywhere on the island until Land of Water Port. Topic 3: Additional Item/Jutsu. The Mist Chief Kyoho suggested a Tazer or Baton, or a restraining Jutsu. Sand Chief and Leaf Chief shut the idea down and Disagreed to it. The consensus was that the Jail Jutsu is fine as it is. However it would be nice if the Jail Jutsu unmasked people and the Prisoner could not put a mask on while Jailed. Topic 4: Accountability and Record Keeping. The Suggestion presented was to allow the board in the Military Police Office Building to be intractable, To be permanent records for Military Police Members to be able to access. The board will be record of everyone Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned, and who Jailed, Exiled or Pardoned Them (Including if they escaped Jail). When someone is Jailed, or escapes Jail an Announcement would appear. Similar to Zoomy was Jailed by Pyrox or Pyrox Escaped Jail and Left the Village. This will stop Military Police Force members from being able to abuse, and they can keep a record of who was made rogue or brought back into the Village. X was Exiled By (Kage) X was Pardened by (Kage) X was Jailed by (Police Force Member) X Escaped from Prison and Left the Village Jail logs and the announcement should also ignore masks for the sake of Record Keeping and Police clarity. Topic 5: Redesign of Police Uniform. All 3 Police Chiefs agreed this needs to happen. A lot of great ideas were thrown around but the main Solution was to have a Male version with full Pants, and a Female version with a skirt. The colors for all the villages should be changed to: Dark Blue for Leaf Males Pink for Leaf Females Brown for Sand Males Red for Sand Females Light Blue for Mist Males Dark Purple for Mist Females Topic 6: Build in Payment / Salary System. Leaf Village and Sand Village both already had their own payment system within their Organization. Mist suggested a Daily Mission where they Patrol their Village for 100 Ryo, However the Summit had gone on for awhile, and it was agreed to talk about a solution to this another time. If anyone would like to add to this, or give more suggestions please feel free to add a comment on this subject. Thank you all, to all the Military Police Members who attended the Summit. I'm glad that all 3 Police Forces were able to Discuss these issues and I hope we can continue to work together to make the Organization have more meaning.
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    Hi everyone, This is an idea that's been running through my head since I started playing Nin and I finally feel comfortable enough to share it with you. It's a very radical idea, and probably is nowhere near close to being something added if ever but I still feel like I need to get this off my chest. "Life skills, professions, skills" Whatever you want to call them Non-Combat skill-trees is a concept that could be very interesting in Nin. As we know, all three villages are at war. But, why are we at war? Right now it's just "You're not in Village X so I'm going to kill you" We get waging war missions but we don't really have a reason to be at war in the first place. My idea is to add 5 Professions to the game: Mining Fishing Lumber Cooking Metal-working Three "Gathering" Professions (Which would consist of acquiring resources) and two "Artisan" Professions (Which would consist of using the resources gathered to create usable items by players) Let's develop each Profession: Mining Mining would be a profession that consists of gathering Metal from resource deposits which could then be used in the metal working process. Higher mining level would allow you to mine better minerals as well as mining previous minerals faster. As sand is a desert like area, most resource deposits would be around Sand areas, Dangerzones like: Big Scarabs Cave and The Puppet Area would have more than the average supply and rarer minerals. A new additional area that could be added is a quarry south of the big desert which would have a lot of the best resources, but this is in a high activity area and enemy ninja would be expecting people to be mining here. Fishing Fishing would work in a very similar way to Mining, fishing for fish in specific spots, which could then be cooked into edible fish using the Cooking profession. Higher fishing level would allow you to catch better fish, and catch fish faster. Most points of interest for fishing would be in Mist, with dangerzones having more fishing spots/rarer fish. The hotpoint for fishing could be an extension of the island between Kraken and Mist Going to a map downwards making the island larger and having fishing spots around the island. Lumber Lumber would allow players to chop and gather wood from trees, which can be used in both the Cooking and Metal Working Professions. Higher level Lumber would allow the player to gather better wood, and chop wood faster. Most PoI would be in Leaf, again Dangerzones having more resources than the norm. The hotpoint for Lumber would be either the Chakra Forest itself or a Lumber yard map on the east side of it. There could be a major point of interest south of the Akatsuki Cave where there are Fishing spots, Resource Deposits and Rarer Woods. Cooking Cooking would consist of cooking the fish gathered with the fishing profession, you would use the wood gathered in Lumber to power the stove and better wood means less chance of failure. Cooked fish would restore Chakra, Health maybe give slight boosts to skills. In order to remove competition with oil and chakra pills they could be nerfed or removed? (I am not sure how to handle this, feel free for any suggestions) Higher cooking level would allow you to cook better fish, and have less chance of burning. Metal-working Metal Working would work in a similar way to cooking, One would work the Metal gathered with mining into usable tools and weapons. Wood gathered with Lumber would power the Furnace better wood means working the metal faster due to achieving higher temperature. This could allow for more weapon variety, to compete with the store bought weapons and tools either they could be removed completely OR a formula could be instated for example each level in Metal-Working would give a 1% bonus to damage done with a tool compared to a store bought one and the same would go for weapons. (So if the highest Metal-Working level was 50 a level 50 tool would do 1.5x the damage a normal tool would do) Higher level Metal-Working would give that boost as well as simply allowing you to make better weapons, and tools. Just to reiterate, any villager can work any profession it would simply be easier for a Leaf Ninja to train Lumber for example. I think this addition could really add some political intrigue to the game, as well as just allowing players something to really fight for it would give players who don't just want to fight eachother something to do and be known for "Oh so and so has the best fish on the market" etc. I want to thank anyone who's made it this far and please please I am open to any ideas, I know this is a long ways off if Rory even sees it but I genuinely believe this could be an extremely interesting thing to see in Nin. Gilgamesh.
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    Added Stash Button to User Interface, you no longer need to access your stash through Gumi. Stash now has scrolling for people with way too much cash items! (Thank you. After 7 years we finally have 2 people who have a full stash!) More GM Event System Stuff Events can now have Minimum Level requirements Events now have /eventwho command to check who is in the event, was previously available as /eventplayers Reintroducing Cloning Technique (Lv.4) - Now available in scribes Cloning Technique had a really bug that caused jutsu with burn or poison to burn/poison random players when a clone was killed with that jutsu. This took awhile to fix, but now that it's fixed we can add cloning back. Cloning Technique also increased duration to 18 seconds across all levels. Fixed Melee and Sword attacks being inconsistent, sometimes not registering damage (Fans and Pipes still a little wonky) Map instancing improvements Fixed village MOTD and Orders being reset on server restarts Fixed clones not being able to be attacked by enemy village ninja unless PvP was enabled. Fixed bounties not working from above updates.
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    After a long year and a half, of constantly being killed, of constantly lagging, of constantly being booted from the game due to internet connections, being told to quit Nin, being told to reset I've finally done it I'm level 50....something to be honest, I didn't think I would hit at all....but i did it. Even though, I went through this game basically solo, I still got to encounter many many new generations come to Nin and soon surpass me... Even despite being alone in Nin, I still couldn't have gotten to where I am, without all of you guys out there who helped me Weather you be Leaf, Sand, Mist, or Rouge, you guys really don't understand how grateful I am to all of you. Tho my biggest help, by far, had to go to the Hayashi Clan, they really kept the support going, kept me strong Thank you all though, all of the Nin community, no matter who you are or how you treated me, I love all of you guys... And so, i will continue on my path as that peaceful medic from Leaf, lag god extraordinaire. Hope to see you around, ~Tea Drinker Shinra
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    sand has many advantages which make it like a fortress and impossible to do the mission especially for lowbie these following are the point which I think can make it a more balanced and bring it equal levels to other villages -> samurai drink, where -> this is a lowbie mission for LVL 10 but it requires you to go inside the sand village and take the samurai drink and then return to village I think this mission LVL is flawed and it should be a higher level mission. no danger zone -> sand has danger zone that's true but very few and no one comes there because the mobs are present there can be found in the safe zone behind the village which makes the danger zone of sand empty so going for a hunt in the sand is just a waste of time while mist and leaf lowbie get killed in their danger zone I recommend to either increase the danger zone in the sand or give mist and leaf good mobs in a safe zone as sand has. changes to gd -> it's near impossible to do a survey at sand its gd is short and ppl can see your survey bubble and there is nowhere to hide while you do your survey, unlike leaf and mist. narrow entrance -> i suggest adding another entrance like how leaf has or makes the gd a bit bigger because it makes it so easy to set traps on like you can fully cover it in taps in 15 sec which makes it impossible to leave. sand has the best passive to do mission and the best farming spot for lowbie so I don't think asking for these changes is bad or wrong in any way
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    After I made the "Better Future" post, I decided to create a discord where all ninja who supported the original post, and want to form friendships with other villages are welcome! So now I am making this post to summarize our first meeting. Today we held our first "official" meeting in the Land of Toads. We started by forming a circle, symbol of our un-official organization, the Shinobi of the Round Table and we discussed our future. We didn't have any plans at the start so we decided to do some practice with friendly fire. We created teams consisting of ninja who were from opposing villages. It was really dangerous since everybody could get hit by their teammates, but that was practice for a real war. After we regened from our injuries, we decided to do a tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Where Kyreno smacked everyone and Hageshi suffered. In the future, we will be organizing more meetings which will be more RP based, but I believe this is a great way to start! Thank you everyone for coming! @Krait, @Prado, @Emiya @Kyreno, @Kyoji, @DeadZoom, @Leiting, @antar86, @Hageshi Date, @Roei, @Double, @Skouri,@MAdara01, @NIghma Date, @Sanshouo, @Zukoo And the best part was... we decided to celebrate by offering a peaceful sacrifice to the lord of the summons, it was fun (well...not really for me .-.)!
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    Locking this and putting a statement to the constant hate towards the game that has to do with Advanced Masteries not being out in 2020. Advanced Masteries is not and has not been on the priority since shortly after posting this development log. We have infact, created dozens upon dozens of new jutsu that will one day be implemented, but nowhere in the near future. Advanced Masteries was something I thought would be important in 2017 to early 2018 because players were hitting max level cap and running out of things to do. I soon found that the task at hand was way more than could be reasonably done without postponing more important additions to the game. In the years since, we've added hundreds of pieces of new content, entire new villages, features like Summons, Clans. We've remade our entire game server and are currently focused on remaking the client for the long-term sustainability of the game's development. It is simply dishonest to claim that the game and it's staff have been slacking in pushing updates when we literally have a patch notes that lists most of the changes in the game. When we first posted this development log, we were at page 7 of the Patch Notes. We now have 28 pages of Patch Notes. We have 21 pages of updates in there for people to see what we've changed/added/fixed in the time since this was posted. As it stands, I still don't have any ETAs on when the features that are listed in here that are not yet released will become a priority again. Plans change. You will not see them released anytime soon, but I can promise that just as we've been putting out updates constantly for the past 2 years, we will continue to do so, more features and content will be added. They will not always follow the public roadmap, and especially not the one from early 2018, but it'll always be what is most important at any given time.
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    Damn if I had known people have been trying to implement it, I would've check the code commits and pushed the update. That's unfair. How about mention a list of things that we've added without ever saying we would or putting a dateline on them? Advanced Masteries was a stupid thing to shoot for when there wasn't content being worked on for Lv 50+. Stop bringing up 2018 like as if there's been no updates since then. OP: Thanks for the suggestions, I do love the idea of professions. There is a bunch of other stuff bigger on the priorities for now, but it's something that I've wanted to add for a long time!
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    Who would've thought I'd be a famous Ninja Now that I've said that haters gonna be triggered Soon enough we'll see I'm silver Soon their blood we'll be pouring down the katabami River. They be acting like snakes S/ O orochimaru Y'all been on nin so much ya got roaches in ya room And I'm still dropping L's I been sparring at toad, you suck and can't land your vacuums I mean let's check the road not a leafie by himself Bogdan and lone always crying for some help They say I'm Baguette carried yet I made clout by myself I feel like I'm Jim Carrey bro a man on the moon If you ain't spar me then you can not assume That you can beat Gilgamesh Now come on and take the test Boy it's the latest trend Drop "L's" with your eighty men That ain't how you gain respect In fact losing what you had is bound to be the main effect Discord, weekly @ Sand Empty, leaf packed Mist Morgue burdened , G G clapped Sand Empty, leaf packed Discord, weekly @ Sand Empty, leaf packed Mist Morgue burdened, G G clapped Sand Empty, leaf packed
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    Yo yo, I'm not sure if this is possible but, it would be a cool fix to "Will of Fire" in its current state. I think a damage meter or bar would work great with "Will of Fire". 1) Filling the "Will of Fire" Leaf symbol would increase the chances of revival by up to 20% on top of the % that already exist. 2)Leaf ninja would fill their "Will of Fire" Leaf symbol by doing damage to enemy ninja or mobs. 3)The "Will of Fire" Leaf symbol would always be draining, back to the base %. 4) Where ever the "Will of Fire" Leaf symbol is filled to upon death, determines the % of Chakra the Leaf Ninja would revive with upon Will of Fire's activation.
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    Added Gold & Silver Ninja Exclusive Emoticons! 26 new emoticons as a gift for being a donor even when there is so little benefit to it! Type /emotes in-game to see what they are. But here is a preview of some of them!
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    The rank does not matter when it comes to abuse. A genin can abuse it, so can Chuunin. You are making very little sense. The jailings are typically recorded in Police Discord. If there is a problem with jailing, the one who is being held against his will can always start a dispute by either adressing his Kage or Police General/Chief. If he proves that his jailing is not justified then the one who jailed him can either lose his job or receive a strike. That's how it is and how it should be done, the suggestion they brought up about the jailings being recorded automatically and held visible to everyone via interracting with a note on a wall, would only help the whole situation and make it easier to monitor.
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    It's still good to provide ideas to determine the future for the game. Simply coming here to bash his topic idea doesn't help at all.
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    Sand doesn’t have enough danger zones that is true. Scarabs and big scarabs should be DZs. Boars too, every maps that contains mobs that are level 10+ should be a DZ. As far as the entrance, there is ways too cloak in. But cloaking out is a whole different thing and I get why it’s so difficult but the chances of it being changed are low to be honest. I had a Mist alt and stop leveling it after getting Samurai Drink 4/7. I also think it shouldn’t be written when you’re surveying. It makes no sense RP wise for the enemy to see that you’re surveying as if you were yelling it out loud for everybody to know. Great post
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    Before everything this time ima say like i said before i dont do Nin Rap so i might do one more but thats it (Just depends on how @Gilgamesh responds) After this im down to do a few features for real songs just hit me up! Ight first, hats off to ya, You had the balls, to try ta blast off with it, I gotta say that its better than the last 3 songs, That I heard you in, you finally put words together cohesively, but all that means to me, Is your hurt, and its deep, And you need to be, on the top, cuz the feeling like you're losin at your own game, is taking a toll and, we can see it, I can see it, they can feel it. When you're tryna correct me, I know what I said I'm just flexing, This was only meant for fun but, Since you're really tryin, I think, This ain't really fittin, my link, You really wanna go for blood and, Push it, testing what the boundaries, Will let you get away with, nah G, Ima let it go this time, But know there were a couple things, I gotta point out so its written for you all to see, All too, See me knock you down, Ight rocky but you still, just a clown, Yeah I'm signed, there's a reason that, this crown, Is always shining when I'm bursting with, my sounds, Cuz I gotta get like I never got it gotta get it now, Guess I'm over here, just making rounds, Homie you don't know me I'm not giving discounts, You're gonna pay the full fee, or get bounced, get bounced. Boy you fucking with an oddity, Ima put you on a spiritual odyssey, Until its hard to breath, and your lost at sea, The only thing that's left to feel is in your fantasy, Then ima take that too, You were never ready for this push part 2, I only did it cuz you asked so nicely, So fuck your Frosty, ima go and eat this Icey. First shots, a warning don't play Second shot, just might seal your fate, Third shots, to make amends I'm leaving you to the blood spatter paint. This only ends in one way, Never gave a fuck what you say, Until you brought my daughter into this, Now I'm seeing red with distant.
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    I don't think we're going to allow that anymore. BUT I can tell you a new music note emote is coming! EDIT: Added!
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    @Ueda, the Rat Kage's jutsus often hit people even when you're out of range. Jutsus like Lightning Current + Senbon can break sub even when you're out of range and get you killed from it's melee.
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    I can think of how exiting could be to give more meaning to the war is held between villages, like a village trying to secure an mining/fish spot area for themselves, and economy in the game being much more complex and real.
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    After listening to @Ueda and @Serias talk about the vision of the game and the amount of effort that went into implementing the Hidden Mist Village and the Hidden Sand Village me and my friend @SpellWiz started brainstorming ideas and a village layout for the Hidden Cloud Village. This is what we came up with, because Rory and Serias appreicate any playermade content that could contribute to future development and success of NinOnline Basic line-art of cloud village layout I imagine use of flicker pads and bridges to traverse the village Exclusive Passive: Body Flicker range is increased by 2 tiles. Decently balanced mastery. Similar to Sand's perfect cloak. Due to the Cloud Village's structure, it's ninja have adapted to traverse the large gaps. Exclusive Combo Mastery: Laser [Water / Lightning] Ninja from the Cloud Village have passed down techniques that utilize Storm release to create focused lasers. Exclusive Alternate Mastery: Cloud-style Kenjutsu [Weapon Master] Agility-locked sword(s) with agility-based weapon master skills. Can use strength-based weapon master skills with the cloud-locked swords, and vice versa. Agility and strength-based weapon master skills share respective cooldowns. Any cloud-locked swords have lower base-damage than current swords, but higher attack speed. Level 10: Cloud-style Backlash Slash Free-aim-based skill. Charge and perform an upwards slash, interrupting casting jutsu on-hit. 1-2 tiles directly in-front of the user and 2-1 second standing-running cast-time based on level. Level 15: Cloud-style Reverse Beheading Free-aim-based skill. Spin instantly, dealing damage to all enemies within 1 tile. 1s - Instant cast-time based on level, 1 tile radius in all directions. Level 20: Cloud-style Riposte Free-aim-based skill. Users swiftly lunge forward creating an extended range of up to 3 tiles. 3-2 second running cast-time based on level. Level 25: Cloud-style Afterimage Strike Target-based skill. After seemingly splitting into 3 from the intense speed, users instantly move in-front of and attack their target up to 3 times instantly. 2-1 second running cast-time and 3-7 tile range based on level. The user briefly appears surrounding the target on all sides except directly behind them, and any spots unavailable reduce the amount of hits. Level 30: Cloud-style Deception Beheading Substitution-based skill. The user feigns Substitution Technique, preparing to counter. Before receiving an attack, they reappear right in-front of the attacker and launch a counterattack. Level 35: Cloud-style Crescent Moon Target-based skill. Makes the user instantly move in-front of their target and widely slash, creating a large crescent shape hitting all enemies within 2 tiles on all sides of the user, except directly behind. 2-1 second run-cast and 2-4 tile range based on level. Exclusive Summons: Drill Bird Walk/Flicker. Lunges forward to attack head-on with it's beak, creating an extended range. (2-6 tile range based on level) Not as ugly or huge as Pain's monster. Baku Stationary/Target-facing. Pulls in all enemies in a cone-shaped radius. (3-7 tile furthest-point range and 1-2 tile knockback towards summon based on level) Not as huge as Danzo's monster. Or a simpler elephant. Exclusive Organization: Kinkaku Force 5 Members. Aimed to be a heavy team-play based squad. Bashōsen (Fan): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Random large-scale element-based attack is released on auto-attack. High damage, as well as effects based on element. Cost 100 chakra per-cast. Gives 25 intellect. Kohaku no Jōhei (Pot): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. On use, pulls target towards snared user. (Think 1 tile knockback towards the user, 2 tiles if target is below 50%) Consumes 100 chakra per-second. If a target is touching the user, while below 20% health, they are killed and instantly sent to their hospital and counted as a kill for the pot's user. Gives 25 fortitude. The next three are a testament to the "team-play" design of the organization Kōkinjō (Rope): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Upon the user successfully landing an auto attack on a target without "Word Soul Leak", "Word Soul Extract", "Word Soul Seal", nor "Word Soul Sentence" debuffs, 100 chakra is consumed and the target receives the "Word Soul Leak" debuff for 30 seconds. Gives 25 agility. Shichiseiken (Sword): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Upon the user successfully landing an auto attack on a target with "Word Soul Leak", 100 chakra is consumed, the target's "Word Soul Leak" is removed and they receive the "Word Soul Extract" debuff for 30 seconds. A linked, targetable and invincible, "Word Soul" mob is spawned at the location for the debuff's duration. Gives 25 strength. Benihisago (Gourd): Weapon-slot item with jutsu-on-basic. Only with a "Word Soul" mob as a target, on use the user pulls the target towards themselves. (Think 2 tile knockback towards the user) If the target touches the user, it is unspawned and whomever it is linked to has "Word Soul Leak" removed and receives the "Word Soul Seal" debuff for 30 seconds. After "Word Soul Seal's" duration you receive "Word Soul Sentence" for 30 seconds, during which you are pulled toward the gourd's user. (Think 2 tile knockback towards the user, 3 tiles if target is below 50%) Anyone touching the gourd's user while under the effects of "Word Soul Sentence" are killed and instantly sent to their hospital and counted as a kill for the gourd's user. Consumes 50 chakra per-second while pulling anyone. Insignificant chakra results in the inability to pull "Word Soul" mobs, as well as no one with "Word Soul Sentence" being pulled in. Those affected by "Word Soul Sentence" are only pulled while the gourd is equipped. Gives 25 chakra. Cloud Village is years-away content, and I expect literally nothing to come of this post besides simple chatting. For most things I have given example cast-times, ranges, etc. but more balancing would be required for any actual implementation. The organization items may sound a bit OP or over-tuned, but compared to puppets/ssm I would defend the suggestions. Specifically, the 3-man combo items would require 100 chakra each and 30 seconds to execute 1 person, which a 3-man squad should be able to do easier than using these items. The theory is 3-man comboing the healers and killing everyone else. Also, the Gourd user would be a target the entire time to stop the effects of "Word Soul Sentence." There's also the village layout; according to the devblogs, round buildings are especially tough...that's the entire village. Flicker pads is a personal preference, as I feel that it would be cool to traverse the village that way. Based off the basic line-drawings, a pure conversion to pixel-art and mapping wouldn't be possible, but the ideas are there.
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    Ight before we start please note, none of what I'm about to say is meant to be hurtful, I got real love for Gilgamesh haha but he called me out, so now I gotta call him out. Okay. Hey Gilgamesh, you wanna talk about how I came to you for features. Bruh you put out one diss track that I kinda liked, and thought fuck it Ima give him a try. Let's see what's he's got, but unfortunately it seems that was a one off for you, don't get me started on chiefin'. Yeah Are you ready for some lyrical combat, Its gone leave your body weak, like you forgot that, Syllas been on top, now where is your respond at, Its probably tied up in your basement, cuz it knows that, it's a fact. That I've been there and done that, ight you dissed me but for real this a come back, I ain't talking about no "where is the love at", So I'm gonna put it down, here's your thump back. Ey, alright now, sylla fuckin with it, ey, Hahaha, Yeah Do I really gotta get like this, Spiteful, vengeance, burnin to, a crisp, Put you in a, Full Nelson, to, dodge my hits, when I get, when i gotta get, lit, like this. Gotta keep drivin, gonna keep vibin, Gotta just dive in, cuz my whole lifes been, Flashing as I'm drivin am I gonna crash, that's a hyphen, and I've been. Pausing for a minute, I've been feelin like a villain, and I'm caught up in the middle of it. That damn event was nothing, sand was toughing, sure they talking but I'm loving every second of it. Now I'm the one to the blaim because I tried bring the same event that rory did with seripak, wolf and kenock were there so why am I the only one to get the shit end of it, fuck it, chika chika, fuck it. So I just let it blow away, that war event was not my day, I told yall this was just for play, I even held events that day. Ha. But enough about me, gilgawho? Bruh you new, ya far, from an OG. Ya Pampers are moldy, you don't even know me, seripak might have to jump in to save ya from old me. Out with the new, in the old, clone jutsu, make them appear, like they were cold, Nin rappers, gonna get hit, and zipped quick, ill put you in a body bag, stiff and blemished. The mortuary code, witness, the finish, the money shot, will leave you with, convalescence, I had to do it gilgy, this is the essence, of everything I love, and been in, I AM THIS. Psych, what you thought I was done? You probably thought, that the hook was gonna come, hopeing that the massacre was over and I'd probably bleed out on the rug? You think you're little 16 bars were tough? And what? You probably thought i took it rough? Bruh my 4 year old daughter could probably call your bluff, While eating a. FROSTY! Damn sylla how you gonna put him in his own diss track, now you cant dismis that, And its facts, thats I asked him for a feature but really, that's his ass, cuz I'm good enough to solo, I'll end it like Aztecs, 2020 gotta go, I'm not fucking with nin raps, this gone be the only one so. Let's it be done and be done fast, Syllas coming with the vocals, a touch of cerebral violence, and allot of "I don't know bro"'s. now I really need a drink, cuz gilgamesh has gotta go. "Bro". My GM Mode, takes over when I'm doing events, What you don't know, is everything this name represents. So I don't owe, you anything I'll just circumvent, Ill intent, malicious quips, gilgamesh, cant get on. (This) What I mean is, Youre Banned, from rapping haha. Seven.
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    While I like the idea, I think simply adding that this bar would fill your chakra half of what the bar was at. So full bar=half chakra would honestly be more than enough. and 20% on top of the already 20% seems like a bit much. Maybe 10%? But that's just my input.
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    Imma just get some popcorns
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    As an LMPF Colonel I just wanted to give my 2 cents on all of the topics discussed. Topic 1: Agreed, no complaints. Topic 2: Although our organizations do have a strong base on protecting our respected village, I feel like any buff that isn't extremely minuscule (5 in a stat max) would be a bit much considering there are organizations that are already in place to tank any incoming raids. Topic 3: Although slightly cool, an org weapon wouldn't be anything more than a gag and isn't really necessary, someone consistently avoiding jails should be reported to GMs anyways. Aside from that, like discussed in the summit, it would be neat to have another jutsu other from jail that could remove masks, or "soft jail" where someone couldn't use PvP for a while within our territory. Topic 4: A public record of punishments given and a way to check your RP strikes would be a very nice addition, and also give people a reason to check into the LMPF office. No complaints with this idea either. Topic 5: To start, not all police chiefs agreed that this "needs" to happen. As talked about, it might be a little neat, but uniform updates aren't really needed at all. If any new cosmetics were to be added into the game, I would more want more utility belts/items like the sand have in one of their shops, but in a different color for each village. (Also gendered outfits for police members sounds really dumb in my opinion, and if you want a uniform with a skirt, just don't wear any pants with the top.) Topic 6: As I said brought up, the LMPFs payment system works extremely well to bring both engagement and a competitive spirit to our org. To add new missions just for a relatively small org would be a bit of a waste on the devs time. In my opinion it really isn't that hard to farm the ryo it takes to give out our payments for each of our members every month, and if it is too hard, I would say a donation system/org bank would be a good addition. (To give an example, 14k ryo total was given out last month in the LMPF, all payed for by the Chief himself.) All in all, the biggest, and maybe only change I would want is LMPF ranked based jailing, it would come a long way in enforcing the laws in each of our villages, and generally the only people complaining about it being abused are the people actually causing problems within the village. Otherwise, as discussed in Topic 4, an ingame punishment log/announcements system is the other thing I would accept with open arms, and I can't see anyone really complaining about that. - Thanks for letting us meet together and discuss, Fleabag.
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    I don't know when I first got adopted into the Baguette family I do remmember the first one I met was Ryujin, He told me to come to Sand when I was wondering what village to join. See the thing is, they didn't really help me at first except answering a question here or there. They wanted me to get a hang of things on my own. So I did, and when I reached a level where I could help the family as much as they could help me. They took me in with open arms. When I say family, I mean it. They really are a family, Freezehud and Ryujin are brothers they were the newest addition to the Baguettes before I joined. Then there's Tetsuya, nobody knows much about him besides that he's the only actual French Baguette. Vaga pops in now and again, he seems to be the most passionate in the group he was the leader of the SMPF and he's put me as acting chief while he's away. Sparkzz is known as the lightning god, I've never seen someone move as smoothly as he does in combat it's like watching an artist at their craft. Lumy has the title of Anbu leader, he's the man with the silver tongue which unironically made him a silver ninja. His Brother Mylu used to hang out with the Baguettes, but I never met him I sometimes wonder if they're the ones that got rid of him. Then there's Dona, he was the first of the Baguettes with Sparkzz. People don't call him Don Dona, They call him King Dona, with a capital K. He's a self made man, he took all of the baguettes under his wing, he has it all fame, wealth. power... He always knows when to join voice chat and when to cloak out. Aizen and I joined the family at the same time, the guys an idiot but we love him anyway. I don't know where this life will take me, but I do know that I'm surrounded by the right people.
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    First off we aren't forcing Rory to do anything do you even understand what the word suggestion means? Second off you sound like a kid crying out for attention either add something to the actual discussion , keep blathering on about how YOU feel about this , or keep your beliefs to yourself and stop posting here. The only person who has input that matters in this discussion at this point is Rory these are just suggestions he doesn't have to add any of them to the game if he doesn't want to we are just trying to find and suggest ways to solve actual problems that affect all MPF branches and giving our suggestions to Rory sure we probably don't need a payment system, we don't really need recolored uniforms either which is why they are so low on the list compared to something that really matters like jailing being based on Organization title over Village rank. Adding a way to then make those who use jail accountable means that mpfs can see whether someone is abusing something and then act accordingly(Removing their Rank, Removing them from the Organization entirely,Exiling them from the Village ) we also aren't asking for GMs to be involved in anyway shape or form we are just asking for a way to make jailing accountable on a similar level to gm accountability however the mpf accountability would only be seen through your respectful village. The jutsu unless you can't read was turned down by 2/3 chiefs which would if anything make it not a suggestion at all and just record keeping over the fact we discussed it and don't think we need it. What we need is a way to see peoples names who are masked because you can go make a medic alt buy a mask and start reving and healing people from your actual village in enemy territory with no repercussion to yourself if there is no one on who can jail you and even if you are jailed you can still have your mask on meaning you won't get exiled this exact thing happened in Mist Village at 3am EST when no Chuunin in mpf is on so nothing could be done over the matter this also happened right after the new rev bubble so we couldn't even setup to kill the guy who was getting rev'd once the rev went off. Honestly doubt you'd even read any of this and you'll just keep blathering on about how YOU feel and that we are forcing Rory when Rory can make all of his own decisions for himself on how the game develops. Like I said these are SUGGESTIONS- an idea or plan put forward for consideration. Aight thanks for coming to my TedTalk I won't be replying to this post again. MMPF Officer Yashagoro
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    One of the bandit bosses named Reain does a instant Wind Barrage 3 times in a row dealing 200 damage, iv'e seen that her tornado has been nerfed ( that's what i was told ). With the 3 instant wind barrages dealing 200+ damage each, It makes the boss nearly impossible to kill solo. Can we please change it to 1 wind barrage instead of 3 bursting out after each other.
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    @ExiledKyoho beating students with wooden sticks wasn't enough...now he want a taser and baton all in all love the suggestions and keep up the good work.
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    Say I got no heart Hate me since the start I see lowbie noobs, I'm still on my guard Village going bonkers It's the downfall arc I see lowbie noobs, I'm still on my guard Looks like I'm a star It's the Baguette art Roaming alone in the morning in the Chakra forest Hoping for more bounty scoring though I'm not the strongest Hopping on Nin happily holding hokage hostage Dropping dead bodies their dedication was so short lived This is the path that they'd thoughtlessly and gladly chosen Negative Nay-sayers not making me neglect focus Cut katana through their clavicle before they've spoken Shirokata skinning ninjas alive Ramsay bolton Movement like a lion I am moody I am quiet I'm unruly when I'm told to wait in line to fight a titan I'm a knight in shining armor, nah I'm lying I'm a ronin I been roaming throught the forest it's too bad I can't ignite it Not a thought on my mind, like a crashing waterfall I'm the creature in the night, they been making horror of Stronger for it percieving it from a business side Precautions protect puny peons from my homicide They wanna die, always talking 'bout B I Always wishing they were fly But they still playing med/tai Man they must be mental To think that would work out But man to judge, who am I? I still haven't got that crown Say I got no heart Hate me since the start I see lowbie noobs, I'm still on my guard Village going bonkers It's the downfall arc I see lowbie noobs, I'm still on my guard Looks like I'm a star It's the Baguette art
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    Finally, the legend himself speaks out
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    i agree 100%... sand has the most advantages in the game. the narrow entrances makes it so difficult to get in and out of the sand maps if you're an enemy. fan is also busted atm, and when crystal fan gets added to the game, fan wind is gonna be insane. i made a post in the past about how advantaged sand is, but rory either didnt see it or ignored it
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    More GM Commands to help them better facilitate events Added GM command that allows them to warp all ninja on their map to them. Added GM command that allows them to get and check and set how long before the event starts after announcing it. Increased maximum amount of players in events. You now have +1 Jutsu slots at level 55 and 60. Fixed amount of Jutsu slots displayed. Fixed Toad Village Arc ending with saying there are no summons yet.
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    That artwork is fire asf I hope they add that, we need Naruto "The Last" clothing for my boy @Naruto
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    Erox talkin' bout wanting some smoke Except for the fact that he only does it when he's in G M MODE It's been 40 minutes I been waiting at toad Silly superstitious trash If you wasn't staff I wouldn't even waste my time on your ass Dona teaching how to spar on his so man why you ain't been in class Don't need fame to have class Man it's great we can see who got bars who can rap Please don't come here with your caps We all know you Mist before you a G M Another rapper tryna get clapped Asking for feats in my D M's "Uh it's my e-vent my rules, don't like it leave" We did You worse than what you did to Ben and yami Ya dig? You preach and preach it but between you and me there's a gap and it's immense They said that those that can't do, teach I guess that those that can't spar, host events
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    Ight ima have to do it to em now
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    Yeah professions sounds good, i agree. Just because. We already have PvP, and tournaments. If that is continued and tournaments are held. People are killing each other. That part is good. Now we need more things for people who love things in mmorpg like PvE, Profession chilling. (This fishing etc etc. Gathering.) Also maybe some new way of using which you have gathered. These new weapons are good example of it. Also many bosses out there. To throw your computer from window for losing your mind of not getting 1% stuff.. Things like these are nice now to add more. For PvE, and gathering people. Now that PvP if not talking about balancing. Is okey.
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    Oh no idea. If I had some ideas I would have posted them with this. But if someone could come up with something I'd love to hear it. Off the cuff though: Maybe revisiting jobs already in the game and make them more dynamic/rewarding? Make a teacher/sensei profession, Maybe revisit how people earn Chunin as there aren't many in game, or revisit the requirements to be a sensei. Make a way for medics to earn ryo, maybe by allowing them to be hired by other villages, or making alchemy a thing? Make bounty hunting more dynamic or mercenaries. I like the idea of metal work, aka ninja tools, being in game. Maybe diversify that idea? Like metal work, paper craft, etc.
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    Indeed even I had to drop a sweat while beating this imbecile creature.
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    I was trying something new, but I agree it doesn't flow like I wanted it to... I was recording this instead of getting ready for my first day back to work lmao
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    So we all know the villages like to raid one another right? Riiiight One problem with that. There is no real strategy involving the maps. I suggest that we get maps that can have more than one route to enter. Think about it this way, as things are right now, when people raid, its about 2 things, the amount of numbers a attacker or defender has, and who is more patient. He who enters first dies. We all know it because everyone likes to go to the entrance points and spam their AOE attacks right there for anyone unlucky enough to enter. Even when cloaked its certain death. It would be cool to see some kind of maps that would make Flanking possible which in turn would also make people strategize better in fights. It would also make it so people who are trying to avoid fighting when returning from recon missions to take the less used route or long way around. Hope this idea is well liked and maybe incorporated in the near future. Hope to see you around Nin ~Tea Drinker Shinra
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    What you're failing to get is you come off as a hypocrite also 100% cap as I would farm your bounty as you tried killing the same person over and over, again what I'm saying is mist is mostly DZ's so you benefited from bullying lowbies and even after bullying them, they didn't quit. Granted we had people to handle you, but I digress. Making kills count in SZ won't hurt lowbies but would help them get WW done quicker.
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    Are you serious? I'm not even gonna read this, you harassed and killed mist lowbies 24/7 and they rose up to clap you from all the harass. This won't ruin the game at all as evidence of you basically spam killing lowbies in what should be a SZ also didn't you quit? Not saying you can't have input just wondering.
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    There should be second entrances to every village. Leaf has the sewer entrance. Mist and sand should have the same. I see no problems with this, especially with sand having such narrow entrances to their gd and village.
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    Tanzaku Quarters A non-ninja village located in the west of the Land of Fire. It will feature a prominent figure, the Fire Daimyo. This village features gambling mini-games (Slot machines and Dice game) and Missing Ninja and Leaf Ninja will be given the option to use the hospital for a toll. New Maps The Valley of the End West of the Valley End of the Valley Tanzaku Quarters Tanzaku Quarters Entrance Tanzaku Slots Tanzaku Dice Tanzaku Quarters Hospital Tanzaku Quarters Hospital 2F Striped Lake slightly expanded and now linked to the Valley of the End map.
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    Bounty Hunting Daily Missions available from level 21 onwards! Highly rewarding missions that involve claiming a certain amount of Ryo from any Bounty Station. As long as you have ryo to collect it works! You can start killing enemy ninja with ryo so that you can claim their bounties for the mission once you receive it. Lv 21-30: Bounty Hunting I (Claim 20 Ryo) Lv 26-35: Bounty Hunting II (Claim 30 Ryo) Lv 31-40: Bounty Hunting III (Claim 40 Ryo) Lv 36-45: Bounty Hunting IV (Claim 50 Ryo) Lv 41-50: Village's Most Wanted I (Claim 75 Ryo) Lv 46-50: Village's Most Wanted II (Claim 100 Ryo)
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