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    The Leaf Academy has been open now for a week with record attendance from all of the village. With different classes being held on different days on a rotation cycle we can accommodate everyone's needs. Ranked ninja will soon be choosing their very own squads from the students that show up. So for consideration in a squad please make sure you are in class. It makes me happy to see us all coming together in the spirit of our village, learning and RP. Thank you all for the support and as long as you still want to come to class I'll continue coming up with fun and creative ideas to teach you.
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    the title says it all! ENOUGH OF THIS CLAN IS BETTER RESET AND JOIN. Let each player join whichever clan they wish to join! We already get raided daily by sand, mist, missing organisations, and akat on a daily basis, and now its by our own clans! I will say this once and one time only WE ARE LEAF. We are under the same village we are here to help and grow with each other, No clan is better then the other, we are all the same (for the time being) so what difference does it make if someone is not in your clan. IT DOES NOT MATTER be respectful of peoples decisions, and acknowledge the fact that they do not want to reset their character and stalking them and killing their mob that they are killing is not acceptable at all. Please do not ruin other peoples experiences in this game by belittling them and making sure they do not level at all. This has become a growing issue among the new players belonging to the Sasayaki (I hope I spelled that correctly) nearly each one I have came across has shown this type of behavior one that I do find offensive BE RESPECTFUL and accept how other people would like to play! Advise them on what you believe they may like to do, and accept that not everyone wants to play the way you want them to play we are all different we do not think the same and sometimes we never will. Stop the belittlement of new/returning players, Enough of the forcing your will upon each other, and stop mob killing because you are angry. We come to leaf to have fun and enjoy the game. Enough with the toxic rain over the village, If we can't come together and have a healthy community then we will never have fun. (I am aware of the discord channels but not everyone joins them or is honest in them as they become toxic in the text messages.) -Muteki Chiyome
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    1. In leaf, as in mist or sand, we have a chain of command. However, it's loosely enforced and many of the rule breakers are not punished. This is a fault of the culture that has been built inside of leaf ever since Fritzo became hokage. Over time the ranked ninjas stopped earning respect and just started expecting it to be instantly given to them. Also, finding ranked ninjas to be in LMPF is a rarity. Macdom was a great LMPF leader but our council did not realize they would destroy that org by removing him and making him hokage. LMPF's best members right now are genin, and actually unable to enforce any of the rules inside of our village. 2. Unlike in other villages we don't have a true way to teach and train lowbies. Everyone (like in the show) wants to be a Naruto or Sasuke. We need more shikamaru's, kiba's and shino's. This is due to the fact that every single new player inside of leaf instantly starts with the disadvantage of being assumed as an alt. Our current leadership doesn't even attempt to get to know these players or aid them on their journey to becoming good leaf shinobi. A village like mist got to it's current state off the back of someone like @Feinz 's hardwork. I remember watching him raid with mist lowbies day after day, using the power of his sword to benefit those around him. 3. Believe it or not there are a lot of mist and sand mains that are 'disguised' stirring up unnecessary drama or old necessary drama. Yea alts will be a problem but this just comes back to the fact that our current LMPF cannot actually arrest to enforce rules. You have people like @Ichika running around on his Leaf account @Gon Freecss just to talk trash to leaf ninjas. I think that this fear of alts needs to go away, the game is a lot more popular than it once was and it's much more likely that a new player is actually a unique one. 4. Leaf is lacking quality leadership. We have a fair amount of chuunin and jonin bit I see a lot of them afk once they pass the exams. Even worse some of them start breaking rules themself. This is a consequence of the Kuraen bias that has existed inside of leaf since May 2019. Over time it grew and now we are the ones dealing with the consequences. 5. Constant raids against us leaves us with low morality with a bunch of finger pointing as to who is to blame. Not a problem to be raided, do something about it. Train, attend the classes, grind for those levels. There is no motivation inside of the leaf village, our people see anbu with like 3-5 actual active members or they see Kuraen egirl crush #2141 being promoted to chunin over actual exam winners and they see no purpose in striving to be better. So many of our Leaf ninja just have this mentality of not caring and feeling defeated. 6. Many lowbies finding all this difficult have reset to sand or mist with promise of a better life. From what I read in the other two similar posts, it was given. Seeing that our rejects could go on to create strong villages that were once dead should be nothing more than proof of what Leaf should have been able to achieve. Instead our past leaders sat on their hands and expected the culture Sasayaki built to just exist on its own. Now we have to start from scratch and rebuild the village once again. It's going to take time and the proper Hokage, but it can be done.
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    Hey i've been doing pixel art for around 2 years now. I've started practicing on the NIN base after I heard of the game from a friend. I love naruto but I wanted to do some outfits that are more rpg and varied than just the naruto universe. To start things out heres a lich FFXI ninja gear Mitsurugi Akatsuki suit and i'll be updating this post as I make more but yea! thanks and feel free to give me feedback! I love learning and improving so I'll be sure to think about each piece of criticism I've also started working on weapons on the base which I think you guys would be interested in! Bow without the arrow holder (coming soon) Big sword! (I got the idea from MH:W)
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    Hey all, as I only started playing within the last 24h I don't really know if this option already exists. I however could not find it. Suggestion As I started training on larva and dragonflies I noticed how I killed a lot of them behind trees, which covered my sight. Now, I don't mind that the trees take away sight because that's part of the 2D vibe which I like! But. Then a dragonfly dropped a blank scroll behind a tree, and as I am a low level that is worth so much to me to progress. Luckily I picked it up because I just spam C whenever I kill something behind a tree. However, I thought to myself wouldn't it be nicer/cleaner if the name of the item that appears as a drop would be shown on-screen automatically? The same goes for the names of people you meet which could be hovering above their heads. For those who would not like such a thing perhaps a toggled disable/enable could be build in? It would make it a lot easier to identify drops and friends immediately. In short - Being able to toggle 'show dropped item names on floor' on/off - Being able to toggle 'show displaynames above head' on/off Thanks and let me know in comments whether you'd like such text options to be added!
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    So basically my suggestion is to remove any text on top of you visually after you cloak because its very annoying when you were just typing something but then cloak but the text remains on your head.(note: in case typing msg after cloak the msg should only be seen in chat not visually until the end of the cloak.) Additionally, I will like to also suggest removing the text like guard duty or relaxing when you doing a mission after you cloak since as it is now cloaking doesn't help since the huge text bar on your head gives your position away.
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    Who says this? A lot of us say this and see it. Where are you at then are you in village square with the rest of our so called “elites” or are you out near wolves watching over the new gen of players (like myself) are you healing in spiderlings (like some others I have seen)? The reason why you and so many others say this isn’t true these are just allegations is for the one true fact which is your not there! If your talking about oh we will issue arrests then you know what you need to do?! Be there but wait your probably in the square safe behind the buildings while oh look at that our low levels are dying? Get real clearly I can give you all the evidence in the whole screenshots and all that but what is the likelihood that you will do this? If you ya know did your rounds when you are on then you know what I wouldn’t have to posts this. Instead of trying to dismiss this and say “valid” which this is valid but you wouldn’t know because you don’t get out much, take note and make your rounds and help out! I’m not even in the police force yet I’m squashing spats, solving people’s problems answering questions. Do not try to sit there and tell me your going to issue arrests and investigate if you were like dredge hinode and out there making a change you wouldnt be “trying” to catch me in some fake lie, when In fact you should take note of this and ya know do your job. Unless your title is just for show! Because I can tell you this if this was reverse I wouldn’t try to dismiss this (like most people who refuse to face the fact that their power is being challenged) I would ask for the place of incident and go there!
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    WOW.. thats low! UR FORCING HER TO RESET TO SAND?! Let her play the way she wants!
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    Lmao I knew if i came into this thread I'd be living in your head, rent free. #Atrane4Hokage End the Kuraen Bias!
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    So we all know Intelligence base weapon masters specialize in setting traps and utilizing tools as their jutsus. Well the jutsu invisible exploding tag is a tag meant to be invisible to the enemy and everyone else excluding the caster. Instead this jutsu can be seen by everyone and i feel it needs to be fixed. This tag should work similar to how cloak works. It should be completely transparent except to the caster invisible to the naked eye. This tag should also not flash like the regular tags do if anything so its location and presence isn't given. Also Triple exploding tag should cost 1 tag to use not 3. This jutsu is actually 1 tag being used but when combined with chakra and jutsu capabilities it is duplicated into 3 tags. (Also an Idea let Int weapon masters: place a remote detonated tag down the same way you would place an invisible tag. After doing so allow us to hold Alt+__ to explode the tag that allows it to do aoe damage 3x3 similar to shibuki's melee range or wind claw's range but in a 3x3 box.
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    Hi ! A little suggest about the famous fire jutsu Combusting Vortex. To be honnest i think this jutsu is the most usless jutsu on fire Kit. I think a little buff for 1 tiles of radius ( like current for light ) will be make this jutsu fine. Actualy literaly no one is using this jutu. The range is realy too short for the risk to land it. Rory said hi risk hi reward but with this jutsu it's hi risk no reward. Thx for watch that @Ueda Regards Ama
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    So glad to see the academy being a success! Thanks everyone for the hard work!
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    As one of the few ranked ninja still in LMPF, and lately inactive. I'll contribute to make the village a better place for future lowbies. To those alts that come to the village and trash talk i hope you stop being part of the problem and try to be a part of the changes that this village is going through. @Dredge Hinode and @Tobi Suwa Keep doing what you're doing and make the village a better place not for my sake, but for the entire village's sake. As i've played this game for more than a year now i've seen more and more problems the village has been having and eventually ignored it, i'll do everything in my power to try and help the cause. Also @Maj I'll let you know if i need your help in rp's/events involving mist ninja later even though you're my enemy i'll treat you like a friend since you clearly have good intentions for the leaf. I personally don't join these types on conversations because of other things, and i hope y'all can respect my opinion on this as much as i respected yours. (Online school sucks man.)
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    Fix the bug that causes ninja to maplock each other from status ailments they get from mobs. Too many times we've been combat locked by this. Recently seen players abusing this by checking where people are grinding and sending a unit to the location. Definitely sure this is not a mechanic meant to be here. Someone @Ueda @Emiya @Erox and anyone on development team. Please and thank you.
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    Due to some unforeseen events, the remaining of the festival shall be hosted tomorrow, starting from the Senior exams. Some screenshots from the festival...well only two for now..I'll take more tomorrow.. Enrollment Exams: CTF: I managed to finish up with 3 more events today..here are there screenshots.. Senior Students' Exam: Fishing Event: Mist 20-40 Tournament:
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    I'm not one of the elite just a man with a job of protecting the village and it's territory. That being said when I'm not helping our low lvl Genin with missions I'm constantly patrolling back and forth and eliminating threats as they arise. As far as the allegations (which I doubt are false) of fellow leaf shinobi telling others to reset clans. I think you should send me those screenshots so i, as co chief of LMPF, can start issuing the jail time. A lot of paperwork but crimes need to be held accountable for and the toxicity needs to stop. It will take awhile to make arrests and jail the offenders because I'm not yet a chuunin but we will handle it here at the LMPF. Thank you for the heads up @Chiyome
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    Today i got Surveying the Sand Village Enterance, read description and went to Sand to do my mission. Everything was cool sneaked away from some Sandy died few times to bears. I met someone before enterance, there are some places to hide there but with HUUUGE bubble of SURVEYING text it becomes impossible because everyone can see your text even if you are cloacked. It supposed to be a sneak mission how are we supposed to do that "sneak" quest? Anyway enough complaining more suggestion. I tested what i told twice so i am pretty sure they can see. I might advise only your Villagers must see that text. On Guard Duty they shouldnt see it or if i am Surveying i shouldnt see they are. @Ueda you said game is mmorpg and heavly based on rpg and everything you try to do is for Rpg, this way we will have more rp. No one have God like senses like "Oh? There is someone spying on my village! He is there!" this. I dont know what will others going to think about it but i would be thrilled if you consider this opinion.
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    I'd like to start by tagging the inspiration for this post @antar86 and @Senketsu 1. In leaf, as in mist or sand, we have a chain of command. However, it's loosely enforced and many of the rule breakers are not punished. 2. Unlike in other villages we don't have a true way to teach and train lowbies. Everyone (like in the show) wants to be a Naruto or Sasuke. We need more shikamaru's, kiba's and shino's. 3. Believe it or not there are a lot of mist and sand mains that are 'disguised' stirring up unnecessary drama or old necessary drama. 4. Leaf is lacking quality leadership. We have a fair amount of chuunin and jonin bit I see a lot of them afk once they pass the exams. Even worse some of them start breaking rules themself. 5. Constant raids against us leaves us with low morality with a bunch of finger pointing as to who is to blame. Not a problem to be raided, do something about it. Train, attend the classes, grind for those levels. 6. Many lowbies finding all this difficult have reset to sand or mist with promise of a better life. From what I read in the other two similar posts, it was given. I don't write all this to bash my village, rather, I am pointing out the key problems that, as co-chief of LMPF, I will be focusing on to make our village prosper again. You may think we are weak and squishy but I assure you we will have a comeback.
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    I like your enthusiasm on Roleplay, for I too am working on implementing more roleplay. Me and my friends are going to start up dialogue RP in Kirigakure through a cult-like organization. Creating a 'seperate' server for roleplay is too far-fetched I think, cause roleplay can be easily implemented with the current server. It just needs some people to push it and lay the foundation for others to join. I get why you are disappointed; me and my friends experienced the same at first which is why we decided to make something of our own. It isn't that there is -no- roleplay ingame, but currently it only happens during missions (when people get something for it in return, cause thats why people do the RP missions, right?) or when people earn RP tokens with it during an event or perhaps even Ryo. I think what you were looking for was spontaneous roleplay, at least that was what we were expecting. More dialogues and roleplay activity 'at random'. But well, we are working on implementing such a thing in Mist on our own. I will let you now when we have something
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    I'll come back to the village and make things right, It's sad to see Leaf Lowbies having to look up to someone like Atrane as a role model.
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    Hello everyone I hope all of you are staying safe and remembering to stay healthy and following the rules of your Real life government. Just in case if you do not know me. I am Muteki Chiyome Leaf's silent ninja, well I was the silent ninja and now I am over that and want to see leaf be better then the toxic cloud that is over the village. SO here I am. It has come to my attention that I have seen not once but numerous times that a couple of missing nin on the PEACELIST/PARDON IN PROGRESS list have been attacked with numerous warning that they are on the list. A list that is brought up when we first log into the game. Like earlier today with the case of @Mamadou bah; He showed up in the wolves area and was accompanied by another ninja @Harmony(I believe) and was causing no harm to anyone that was there in fact he was being really cautious of his attacks and not hitting any of the ninjas in the area. Due to him not being a member of Sasyaki (which I will post again for this too has gotten out of hand among the lower levels.), as well as being a missing nin. He was provoked and then attacked for no reason other then what was stated above, and in retaliation he attacked backed killing that ninja who was in the Sasyaki Clan (I will post players name once I see them again) and do to this he felt guilty and demanded to be killed (a request that was not carried out). Moments after the event he was then harassed by @Suuushi for another event that has taken place one that I too was there for. These allocations did not stop even when Mamadou proceeded to joke and change the subject, mentioned sasyaki member returned and despite numerous warnings of and I quote "Dont touch me" Mamadou once again was provoked and yet again killed the player, but with a couple of hits to @Suuushi who went into a fury but then was calmed down. Upon looking into the rules I strongly believe that it violates Rule 13. in the leaf laws which states the following; Do not attack ninjas who are on the peaceful/pardon-in-process list. ( In cases of people attacking a ninja from List because he did not know, it will be given a warning. If you keep attacking one even after being warned, you will be jailed ). That being said (As I know the high levels and chunins+) please read the Notice board when it pops up when you first log into the game, and listen to the warnings of other ninjas when they have stated that they are on the peacelist/pardon in process list. So incidents and people arent falsely accused of things that they did not do. I will no longer sit silently and allowing some of these injustices, and the belittlement of new/returning players to continue. -Chiyome
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    We desperately need more female outfits, so while being bored I created some things. Its one of the few times I attempt pixel art but im ok with the results . And here's the zoomed out version:
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    On the website you show ninja with an umbrella and another with a bow. Hoping that you meant to add them in I was thinking of this: Bow and arrows for intelligent based longer range than tools Umbrella for chakra based - senbon needles fly out in four directions
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    Nice to hear that leaf have an academy too now!
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    We all know GF is brain dead specifically because of its easy-to-land flicker combo. It's different from other flicker combos because it has an instant cast jutsu that is 3 tiles wide, meaning that even if you're running diagonally, it's very likely to hit (sorta like wind claw :I). Some of you may say "oH jUsT sUb iT". The issue with subbing an INSTANT cast combo is that you have to use sub before they start the combo, which means you gotta play a guessing game. If the GF user isn't a complete dunce then they'll wait for you to waste a sub and then flicker you. Subbing an instant cast combo isn't a legitimate response/counter. You can sub something with a cast time because you can see it coming before it actually hits. Ok so why does it matter that something like this is so easy to land? Well, at level 50 a GF user can have 100 str, 300 chakra (55), and 1100 hp (105). The flicker combo consists of 2 damaging jutsus, and a kunai. At 100 str, Palm bottom does 88 damage. Mountain crusher does 97. A kunai does 39. This means you're losing 224 hp off of something that is extremely difficult to avoid and can be cast instantly with little to no risk for the caster. And this is just for people with 100 str with a sorta tanky build. Imagine a GF that has a squishy build with high str who flicker combo's you and then runs for the remainder of the fight. The situation is even worse when you have to deal with a GF/WM that's using some bs like shirokata or bonesword so they passive regen chakra or HP, but that's a different conversation. What can Rory do to fix GF so that it doesn't do so much damage on a flicker combo? Reduce the range on mountain crusher, so that it can't be used right after you're hit with palm bottom. Palm bottom is what's used to start the flicker combo, which is 3 tiles wide (I mentioned above how it's unavoidable). Or, increase the knockback range on palm bottom so that mountain crusher doesn't reach the target right after the user casts palm bottom. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Ueda The community has been complaining for ages about GF. We know its your game and the decisions are up to you, but I ask that you please read this and maybe drop a response to help us better understand the mastery, or decide to nerf it. Respectfully, Senketsu
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    @MacDom can star making @Zukoo chunnin or 12g (the guy win the chunnin exams) and put it in the announcements is a great form of reward the efford and motivate the others leaf players.
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    I agree with you atrane. I started in leaf in 2014 until approximately 2017. Although I went to sand I kept playing in leaf but without being loyal just seeing how leaf was. honestly and this is something that I have to say most of the villages start to create an inner circle for fear of the "alts" and do not trust any. but where else is believed in in anbu, how is it possible that with all the players I see, the kage cannot fill anbu sand and anbu leaf with members? There is a good inner circle within these organizations. They only choose you if you are their friend and not because of your qualities. I think that the kages should be more demanding with the anbu leaders about giving opportunities to people, having active members and having the organization full of members. But well as I always say there are bad times and good times I say it because of sand's experience, we finally have a kazekage in power who cares about the village and who chooses his successor with his head not for being his partner or friend of time . Although it has cost us 13 people, there is someone who did well, but more than half are the cause of Sand being dead.
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    Why Will of Fire sucks Will of Fire is a leaf passive that allows you a 5% chance of getting back up after fainting, if you do not get back up after the first 10 seconds then you won't get back up at all. Here's the problem... It's not useful in raids, 1v1's, or any type of group fights. Why? Because your as good as dead after getting up anyway. You get up with practically 1-2 hit hp and no chakra at all... Will of fire is suppose to be something that gets you up and ready to fight longer. Instead, it gets you up to having to risk your life charging chakra for 10 seconds with low hp. My Solution Simply allow will of fire to get you back up and running with a bit of chakra on you to atleast cast 2 jutsu. If you don't agree please comment why, I just wanna see everyone's take on this. Have a good day
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    Tbh it sounds good on paper but sucks in action. Will of fire happened to me once after we intentionally tried to pop it for about 10 min. It is in no point reliable. Also, it is so unpredictable even for us leafies, that when we get back on our feets, we arent metally prepared for it at all. This passive is non existant in our gameplay. Sands one really is reliable and good.
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    I think Sukki likes Riley by the amount times he's posted these pictures
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    Some chakra would be nice, it's a tease when you get up only to run away and die again.
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    Ya know if I was hokage I’d keep dogs like atrane on a leash
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    Hayashi Attire Concept By: Yousei Reiketsu *Edited May 24, 2020* I was playing around with some concepts lately, After seeing a lot of the clans attires recently being imported into the servers I was inspired to attempt to make something neat of my own. The concept above derives from many vast inspirations. In this post Ill be breaking down each piece while providing additional backgrounds upon what slots are these concepts intended to fill, a brief description of them, as well as a little bit f background upon the process in which how these pieces came to be. Hope you enjoy them. Attire Components
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    Basically, add an option in shops to refill tools faster. Example: SparkZZ has 72 shurikens and goes to refill his inventory. An option "Refill" exists amongst the other choices (Buy 1 tool, buy 5, and so forth). This allows him to stack 200 shurikens in a click.
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    Hello, i joined the game because of the roleplay and i was very disappointed by the result found in the game, people just prefer PVP, farm and things like this. So i didn't loose faith on this, this is why i'm making this suggestion, it would be great to have a shinobi roleplaying server or maybe create RP rules on the actual server to make roleplay more present and respected.
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    Thanks you Konoyokyuseishu.
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    Who says this? I’ve never personally seen someone harassing new players to reset to another clan. Give me names, cause if what your saying is valid, jails can be issued.
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    I got wof 7 times last night in total. I definitely have the will of fire!
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    Thanks! Your Will of Fire is an Inferno.
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    I'm bringing about a change and hopefully some training for everyone in my village. I appreciate all the support, input and advice from all the comments. I will help in what ways I can to make my village great again.
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    how is this inspired by senketsu wdf did he do :pepecry:
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    I'm THE Wolf, your just an impostor
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    Hello Ninja! My name is Wolf, I'm the new Developer working on Nin, My jobs currently consists of remaking the software powering Nin Online and then further upgrading it! Some of you may already know me, and may have even played on the new server I made.. The new test server which as I write this is online and fully playable, Is a completely rewritten server built with modern development tools. I wont go deep into the technical details about this now, But basically both performance and stability will hopefully be greatly improved, but most importantly it'll break us free from limitations placed on us by the old engine which is extremely dated. We plan to replace the server application as soon as we can. However an exact date is unknown as of now, as we have a few more issues to work out. This upgrade will not wipe any existing data, don't worry! The plan is to install this new server without affecting the game in any way besides improved performance initially, and then further improve it from there. If that's all old news to you, that the server is being remade, read on! This development log is actually not just about the server. We're also going to be previewing the new client in development using the Unity Engine! The new client is still heavily in development, but already has improvements from the current one. Some Clips: 7c40cfc8ecc51bd89b2bbb13b6413e3a.mp4 122c47da0c2fb868afbd46bb9a678085.mp4 122c47da0c2fb868afbd46bb9a678085.mp4 Some Pictures: Looking at these images and videos you may think its just a weird stripped down version of Nin Online, and that's kind of what it is at the moment. It has a long way to go, But this new client already includes some things the old client could never do, No spoilers But the biggest thing we've noted, is performance! This client idles on around 300+ fps on my machine in Leaf Village, to give you an idea just how much better that is, the old client runs at 40-50 fps on my machine. That being said, not everything is loaded at the moment. So whats done so far? It may look simple enough, display some graphics, make a character walk around, but this isn't what the client is doing.. The client can connect to the server, Load all the server data, see Maps, walk around, attack, See other players, see NPC's, fight NPC's, see animations and effects, and some other minor things. There's still a lot that isn't implemented such as NPC Dialogues, Projectiles, Chat, Inventory, Hotbar, Targetting, Jutsu and all the menus just to name a few. So don't expect this client to replace yours any time soon. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! Regards, Wolf
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    Some experimental balance changes based on player feedback Bubble Prison Snare increased across the board by 0.5 seconds. Crescent Moon Dance and Crescent Moon Beheading Technique now cause Bleed II status. Crescent Moon Beheading Technique large damage increase +10 on all rank. Other Sword Jutsu damage slightly nerfed by 1 on max rank. Crescent Moon Beheading Technique cooldown reduced by 5 across all ranks. Crescent Moon Dance Technique cooldown increased by 5 across all ranks.
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    I hope that you know just how great this Base Sprite is. The last few days i've just been messing around making outfits and random anime characters and MAN I love this base. Cause i'm lame and want to show off here is one I did most recently: I'm having alot of fun so, thank you!
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