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    Dear Ninja, I've taken on a project that I'm excited to finally say, is finished! Since Mist Villages implementation its been an uphill battle to maintain it and iron out the creases, but through all of the updates and forums posts we're here today with a better Nin and better Mist Village for it. Now, there's an aspect to NinOnline that most time's go unnoticed after a while but still play a critical part to the player's experience as a whole, and that aspect is undoubtedly NinOnline's Music/Soundtrack. Which brings me back to the project I've undertaken! Mist Village Soundtrack The key points of this project were the following No live drum kits A sense of motion and feeling in each song Catchy and subliminal runs Sections of three (Rule of 3's) Nin style music Let me run you through how this will play out but first a warning. WARNNING: Don't listen if you wish to wait and experience it for yourself In-Game. In the beginning there was only silence... Erox said onto them... "LET THERE BE MUSIC!" (Listen with each section as you read) Mist Village Maps: Mist Village, Indoor Market, Mist Bounty House. Notes: The focal point of this track is to make the village sound alive and feel like you're a part of a bigger community! all hearts can beat as one. Mist Village.mp4 Misty Conflict Maps: Mist Village Entrance, Slight Slope, 3 Way Road Split. Notes: The song uses the natural tones and sounds giving the sense of wonder or adventure, now imagine you're taking your first steps outside of the village. Misty Conflict.mp4 Misty Tension Maps: Misty Hides, Bamboo Forest, Bloody Pond. Notes: You're battle hardened and ready for duty be it Boars, Giant Ants or even that damn Tanuki! Either way you're ready for any outcome. Misty Tension.mp4 Misty Flows Maps: Big Slope, By The River, Land of Water Port. Notes: Your first real challenge await you in these maps whither its the grind or enemies, you can hear the river bed waiting to be moved around you! Misty Flows.mp4 Mist Divided Maps: Across the Sea (Boat), All Sea Maps. Notes: Its time for your real first journey out of the Land of Water, will you run across the Sea knowing full well the dangers ahead or will you ride a vessel, Either way it will be a long journey to the other side. Mist Divided.mp4 Thank you for allowing me to put my mark in NinOnline I do hope this enhances your experience playing and creating your very own world in something we all love! With love Erox~
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    I actually been thinking about how to expand the raid system further, and I also was thinking of suggesting extending the raid time to 4 hours. While the raid system is a step in the right direction for end game players to have more things to do, it can definitely be more expanded. Heres some of the ideas I came up with, you can maybe get inspired with some of them. Adding "Raid missions" The idea is for the 3rd person withing the mission area to start giving daily missions (Could be 1 or 2 or 3?) for ninjas of level 40+ These missions are not going to give Ryo or exp as rewards, but instead it would give the respective village some Raid score points. These Raid score points would be used by the Hokage or a council member to restore a "Raid points" back to maybe 50% health. (This should have a limit of something like only being able to restore 3 points per day) or any other idea you can come up with. This is a example of how a mission reward would look like: Some Ideas for the Raid missions could be like the one in the image, to capture guarding spots within the villages (This ties to your suggestion no 5) The visual indicator could be something such as this: And they could be located in less common areas like so The idea is to have more content for end game players, since once you reach level 60, there isnt really a big motivation to do missions. The Raid score could also be tracked individually and tie to your suggestion no 6, to add a score and use these points to buy ninja tools or cosmetic items. This also brings me to the next idea: Village leaderboard The village leader board could be located besides the notice board. This board would look similar to the bingo book, except it would only show the respective village ninjas, and how much “Raid score points” they have acquired or how many "raid points" They have captured. (This could be reseted on a weekly/monthly basis). This is just an extra thing to have some healthy competition within your village teammates. and for the Hokage and council members to keep track who's helping the village the most. Or maybe even by the end of the month the Ninja's with more score points could get rewarded by Kage/council with a special item. Anyways those are some quick ideas I came up with that could help you come up with some other stuff EDIT: Reading other posts I see that some people have similar ideas. So mine can also be tied in to theirs as in Manpower/Village point be rewarded in raid missions instead of "Raid score points" Like I suggested (Cause maybe we really dont need a 4th different kind of scoring). EDIT 2: Seems like Zeller suggested a leader board for raid points as well, so just take my suggestion as visual representation to his.
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    Just wanted to run by some of my ideas to further improve the raiding system in the future and gather feedback so far, because this is a very community driving feature. Right now these are some ideas for potential changes, 1) Increase duration between respawns to 4 hours for more lasting effect of bonuses. 2) Make the raid points disappear after 1 or 2 hours, so that there is some down time. 3) Add more raid points per village, while keeping the negative bonus cap at 5%. This would increase the amount of bonus that a village could potentially gain, while also limiting the amount they can lose. 4) Different tiers of raid points for each village, with ones further from enemies being lower HP, to encourage stealthy ninja business. 5) Add raid points outside of the village at Guarding maps. 6) Raid reward shop similar to event prize shop. 7) Prevent logging out near raid points to log in again later.
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    First of all I wanted to thank @Wolf and @Ueda for shitload of work for nin. So many updates dropped recently that it encouraged lots of older players to get back to the game and become more active so thank ya guys < 3 Especially for the Raid system. It really made pving more fun and purpose driven. Not to mention the Iron Land update < 3 I wanted to talk today about adding more depth to the game. As we all know we have lots of new players active around. Its awesome, makes things feel more alive, but I feel as if smaller scale pvp died out. Talking with ppl around the community has proven me that lots of people enjoy pvping in WARZONES the most. Its the most fun for me as well. Keep in mind theres a reason why players wanted to create war events in War Zone maps to begin with :smirk: My years of being an Akatsuki showed me that pvp could start small, but in the end it finishes as a mass of players anyway, zerg vs zerg spamming at each other jutsus recklessly. Its basically how it looks like currently but even more focused on those player blobs. Now i know @Ueda likes things to be hardcore or more difficult. So i wanted to suggest some punishment for those zergs. Creating high risk and high reward since zergs are power, but with power should come some risks as well. Also being a ninja also requires you to exploit weak points of your enemy. I've talked about it with @Shissei and @SDZ and i came to conclusion that we could approach it in two ways. 1. Making everyone suffer from friendly fire except orgs (org based, not village based), party of 4 (Same as it is in anime) and Inside the village, so villagers can defend as one Raid points and the village itself. Bigger armies would require more organisation and cooperation among certain squads and what not. Its what ppl do in WarZones anyway. In the past missings that suffered from friendly fire made it possible so its totally doable. In my opinion it would also encourage more RP inside the village, since they have orgs like Anbu (which finally would hunt alone, cause they dont hunt at all without zergs), Medical Corps and other official orgs that would have to work with each other and create opportunities for RP. Also to prevent players from abusing orgs by adding and deleting members before each raid to cheat the system, i would drop player made orgs to max of 10 slots(less than official ones) and also make it that once player leaves an org, he has 2 days of CD before he can join another one(this is a well known mechanic from other games when someone jumps between guilds/clans). 2. Creating hella more war zones. In fact i would turn all danger zones into war zones. The result would be similar to the above just less dramatic and less org focused. But while turning Danger Zones into War Zones i would also add some more of these and again - drop the player made orgs max slots to 10. Also i would like to propose to change the name of Takumi player made orgs into GANGS. Since issa criminal life. Tell me what you guys think, and also @Ueda i would reallly love to hear your feedback about this.
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    I like some suggestions that Ninja has thrown out there. Using Manpower/Village Influence to set up Jonin NPC's by Council Members/Kage's at Raid Points. Or setting up a barrier that triggers an alert when a main raid point is being attacked. Only question is: Who else would have control with said influence points in Takumi other than the Akatsuki? Perhaps it's time to have the Missings crown their very first Daimyo player.
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    This topic is making Nin a worse place by existing.
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    I think the main balance issue of the game the last year has been the 20 STR hidden weapon being used by any ninjas. Many topics have been made about them but nothing really has been done about it. The main problem with these is the fact that the hidden weapons have better use with elementals than with hidden masteries (In group fights, 1v1s or any aspect really). To access them CC weapons you only need 20 strengths which is really low, especially since the new level cap (low stats sacrifice matter less and less). The pipe has a better use for int users than it has for bubble users, it's better at any aspect. Being a double elemental wind with 20 STR has a better use than it has for a 60 STR Fan user with blue fan. I have a few suggestions. 1- Make basic Pipe a 1 sec snare 2- Lock them to their hidden masteries. 3- To be able to use elemental jutsus you must unequip your fan/pipe. -> This is the best looking solution in my opinion, hybrid can still be viable but not as overpowered. I don't know if these suggestions would work, but all we're asking for is a change because fighting them is cancerous and really ruins the gameplay. PvP is one of the most popular aspect of this game, and having a cancerous gameplay is really a problem. As long as it's getting looked at, I'm fine with anything!
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    I think more warzones should be added too... Here is a list of the map that I think should be WZ - K Bridge - Asoki Port - The map before Cursed Host - Takumi River - Outside bounty stations I like small hunting teams or hunting solo, and it can get annoying at times when you try to do it and you encounter a zerg because it's ''safer''. I know it is a team game but right now it's quite impossible to enjoy the open world pvp with a small group or alone which is unfair for the players that enjoys the game differently
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    Village Raid Points Near Jonin NPCS: These Jonin NPCS near these raid points are indeed killable but they respawn immediately when killed. Allow them to stay dead and not respawn until Manpower is used by the Kage and/or Village Council to bring back the Jonin NPCS (Village Message)Mist Jonin NPCs have been restored with manpower by Ninja! (Some kind of message like this) Allow Intel to be used as an alert type system. When used for X amount of time a village message will be broadcasted once every 5 minutes when someone is attacking a raid point Council Member Esty has used Leaf Intel for scouts to watch raid points for 15 minutes. (Village Message)Leaf Intel has scouted enemy ninjas attacking a raid point. 5 minutes pass* (Village Message)Leaf Intel has scouted enemy ninjas attacking a raid point. Allow certain raid points that are on other maps besides the one we currently have to have some sort of Chakra barrier that is breakable after X amount of hits. This will make that key raid point become a Invade/Defend type of scenario that take places in game in real time. Ninja has destroyed the barrier the Raid Point is attackable! The KO NPC that is outside the Snow Cave should be the NPC used for Raid Point Reward Shop. Its a neutral area and its the middle area of the game. You can also place the NPC on Sea Map II which is the Sea Map with the patch of land before running into Kuraken. If you attack a raid point let it flag you as if you've entered PVP to prevent people from logging in and out to kill raid points without dying.
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    Both of these weapons cast an instant cast CC jutsu and I think that should change. In a game where most of CC is on a cast time and has a rather long CD, it is pretty silly to have weapons which instantly cast CC on a 2-3 second cool down. My suggestion is to make Fan and Pipe melee a 1 second run cast. The new Fans which are triple tile stuns will simply be too broken if they stay instant cast. Pipe which snares the opponent for 2 seconds and is able to scatter traps on the ground is also too strong on instant cast. Even with a run cast on melee Fan will be strong with the new fans, the only issue is Bubble which would require a buff of some sort to compensate for this (it is a very bad mastery as it is even now, only the weapon is OP).
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    Love the ideas, might I just suggest that it would probably be a good idea to ensure that lowbies or players below a certain level (maybe level 15, or 10) not be effected by the negative bonus. They are still growing and not accustomed to these things.
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    In the same style as the bingo book, there should be a leaderboard of which players has done most damage/taken most raid points during a 1 week/1 month period. The periods could be called seasons, and at the end of a season you could claim a reward, depending on where you rank on the leaderboard. I think this would incentivise more players to take part in the raid system. What does the community think of this idea?
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    Disclaimer: I am absolute trash at online drawing, and have little experience editing. I did not draw anything for this picture, simply edited different photos together to resemble my nin online character. I used this random free online editor https://pixlr.com/x/ This is meant to resemble my nin character: End result: Images used: For clouds: For Headband: For Base (Removing the writing was the hardest part):
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    As a man who's been Masterless for most of his time, and who's one of the first reasons to why he even started playing Fuuma mastery, was also because he was waiting for advanced, I can say that for a while now I've been leaning more towards not giving Mastery resets, since it sounds ridiculous, and essentially giving you the option of "creating a whole new character" and dumping the other masteries. But as I was reading all of your discussions, I've come to realize that there is truth in what you guys said, no one should wait years and hold on choosing his masteries, and all the work that you've put to your character should not be gone just because you need to reset to get the advanced masteries, and while I still feel like "you guys did knew what you were getting into or not (Choosing a mastery is impactful and needed to be mindful of)", perhaps it would be better to give everyone a mastery reset. And for those who feel like some of the specific masteries do not deserve a mastery reset, Konahri's suggestion is a very good way of with dealing that, regardless of your masteries you'll need to earn it like everyone else. (And for those who're wondering, No, I'm not gonna choose a mastery after masteries advanced are out) LOL #NerfFuuma
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    This video is just showcasing Nin's Open World. Hope you enjoy it!
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    Repost from my Original Post. Please create a small icon to sit next to our hotbar that’s transparent that represents a ninja running or walking so we are able to know if we are in either mode. Considering theres so many new updates being pushed with the new client I figured this would be a good addition to it. Many of times I’ve went semi-afk and come back mid regen not remembering if I’m in run mode or walking. Just don’t move and wait you say? Not always optimal when you’re in a DZ or trying to find cover. Please @Ueda consider this QoL idea!
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    I just think elemental combinations should be less reliant on weapons and more on their jutsu. Any step in making elemental user's builds more focused on jutsu rather than weapon makes for less frustrating gameplay for those who don't have, and fits thematically imo
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    Im not even playing on my missing char actively, im playing in both sand and leaf. And I dont wanna punish raids, i wanna punish zergs. Read carefully what im talking about Dona. Its true when u say its hard to get so many ppl online, but look at fights Zerg vs Zerg. Slightly smaller zerg waits in safe zone anyway and avoids fighting a slightly bigger zerg. I wanna aspect of organizing and dividing forces, so smaller groups can keep up with bigger ones in which players stumble on each other. Sure u can have that content for now when sand is populated (zerg content) but look at mist for example, theres also a point when leaf wont go out and put up a fight cause they have 5 ppl less compared to the raid party. Raid system forces ppl to fight and defend anyway, gives purpose to raids which we all wanted and its cool. You can be anbu leader and do everything fine, thats fine. But you wont be holding that position forever and in the past we have already seen the lack of activity from official orgs like that, that just choose to join zergs cause its safer choice without losing official org items. I dont care about ur org or ur RP, when rest of the game seems to lack it. Ppl keep saying how RP died. Im trying to think of a ways to encourage it elsewhere. If those changes happen i do want player made orgs to drop yes, so it brings more light for official orgs and for missings to have it actually harder. Look wider and beyond, not only at urself Dona.
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    I came up with some ideas for passives that I think would be pretty cool to have and give more value to offical Orgs. These passives would only be active when a member of the Org has their buff equipped. Akatsuki - passive: Soul Stealer - enemies that u down in combat with a ring equipped are instantly teleported to the hospital, meaning they cannot be revived. 12 Guardians - passive: Guardian's Fortitude - every 20 seconds in combat with a waistcloth equipped gain a shield that absorbs the next hit u take (would look like the shield u get from reviving). Puppet Brigade - passive: Puppet Body - when your puppet dies it drops a puppet part which can be consumed to restore a small amount of health. (2% of your HP or just flat 25 HP) 7 Swordsmen - passive: Hidden Mist - while you have a 7SM sword equipped your cloak cannot be seen or broken by casting jutsu, but it only lasts for 4 seconds. ANBU - passive: Assassin - while you have an ANBU weapon equipped your STR increases your attack and cast speed.
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    I don’t think there should be raid points in Takumi. As in they’re not a force or a village. Rogues do not fight for each other, they fight each other (especially in Danger Zones). Therefore they can not gather forces to raid villages. Takumi is currently the "easy" target. While it shouldn’t be one, it’s a little town, not a village. They also have multiple spawn points for a reason, I don’t think they should be defending any raid points, matter of fact it is quite impossible for them since they’re constantly in FF.
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    My problem with this System is that Takumi is the flaw of the whole, Takumi is the easiest and most accessible village with Raid Points right now, and the position of these is pretty much unfair, people can just go in, literally just walk to the bottom of the map and start taking on the Raid Points, Logging off isn't even needed, this ends up in a very annoying place for the Rogue players. The point of the System is to encourage Raids, I can guess that just by reading the name, but right now, people don't seem to organize raids with the point of boosting their exp, instead, they make very small groups of people to just take on raid points that are far away from the village vigilances, and Takumi is the first place they go to, let's be honest, Raid Points are a whole disadvantage for Rogue Ninjas, it's hard to defend Takumi as Rogue Ninjas as we can't team together and FF actually gets us, It's also hard to take on other villages Raid Points because, again, FF gets us hard, a group of 4 can't really raid a village, only actual big Organizations can do such things, but that means you'd have to be bound to an organization to enjoy the content. In my opinion Takumi's Raid Points should get some buffs, like, they could have way more HP than the others do, due to the fact that we don't have Jonins to protect these and protecting them is a hard task by itself, it could also be noticed when they're being attacked (I doubt of this one suggestion though, as it can be a little be too advantageous), the location of these could be changed to... more visible places or something? I'm pretty sure that if We ask Rogues Ninjas if they want the whole system removed from Takumi, most would say ''yes'', because it just feels so unfair how people don't pull a proper raid just to take on the easy Raid Points, but I wouldn't want them to be removed just because they're actual content for the game, Rory please do something with Takumi raid points...
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    A daimyo wouldn't sound bad. He would have control over the Raid System with his left and right hand similar to how the daimyo npc has guren and gafuki. Control over the Raid System for Takumi and nothing else.
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    I am liking this a lot. #7 we really do need cause people just keep alts at the raid points to take them right on reset. A raid point on guard duty would be awesome as well. Give people with the GD mission to actually be guarding something and not just afk with the mission. A raid point shop would be nice as well. This will give people more reason to want to raid and take those points. Also you can throw in some new missions maybe to take a raid point in an enemy village.
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    Raid points used right now = 1. Kill the raid point with an alt. 2. log out with your alt nearby the point. 3. log back in after timer to repeat process.
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    Im creating this post in a bad vibes cause itsnt not new that Steezo always searching for (drama) justice. Most of us who play this game can agree that it’s a fun game and it can get competitive at times but I think the Nin community should try to be more kind and polite towards people to make the game a better place in general, like this for example: The sad thing is one of the staff tellin me that he cant do nothing against him, Pretty sure if it was me throwing inslut i would end diffrent especailly after a report. Since my earlier career im suffering to be an irrelveant ninja. Even my ryo quirk cant let me feel wining this time.. This is a harasing world.
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    I have this software i have been using for a while and it helps you stabilize your ping while using wifi as shown in the photos below and i though some of you might find this useful. Before: After: Download: http://www.martin-majowski.de/downloads.html DISCLAIMER: THIS DOES NOT LOWER YOUR PING OR REPLACE PROXIES IT ONLY STABILIZES UR PING OVER WiFi!!! #Silver4Kyreno
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    I like the idea of having more war zones, but I don't think we should go TOO far with it. The same world space you want to PvP on is the same space that lower level players are also going to need to traverse to level up. As much as I love making things difficult and hardcore, there has to be more balance than everyone friendly fire everywhere xD
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    I decided to make a video out of another RP mission I did. This one was fun to host, and I recommend the mission idea to any Chunin + Basically, you roleplay as a spy under different disguises who infiltrated your village, and the team has to identify, surround, and capture you from the left, right, up, and down. You hold valuable intel, therefore they must bring you in to the authorities alive at all costs - killing the spy is not an option. As for the spy, however..
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    Finally got 50 mayn, I'm a big kid nuw
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    For all who want to unlock the land of iron tower i made a video on all the missions and what the tower look from the inside .If you have any questions you can ask here ?
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    Yamikami goes Tai -> Suggestion for tai Yami goes light -> More cast time please Rory Yamikami goes GF -> GF is hard mastery Yamikami goes Sand -> Puppet suggestion Yamikami goes Akat -> Akat passive suggestion What is next! But seriously, official organizations already have overwhelming buffs, (beside 12G), so adding a passive would make it pretty cancer and more annoying to be honest. If a passive is to be added, the buffs should be toned down
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    Who are you and why haven't you been around on nin from the beginning!! This is amazingly thought out and well put together. I love it!!
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    OFFTOPIC: A lot of missing would hate to have another kage...
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    I feel like these raid points are missing the whole "raid" aspect. As it is now, like someone above said before, people are simply logging out with an alt and killing it once it respawns by themselves. Sure, it takes a minute because of the health but eventually they'll take it. I suggest that we add "stages" where the raid points summon ninjas from the village (not as strong as jonins, obviously weaker) to defend them and perhaps progressively get harder or more spawn. For example: Stage 1: Raid Point reaches 75% HP. Summon two Chunins (NPC) ninjas that are rooted near the raid point (meaning they will tp back if their target gets too far) and defend it from threats. Stage 2: Raid Point reaches 50% HP. Summons four Chunins (NPC) ninjas that are rooted near the raid point (meaning they will tp back if their target gets too far) and defend it from threats. And so fourth, not sure what Stage 1 would bring to the table at 25% HP. These NPCs will not be as hard as the Jonin NPC but difficult enough that you'll need a TEAM to kill them off without risk of death. What does this accomplish? This brings in the whole "RAID" aspect to the raid points rather than having a single person kill them with ease.
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    remove the negative bonus from it benefits nobody those who wanan grind rather have 0 bonus then have there chances lower
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    1) Definitely yes to suggestion #1. I've mentioned this before on a previous post, but it takes about 1-2h to conclude a full raid skirmish as there isn't enough time to benefit from the bonus. 3) I'd like to see a ''Main Raid Point'' either at the Mission counter inside Kage house/Daimyo house, or inside the Kage room with an extra bonus. 6) Big yes to #6
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    Hi there, the current profile fields are outdated (Sorry to make you feel old @Ueda) please change these fields from this: To this: - Discord (Maybe auto-fill if account is linked to Nin Discord) - Youtube - Steam - Twitter - Twitch - Facebook
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    Added new raid point visuals, and increased it's hitbox to 3x3. Raid points now count when summons kill them. Moved critical hit animation to the victim instead of attacker. Prevented blocking summoning toad in Toad village. Moved Takumi Village raid point out of common spar area.
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    If you ask me, it seems like a wasted opportunity to kick Ainz from Akat to take the 300k.. then reinvite him back after.. you'd keep your end of the bargain as promised.
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    Akatsuki cave is where the Neo-Akatsuki spend a lot of time training. My suggestion is that the armoury box used to buy robes should also sell tools at normal shop prices. This would make it much easier for our events / sparring sessions. Tool prices would not even need to be discounted and could simply be added to the same vendor that sells the Akatsuki cloak. Please add this quality of life upgrade.
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    This topic has been brought up as many times as @Feinzin nin discord, but here's another suggestion: @Ueda you said you want the game to be a hard-core experience, and that's fine. But the Mist Village is lacking a severe amount of players despite having the most fun organization buff, a fun passive (IMO), the best village weapon, and a really cool village asthetic that you spent over a year working on. Why is it dead despite being a really cool village? The boat ride. Here's my 2 suggestions to change this problem. 1. When a mist ninja VILLAGER (Excluding rogues) goes to the ferry man, he would have a new dialogue saying; "Ah, a fellow Blood Mist ninja. I will help you destroy our enemies by granting you a free ride to the mainland and a faster route." - Free ride and faster route. Maybe by 2.5 minutes to the mainland making it 2.5 minutes there and 2.5 minutes back for a total of 5 minutes sitting on a boat doing nothing instead of 10 2. Reduce the amount of bears spawned in the 2 maps after port. It's awful as a low level mist ninja to have to evade 2-3 maps of very strong and high level mobs. Please reconsider this, @Ueda. Mist village is really cool and you spent too much time and effort to let it die like this.
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    I also think that there should be stuff to make people that are level 60 leave the DZ. There should be some types of rewards for killing people. Some type of missions that reward players 500-1000ryos for staying in a certain amount of times in DZ or just give a good amount of ryos on Waging War Killings (around 500-1000) too. Well maybe 100ryos per kill. I think it would incitate players to go out to at least get tools money. When you think of it, the mission that gives the most ryos is Guard Duty which asks you to stay afk around your village for 30 minutes.
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    Before I say anything let me just be clear that I definitely believe this should be stronger than blue fan. Agree in general, weapons shouldn't stun but my issue is also that it is 3 tiles wide. Crystal fan and red fan are both 3 tiles wide on auto which I think is the main problem. Auto attacks in general are homing (via target system) and giving an auto attack with a relatively low cooldown and cancel ability on a 3 tile wide marker just makes the game so much easier to play. You dont need to manage cooldowns or save sub for skills like chidori, all you do is walk up and sloppily aim your 3 tile stunning auto now which just leads to easier and less skillful gameplay.
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    Absolutely agree with your suggestion and definitely believe that big zergs should have drawbacks. the fact that one of the main tactics of zerg gameplay is "stack earth users and spam EP" already shows you the state of large-scale group fights anyway...
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    I disagree with leaf ''having'' to have a weapon, simply because the weapons in Sand aren't made simply for fun or to buff a village. They're hidden weapons that are needed to use hidden mastery. Obviously, I disagree with the fact that hidden weapons are available for regular villages (doesn't really make them hidden no more). But having the mentality of just giving a weapon to leaf since it's a content another village has is wrong. But I don't want to argue about that if you truly feel like Leaf deserves a weapon, you're free to make a suggestion about it, I don't want the whe discussion to be turned into something else.
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    January 2021 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @Maguma @Ryutekzu Chunin: @Tsuuyoi @Agni @Yuki no Hana @Sike Specialized Jonin: @Static For exceptional proficiency in the use of lightning Sand Village Jonin: @DeadZoom @ForestEdge Chunin: @Deko @Tamara @Bandit @FreezeHud Specialized Jonin: @Pog For great use of combat medic abilities Mist Village Jonin: @TheAvatar @Kronkaro Chunin: @Giyu @Juntaro @Hasan @Ninja Specialized Jonin: @Fistiun For phenomenal use of tactics and knowledge
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