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  1. Ueda

    /bless will be added in the next update!
  2. Ueda

    This is planned!
  3. Ueda

    This goes against the idea for Fame to be purely aesthetic. There's no hard design reason why it has to be, it's just a design choice. Fame system was straight up taken from MapleStory, and the fame system in MapleStory became part of gameplay systems and item requirements, and that ruined the system. So it's a personal preference.
  4. Ueda

    Idea accepted, added to the to-do list.
  5. (GM/Admin) Added /clearinv command for easier item debugging (deletes all items in your own inventory) Added /bless command that can be used to see how much time is remaining for the current server blessing Added Combat Lock On-screen Action Message to make it clearer while in a combat situation Portals on the same map to the same map (eg. Sand Theatre backstage) no longer combat lock Better Combat Lock Messages (Gives Time Remaining) Fixed sliding quickly on warp tiles while combat locked Prevent walking onto warp tiles while combat locked at all Hopefully fixed a rare Gift Box / Item related bug Fixed some mail related issues Fixed the following reported issues
  6. First feature update in awhile. Still getting back into the groove of adding things to Nin. Mainly targeting smaller features and content that artists have contributed art for as well as fixing bugs. Random Item Pack Added a feature to create "Gift Boxes" that give a random item from within it. An example use for this would be to give a random prize after an event. Check your mail! We've sent you a gift to showcase this feature! Premium Skin Changer Items Added a Item Type feature that allows players to double-click/use an item to change their skin to special skins. Eg. Shark Skin. Previously, you had to bring the item to the plastic surgeon NPCs in each hospital. This was alright, but also buggy because you had to choose the right gender. This means that gender changing is now fully compatible with Premium Skins, so we can add more easily. Shark Skin Skin Item & Yin Yang Skin Item Rework They now use the Premium Skin Changer Item type mentioned above. You no longer need to bring them to the plastic surgeon. Instead, you can just double click them. Also - new artwork for them to better see what they are at one glance. Fixed exploit where Skin Changers along with Gender Change Item (Sexy No Jutsu) could be abused in weird ways to give skins you weren't supposed to have. Fixed bug where sometimes you could be assigned the wrong Skin Gender, making Paperdolls (Items) render the wrong gender art version. Fixed chatbox not disabling movement keys when chatbox is clicked on (while it was already fine when triggered using Enter)
  7. Shippu Premium Hairstyle now available in the cash shop Going through back log to add art that was done a long time ago. That being said, this one was player contributed and took quite a bit of reworking to get usable. I haven't been active for awhile for many reasons, getting back into the groove of working on Nin Online. Forgive the slow updates as I get back into it.
  8. Added instance event command Keep name concealed when faming player (Prevent using fame to reveal concealed players) (Hopefully) Fix server packet sending breaking at peak hours Prevent 3 separate array out of bounds error on server Optimized map dictionary processing loop very minorly
  9. Experimental (XBR) Upscaler Option This is definitely something that is going to be something only some people will like, so it's listed as an experimental option. Nin Online was always designed to be a pixel art game, and using this will actually look a bit of detail, but it'll give the game a more 'modern' look to some. Added Option to Prevent Items from being mailed This is so we can prevent mailing certain quest/mission items. Compromised Documents can no longer be mailed
  10. Fishing is now available for players Note that it is still in early stages and more improvements are to come! Proficiencies Menu More Automated Chunin Exam functionality and polish (Admin/GM Only) Functionality to end a Chunin Exam mid-way (for emergencies) Teams in Tournaments are now properly randomized Team Tournaments no longer disqualify entire team if one member leaves Fixed being able to transform into another player to reveal their concealed identity Fixed being able to hold more than 200 of each ninja tool if you use mail
  11. More fishing functionality added We're almost there Optimizations to Rain (& other weather) effects Threaded the processing of particle positions Large optimizations to game rendering (better FPS) - Screen occlusion - Baking Old UI system - Offscreen Text Draw calls are skipped - Many more Wolf wanted to get the game to run at 2,000 FPS on his computer, so he started optimizing more stuff. Personally, I get around 1800 FPS on small maps and 1000 FPS on Leaf Village now. We've added this as experimental options in the Options menu that you can disable to see the improvement yourself.
  12. Ueda

    Do you use keyboard shortcuts that involve arrow keys when you tab out of the game, like Windows + Left/Right on the keyboard?
  13. Death in Arenas now only displays option to respawn for free Hospitalization plans you can't afford are disabled (Backend) Texture DIctionaries Added texture dictionaries to call texture files by name instead of ID Added Keybind for Fishing Key Alert box shortcuts now work (Enter/Esc) Previously when you were destroying items you couldn't use enter key to confirm Improved Death UI Position Fixed direction you face when you use Flicker (and other warp to target jutsu) Fixed items despawning not sending an update to the player Sometimes items could despawn, and the player would still see the item visually there Fixed server disappearing from server list bug
  14. That's an idea. Let me think about if there'd be any side effects to that.