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  1. Ueda


    They're all amazing!
  2. It's a % increase or decrease in the likeliness those things will drop. For example, a 10% chance thing will drop 1 in 10 times. But with 1% bonus it'll drop 11 in 100 times. 10.1% of the time. Also I really like Yamis capture item idea.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! The only way this would be fair is if then Missing Ninja cannot participate in the entire system. Meaning Missing Ninja exit the war entirely. It would make no sense for them to be able to get the benefits of a village war system without the potential downside. Which also means missing ninja will be at a benefit of not losing 5% bonuses, but also not gaining up to 15 or more %.
  4. Sounds like an easily preventable problem. Thanks. Added as 7
  5. We're talking about currently a bonus of up to 15%, and a downside of potentially 5%, with me suggesting increasing the upside further. The only way I could reasonably not try to balance it out without ruining the current level experience is to lower the game's entire XP rate to 95% what it is now, and say that's 0%.
  6. Just wanted to run by some of my ideas to further improve the raiding system in the future and gather feedback so far, because this is a very community driving feature. Right now these are some ideas for potential changes, 1) Increase duration between respawns to 4 hours for more lasting effect of bonuses. 2) Make the raid points disappear after 1 or 2 hours, so that there is some down time. 3) Add more raid points per village, while keeping the negative bonus cap at 5%. This would increase the amount of bonus that a village could potentially gain, while also limiting the amount they can lose. 4) Different tiers of raid points for each village, with ones further from enemies being lower HP, to encourage stealthy ninja business. 5) Add raid points outside of the village at Guarding maps. 6) Raid reward shop similar to event prize shop. 7) Prevent logging out near raid points to log in again later.
  7. Ueda

    A 1-4 player 8-bit game?
  8. Ueda

    I'm already recording how many each player kills, so there is potential for this.
  9. Added new raid point visuals, and increased it's hitbox to 3x3. Raid points now count when summons kill them. Moved critical hit animation to the victim instead of attacker. Prevented blocking summoning toad in Toad village. Moved Takumi Village raid point out of common spar area.
  10. Ueda

    This topic is making Nin a worse place by existing.
  11. This month's first winner is @Ninja! Congratulations! Don't want to name names, but if you don't provide an image I can crop like this image below, I can't make you the winner!
  12. Ueda

    I like the idea of having more war zones, but I don't think we should go TOO far with it. The same world space you want to PvP on is the same space that lower level players are also going to need to traverse to level up. As much as I love making things difficult and hardcore, there has to be more balance than everyone friendly fire everywhere xD
  13. Ueda

    Pinned as a showcase of what makes a good suggestion