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  1. Fixed the following bugs These will only go live some time tomorrow NPCs have a tendency to wander left and upwards at the moment, this has been resolved.
  2. Some changes to Village NPC Jonin Jonin Guard NPCs now can run Jonin Guard NPCs now only spawn every 10 minutes if killed, giving more meaning to killing them. Jonin Guard NPCs now have 12 range across the board instead of previously inconsistent numbers for each (some 12, some 20) Killing Jonin Guard NPCs now grants 3000 XP
  3. Fix NPC Walk Animations (didn't work quite right yesterday) Fixed Chakra Steal and Life Steals against players not working More bug fixes to A* Pathfinding method (Hopefully) Fixed bug causing NPCs to not move for awhile Fixed Snake Poisons and probably more cases of NPC's debuffs not working right Fixed the visual bugs posted here Fixed Takumi Seals mission bugging out for players You'll still need to be manually debugged if you are already bugged
  4. NPCs Movement Rework final_628f904733766b00620a0db7_693098.mp4 NPCs can now Run if enabled Art will be required to make this word with certain enemies, for the time being we'll keep it disabled for most, but we'll look into slowly making bosses & other enemies run to give added challenge for higher level players. There's still more to be done here, but this is the start of running for enemies, smarter bosses etc. A* Pathfinding (for select NPCs) Pathfinding is still relatively expensive performance wise, but we will use this for bosses and monsters that should be smarter like human enemies. final_628f8fa2ee12010069eae839_698768.mp4 New Wandering Wandering NPCs (without targets) will no longer wander tile by tile randomly but walk to a small distance randomly. In the future we might add patrolling NPCs for villages! NPCs moving tile to tile is now smoother Animation plays in the right order, not constantly moving the same hand and leg forward. And the interpolation between tiles is now smoother. Disabled experimental new Friends UI Fixed visual bug here Clear Stuns, Snares, Debuffs & Buffs off newly spawned Mobs/NPCs/Enemies
  5. Ueda

    My opinion of this is that, instead of this, perhaps it'll be better to count the current kill X mobs quests with them counting as more than 1 kill.
  6. Each Jutsu can now have different Stat Scaling Jutsu Descriptions will also display how much it scales. In the old system, all STR jutsu scaled 33% and others scaled 60%. Now each individual Jutsu can have any percentage, even negative stat scaling, or 5000% stat scaling if we wanted... (but why?) Warning: This was a big rework of our stat scaling system as a whole and as such, some inconsistencies might occur. If you notice something working oddly, let us know immediately! Jutsu with Multiple Stat Scaling We can now add jutsu that scale with multiple stats. This will be useful to add Combo Mastery jutsu and Clan jutsu, where we want it to scale with multiple stats eg. Strength + Intellect. For the time being, this is used on Fuuma Wind Shuriken. Improved "Item/Inventory No Space" Handling Quest Items, Sealable Scrolls & Rewards are now sent to you via mail if your inventory is full. Warning: This is a huge change to how a very old mechanic worked. There might be a few edge cases where this might cause some sort of error or exploit (hopefully not). If you do find one, report it immediately. Abusing it will only lead to getting permanently banned when you are discovered. Fuuma Wind Shuriken will now scale with Intellect, Strength & Agility We've added the feature to make Non-Mastery Jutsu like Fuuma Wind Shuriken and future Clan Jutsu scale with multiple stat points. As long as you have the stat point in an attack stat, it will scale with it. Adamantine Sword speed reduced from 1.2s to 2s I hadn't touched the balance since it was created in early 2021 because nobody has it, which is why it was so weird. Renamed Iron City HQ to Iron City Tower Reviewed and corrected hundreds of Jutsu/Technique Descriptions Also removed the stat scaling info from the description and moved it to the new feature (Admin/GMs Only) Fixed bug where every map change would result in an error message/warning (Admin Only) Set Item fixed Our event editor "Set Item" is also fixed now for the first time since 2016-ish. One day, Seth just decided Set Item action would do nothing if you didn't have the item in your inventory. When it was originally meant to Set it to X amount even if you don't have such an item. Added "No Trap" tiles to Iron City Towers/HQ map to prevent cheesing Nobu Fixed Cheesing Dark Monkey King Boss Fixed visual bug reported here
  7. Chests & Raid Points are now unaffected by knockbacks This could be abused to move raid points to different areas Fixed Knockbacks on Weapons Regression from previous knockback fixes Fixed Summons damaging themselves Fixed Tendo Gloves Artwork having missing frames NPC Buffs (Like DoTs and Heals) can now scale based on stat selection This will also fix this reported bug Added Warning message when player has too many traps/projectiles There has always been a limit of 25 traps + projectiles a player can have present at once, but that has never been clear, leading to some thinking it is a bug. (Experimental) Fix to bug where AoEs casted on Dead Enemies would not work (GMs & Admins) Made /heal also revive the target if they are fainted Fixed unpassable tile Fixed mapping visual bugs reported by SovranFire
  8. Sub-boss Mobs Part 2 On top of Angry Larva and Spiders. We've added... Enraged Wolf Overgrown Stinger Big Snake Spicy Venomous Snake Enraged Tiger Huge White Tiger Giant Cursed Host Huge Scarab King Bear Fat Tunneller Mad Desert Coyote Mother Scarab Angry Hawk Bad Raccoon Bandit Fierce Dragonfly Spirit Fox Raging Boar Evil Black Boar Mad Emperor Penguin Alpha Snow Leopard These mobs have a longer (5min+) spawn time and have higher stats, but grant up to 10x more XP and drop rate. Reduced Honey cast time to 1 second Reduced Poison Antidote cast time to 2 seconds Fixed Antidotes healing Burn instead of Poison yesterday
  9. Ueda

  10. Minimap will now display the names of the linked maps In Nin Online, there's 2 ways maps are linked, by warp tiles or by setting maps to be linked entirely in each direction. This previously was not reflected on the minimap, but now is. Started using Map Requirements on Hospital, Academy, Housing District & Jonin Standby Station entrances Warp should start faster, maps should be slightly more lightweight and PvP Timers will be considered before warping users into these maps now. Added Antidote Maker in the Sand Village Greenhouse Antidote Maker takes Dried Herbs obtained in the Desert and turns them to poison antidotes. Added Bandage Maker in the Mist Village Market Bandage Maker takes Cotton obtained in Forest maps and turns them to bandages to stop bleeding. New visual for Ayako the Bee Keeper Ayako will continue to turn Honey Combs into Honey. Honey now heals burns Honey used to heal HP. It will now cure burns. All of these new status items will Added Sub-boss versions of Larva, Spiderling & Wolf on certain maps with those Mobs These mobs spawn every 5 minutes and typically have around 5x more HP, 3x more damage but give 10x more XP and 10x more drop rate. More of such mobs coming soon. Reduced kills required for "Bad Larva" Mission from 80 to 50 Reduced XP gained from "Bad Larva" Mission from 180 to 160 Added more Bee Hive spawn locations & amounts Added more Cotton Plant spawn locations Added more Ripe Herbs spawn locations (Admin only) Lots of fixes to game editors. A lot of our editor functionality broke when we remade the new client but we haven't had the time to address them until now. Fixed Flame Bullet Technique Hitbox
  11. Map Requirements Previously all map entry requirements had to be handled manually by scripting complex events/scripts. Now maps can have options to just reject entry based on different requirements. This will allow us to dramatically simply certain maps, leading to a minor optimization (probably not much) in loading maps, but also one major change. Warps done in the old method ignored PvP checks. By using these new requirements, we can perform the checks while not ignoring PvP timer. Increased maximum number of Variables and Switches each Player account can have from 255 to 500 Increased Maximum number of Unique NPCs the game can have from 255 to 500 Added Cooldown on Slug heals (25 Seconds) Added Range for Slug heals Minor - 1 Tile Major - 2 Tile (Hopefully) Fixed game not starting for users with old graphics cards without modern shader support Fixed soap bubble technique not hitting players multiple times when they land in the chain reaction Fixed slugs not healing Fixed hiding UI causing the game to drop performance Fixed visual glitch with Sakame clan outfit on male characters Fixed visual glitch with Jakusha clan outfit having a glove sprite on one frame Fixed warping to a Corp map accidentally causing a permanent black screen until a GM debugs you (Admin Only) Fixed Map NPC Properties not clearing previous map's data from editor (Admin Only) Fixed Map Properties Form not being editable (Admin Only) Improvements to Item Editor
  12. Prevent players from being warped into GM Room Prevent Events from being hosted in GM Room
  13. One of the most common complaints in Nin Online is lag. It's the same for any online game. Common complaints come with comparisons to other games and/or with insults in it - things like "fix your server" are also thrown about a lot. Why games like WoW and Runescape don't lag as much? They do. The typical connection to a WoW Server is anywhere from 50ms to 500ms+ depending on what server you play on. https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/724514-What-is-your-average-latency-in-WoW#:~:text=Average latency%3A ~20 ms. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/what-is-the-maximum-acceptable-latency/276360/2 Isn't it because server application is poorly coded or spaghetti code? This is how Nin Online runs when you connect from local host. As you can see, the ping fluctuates between 2-15ms. Near the theoretical limit. Nin Online's server is modern, lightweight, threaded and utilizes a very powerful low-level networking library. Most of the game's visuals run on the client which allow for instantaneous response times, for example in movement, and is then "validated" on the server and corrected if it was illegal (to prevent cheating). Is it because you're running it on a cheap dedicated server? It's an expensive, gigabit internet, unlimited bandwidth, 32gb Ram. With 75 players online the server application is only utilizing 1.7% of the server's CPU and 1gb/32gb of the dedicated server's memory. So why do I lag? The game's dedicated server is located in North America, near the border of Canada and the US. The reason it is, is due to the majority of the English speaking world being located around that area. The majority of the existing player base is also located in the US and Canada. This is a heat map of our paying userbase. Unfortunately, there are physical limitations of how optimized we can make the server. We could theoretically shave off another 10ms of ping with micro-optimizations, but the majority of what is being felt by people with the worst ping is due to... ISPs cheaping out on Sea-cable access routes & throttling certain connections To understand ISPs and sea cables read https://edition.cnn.com/2019/07/25/asia/internet-undersea-cables-intl-hnk/index.html https://nordvpn.com/blog/what-is-bandwidth-throttling/ https://www.quora.com/Why-do-Internet-speeds-vary-between-countries Don't take my word for it, this is a video by NoPing, a company that uses dedicated servers to create a virtual tunnel, a more direct access to our game servers by bouncing packets between it's servers with good access to sea cable routes towards any location. videoplayback.mp4 A lot of players tell me they use software like NoPing, ExitLag etc. to get better Ping, without understanding why it works. But once you understand how it works, you should come to the realization that the only way it could possibly work is if you don't actually have the best sea cable routes you could. How else would a VPN make things faster? Distance between the server and you and the physical limitations of material sciences You can use tools such as https://wintelguy.com/wanlat.html to estimate how much latency you should feel across distances. This is not taking into consideration the quality of cables and how indirect the routes might be. It's graphical lag, not Latency Lastly the a common complaint is people misunderstanding what they're experiencing. If the game is hanging visually for a second and no input can be made. It's graphical lag not Latency/ping/network lag. I don't lag in X game and Y game You're most likely talking about some game that has localized servers, or a different server architecture. Games like Minecraft and Fortnite. You might also be talking about games where there is no server authority. https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/bolt/current/troubleshooting/authoritative-server-faq If you're talking about WoW or another MMORPG. Most likely those games aren't fast-paced combat games, they usually hide the clunkiness behind mechanics that don't reveal lag. Like standing still and casting for 3-4 seconds for a spell in WoW. My connection to the server Lastly, I'd like to say that my connection to the server is around 240ms Before we rewrote the server, it used to be around 500-800ms. So that's how far it's come. If we use the tool I mentioned earlier to calculate what latency I should have... https://wintelguy.com/wanlat.html We only need to assume equipment latency of 49ms for it to be the theoretical speed limit. And that's assuming that I have the world's most direct sea cable path straight to the server. Most likely, my ISP is sending my network packets to some part of the US and then to Canada. And I'm from the country with the world's best Internet connection speeds. What does this mean? Not much, just means we really can't do much to make your connection better to Nin Online's server at this point. The next way we can do it is by localizing it to more regions, but that's a whole different topic. I dare say at this point, Nin Online's server runs faster than server software developed by many AAA game companies in the 2000s, a lot of credit to just technological advancements.
  14. Ueda

    This is a hard one to fix. We're going to just rework the whole friend system in the future.