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  1. Added Gold & Silver Ninja Exclusive Emoticons! 26 new emoticons as a gift for being a donor even when there is so little benefit to it! Type /emotes in-game to see what they are. But here is a preview of some of them!
  2. Ueda

    I love all of them!!
  3. Ueda

    I don't think we're going to allow that anymore. BUT I can tell you a new music note emote is coming! EDIT: Added!
  4. Ueda


    Locking this and putting a statement to the constant hate towards the game that has to do with Advanced Masteries not being out in 2020. Advanced Masteries is not and has not been on the priority since shortly after posting this development log. We have infact, created dozens upon dozens of new jutsu that will one day be implemented, but nowhere in the near future. Advanced Masteries was something I thought would be important in 2017 to early 2018 because players were hitting max level cap and running out of things to do. I soon found that the task at hand was way more than could be reasonably done without postponing more important additions to the game. In the years since, we've added hundreds of pieces of new content, entire new villages, features like Summons, Clans. We've remade our entire game server and are currently focused on remaking the client for the long-term sustainability of the game's development. It is simply dishonest to claim that the game and it's staff have been slacking in pushing updates when we literally have a patch notes that lists most of the changes in the game. When we first posted this development log, we were at page 7 of the Patch Notes. We now have 28 pages of Patch Notes. We have 21 pages of updates in there for people to see what we've changed/added/fixed in the time since this was posted. As it stands, I still don't have any ETAs on when the features that are listed in here that are not yet released will become a priority again. Plans change. You will not see them released anytime soon, but I can promise that just as we've been putting out updates constantly for the past 2 years, we will continue to do so, more features and content will be added. They will not always follow the public roadmap, and especially not the one from early 2018, but it'll always be what is most important at any given time.
  5. Ueda

    Damn if I had known people have been trying to implement it, I would've check the code commits and pushed the update. That's unfair. How about mention a list of things that we've added without ever saying we would or putting a dateline on them? Advanced Masteries was a stupid thing to shoot for when there wasn't content being worked on for Lv 50+. Stop bringing up 2018 like as if there's been no updates since then. OP: Thanks for the suggestions, I do love the idea of professions. There is a bunch of other stuff bigger on the priorities for now, but it's something that I've wanted to add for a long time!
  6. Added Stash Button to User Interface, you no longer need to access your stash through Gumi. Stash now has scrolling for people with way too much cash items! (Thank you. After 7 years we finally have 2 people who have a full stash!) More GM Event System Stuff Events can now have Minimum Level requirements Events now have /eventwho command to check who is in the event, was previously available as /eventplayers Reintroducing Cloning Technique (Lv.4) - Now available in scribes Cloning Technique had a really bug that caused jutsu with burn or poison to burn/poison random players when a clone was killed with that jutsu. This took awhile to fix, but now that it's fixed we can add cloning back. Cloning Technique also increased duration to 18 seconds across all levels. Fixed Melee and Sword attacks being inconsistent, sometimes not registering damage (Fans and Pipes still a little wonky) Map instancing improvements Fixed village MOTD and Orders being reset on server restarts Fixed clones not being able to be attacked by enemy village ninja unless PvP was enabled. Fixed bounties not working from above updates.
  7. Ueda

    It's more nuanced than that. Simply put, not everyone at every moment wants to participate in your kill quest/mission. Right now the space they can opt out of that kill quest is staying in their village, a large space created and given to each village as a playground to meet people, chat, rest and go between their shops. When they are ready to participate in open world PvP or your kill quest, they will leave the village. If villages are no longer that, then people will simply stay in the hospital. Without the benefit of having that big playground to do that stuff. If hospitals are no longer safe, then they'll just logout.
  8. More GM Commands to help them better facilitate events Added GM command that allows them to warp all ninja on their map to them. Added GM command that allows them to get and check and set how long before the event starts after announcing it. Increased maximum amount of players in events. You now have +1 Jutsu slots at level 55 and 60. Fixed amount of Jutsu slots displayed. Fixed Toad Village Arc ending with saying there are no summons yet.
  9. New Inventory Icons for Neck Protectors, to set them apart from Slanted Forehead Protectors (they used to use the same inventory icons) Added Gold Neck Protector Added White Jira Vest
  10. Dear Ninja, In the spirit of Nin Online reaching 7 years of development, and 3 years of live service, we are doing a humble event to celebrate another year of Nin Online~ As a throwback, I'm inviting you to take a nostalgia dive to our first ever anniversary post from 2014.. Things were certainly different back then! This year we're going to be doing 3 small things as part of the big celebration. Free Gold Neck Protector For all existing Gold Ninja & Silver Ninja, and for all those who become Gold/Silver before the end of August 2020, you are entitled to receive a free Gold Neck Protector from the cash shop. This is in the same spirit as the Gold Forehead Protectors given to all Gold Ninja from before August 2013. Where the very first few initial supporters of the game donated to the game when it was but an alpha announcement. Although it wasn't a grand sum of money to receive back then, it gave me what I needed to push the game into alpha with a decent server and pay for our upkeep costs through the development early on. For that, Gold Ninja and Silver Ninja will always hold a special place in my heart and in the legacy of Nin Online for being the pioneers of the game. What better way then to all have an item to symbolize "I was here". Time-Exclusive Cosmetic To celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we are going to be selling a limited time only cosmetic item - White Jira Vest! The Jira Vest is a new series of items from 2020 so it's fitting it receives a special version for 2020. The White Jira Vest will be on sale from 1st August - 31st August. After it's sale, it will not be available for purchase anymore ever again, but will be tradeable in-game so that players can continue to pass it down to future players. GM Riddle Me This (For Free Stat Resets) We will also have a mini-event for everyone to play with our GM team. If you want to win a free stat reset (one per player), each GM has been given a limited amount of coupon codes that will give you a free Stat Reset from the cash shop. As long as you can hunt them down and bug them to give you a riddle! If you can answer it there and then, you will be given the code and you can use it to claim a stat reset from the cash shop here..! So far GMs @Erox @Kenock @Serias have each been given 10 Coupons..! @TheWolf is holding 2 with him. More coming soon? We'll see! Conclusions First I'd like to apologize for the delay when it came to this event, we've really had a lot on our plates recently pushing the new server, and all the updates since. As you may guess, this has been a lot of work and as such, celebrations took a back seat. I know I'm not the only one who is joyful about another great year for Nin Online, and the ones to come, so I should know not to be too sluggish on getting this out.. We still have a lot in stall in the coming months and years, so as always, look forward to another great year for Nin Online, and if you're new here.. Welcome to the community! Regards, Ueda
  11. New GM Event System that allows GMs to control a dozen things that will help make events less chaotic. When a GM starts hosting an event, it will be announced and instructions will be given on how to join. Players can type /eventjoin (event name) to join the event. They will automatically be teleported to the event space. Players can type /eventleave to leave the event they are in at any time. GMs also have control at any time to mute all participants, warp all participants, nullify all participant's attacks, send them and only them messages. GMs can also automatically reward players for participation, so no more waiting for 1 event coupon trades. This is not yet used in any meaningful way, but we now have instanced maps as a feature in the game's engine. This update also takes advantage of our new server being in a modern language. We're making the engine more scaleable. Reviving a fainted player with Mystical Palm Technique now grants them temporary invulnerability for 2 seconds. This is so they have a fair chance to react to the successful revive. This timer might increase as we see how it affects open world PvP. Bubble-pipe bubbles now last 13 seconds up from 8. Bubble-pipe bubbles now snare for 2s down from 2.5s. (we will be trying to fix the inconsistency of the bubble pipe attacks making bubbles soon) 16 Palms Technique now has 0.7s up from 0.5s End Cast time. Revolving Heavens Technique now has 1s up from 0.5s End Cast time. Increased Cooldown for Revolving Heavens Technique from 24/23/23 to 26/25/25. Fixed Wild Slashes Technique Rank III not causing Bleed I effect. Possible fix for prison being used on NPCs causing random players to warp to prison. Fixed Sand village academy combat lesson bug with Killer scorpion not doing damage. Fixed being able to play animations for Lightning Cutter Technique, even though it cannot actually self-cast. Fixed bug with jutsu being used on clones causing problems for other players. Improved Clones client-side animation code. Fixed Leaf Village Summit being a danger zone.
  12. I've manually restored it, and we are looking into the problem.
  13. Ueda


    Locked on request by OP.
  14. Village map update I spent some time to add a lot more signage to each village. With signs pointing players to.. - Jonin Standby Stations - Spas - Kage Office Buildings - Cash Shop Stash - Documents - Mission Assignment Desks - Aviary - And more..! Hopefully this is helpful to new players and alleviates some of the hassle finding the places you want in unfamiliar villages. Added Mist Medic Clothing Added on-screen instructions in each aviary explaining how it works. Added on-screen instructions in each scroll shop explaining how it works. Fixed missing female black shoes graphic. Updated Mist Village Entrance Bridge Graphics Fixed Sand scroll shop enchanting bug.