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  1. Fixed Medicinal Supplies III for Sand village not working sometimes. Fixed Tonfa boss's ground shattering technique range being 20 tiles wide with a 10 tile wide animation.
  2. Ueda

    I believe we did take some moderation action on another account but not this alt? We treat moderation cases individually per account, if it's severe enough it can extend to alts, but IP bans are largely ineffective because anyone can easy get around that. Also advice anyone who has fears about their IP addresses getting out to consider using a VPN. And also not too worry too much, I have found that besides DDOSing someone which can be easily prevented by having a secure firewall, there's not much risk of having someone else know your IP Address.
  3. Pretty cool idea! It's a very specific feature to implement for one jutsu though. Maybe it would be better if we could implement it as a wider feature.
  4. Ueda

    But isn't it like if you're talking while being invisible, people can still track you? :p
  5. Ueda

    I appreciate the message that OP wanted to spread and that it was mostly well received. I think that the event that happened in the US recently is tragic. I hope that it makes an impact on all of us culturally. As this is getting a little uncivil right now, I've decided to close the topic. It's not deleted, but no point fanning the flames as long as OP has gotten his point across in my opinion.
  6. Ueda

    Nice art
  7. Ueda


    Keep on going You got the style down pretty well for the last sword. If you want to match the Nin art style more here's some tips. -Black outlines only for the outermost silhouette -Center, top for light source -The perspective is from top down 3 quarters, so things like the akatsuki hood would have a slight curve, exposing more of the character's face
  8. Body Flicker / Substitution Improvements Body Flicker Technique for both Mobs and Players have been improved. They are more reliable, in that if the back of the target is blocked, it will use the front, or sides. This also applies to jutsu that moves you to your target like Lightning Cutter Technique and Seismic Dash Technique. 12 Guardian Ninja Added. 12 Guardian Temple Location Added. 12 Guardian Waistcloth Added. Leaf Village Summit Location Added.
  9. Some experimental balance changes based on player feedback Bubble Prison Snare increased across the board by 0.5 seconds. Crescent Moon Dance and Crescent Moon Beheading Technique now cause Bleed II status. Crescent Moon Beheading Technique large damage increase +10 on all rank. Other Sword Jutsu damage slightly nerfed by 1 on max rank. Crescent Moon Beheading Technique cooldown reduced by 5 across all ranks. Crescent Moon Dance Technique cooldown increased by 5 across all ranks.
  10. Fixed an exploit that allowed you to hold more tools than you were supposed to be able to with Takumi Village Ninja Tools Shop. Fixed an exploit that allowed you to duplicate tools with Takumi Village Ninja Tools Shop. Prevent players from using /ignore on themselves because some people would do this for some reason !! Fixed Mist village prisoners teleporting to Sand village when their time is up. Fixed Mist village prisoners not being able to be unjailed. Shockwave Slash Technique and Explosive Kunai Technique now share a cooldown. Fixed Bubble Jutsus not applying Bubble Prison when too far away.
  11. Ueda

    That won't fix it. It'll just get you banned for abusing bugs.
  12. Ueda

  13. April 2020 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: TBA Chunin: TBA Sand Village Jonin: TBA Chunin: TBA Mist Village Jonin: @ExiledKyoho Chunin: @Serias @Arufa @Zoomy @Kyuzo Specialized Jonin: @Jedi for exceptional display of traps
  14. Sorry guys, not for the lack of trying, in our past attempts to fix this bug, we are unable to get reproduce it on our personal machines, so it's an elusive bug. It's hard to pin point bugs when reports can only state that it happens "sometimes". Whereas, in coding land, a bug happens conditionally. Meaning there SHOULD be something causing it on the times that it does happen. The hard part is if that condition is unnoticeable by the player. And hopeful thinking, but we don't know if reworking the entire server in a new language means we might squash these bugs unknowingly. It's unlikely, but possible. It also provides us with a lot of new debugging tools and long term sustainability, so I would really appreciate if you guys didn't think that we're working on a major server upgrade just to spit in the faces of people who don't like this specific bug you really hate. If you do have concrete information on what is this condition other than "when you do this, sometimes it crashes". Please let us know. We'll try again after the next major server upgrade.