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  1. Dear Ninjas, Let's try doing a best dress contest twice a month. Starting with submissions for first half of November. Cut off date is every 15th and 30th. Send a screenshot of your latest outfit and we'll pick the best dressed user. Rules: Reply to this topic with a clear screenshot or video of your outfit. Present it in any way you like. No photoshopping, or editing. Show your username. Only 1 submission per round. Prize: 10 Ninja Credits to buy items in the cash shop, to the best dressed account, every 2 weeks. Send in your screenshots! Let's go! Ueda
  2. October 2020 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @Charky @Prado Chunin: @Blade Dancer @Jay @Argalo @Black Rain @Ryutekzu Sand Village Jonin: @Donatello Johnson @Bolan Chunin: @rompeortos @SandMaster @Zeref @Marino @Ivannice Specialized Jonin: @Yaeto for exemplary medical ninjutsu use Mist Village Jonin: @Boo @Leiting Chunin: @Ainz Ooal Gown @RedRum @Kronkaro @Yashagoro @The Avatar I'd like to thank @Serias for hosting Leaf and Mist Chunin Exams and @Erox for hosting Sand Chunin Exams! Great work!
  3. Ueda

    Hey there, welcome to Nin Online! I understand that FPS is an issue for a lot of people. Unfortunately, at the moment our client is utilizing an outdated rendering technology. For a game like Nin which has a lot of large 2D textures, it is pretty graphically intensive (despite being 2D). We are currently working on a new client built in Unity which will bring cross-platform support and also improve performance drastically. Thanks for the kind words, I hope you continue to enjoy playing! EDIT: I also notice there's a lot of wrong information being spread in the comments here regarding running speeds, FPS caps, "FPS boosting" and stuff like that. Re: Running Speeds, it has nothing to do with FPS, it has to do with frame dropping. When you client is hanging due to loading in textures, sometimes it hangs. During that split second, your client is unable to send a movement packet to the server and move, hence you lag behind. Nobody is running faster, only people who encounter frame dropping due running slower. This won't be a problem with the new client. Re: "FPS Boosting" that was never a real thing, it was a wild claim by an ex-staff member doing an experiment. Re: FPS caps enforced by the client in DX9 vs DX8. Your client is just as FPS capped in both renderers, just one is hardware and one is software capped. The difference is in DX9 you get around 50% increase in performance. It also impacts texture loading speeds, hence less frame drops. The only thing you benefit from it is a nice number saying your FPS is somehow higher than your monitor's refresh rate. That's not possible.
  4. Ueda

    Welcome to Nin Online!
  5. Dear Ninja, Our Halloween Event is ON! Pumpkin Boxes are spawning in the following maps: Valley of the End, Desert Warzone & Land of Waters Bounty Station... For the duration of this event that last map will be a War Zone as well. Pumpkin Boxes respawn every 5 minutes and drop Ninja Tools, Blank Scrolls, Medicine/Pills and Event Coupons (which can be redeemed for cash/exclusive items in the Prize Shop in Takumi Village!) Event duration: 12th October - 31st October
  6. Ueda

    I understand if people are disappointed. Unfortunately, there is bound to be periods of time where there are less updates for awhile. Ever since launching some of the biggest content updates last year, we started taking on very large, long-term projects such as remaking the entire server and client. This unfortunate as it is for content development, takes priority because it's necessary for the long-term viability of Nin Online's game service. We're also working on expanding the game service to another region at the moment. Re: other projects https://www.ninonline.org/forum/forums/index/topic/28131-thank-you-on-a-personal-note/ Thank you for saying that Nin is a great game. It's been 7+ non-stop work and dedication. The only reason Nin can exist is because I personally sacrificed a lot. Including quitting my job and working freelance to fund it's first 5 years of development. If you can find a game developer who can do what I do, who would be willing to work on Nin Online for little to no money, which can't be put into a serious resume/portfolio because it'd be associated with Naruto as a fan game... let me know. Gilgamesh explained everything else!
  7. Fixed Mist Jonin Standby Station being accessible by rogue ninja. Added Interrupting cast to Nuibari.
  8. Ueda

    I am going to put it here, that I have given my moderation team the go-ahead to permanently ban this account the next time it gains any further warnings for any report at all. This account has managed to rack up 14 warnings, over 10 bans and 40 warning points in the span of a year.

    1. Okari


      First of all there is no rule that says that people can get banned for expired warnings or because they reached certain number of bans on a period,second most of these were done by people with bad intentions who were already kicked for abusing their admin powers,third there was no need to be an ass and post this on public as Invision Community forum software already got staff notes as a feature, and i already uninstalled this stupid game as i don't want to waste my time on a game with stupid moderation.

  9. Fixed some organization items being able to be used by the wrong people. Fixed organization members page exploit.
  10. #UnBanForHasan please unban him he wasn't knew rp token abuse is banable

  11. The Leaf village council elections have ended! Thank you to to the 251 Ninja who voted. The elected council will be.. @Josh @Enver @Prado They will have 1 week to decide who the next Hokage will be. Decision Process 1) Discuss as a council whom to ask to be Hokage. If two people can agree on one person, move to step 2. 2) Approach the ninja chosen and ask if he is willing to commit to becoming Hokage for the next 6 months. 3) If he accepts, send me his name, else, repeat step 1.