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  1. Version 4.4.2h Client Released with the following changes Send Ryo in Mail Mail is taxed by 5% when sent via mail Set OpenGL version to 3.1 instead of using higher versions as some players have old graphics cards which don't support newer versions still This might help users whom can't run the game due to OpenGL errors. Fixes to notifications (Hopefully) Fixed the issue where they were invisible sometimes Fixed [X] Buttons not working Increase width slightly Crop texts better (Hopefully) Fix SPartyUpdate error spam in logs Escape Menu no longer flickers positions on first appearing (Hopeful, Experimental) Clicks sometimes double clicking fix Fix Friends/Block Menu not being able to type names Fix to buffs with missing buff icons hanging game Anti-Multiclient Fixed Notification Messages Translatable Changed position of Abandon Button on Mission Log (GM/Admin) Added shortcuts to Quick Warps (Admin) Added "Start Mission" Section in Admin Menu (Admin) Added Faint command in Admin Menu (Admin) Added Shutdown/Restart Server commands in Admin Menu
  2. Added Buttons for Hotkey Pages on Hotbar This has always been in the game, but without buttons on the hotbar, a lot of people didn't know you could swap between hotbar pages with the ` key. For most people, client start up should no longer be an issue. As far as I can tell, map loading should no longer be an issue. Fixed NPC version of Blank Scroll Enchanting causing client to crash Fixed dialogue choices with % in them causing crashes (Experimental, Hopeful) Fix for UI sometimes double clicking when only clicked once Improve Friends System to work if players change names Adding/Removing Friends is snappier Friends Window tabs now highlight properly depending on which tab you are in Clamp hair dye menu and set position on first open at center of screen Fixed Target Window appearing for the first time behind chatbox Fixed Target Window causing screen to go dark if your NPC target is deselected Consistent position of [X} button on Target Window Gave Target Window Health Bar a bar background Target Window no longer changes sizes when health decreases Fixed Team HUD setting leader and kicking wrong player Team HUD no longer appearing for the first time behind chatbox Mute Sound checkbox in settings now immediately mutes all sounds instead of waiting them to run their course Right-click menu "Whisper" renamed to "PM" to stay consistent with the rest of the game Right-click rotate character now sets it for everyone, not just you (Regression in new client update) (Hopefully) Fixed Enemy Battle Music causing client to hang in rare occasions Fixed White Hanzo Mask causing weapons to render wrongly Fixed House Guest Book unable to type special charactes Fixed Mist village broken event leading to empty City of Joy map Fixed Bears spawning in water area on a certain map Fixed Bell item being sent to plays via mail if their inventory is full Fixed name of Horny Beasts missions - renamed to Horned Beasts Fixed Animation/Hitbox of Bubble Spray Technique to match Jutsu's art Removed Random box in wall of Hokage Room Fixed exploitable tile in outskirts of Takumi (bees map) to charge chakra on water Fixed minor text errors with Lv 20 Quest Line NPC
  3. Ueda

    The Ranked Criminal Titles have been discontinued for now. I'm figuring out how to best re-implement them again.
  4. I can't seem to replicate it. Can you get a video of it?
  5. Ueda

    This should now be fixed.
  6. Ueda

    This should now be fixed.
  7. Ueda

    Is this still an issue?
  8. Ueda

    This has been resolved.
  9. Ueda

    Is this still an issue?
  10. Ueda

    Does this still happen?
  11. Does this still happen on the latest update?
  12. Ueda

    Does this happen after you restart your client?
  13. Ueda

    This should be resolved now (for the most part).
  14. Ueda

    Can you make a list of items you lost and send it to me via a support ticket?
  15. Ueda

    This isn't a bug as all systems are working as intended. However, if you would like this to change, make a suggestion in the ideas section.