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  1. Ueda

    I'm familiar with seizure risks. However, I'm pretty sure one solid white flash is considered safe. There are no consecutive flashes. You're not supposed to be spamming your way through that scene, there is dialogue. That's a fair point. Will consider that. I'll consider. Not every fight should take place in open spaces. We design each mastery with different terrain, some are better when the enemies can't run etc. so in the same way the game's world and story fights are going to play to different advantages. I don't have one soz
  2. Dear Ninja, We're happy to announce we're finally opening up testing of a "secret" project that we've been working on for awhile now. For the past few months, we've been working on rewriting our Nin Online client in C#, which will mean the end of the era of Nin Online running on an outdated engine. We're dubbing this update... Nin Online Inochi Which is not a new game title, but just a temporary alias to differentiate between the old Visual Basic game client (and era of visual basic server) and the game moving forward with a modern codebase and renderer. Eventually when we depreciate the old client, we can throw away this distinction. But for the time being, when reporting bugs for example, please do include which version of Nin Online you are currently playing! The significance of the word Inochi means life and I like that with the new client we can finally address key quality of life improvements, as we're in the middle of rewriting the entire user interface system. We'll also eventually be adding some more ninja lifestyle features like owning houses and organization houses, which would not have been easy with the old client. Although right now, for the most part, Nin Online Inochi is meant to be a 1:1 recreation of the old client, it still comes with numerous improvements from minor bug fixes to major features, here's some changes... Zoom & Target Following Camera Options In-game Settings (Including Keybinds) Other cool changes so far Important notes We are discontinuing support for 32-bit OS with Nin Online Inochi. As much as we'd love to support the small amount of people still on 32-bit Windows. We are looking into how we can get it working again, but we recommend trying to install 64-bit Windows if that is an option for you. It is still currently rather buggy, but the amount of improvements that this new update brings is worth letting new players try using it to see if they are able to withstand the bugs in order to enjoy all the benefits it provides. This includes much better performance and even possibly consistent latency/ping due to better handling of incoming network packets. Some users have noted that some anti-virus softwares don't like our new patcher, this is hopefully addressed by having the game install with admin rights, but if it isn't, you might need to manually update the client if it says it's outdated. We will continue to support the old client for the next few months, but once the new client is ready to have complete features added to it, we will have to discontinue it in order to progress further. Hair colors are significantly altered in Nin Online Inochi. This is temporary. The reason it's appearance is different is that we're using a new method of coloring the hairstyles that is much more performant and allows us to add many more hairstyles. We intend to make it so you're able to choose ANY hair color on the RGB spectrum in the future.
  3. Ueda

    "the way we color the hairs in the new client looks different because it's way more optimized" "It's a trade off, but in the future when we add more color options it'll be possible to get it again" "basically once we retire the old client we can revamp hair colors 100%" "and you can pick from any color in the spectrum" "What we did now is assign a RGB value for each of the 27 colors before as a "legacy" color" "So in the future when we don't have to deal with 27 anymore, it'll become any color between that" -Myself from discord
  4. Congratulations! The winner of the 2nd half of March is @Adarya! All submissions after 15th March is considered for the next round.
  5. Fixed bug/exploit for warping from "End of the Valley" to "West of the Valley".
  6. Ueda

    None of the items in the cash shop are required to play Nin Online, and we occasionally hold events like the Dress Up contest every 2 weeks that you can earn ninja credit. For anything like stat resets, you can win in-game events or participate in seasonal events to earn Event Coupons and redeem prizes in the Prize shop.
  7. March 2021 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: @Tsuuyoi @Jiroubou Chunin: @Memsky @Vinsmoke @Nemesis @spooks Sand Village Jonin: @Khalfani @Ryujin Chunin: @Hunt @Ruby Specialized Jonin: @Kin for his great use of medical ninjutsu during Forest of Death stage Mist Village Jonin: @Ninja @Giyu Chunin: @LuckyBundo @Piranha @s0ulHunter @Machi Specialized Jonin: @D E M O N For exemplary sword technique ability
  8. Ueda

    I don't want to legitimize it. We don't want Nin to be a game where you can load your account with money and trade it for in-game items. People will still try to do it, and all we can do is discourage it.
  9. Ueda

    No.1 is already possible, but the code announces. We could create event passwords. No.2 is a good idea, I'm just worried about overcomplicating the commands. But I'll consider in the future! Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Ueda

  11. Ueda

    Thank you!
  12. Ueda

    I've wanted this since 2013 too. ;__; It's just that there's always been too much more that was more important. We'll add this in the new client when the old one is depreciated because it's much easier to do it then.
  13. Ueda

    Thanks for the good feedback and discussion A lot of people have sort of the right idea on why the game isn't as easy to get into, and how that's by design. I don't like giving it as an excuse, but I will say that the ability to affect someone else's experience is one of the key defining advantages an online game can provide to a player over a single player experience, and that's something that's sorely missing when it comes to most MMORPGs. So it's not something I wish to change. I try not to have anything that encourages harming a new player's early experience, like limiting what counts as a mission kill and not rewarding bounties etc. but I think the ideal behind why it's still possible (even though not incentivized) is that player freedom is just fun. Someone brought up the concept of a theme park MMORPG experience, which is where you're strictly on a rail and you can't go off the rail/course too far before the game design nudges you back into what you can do/be in the game. I think the niche, small community game benefits from there being this freedom for someone to do something annoying to another player if he so chooses, because it allows for player expression. Whereas a more conventional "theme park" experience would put a hard "You cannot kill a player under level 10" in your face when you try. It's a trade-off, on one hand you're able to be who you want to be, even if that disrupts a new player's experience. On the other hand, it creates a new dynamic where taking care of your own becomes more important and factions, teams and grouping up becomes highly valuable. Someone also mentioned that things have gotten easier over the years, and yeah that's pretty true because of lots of new ways to gain experience. Over time I do intend to add more story arcs like the Level 30 and level 50 arcs for the lower level ranges. But it's a bit of a daunting task at the moment. But giving lower levels some content like that where they are partially removed from the open world where they get brutally slayed by high level players is part of the design, but it'll take some time.