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  1. Body Flicker / Substitution Improvements Body Flicker Technique for both Mobs and Players have been improved. They are more reliable, in that if the back of the target is blocked, it will use the front, or sides. This also applies to jutsu that moves you to your target like Lightning Cutter Technique and Seismic Dash Technique. 12 Guardian Ninja Added. 12 Guardian Temple Location Added. 12 Guardian Waistcloth Added. Leaf Village Summit Location Added.
  2. Some experimental balance changes based on player feedback Bubble Prison Snare increased across the board by 0.5 seconds. Crescent Moon Dance and Crescent Moon Beheading Technique now cause Bleed II status. Crescent Moon Beheading Technique large damage increase +10 on all rank. Other Sword Jutsu damage slightly nerfed by 1 on max rank. Crescent Moon Beheading Technique cooldown reduced by 5 across all ranks. Crescent Moon Dance Technique cooldown increased by 5 across all ranks.
  3. Fixed an exploit that allowed you to hold more tools than you were supposed to be able to with Takumi Village Ninja Tools Shop. Fixed an exploit that allowed you to duplicate tools with Takumi Village Ninja Tools Shop. Prevent players from using /ignore on themselves because some people would do this for some reason !! Fixed Mist village prisoners teleporting to Sand village when their time is up. Fixed Mist village prisoners not being able to be unjailed. Shockwave Slash Technique and Explosive Kunai Technique now share a cooldown. Fixed Bubble Jutsus not applying Bubble Prison when too far away.
  4. Ueda

    That won't fix it. It'll just get you banned for abusing bugs.
  5. Ueda

  6. April 2020 PromotionsLeaf Village Jonin: TBA Chunin: TBA Sand Village Jonin: TBA Chunin: TBA Mist Village Jonin: @ExiledKyoho Chunin: @Serias @Arufa @Zoomy @Kyuzo Specialized Jonin: @Jedi for exceptional display of traps
  7. Sorry guys, not for the lack of trying, in our past attempts to fix this bug, we are unable to get reproduce it on our personal machines, so it's an elusive bug. It's hard to pin point bugs when reports can only state that it happens "sometimes". Whereas, in coding land, a bug happens conditionally. Meaning there SHOULD be something causing it on the times that it does happen. The hard part is if that condition is unnoticeable by the player. And hopeful thinking, but we don't know if reworking the entire server in a new language means we might squash these bugs unknowingly. It's unlikely, but possible. It also provides us with a lot of new debugging tools and long term sustainability, so I would really appreciate if you guys didn't think that we're working on a major server upgrade just to spit in the faces of people who don't like this specific bug you really hate. If you do have concrete information on what is this condition other than "when you do this, sometimes it crashes". Please let us know. We'll try again after the next major server upgrade.
  8. Ueda

  9. Oh god. Harass! Well put! I think the thing that amazed me the most early on was when Sand released, a whole different culture spawned there. People like Dona really took the village as their own and made it something completely different from what Leaf was up till that point. That's a nice comparison. I played Mabinogi during the golden age for awhile and really loved how hard it was. I spent more time in a dangerous world, doing less dangerous things and just connecting with people. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. There's not really much else to say, I found this on Youtube and it explains the two main philosophies that Nin Online is designed upon.
  11. Ueda

    I completely agree
  12. Ueda

    I think in general maybe we can implement a revive invulnerability timer. I'll add it to the to do list to consider in the future!
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    Here's what I made!
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