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  1. (Major Combat Change) Chakra Charging & Regeneration Rework We've made some big changes to regenerating Health, Mana and Cooldowns that adds some new complexity to PvP and makes grinding/PvE more pro-active. Health Regeneration now takes place as long as Chakra is full Health Regeneration amount is halved per interval. Health Regeneration increase from Fortitude Stat is reduced substantially. Previously, Health Regeneration only happened after 30 seconds of not running, and outside of combat. Running/Walking no longer plays a part in Health Regeneration, it will regenerate as long as your chakra points is full. Casting Jutsu/Attacking no longer prevents Health Regeneration However, if you are attacked, you cannot regenerate briefly (5s). Sustained damage over time is made more relevant by this. Once your Chakra Bar is full, you can continue charging to reduce CDs Once your chakra is full, you can continue to charge, this will make your character glow white and while doing so, speed up cooldowns of your Jutsu. Every second of charging reduces your cooldown by an additional second, essentially doubling the speed of cooldowns in this mode. Making sure the enemy is unable to charge chakra for a long amount of time is more vital. Fixed crash to do with targeting. Fixed Big Scarabs still dropping candy although event has ended. Fixed a getting stuck issue with Sand Village early mission. Fixed discrepancy between charging speeds between characters/players Fixed missing shuriken sound. Fixed missing weapon hit sounds. Added new sound for CD charging.
  2. This will be implemented in the next update
  3. Ueda

    None of the logs in there show the right error
  4. Ueda

    Could you be wearing a weapon or something, that they aren't?
  5. Ueda

    We have a extremely lenient punishment system where most things result in a week or month's ban at most. However, the point of these lenient punishments are as warnings, and each time the player continues to display no corrections or improvement, and continues to rack up warnings, the next punishment becomes more harsh. If you tell me a name of someone who was "banned for toxicity", I can show you all the months or years of warnings they must have racked up in order for "toxicity" to be the reason they were banned for.
  6. Wind Cyclone Technique (Fan) rework Now uses Offset AoE feature instead of just having a larger AoE. It's Hitbox is 5 tiles wide and tall, instead of 7x5 and it is further offset slightly. What this means is the position of the cyclone between and beside the player casting it will no longer be in the hitbox, but it's range has been increased. We released two new premium hairstyles on the Cash Shop today! Titan Premium Hairstyle by Fuze Mei Premium Hairstyle by Kaen Yagyu
  7. Ueda

    Added to our To-do list!
  8. Ueda

    Hi we believe this should be fixed. Can you confirm?
  9. Ueda

    I see, but what's the harm of keeping them in for the meantime? It doesn't take up any slots?
  10. Knockbacks & Warps now trigger tile effects When you get knocked back or warped into a tile which does something to you, eg. Warp, Death etc. You now trigger the tile immediately, instead of on the next step. This might break some things or cause unexpected changes. This fixes people remaining alive in the death zone in Pushball Event. (Admin Only) Cancel Blessing Command (/cancelblessing) Admins/GMs can cancel existing blessings. One reason for this is to moderate bad blessing messages, but I'm sure we'll find other times we'll need this. When this command is used, theblessing players will automatically be gifted a Blessing item in their Mailbox. Fans now require Wind Mastery to utilize Pipes now require Water Mastery to utilize All players have been gifted Stat Resets via Mailbox Added Lighting to Sand Village Housing District Fix to first NPC/Player you target on each client load making your camera get stuck Fixed Queen Premium Hairstyle Secondary Color Channel Improved Blessing Panel Layout Other optimizations and small English mistakes corrected Reinstated weekly restarts instead of monthly Fixed bug where Great Earth Prison Rank 1 was dealing additional damage based on Agility. (issue tracker) Fixed bug where Takumi Scroll Shop would make players unable to interact with events after interacting with it. (issue tracker) (Admin Only) Added Labels for /mapreport (Admin Only) Fixed /editcorps
  11. Target Outline Color Options You can now customize the color of target outlines to something that you prefer. Render Outlines Above Everything Our shader for outlines now renders above day/night overlays, buildings and weather. The target icon (shuriken thing between you and target) as well! This should make it much easier to notice Blessing Messages When you pop a blessing now, it'll prompt you to insert a message. This can be anything, from "S > Blanks at 300 ryo" or "Subscribe to my youtube channel". It will display under your character displayed at the side of the screen of every player for the duration of the blessing. Added No tifications System Currently only used to notify players when they are added into a Corp, and when they receive mail. Soon will be used to accept/reject friend, team and trade invites. Transformations now give you the target player's name Doesn't currently take the clan name & name color. Hair Colors (& Hair Color Dye) Rework We've reworked hair colors to allow for players to recolor their hairs from any color they'd like. This also includes coloring individual segments of hair styles with accessories in them! Here's an example... Player Bodies now Fade out smoothly Fixed Target's Team Display Chat Bubbles are hidden for players who are cloaked When you use Cloak of Invisibility Technique, your chat bubble is now hidden to players who cannot see you. Added Amounts in Item Name Display on Map (eg. 30 Ryo instead of Ryo) Offset AoE/Projectiles We can now make jutsu that spawn on an offset from the casting player. Eg. a Jutsu that creates a whirlwind 10 tiles ahead of the player. Other Work-in-Progress stuff Blank Scrolls can be traded again Fixed server disappearing from online servers list Removed /crosshair Fixed Title Manager & Corp Panel clashing and causing visual glitches Fixed Clone Names Display Major code cleanup for Jutsu Logic
  12. Ueda

    What is an Influence reward?
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    I'll think hard about this.
  14. The results are in... The winners of the Spooky Furniture Pixel Art contest are... 1st Place receives a NINTENDO SWITCH HAC-001(-01) (Worth $299.00) @Adarya Congratulations! 2nd Place receives a RAZER HUNTSMAN ELITE GAMING KEYBOARD (Worth $199.00) @Galodar Nice try! 3rd Place Receives a RAZER MAMBA ELITE (Worth $89.99) @Fuze Awesome job, thanks for participating! We'll contact you shortly via forum private messages to arrange your prizes.
  15. The results are in... The winners of the Best Halloween Haunted House contest are... 1st Place receives a NINTENDO SWITCH LITE @Tekkey Hinode You are soon to be the owner of a brand new Nintendo Switch Lite! We'll arrange shipping the prize to you through forum personal messages. 2nd Place receives RAZER CYNOSA CHROMA GAMING KEYBOARD @Slifer We hope this keyboard will serve you well in battle. 3rd Place receives 20 NINJA CREDITS @Suzuki Your prize will be added to your account soon!