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  1. Time/Day/Night related changes Game time now takes place over the span of 24 in-game hours. Previously the game's clock would go from 0-12 and then restart. This was a little weird. The game's world now has 24 hours, but moves 4 times as fast as real hours. Meaning 6 hours per day cycle. This should help players who play short periods of time a day at fixed time being subject to only ever seeing one time of day. Added clock at the bottom right of the HUD. We intend to next, sync the time system with the server's time and set raids and world events to happen at fixed in-game world time. For example, raids might happen every (game) day at 12pm. In the future with automated tournaments and such, we could make it happen every 4pm game time, as another example. This should make things a lot clearer. Fixed day/night sometimes turning black for a moment when GMs adjust time.
  2. Ueda

    We have some planned changes for BI in the future that should help with this to an extent. But this will always be a thing to some extent as well. We can't completely make the player unable to fight, that's too harsh. We also don't want to make the player stuck in the hospital because that's not fun.
  3. Ueda

    We have to re-light some of the maps yeah. Let me or Erox know about these maps and we can fix them right away. We're not adding the old targeting back because we're not going to be able to sustain legacy versions of everything we make at the rate we're making changes. We'll continue to work on this targeting system, look and style more to make it more pleasing. But I hope you understand why we can't be making legacy options for everything people prefer, we can't maintain it.
  4. Ueda

    We'll fix this as soon as we can. It's not that we don't want to. It's just hard. We fixed this when we fixed the timers. If it is still happening to you, help us by making an issue on the issue tracker with a video demonstrating it so we can pin point your issue. This is not a new thing. We haven't changed this since 2013. The only thing we changed is that the client side visual shows the players rotate to what it has always been rotating to. It was a bug that it didn't, and was the reason why sometimes people would be facing down but their jutsu came out to the left/right for example. As long as you play on a resolution where the height is less than 1440p at the moment, you can play without forced zoom. The reason is because we have to draw the line somewhere on how much unfair advantage you can get by having large monitors. Because Nin's maps are largely vertical, we take into consideration vertical height at the moment. We have updates planned for BI, but this might not make it better. There's really not much we can do without severely making the game just extremely punishing when you faint in combat, Glad you see it. More in the works.
  5. New Day/Night Overlays & Lighting System A good example of how our new UI system is helping speed up development. This feature and all the editors were completed by @TheWolf in the last two days. Also, the new Day/Night Overlays are done with shaders and is more optimized than the old day/night system. It's possible that some users may experience good performance gains from the new system. Fixed Item Sell Price being displayed wrongly, improved message Spider eggs would sell for 2 Ryo but when you double-clicked it, it would say "This item will sell for 1 ryo" Now it'll say "Spider eggs sells for 2 ryo" Fixed GPU Utilization being high in Main Menu Forced VSync on main menu to make sure the client isn't trying to render infinite frames on main menu. Fixed furniture rendering [BUG] image over them sometimes
  6. My game's graphics reverted to 2009's Naruto GOA on BYOND. It should look like a modern 2D game but has suddenly become art made by Masterdan when he was a kid.
  7. Ueda

    We'll find a way to do something to solve this problem
  8. Baked Player Rendering Player characters and all their paperdolls (Skin, Eyes, Hair, Weapon, Accessory, Shirt, Vest, Pants, Shoes, Buffs) are now baked to a single render texture, should increase performance on maps with large numbers of players drastically. This also allows us to apply shaders to the player character like the outline shader. Look behind feature You can now see your own player, and your vicinity behind walls. You can now see your target and it's vicinity behind walls. Outline targeted players Player targets are now outlined, like mobs have been. When zooming, smooth maps texture Previously when zooming, the map would stay "nearest neighbor" style rendering, which didn't work well with non-integer scaling. This wasn't obvious, but now we smooth it with the same bi-linear filtering we had on the player for non-integer zooms. The transition should be slightly more seamless now when zooming. Corp chat (/c) Type /c <msg> to speak to everyone in your corporation Targeting tracking is now available on any zoom level, not just when zoomed in You can still disable it in settings if you don't like it, meant to help track action. Fixed Corp UI flickering bug
  9. .divTable{ display: table; width: 100%; } .divTableRow { display: table-row; } .divTableHeading { background-color: #EEE; display: table-header-group; } .divTableCell, .divTableHead { border: 1px solid #999999; display: table-cell; padding: 3px 10px; } .category{ background: rgba(0,0,0,0.1); font-weight: bold; } .divTableHeading { background-color: #EEE; display: table-header-group; font-weight: bold; } .divTableFoot { background-color: #EEE; display: table-footer-group; font-weight: bold; } .divTableBody { display: table-row-group; } img { width:100% } The Phoenix Fireball Technique is a Fire Mastery Technique that expels a quick Fireball projectile from the user's mouth that travels up to 11 Tiles inflicting damage and burn on the target. This technique requires the user to Upon completion of Level 3, this technique will evolve into the Triple Phoenix Fireball Technique. This technique scales with the Intellect stat. Name Phoenix Fireball Technique Mastery Fire Mastery Level 10+ Scaling Intellect Evolution Triple Phoenix Fireball Technique
  10. Ueda


    Test Test
  11. Ueda

    The hair showing was the bug.
  12. Ueda

    Great effort and nice simple story, keep it up~
  13. Improved pixel art for Swordsman Hairstyle & removed rogue pixels. Fixed corp panel promoting/demoting/removing yourself instead of selected player.
  14. Testing new UI System We've implemented a new immediate mode UI system that Wolf created that we will slowly move all our UI over to. For the time being, it is being used for Corps and Houses. This UI system is highly optimized, once we've completely moved all our UI over to it, it should increase performance (FPS) marginally. There's still some quirks to work out, like typing in the name input box will open other windows and scroll wheel for scrolling isn't working yet. In-game Corps UI (Previously running on WinForm) Updated House UI (Previously running on WolfUI) Added TV functionality for players TVs will only work in Instanced maps (aka. Houses) for the time being. To display any YouTube video on a TV, copy a youtube URL in your clipboard with CTRL+C, then interact with your TV. It will sync the video with other guests ( but not the time stamp at the moment) Added new graphics for Pushball New blue look and logo for Pushballs to differentiate it from Dodgeball. Collecting server performance analytics to MongoDB Moved Blessing Data to MongoDB Players can now report other players while fainted/incapacitated and waiting for revives. (Admin Only) GMs can now mute players with spaces in their names with text command. (Hopefully) Fixed bug where players could not be traded sometimes The error message "This player is busy!" would appear, even though they weren't. Names now appear in error messages that say "Player is not online!" Will instead display "John is not online!". Removed shadows when sitting down They didn't make sense. Removed shadows when lying down This made it look like they were floating above the bed/floor. Improved wing animations for both Angel Wings and Devil Wings based on player feedback They now bob along with the character on all directions. Fixed the following graphical bugs Restored quality of Black Shoes paperdolls, they loss a lot of shading in optimizations a year or two ago Fixed rogue pixels with Black Shoes for female characters while sitting down Fixed Weasel Kit head turning into wolf head in one sprite pose Fixed Anniversary Robe color issues for female characters while sitting down and stunned Fixed Hide Hair functionality on a system level for things like masks that wrap your entire head. Fixed message "Player's level is too high" spacing, grammar and punctuation issue
  15. Fixed bug where invisible walls that cause rubber banding appear on random maps. bug (2).mp4 Logging important server information into cloud, allowing for server info to be accessed by charts and APIs.