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  1. Dear Ninja, Just reaching out to anyone interested in taking up an active role in creating a manga based around the history of Nin Online. It would be a paid job, per page/chapter. In terms of art skills, I'm not expecting professional level! I'm more than happy to work with someone who is enthusiastic about it so we can keep it going into the future. You would be working with some direction from me and some writers also from the community. Regards, Ueda
  2. Added Lv 20 Muteki Pants & Lv 30 Muteki Fur Coat items now available in the Muteki Clan House. Changed Ukiyo Traditional Robe from Lv 10 to Lv 40. Added Lv 10 Ukiyo Inner Robe, Lv 20 Ukiyo Cloak, Lv 30 Ukiyo Sakkat. Added new items Kunoichi Blouse & Kunoichi Pants to Leaf & Takumi clothes shop. Added Red Oni Half Mask as a new Legendary mob drop. Added Black Oni Half Mask as a new Cash shop item. Added White Oni Half Mask as a new Event shop item. Added Purple Oni Half Mask, Green Oni Half Mask, Blue Oni Half Mask as Rare mob drops. Added Black Cursed Sakkat as a new Cash shop item. Added Lv 45 World Boss Chimeriko to Cursed Host Caves. Credits: Zobu/Bonsai (with help from Fuze) for Oni Half Mask art, Fuze for Black Cursed Sakkat art, KingPak for Muteki & Ukiyo clan clothing. Sezu for Chimeriko art. Pog for the Kunoichi items.
  3. Ueda

    So as you know, Nin Online is heavily inspired by Naruto, and Naruto takes place in a feudal Japanese-inspired world with mainly Japanese characters. For the Naruto series, more representation was added much later after Cloud village became more prevalent in the storyline. I personally try to add more diverse skin toned characters at times, but I also try not to over do it so as to follow the source material more. A lot of our NPCs are loosely inspired by characters in the series. When we do eventually add the Cloud village, you can expect for it to add some diversity. But Nin Online is a game about your own character, your own Ninja, in which there is no shortage of customization options to make your character in any skin tone you see fit. PS: I know this might've been made with a lot less seriousness than this response calls for. But I do hope nobody feels racially discriminated by the game's art, setting and design. There is some limitation on what we can put without taking away from the setting at this time.
  4. Fixed Vacuum Sphere Manual teaching Drilling Air Bullet Technique (Recent regression)
  5. Ueda

    I'm open to the idea of making it so people have the choice to retire earlier and still getting Jonin rank after.
  6. Dear Ninja, It has come to our attention that players have been request name changes through support tickets instead of going through the proper system which is to wait for their account to have name changes available again. Players have also been flooding support ticket requests for accounts that obviously do not meet the requirements for having name changes or for old inactive usernames freed. This makes dealing with support that much harder for us and slows down support for everyone else. This "service" was always provided as a "favor" and not something marketed as a feature for Gold Ninja. I've decided to put a $2 service fee on the freeing of old inactive usernames, which will hopefully get people to do make sure an account meets the requirements before making the request, as this is very time consuming for myself when handling support. In addition, we have also added a new requirement You cannot have had any warning points added to your account / open report cases warranting investigation on your account for the past 6 months. This is to ensure moderation isn't obstructed or given a hard time by the changing of usernames. Note: This is only for name changes done outside of the usual Gold Ninja system where you can change your name without manual admin work every year. It only applies to name change requests sent manually through support ticket, usually when players want an existing username freed. Regards, Ueda
  7. Changed Chakra Points cost of summoning Ninken and Snake to the same as other summons at later ranks. Removed Dodgeball Event NPCs as they are no longer necessary and were being abused to escape fights. Removed Knockback from Crystal Fan basic attack. Improved AFK/Botting Check on Tanzaku Slots to first explain the situation before asking question. Fixed bug that allowed for Ieyasu to spawn outside of his bounds. Fixed visual mapping bug on Striped lake. Fixed a missing collision block on "The Forest Exit" map that allowed for tiger mob to spawn out of bounds. Fixed mapping bugs on bottom left of Mist village, including one that allowed for players to wrongfully enter Mist village academy. Fixed broken Mist village Chunin Exam arena entrance allowing non-Mist ninja to enter. Fixed Mist RP Mission NPC information dialogue saying "find 2 other leaf village ninja".
  8. Congratulations @Konahri for this being this month's second winner. You've received 10 Ninja Credit. I've also updated the first post with the judging criteria to give a clearer idea of what I'm looking out for!
  9. Ueda

    Are you using the new client?
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    Thanks for pointing it out @antar86! Maybe I'll write up the future plans...
  11. Updated lots of Land of Water maps with new music by @Erox Added Toitsu Clan Clothing now available in their clan house! Added Sashiba Clan Clothing now available in their clan house! Added Cho Premium Hairstyle by @Lastant
  12. Fixed a recent vulnerability that allowed for speed hacking. Fixed player directions, in the past when you melee attacked, it would turn your character on the server but not on the client. This would cause an issue where your character is visually not facing where it actually was, this would result in your jutsu being fired in the a different direction from where your character was facing. When you attack melee, and it hits your target, you will now face the right direction. Bug that's fixed: https://gyazo.com/ec22ebf471d9099c8f42cb328bd7952e
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    They're all amazing!
  14. It's a % increase or decrease in the likeliness those things will drop. For example, a 10% chance thing will drop 1 in 10 times. But with 1% bonus it'll drop 11 in 100 times. 10.1% of the time. Also I really like Yamis capture item idea.
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! The only way this would be fair is if then Missing Ninja cannot participate in the entire system. Meaning Missing Ninja exit the war entirely. It would make no sense for them to be able to get the benefits of a village war system without the potential downside. Which also means missing ninja will be at a benefit of not losing 5% bonuses, but also not gaining up to 15 or more %.
  16. Sounds like an easily preventable problem. Thanks. Added as 7
  17. We're talking about currently a bonus of up to 15%, and a downside of potentially 5%, with me suggesting increasing the upside further. The only way I could reasonably not try to balance it out without ruining the current level experience is to lower the game's entire XP rate to 95% what it is now, and say that's 0%.