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  1. Fishing is now available for players Note that it is still in early stages and more improvements are to come! Proficiencies Menu More Automated Chunin Exam functionality and polish (Admin/GM Only) Functionality to end a Chunin Exam mid-way (for emergencies) Teams in Tournaments are now properly randomized Team Tournaments no longer disqualify entire team if one member leaves Fixed being able to transform into another player to reveal their concealed identity Fixed being able to hold more than 200 of each ninja tool if you use mail
  2. More fishing functionality added We're almost there Optimizations to Rain (& other weather) effects Threaded the processing of particle positions Large optimizations to game rendering (better FPS) - Screen occlusion - Baking Old UI system - Offscreen Text Draw calls are skipped - Many more Wolf wanted to get the game to run at 2,000 FPS on his computer, so he started optimizing more stuff. Personally, I get around 1800 FPS on small maps and 1000 FPS on Leaf Village now. We've added this as experimental options in the Options menu that you can disable to see the improvement yourself.
  3. Ueda

    Do you use keyboard shortcuts that involve arrow keys when you tab out of the game, like Windows + Left/Right on the keyboard?
  4. Death in Arenas now only displays option to respawn for free Hospitalization plans you can't afford are disabled (Backend) Texture DIctionaries Added texture dictionaries to call texture files by name instead of ID Added Keybind for Fishing Key Alert box shortcuts now work (Enter/Esc) Previously when you were destroying items you couldn't use enter key to confirm Improved Death UI Position Fixed direction you face when you use Flicker (and other warp to target jutsu) Fixed items despawning not sending an update to the player Sometimes items could despawn, and the player would still see the item visually there Fixed server disappearing from server list bug
  5. That's an idea. Let me think about if there'd be any side effects to that.
  6. This is fixed in the next update. In the future use an issue in the issue tracker https://www.ninonline.org/forum/issues/
  7. Ueda

    Rejected, this will never change. Masteries are the equivalent of classes in other games. This is like asking to be able to change from Evan to Adventurer to Xenon in Maplestory for money, or being able to change from Sorcerer to Barbarian in Diablo. Also, prices for Hospitalization are meant to be extremely unaffordable to high level players. The system was designed to fall off in usefulness after you're a certain level. It's meant to alleviate salt at low level grinding. Other than this, I don't get what you mean by the game designed in swallowing Ryo like candy because the game has barely any other ryo sinks, and even less that are "required". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_sink#:~:text=Gold sink is an economic,or massively multiplayer online game. Also, Nin has an inflation issue not a deflation issue. Active ryo in circulation is increasing, not decreasing.
  8. Ueda

    Which map exactly?
  9. Ueda

    I don't get the issue, is the window in the way, is it too big? Because this window just replaces another window that was also doing the same thing just in a different position.
  10. Part 1 of Death Rework This is the first part of a major rework of how Fainting (aka. Death) is handled in Nin Online. We have a few more patches to go to make this better. Including adding using your houses as an option to get shorter Battle Injuries for free. Hospitalization Plans The first update brings Hospitalization Plans, which is a way to use Ryo to shorten Battle Injuries status. The price of Hospitalization increases with Level. It is extremely affordable for beginners and extremely expensive for anyone past around level 30. This is to help make leveling up a lot less painful when you die to higher level players in the early game, and a very last resort kind of feature to use once you're at a higher level if you really must be back at full strength immediately. Added more game guide pictures and information (Admin/GMs) Special login animation made and requested by Erox Refactored Buff Timing code to now be more accurate and possibly fix bug that may have occurred in rare occasions Refactored code that handles hot swapping resolutions and window modes It reinitializes a lot faster now 2022-07-13 21-02-17.mp4 Fixed fullscreen/window mode hot swapping being broken (Regression from last update) Fixed hot swapping resolution sizes (Regression from last update) Fixed the following misc. reported issues
  11. Ueda

    Personally, I've never played any game for 9 years and don't expect anyone to. In my own personal opinion, Nin Online is a 1/10 for anyone who doesn't like what the game entails and a 10/10 for the person exactly like myself who wanted the game I made to exist in 2013 to exist. Really don't know what this post is meant to accomplish. It's not we're not already working full-time on this 24/7 for 9 years. If the game doesn't please you now, it never will, a Steam release won't change that. Nothing short of remaking the game from scratch and being able to afford a larger team will do that.
  12. Ueda

    This should be fixed, if it comes back, we'll look into it again!
  13. Ueda

    This has been fixed, thank you!
  14. Ueda

    This has been fixed, thank you!
  15. Trade Requests can now be accepted as long as you are on the same map Previously, you were required to stand next to the person who sent the request. This could get confusing because you wouldn't be able to accept it again when it failed. Now you still need to stand next to the person to send the request, but you can accept it from any position on the same map. Increased Daily Missions to 4 per day We are going to rework missions to be shorter, give slightly less XP but increase how many you can do. This is so you don't end up doing the same thing for too long. Added Daily Mission Counter in Mission Log Now will show above your mission list "Daily Missions Completed: X/4" Added feature to make items drop on death only in arenas, and not drop in arenas We can stop having people drop Corp items when they join tournaments. Added small Pickup animation to show an "attempt" to pick up items Items will do a small hop when you press the Pick Up key on them, to show some feedback, that something is indeed happening. Hover Map Items (Drops) for Item Name and Item Owner Use your mouse to hover items dropped by players and mobs to see who has the ownership/priority of the item or who dropped it, as well as the item name. Lots of improvements to ESC to close windows We now don't close windows like inventory when you press ESC key to close Alert Boxes / Confirmation Prompts. We also only close the focused window (like Friends window) versus closing all of them. Moved HP Bars & certain Animations to render above Day/night HP Bars would be covered by the cloak of midnight and you would need to squint hard to see it. Certain Animations like "Mission Complete" would be hard to see at night, this has been improved. Fixed Mobs Spells attacking other Mobs Fixed Summons being able to attack Friendly NPCs Fixed Alert Box sizing being extremely thin Optimizations to weather Fixed Resizing Window (Regression in last update) Fixed a potential crash with removing two friends at quick succession
  16. Ueda

    It should only do it if you press Ctrl + Tab?
  17. Moved Alert Boxes / Confirmation Prompts to New UI System These were the final bit of UI remaining from the 2020 UI system we implemented, that was unfortunately a failed attempt. It was recursive and slow. It wasn't worse than the original system, but we still wanted to improve it. So... Goodbye Wolf UI To the ordinary player this doesn't mean much, but you should see a small performance increase of up to 10%. Improvements to Mailbox UI Added item hovers and resized certain elements Fixed bugs with Chatbox moving between Chat modes and PMs
  18. Ueda

    Thank you, we've been looking into this.
  19. Ueda

    This is already the case, if it doesn't work, it's a bug.
  20. New Health Regeneration & Food Rework We've reverted the "health regeneration relying on Chakra Points being full" update along with speeding it up from 30s to 8s before the onset of regeneration. We've completed reworked it to now be a lot more accessible and visual. When you attack or go into any combat, you enter "Unrested" state. This is indicated clearly like so... The red "X" marks that you are no longer regenerating HP. When you see it do this, it means you have entered "Rested" state and will start regenerating HP again. How to Rest faster Additionally, sitting down on Chairs and Lying in bed speeds up the onset of "Rested" state by 100%. Using a food item will take 7 seconds to stand cast, and will instantly begin "Rested" state as well. Freebies Players who complete the "Missions! What's that?" Mission will be rewarded with complementary 60 food rations and another 40 when they reach level 10. We also intend to add more seats around early game training spots and also allow players to place their own eventually.
  21. Important Notice In the latest update, we planned to launch a rework to HP Regeneration, this included making it so it was no longer linked to Chakra. Instead, it became a flat 30 seconds, but food items (with cast times) would get rid of that time completely. But unfortunately, the feature is incomplete at the moment and we failed to launch it. We'll try to get it out tomorrow, but for the time being Regen is back to 30s, same as it was before the HP Regen change a few months ago. Also, sitting down and laying down on beds will speed up the horizon of the "Rested" state where you can regenerate health. This includes player furniture. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Medics going to be more useful for today! Mission Tracker now saves between game launches This is a client-side save, if you change between PCs, it will not transfer over. I think this is it for the mission tracker for now. Nin Online In-game Guidebook (Work In Progress) On the ESC Menu, there is now a button that opens the "Game Guide". You also will be informed that you can open a relevant article based on where you are in your leveling journey sometimes. Added support for loading GIFs into Nin Online UI For now this was added for the Guidebook UI, but who knows what we'll need it for in the future. Maybe Jutsu/Mastery previews?! "Learn More" type notifications & more kinds of notifications Added support for a new kind of notification response and new icons for different kinds of notifications. For example, Mail notifications now have a mail/letter/envelope icon on it. Notifications when you reach level 10 You will also get a notification when you reach level 10 that your stats have been reset and another informing you that you can get your first mastery. Pressing "Learn More" will bring you to your Ninja Menu and the guide book entry of Masteries respectively. Improved UI styling Most importantly, removed the ugly brown tint on the inner frames Fixed Mobs spawning in wall on Iron City, West Desert Valley, Sand Hive Grounds Fixed some major bugs with mission tracker and mission log that could cause Missions to wrongfully add twice or wrong mission to disappear Removed repeated, not working Emoticons from Emoticon Menu (when there was multiple /commands that called it)
  22. Ueda

    It won't be a quest, but yes it is a good idea, I've wanted to reward players for visiting new maps already, but thanks for putting it into ideas so we can track it!
  23. Ueda

    1. Cool idea, but a little hard to implement with our current feature set. Having some form of fight like your second suggestion is good though. 2. Love it. Will consider adding this. 3. I think its a cool idea worth experimenting with to make boat rides free if you have dailies. 4. I think this is short lived fun, once you're done with the mission it'll just go back to being boring. 5. Already planned. 6. Already planned. 7. Not a bad idea!
  24. Ueda

    Can this idea just be Black Kaku protector? Haha, otherwise it'll never be able to be marked as Shipped
  25. Ueda

    I would say the idea of having more to do instead of grinding is already planned. But not in the form of having unlimited soft daily missions. I aim for there to be variety, it starts with the bounty system giving XP and Ryo, and then we'll have professions, and then we'll have things you can do with housing, there'll be raid rewards, there'll be guild dailies. But I don't think I'll ever want to just replace grinding with a slightly more rewarding mission grind. At least grinding is brainless and can be done when you really just don't want to think.