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  1. Dona

    When I saw that I had to read a manga from left to right I almost had an heart attack! But thank god, I had a fun time reading this. I really felt like I was reading a nin online manga when I saw a level 50+ water/med destroying a poor solo earth who does not even have the earth wall technique maxed. The action scenes are exciting, the dialogue is not cringe and I still have a hard time believing that you have that amazing handwriting I thought that it was added later in a scanned version of your manga at first. Can't wait to read the next chapter
  2. Dona

    Damn did not know that you interviewed Ueda! It was very fun to read! I have to add that without Ueda's help, Pirate Souls would have been very different from what it is right now, so working with him is an amazing experience for new developpers like Shenmue and me. For those interested here is the link to Pirate's Souls discord server:
  3. Dona

    Pog is only about the money moves! Less goo
  4. Damn a lot of people are amazing in pixel art in the community Don't want to be in the place of a judge rn lol
  5. Dona

    Amen! I can now retire in peace
  6. Dona

    Justice always prevail!
  7. Dona

    really love this idea, it could be an advanced chakra medic jutsus too (they would be more useful that way). Or maybe a high int req jutsu for everyone.
  8. Dona

    Dona's Road To 100k

    This galery has all the screenshot that I took until I got 100k bounty to collect. You can see my evolution and the evolution of the game here too.
  9. Saku

    Best User on NinOnline, living Legend and the reason why I still have H.O.P.E. ™ in general.
    Never change 

    1. Dona


      Wow i did not expect that! My day became way better after reading this! 


      From a legend to another one, thank you ;)