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  1. Dona

    Reset already lmao
  2. Dona

    When you don't see the prideful Sand Assassins in S tier you know that something is wrong Biased tier list as always
  3. Dona

    #Gojo4mizukage Make the mist great again!
  4. Dona

    It is hard to see a legend leave his org like that You will be missed and remembered as one of the best of his time
  5. Dona

    With the new land of iron weapons, I think that this should really be taken into consideration (the debuff/negative stats does not need to be that big). Blood weapons could drain X hp each X seconds until there is X% hp left Edit: it does not make sense since blood weapon heal hp every X sec rn lol Crystal weapons could reduce X int/chak points etc... The potential of melee users keeps growing (new stronger/better weapons are added regularly) while the elemental users are more or less the same as what they were years ago.
  6. Dona

    Of course you would be happy that it is implemented for rogues lol If you are tired of being outnumbered bring more numbers instead of doing cheap tricks like this lmao
  7. Dona

    You assume and claim a lot of things that are not really true. I know for sure that a lot of people dislike fighting in war zone, especially me. Big raid is not only spamming jutsu like you assume. I know its been a while since you joined one so i dont mind if you think that. And I dont understand exactly why you want to punish big raids. It is very hard and long to have players come online for a raid or to defend the village, so it should be encouraged more than anything. And i believe that the new raid system was added to encourage what you want to punish. In your first suggestion you want to add more depth to the game by basically making everyone a missing ninja? And in the past, the player base and the game was not the same. So what missings ninja did before is pointless. You claim that anbu dont hunt alone, but as the anbu leader of the sand assassins i can affirm that we do. And in the sand village we already do all what you explained for the RP aspect so i dont see how making villagers budget missings ninjas will improve the RP. And you want to drop the player made org number of members to 10 when those orgs are already not that apealing for the majority of players. I think that it is already hard enough to make a succesful unofficial org so there is no point to make them worse. The second suggestion make more sense but i dont understand why you would want to drop the max amount of members of player made org to 10. To be honest this just look like a post of a missing ninja who is tired of dying in dz against bigger group lol
  8. it is the same for tonfas and blood tonfas. They always do the weapon attack animation. (I don't know if they do the melee attack animation when you attack mobs tho)
  9. Dona

    Indeed, it is not fun gameplay having to wait 40 minutes for an empire to make a move. We knew traps were too much for you and even left mini, but you still sat quietly in your safe zone. Most of the time we don't even bother to trap the map because we know you are allergic to tags and bear traps. But don't worry, lesson learned When you raid leafies, don't put traps. Otherwise you will be waiting 40 minutes for nothing. Tbh I am surprised by this topic lol, I did not know you were the type of guy to like fun gameplay knowing that the first thing you do when you know someone is raiding is to trap your safe zones or hide in the hospital . Edit: It is the same guy who trap the shit out of sand guard duty entrance who post this lol
  10. Dona

    Thanks to @Vali Kuraen, a timer was added to be able to change map again after that fateful day.
  11. Dona

    We have a few seconds of immunity when we map switch. The problem is that the time it takes for the map to load is too long and most of the time the immunity is already over when you see your char. One of the suggestion to make people not fear to switch map (and to discourage people from trapping the entrances of maps) would be to have a higher seconds of immunity and a higher timer before being able to switch map again. Obviously the timer to switch map must be higher than the seconds of immunity to make the people camping being able to map lock the scouts. One of the only problem I see with this idea is that scouting will be wayy easier.
  12. Dona

    Instead of changing bosses locations, change your village location The sand village accept people who reset with open arms.