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  1. Shadow Shinha

    An item you should be able to buy from the aviarys that lets you use /v chat with a very high cd. EDIT: Forgot to write it. It would be consumable, dissappear after one use.
  2. Shadow Shinha

    He has spoken. Get rekt you treacherous and unhonorable instant cc users.
  3. Shadow Shinha

    Aye very good suggestion. 12G is very much in need of a well deserved buff. Literally unplayable otherwise. @Lumy Not a fan of sand at all @SDZ @Black Rain Nor am I a fan of ya two or akat as a whole Disclaimer: In no way was I forced to write this. Like not at all. send help pls
  4. Shadow Shinha

    Aye good suggestion. I cry a little every time I sub a homing only to still get about 30-50% of the dmg cause of the unhonorable and shameful and treacherous and fraudulent ways of sub punish.
  5. Shadow Shinha

    I suggested this once before. You could make it 0.5-1 sec run cast and have a special animation depending on which village you are from so that its obvious you are about to use flicker. Like leafs swirling around you for leafies, dust for sand and mist for mist nins.
  6. Shadow Shinha

    No I am very well informed. Rory told me himself that Im getting one.
  7. Shadow Shinha

    Aye @Ueda hear me out. I know you want the homing mechanic to stay the way it is, but how about this one? Red one is the usual way it works, green is the one Im suggesting. It wouldnt change that much mechanic wise, but it would make it a bit more skill based and a bit easier to dodge. Also in that last big update a lot jutsus got a running cast, essentially nerfing them but homings afaik were never touched. And you could still decide on which version to use case by case.
  8. Shadow Shinha

    No it isnt. Im finaly getting my well deserved mastery reset after years.
  9. Shadow Shinha

    I for once am waiting for my mastery reset with excitement. Seeing that fire/tai doesnt have a advanced mastery made me a little sad, but alas at least I can reset tai to something else.
  10. Shadow Shinha

    I want to have a fancy mustache please. Wouldnt be too hard to add some variety of beards/mustaches and many would buy em on the spot.
  11. Shadow Shinha

    No this one isnt about nerfing flicker. Its about making it work the same way for everyone.
  12. Shadow Shinha

    Rubberbanding was "fixed" by snaring the ppl with bad ping aka everyone not in america. Why not just add a snare to body flicker for everyone and be done with it?
  13. Shadow Shinha

    Idk why people still even bother to make suggestions about long known problems like body flicker and such. It has nothing to do with wether it will improve pvp or not. Theres tons of good suggestions about all kind of stuff that most players would agree on and fudamentally create a better game environment overall. But as long as its not part of how Rory wants the game to work like, it wont be changed. And the way flicker works sadly seems to be already set in stone, much like the majority of "balance".
  14. Shadow Shinha

    Who wanna carry a lvl 44 fire to lvl 50 because they are very nice and very cool and very op? Thanks.