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  1. Vaxure

    It probably just rounds down instead of up, more than likely intentional.
  2. Vaxure

    I've already stated I realize this would cut into Rory's profits but from a player standpoint it doesn't make much sense I personally think we have 3 options. 1. Make NPC Blessings cost 5k Ryo 2. Make Blessings cost 10$ in the shop to match the price. 3. Just delete the NPC. I personally think the first option is the best. I'm assuming the NPC exists already to help remove Ryo from the economy and as an "ease of access" sort of thing. But if it's not being used at all then that defeats the purpose. This would actually promote use of the NPC and people would start purchasing them which in turn would help deflate the economy.
  3. Vaxure

    The title in itself says what is being suggested but I'll elaborate more on it. Currently Blessings cost 10,000 Ryo. Why would you spend 10,000 ryo when you can pay a player 5,000 ryo for the 5$ nin cred to buy a blessing. I understand this would cut into your profits Rory but at the same time this would be a better way to get Ryo out of the economy and would make actually buying Blessings from the NPC actually happen.
  4. I'm just curious what the community listens to while they play Nin! me specifically I have two songs I really correlate with nin online Two bangers hope you enjoy em
  5. Vaxure

    I just want to emphasize how much I enjoy the thought of expansion on these "corridor" maps. Multiple ways around wouldn't completely prevent mapswap camping but it would greatly improve on it which I'm sure in the end would benefit all parties. Overall I agree it would be nice to see more of a benefit to actually leave your village territory. This is a wonderful post thank you for taking the time to create it.
  6. Vaxure

    I like this idea but maybe instead of this make it a toggleable button that can assigned to whatever hotkey sort of like the walk/run toggle. Overall on the subject I believe this is something that all players would enjoy if they realize it or not. A good example would be any MMO are you able to tab target your allies while targeting through mobs? I can't think of one where you can haha. Usually to target group members you would use the party window but when you're deep in a large scale fight you don't have the time to take pressing X over and over between ally and enemy. Making it target just enemies wouldn't raise or lower a skill gap either so I don't believe that's really an argument on why we don't need it. But it would be a great QoL that I believe every ninja would enjoy. Regarding to the post overall wonderful suggestion I hope we see something done about it!
  7. Vaxure

    The |)evil's |)ance A fury of fists, the clash of cold steel... The cold sweat stinging against torn skin... An exhilarating adrenaline rush... [RULES] Land three hits on your opponent to win. You may use any weapon(s) of your choice. The object is to land 3 successful hits on your opponent by taking turns attacking and defending At the beginning of the match, a two-sided coin will be flipped to determine who gets first strike. (I will roll 0-1) THIS IS A ROLEPLAY EVENT DO NOT COME IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO ROLEPLAY. How to attack/score hit counts : The attacker will detail their move (IN ROLEPLAY FORM, KEEPING IN CHARACTER) and then /roll 10 The defender will then /roll 10 BEFORE THEIR MOVE. The reason for this is so that you can detail your move based on the outcome of the rolls. Circumstances: If the attacker rolls a 0, the defender gets a "counter" hit for a point as long as they roll 1+ followed by their scheduled attack. This is the only exception to the defender getting a point for a higher roll. If the defender rolls a 0, the attacker gets the point as long as they rolled a 1+, but also get a "follow up" attack while the defender has left themselves "open". If both rolls are a tie, the move is "parried" and the attacker gets to move again. This also applies if both fighters roll a 0. The Devils Dance will be held on Wednesday the 2'nd at 1 AM EST (6/2/2021 1:00 AM EST) All questions and concerns may be addressed to Vaxure.