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  1. Judah

    Dope yo!
  2. better Idea, the 250 ryo tickets can only be cashed out at Bounty Stations. Or an added NPC vendor near Bounty Stations.
  3. Also, this is just a idea. Everything could be tweaked.
  4. The missions could be done daily. But the weekly war would be won weekly IMO.
  5. Thanks for the replies!
  6. I think this would shine light on the most skilled teams. And the top strategist in the Nin world. Because a smaller more skilled army could defend against a large unskilled army. I think.
  7. I figure the time could be the same as Guard Duty. So it would give enemy villages time to stop the Deciphering. Like Mist would need plenty time to get to mainland,
  8. I have an idea for a weekly war event that will give raiding/ sneaking into enemy villages a meaning for high level players. The Economic Weekly Information War! Ninjas have to capture economic information of enemy villages( trade routes, suppliers, ect...) in the form of a "Economic Information Scroll"(EIS). 1) Every village will have a 1 information scroll sealed by a barrier/ locked in a vault . Or actively being taken or returned at all times. a) The Economic Information Scroll will be locked/sealed with a barrier seal. b) The Barrier Seal will require 1 of your own village's EIS to decipher and break the enemies seal. c) It takes 30-60 secs to decipher the Barrier seal , while holding your own village's EIS. d)Upon EIS capture. All Ninjas of that village will receive a global message saying " WARNING! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Has Been Stolen! WARNING! 2) Scroll Deciphering a) It will take 1800 seconds to decipher the EIS without reaching 0 health, back in your own Villages designated deciphering location. b) Leaving the designated decipher location while deciphering will reset 1800 deciphering timer. c) Before deciphering can begin, you must have at least 2 EIS in your inventory. d) Upon enemy EIS deciphering start. All ninja of that village receive a global message saying " WARNING! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Is Being Decoded By ________(enemy village name)! WARNING!" The warning will repeat every 5 minutes until coding is stopped or successful. 3)Economic Information scrolls. *EIS* a) EIS drop at 0 health. b) Dropped EIS can be picked up by any Ninja. c)Dropping a EIS ( reaching 0 Health while holding scrolls) will reset all code deciphering timers to 1800 seconds. d) Dropped EIS (while not picked up) have a 90 second timer before re-spawning back at their Barrier seal vaults or spawn points. e) EIS that re-spawn will give all Ninjas of that village a global message saying " Notice! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Has Been Returned! Notice!" f) EIS have a time limit before they automatically re-spawn (Time Limit TBD) 4) Scoring Info points, winning the weekly war, awards and requirements. a) Upon successful Economic Information Scroll deciphering. The Village will be awarded 1 Info point. b) The Ninja and Squad members will get to pick 5000 ryo ,150,000 exp, each for completing the scroll decipher. c) To cross the seal and take your own village's EIS you're required to be lvl50 and have a full squad. Or be the Village's Hokage.(squad/ team members DO NOT have to be same village) d) "Economic Information Espionage SS Mission" is a timed Mission(Time Limit TBD) & can only be active/ held by ONE full squad/ team(The Deciphering Team) from each village at a time. (Other ninja can help or tag along ) e) Villages win "The Economic Information War" by having the most points at the end of the week. f) Villages members that win '"The Economic Weekly Information War" receive a 1.5x bonus to ryo gained from missions and a 250 ryo ticket for the week . Tickets can be sold at any shop. g) the 250 ryo ticket awarded by Winning "The Economic Weekly Information War" drops when reaching 0 health and can be picked up by any Ninja. I think this would bring a new aspect to Nin Online... But lets talk about it.
  9. Judah

    what I was thinking. What is the percentage of WoF rn? I thought it was 5-10%
  10. Judah

    add more accessory slots.
  11. Yo yo, I joined the Nin community in 2015. Played off and on waiting for Nin to improve over the years. I've tried to support when I could , and I'll continue to support when I can. I appreciate the hard work and dedication to creating a home for us Ninja. I have genuine love and respect for you guys and y'all work. P.S. Can you drop Kimimaro inspired robes and hair next? lol gotta get that in there...
  12. Judah

    Yo yo, I'm not sure if this is possible but, it would be a cool fix to "Will of Fire" in its current state. I think a damage meter or bar would work great with "Will of Fire". 1) Filling the "Will of Fire" Leaf symbol would increase the chances of revival by up to 20% on top of the % that already exist. 2)Leaf ninja would fill their "Will of Fire" Leaf symbol by doing damage to enemy ninja or mobs. 3)The "Will of Fire" Leaf symbol would always be draining, back to the base %. 4) Where ever the "Will of Fire" Leaf symbol is filled to upon death, determines the % of Chakra the Leaf Ninja would revive with upon Will of Fire's activation.
  13. Judah

    I think since the original concept was sage mode , and are based on Uchiha. Muteki Sage Mode should work like Susanoo stage 1 (ribs). It should have a damage reduction and a 2-3 tile ranged melee that seals/ steals chakra and do dmg. While active maybe could drain chakra like running on water.