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  1. Thank you so much Rory and Delp! For years i've had to use bootcamp and change systems so i could play Nin and it was very inconvenient, but finally is time for the Mac OS users to shine
  2. Caio

    Let me clear up some misconceptions related to muteki. It was never inspired by Uzumaki, from the beginning Muteki has been inspired by Uchiha. And that's one of the reasons you've seen alot of Mutekis being on Leaf Military Police Force in the past (same as Uchihas in Naruto). One of the major ideas we had when making the clan is that if one day we would have some sort of clan buff or jutsu, we would like it to be something like a Sage mode. we even made arts about it, just for fun.
  3. **Music to set the theme** Rest in Peace Deathmall, you're a legend and your name will forever echoes between leaf's walls and trees . I was there when you were leading the village as a council, i had the pleasure to serve as your council member in your period as the Third Hokage of the Leaf Village and those were the most memorable moments in my journey. Deathmall is gone, but never forgotten.
  4. Caio

    I was honestly gonna get it i searched videos while downloading then the setups started confusing me so i quit trying..