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  1. SaphV2


    Support I agree these weapons should get reworked. 3 of the level STR are better then the 100 STR weapon by far
  2. SaphV2

    Engaging/rewarding group content that can be done with the entire village. Unique pve content with unique mechanics , this game has none of that granted the kraken is pretty unique with the tentacles but everything especially the the land of iron bosses just flicker one shots you, instant stun etc that stuff not fun or engaging and drop rates are ridiculous low especially for the time it takes to kill them as well. Slowly losing interest in the game , hopefully we see some decent updates within the next month or so.
  3. SaphV2

    A new a jutsu would be cool, but the current jutsu still needs to be fixed either way. It’s long overdue.
  4. SaphV2

    increase CD on poison scalpel Increase the travel speed of bubble shark bomb and fit the hitbox Lower the damage of Bubble clone by 80 and increase it base HP to 130 at level one, level two 210HP, 260HP at level 3
  5. Will be contacting you soon
  6. Lowkey he probably wasn’t joking lol
  7. It confusing because Rory said this a couple of months back
  8. SaphV2

    making the jutsu runcast maxed instead of a slow runcast would make it viable
  9. SaphV2

    whoever fire is ingame plays a mean hybrid wm/fire
  10. SaphV2


    would be nice
  11. SaphV2

    I use AntiMicro
  12. SaphV2

    this tbh
  13. SaphV2

    if you think about its probably next on rory to do list, since everything on the last roadmap is finished @Ueda new roadmap pls. Beside that I'm not against minor balance changes.
  14. SaphV2

    I would wait til advance mastery come out before doing any major balancing change, because people are probably gonna ask for the new and old jutsu to get rebalanced again.