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  1. SaphV2

    I agree, shirokata and bandit blade should get reworked. I think making them 80 str would be a good start for both. Also adding a unique effect for bandit blade would be ideal since it probably one of the coolest looking swords in the game.
  2. SaphV2

    I was saying this earlier in discord that mini should be connected to the final valley map but this is good too
  3. SaphV2

    I do agree that some of the bubble jutsu should get re-design for example bubble shark bomb has a 3 second cast time but travels slower then the regular water bomb. Bubble clone is the main source of damage for bubble users, but like @Souei said it dies in 1 hit because it has 50 LP level 1 and I think 100 HP level 3(btw it takes ages for this jutsu to rank up). All the other bubble jutsu are fine for now, I believe once bubble receive a new pipe that require 100 str AND adds base damage to all the jutsu I believe pure bubble user will be fine. My idea for the level 30 bubble jutsu Giant Slime Bubble jutsu similar to Great Fire ball jutsu in size but slow all that is hit on contact
  4. SaphV2

    Maybe if it was placed in big desert or add another map above big desert
  5. SaphV2

    that movement speed ring should get change into something else until they fixed fps movement speed
  6. SaphV2

    Extends that good ole map lock
  7. SaphV2

    If i had the option as a sandie to the do the puppet mission i would do them because it is so close to the village, but its not so they get instant abandon. I do agree that the daily mission system should get revamped or make a level 50+ grinding area for each village with good exp that matches our experience bar. For example a farming spot that gives 384k xp an hour with blessing and 256k xp an hour without blessing.
  8. SaphV2

    I would be down for a police uniform model revamp
  9. SaphV2

    I see a lot of great suggestion especially one where organization would get a unique jutsu when completing a organization mission which can tie into a weekly mission goal. Also like other mention before in this discussion there nothing really out there in dangerzone/warzone for these special organization just to be sitting out there besides hunting which rather get kind of repetitive. I also feel like rogue ninjas could use another official organization. Also I feel like an INT variant of the ANBU sword would make sense OR transfer the organization buff stats to the mask OR make it so that you can have option to put stats in the either the mask or sword because I don't believe ANBU org buff should be locked to only WMs
  10. SaphV2

    nice vid
  11. SaphV2

    Very dope concept and map design, I feel this will be great start for a new quest line and new item to get introduced in to game if this village is implemented.
  12. SaphV2

    It would be dope cooking/fishing and lead to new health items that give special effects. For example. can give the same effects of sake but also heal 100 hp and make the duration longer or something, would be nice have some of these activity ingame.