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  1. the issues it probably with ur the program ur using. I play on with controller as well and I use AntiMicro and I have no issues. Gameplay example just for you to see. 2022-05-27 10-49-55_Trim.mp4
  2. SaphV2

    Reworking and adding more quest into snake lair would be cool.
  3. SaphV2

    Cloud village or the a mini advance masteries updates (like 2 new jutsu for every class) would be great to start 2022 off
  4. SaphV2

    Would be a dope mechanic
  5. SaphV2

    It’s also should increase jutsu damage
  6. SaphV2

    Same for when they die as well
  7. SaphV2

    How many tiles would you be dashing to?
  8. SaphV2

    I had made suggestions a couple of months ago to introduce villages exclusive jutsu for those who were promote to chunin and Jonin. It was something like this Mist Chunin unlocks Hidden Mist Jutsu which covers the area with mist in 15x15 area camouflaging all Mist Villager within area. Mist Jonin Unlocks the Hidden Blood Mist Jutsu which covers the area with a blood tinted mist in 15x15 area draining all non mist allies charka. Sand Chunin unlock sandstorm jutsu making all sand allies untargetable from homing attacks for a couple of seconds. Sand Jonin unlocks a new puppet master summoning. leaf Chunin and Jonin unlock the heavenly feather genjutsu or something.
  9. SaphV2

    the weapons are fine. Why make legendary boss item the same tier as crystal katana which drops from leopards.
  10. switch mountain crusher with twin lion fist ez fix
  11. Give dark scythe 50% chance to double hit but the second hit is half the damage
  12. SaphV2

    How many clan jutsu are their going to be ? One or three.
  13. I’m confused isn’t the majority fixated on more content being added into the game
  14. I think the One Tail in sand can spawn behind the southern gate. Also, could probably make another map left inside of hidden leaf where the Nine Tails can spawn.