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    Planned updates looking juicy
  2. Released new music for anyone who wants to show a little love <#


  3. Dropped a new song if anyone wants to listen, since yall liked the last one: 


    1. Ebisu Ashiro

      Ebisu Ashiro

      Me and some boys were dancing to this. Good shit!

    2. DrYukiro


      Super late on this reply, but thanks for the love!!

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    I understand you on a completely different level than most. As you know we both met in the same place before NIN, when I was aspiring to become a game developer and learning code and let me tell you, I highly regret not continuing that path so I completely understand where you're coming from. Do what you love and do what will be beneficial to you. I'll support anything you put out. You've dedicated so much of your life to this game that I don't think the user base quit understands and I've been here to see it all. But for the amount of time and effort you've spent, regardless of the constant complaints of people who just play the game on their leisurely time, you've continued to try and update this game. I think you're meant to do much better in the field of game design and so I hope to see you reach that..and it really hit me when you said you have friends in companies like ubisoft etc, but it's the EXACT same thing for me. Much love broskii. Goodluck.
  5. Added a new song to my profile. It's my own song. 

  6. How about a thanks. Lol. But there are some very cool outfits so far!!
  7. LOL. Imagine abusing the system and thinking you wouldn't get caught
  8. New gambling, drop a like if you don't mind! 


  9. Hello community, I'm looking for participation from players who are heavily involved in RP. Basically with this project I'll be trying to follow individual player stories of their RP character and making it into a film. How to participate: If you want to partake in this project you'll have to send me a pm/dm with information on your RP character i.e their name, age, clan, history and their story... as much information as you can. If the RP is interesting you'd be selected for the process. If you're selected: When selected you'll receive a pm/dm saying you've been accepted for your own individual movie. From there we'll work on a time schedule where both you and I are open to record clips for your character! Now for your clips, depending on your script we'll also reach out to the community for participation (actors/actresses) Actors/Actresses: If you're not someone who wants to create a detailed RP, don't worry! You can also sign up to be an actor/actress for anyone's movie! Simply send me a pm with the title ACTOR or ACTRESS and when you're needed for a project I'll respond to your DM! PRIZE: So essentially anyone who is accepted into the RP position will become a director of their own little story, have a film crew (me) actors and actresses etc. So besides the fun of it all, you'll get a forum trophy (Legend) and forum title matching your story!
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    Ohhhhh exciting. Goodluck everyone.
  11. Updated profile song again

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    Only OGs know what that first version was made with, lmao.
  13. This is great! Love to see the game thriving, excited to see so much more!
  14. Updated profile music with my own song

  15. Are you living or are you just existing? 

    1. Rumaki


      Im waiting for death

  16. If anyone uses twitter; Follow my twitter @ZarachiVII