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  1. Crowlock

    Ah yes i bet Rory will add a whole NEW MASTERY that wasnt planned for his game vision and the whole balance that he has in mind for the endgame and future updates based on 1 fanart weapon. The Flute seems nice and it matches INT masteries more than a staff if u think about it. But lets just hold off with new weapons before locking fans and pipes to their targeted hidden masteries? xd
  2. Crowlock

    True, slowly with the updates we came to the place, where there is almost no point in playing INT mastery unless u abuse pipe or nados. But the rest got all the splendor in the form of weapons that fuken heal you or keep on interrupting quickly every normal hit.
  3. Crowlock

    Or at least buff the exp when you are doing stuff ina party. Sure u can add some level limits and stuff, but still, If you want at least partialy RP game, you should encourge players to play together, not alone(and leveling/farming is like a first step into each mmo while making friends) Simple as that. lesgo.
  4. Crowlock

    We need balance badly. What keeps me from returning to the game is that wm/med and wm/gf(disgusting lore wise, and im a huge hyuuga fan) with some int combos +fan and pipe dominates the fk everything around. Im not even gonna touch the subject about op weapons and buffs here...but yea
  5. Nice work. They look really good and clean. Makes me wanna draw chibi myself hehehe. Keep up the nice work.
  6. Crowlock

    Barber could be a gold sink as well. We have a shitload of premium hairs which are very interesting and blink blink, so why not let the BASIC ONES(the ones in char creation) to be available at the barbers? make it cost like 5-10k ryo or something. I dont see a problem here at all. Hell even make it 7 days temp.
  7. Crowlock

    GF has that old, rotten and busted boring unavoidable combo true. But what @Hawt meant is that only ppl that have the mastery can use it. While pipes and fans are weapons that give huge advantage to THE WHOLE VILLAGES excluding one. Its either a combo opener/combo breaker/combo prolonging and what not. And it costs almost nothing @Wanheda. Weapons need some kinda of a rework, with tornados being adjusted, pipe autoattack bubbles etc. Cause even if Rory locks weapons to right masteries, there will be a shitload of ppl choosing water and winds anyway cause they are good masteries, We will enter the age where water/wind characters (like my main) will be switching between fan and pipe at their will. One thing leads to another bad thing. Perfectly those weapons should be locked to their Hidden Mastery. We are chatting about those weapons here for months if not for a year now. But i think we should just have some open dialog with @Ueda , ask him for his vision and how it actually works in the game(or doesnt), and what could be done. Like some grand rework or w/e. P.S I think Gentle Fist being able to use swords is absolutely disgusting in terms of lore when u think about it. Especially when owner has bonesword and regens hp while waiting for his unavoidable combo to come off cd. (Worst case scenario he runs quicker than you)
  8. I wouldnt mind working on such an interesting project ; o Im using everything i can to grow my skills with the right motivation. @Ueda feel free to DM me on forums or discord(preferably)
  9. Crowlock

    The only thing i regret is that i couldnt be akat ldr for few months longer, so i could extinguish taka shitflames with the greatest group of ppl ive ever played with. Cause you know... "taka grew up as a little shitspark from the old shitflame, and then it turned into a shitbonefire, and driven by their wings of monumental GM abuse it turned into outraging shitfirestorm. If i wast to be, Akat ldr for quite longer i would have had total control of Takumi Village and then i could unleash a shitnami tidal wave that would engulf taka and extinguish their shitflames forever. And with any luck, they would drown in undershit of that wave....shitwaves." @Shissei praise me for that quote. And for those who dont know Trailer Park boys yet : And also that i couldnt introduce some gameplay and RP of ours to fine people like @Azhura .
  10. Crowlock

    One of the best hype videos ive seen around this community. Rumz getting better and better with them editting skills Seeing glimpses of my own drawings there also motivated me to do more and better shite! Really good job man.
  11. Crowlock

    We need less weapons and more weapon balance updates *pepesweat* Something has to be done to lock weapons to the sub masteries or w/e that could work. Also look at these good looking pfp's of Yami and Lumy : o
  12. Crowlock

    Locking weapons to their sub masteries entirely (not to the main element branch) would be the best without bothering hybrids to switch weapons.
  13. Crowlock

    Im not even playing on my missing char actively, im playing in both sand and leaf. And I dont wanna punish raids, i wanna punish zergs. Read carefully what im talking about Dona. Its true when u say its hard to get so many ppl online, but look at fights Zerg vs Zerg. Slightly smaller zerg waits in safe zone anyway and avoids fighting a slightly bigger zerg. I wanna aspect of organizing and dividing forces, so smaller groups can keep up with bigger ones in which players stumble on each other. Sure u can have that content for now when sand is populated (zerg content) but look at mist for example, theres also a point when leaf wont go out and put up a fight cause they have 5 ppl less compared to the raid party. Raid system forces ppl to fight and defend anyway, gives purpose to raids which we all wanted and its cool. You can be anbu leader and do everything fine, thats fine. But you wont be holding that position forever and in the past we have already seen the lack of activity from official orgs like that, that just choose to join zergs cause its safer choice without losing official org items. I dont care about ur org or ur RP, when rest of the game seems to lack it. Ppl keep saying how RP died. Im trying to think of a ways to encourage it elsewhere. If those changes happen i do want player made orgs to drop yes, so it brings more light for official orgs and for missings to have it actually harder. Look wider and beyond, not only at urself Dona.
  14. Crowlock

    First of all I wanted to thank @Wolf and @Ueda for shitload of work for nin. So many updates dropped recently that it encouraged lots of older players to get back to the game and become more active so thank ya guys < 3 Especially for the Raid system. It really made pving more fun and purpose driven. Not to mention the Iron Land update < 3 I wanted to talk today about adding more depth to the game. As we all know we have lots of new players active around. Its awesome, makes things feel more alive, but I feel as if smaller scale pvp died out. Talking with ppl around the community has proven me that lots of people enjoy pvping in WARZONES the most. Its the most fun for me as well. Keep in mind theres a reason why players wanted to create war events in War Zone maps to begin with :smirk: My years of being an Akatsuki showed me that pvp could start small, but in the end it finishes as a mass of players anyway, zerg vs zerg spamming at each other jutsus recklessly. Its basically how it looks like currently but even more focused on those player blobs. Now i know @Ueda likes things to be hardcore or more difficult. So i wanted to suggest some punishment for those zergs. Creating high risk and high reward since zergs are power, but with power should come some risks as well. Also being a ninja also requires you to exploit weak points of your enemy. I've talked about it with @Shissei and @SDZ and i came to conclusion that we could approach it in two ways. 1. Making everyone suffer from friendly fire except orgs (org based, not village based), party of 4 (Same as it is in anime) and Inside the village, so villagers can defend as one Raid points and the village itself. Bigger armies would require more organisation and cooperation among certain squads and what not. Its what ppl do in WarZones anyway. In the past missings that suffered from friendly fire made it possible so its totally doable. In my opinion it would also encourage more RP inside the village, since they have orgs like Anbu (which finally would hunt alone, cause they dont hunt at all without zergs), Medical Corps and other official orgs that would have to work with each other and create opportunities for RP. Also to prevent players from abusing orgs by adding and deleting members before each raid to cheat the system, i would drop player made orgs to max of 10 slots(less than official ones) and also make it that once player leaves an org, he has 2 days of CD before he can join another one(this is a well known mechanic from other games when someone jumps between guilds/clans). 2. Creating hella more war zones. In fact i would turn all danger zones into war zones. The result would be similar to the above just less dramatic and less org focused. But while turning Danger Zones into War Zones i would also add some more of these and again - drop the player made orgs max slots to 10. Also i would like to propose to change the name of Takumi player made orgs into GANGS. Since issa criminal life. Tell me what you guys think, and also @Ueda i would reallly love to hear your feedback about this.
  15. Crowlock

    There could be a cooldown for orgs, like if someone leaves one or gets kicked out of one, they cannot join another for X time (minimum a day or more. There are lots of things to adjust sure, but i believe it could work).