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  1. Siluk! Where are you? ;-;

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy...
  3. Siluk

    They don't need a new engine to implement stuff that keeps you playing the game. And, why do you think people are giving him hate? Out of nothing? Absolutely deluded. If he doesn't want to get hate then he should do something for the game. The new engine won't wipe out their current content, so stop acting like ''oh theyre waiting for the new engine''. ''for a bit'' If we are talking about the un-excusable break he had/is having, then it's over 6 months already. ''im moving!'' no. And he did have breaks before, breaks that he in-fact was completely fine to have. Nobody is slandering him, do you even know what slander is? And no, if he did his job in the first place instead of being a money-grabbing prick then MAYBE, MAYBE people wouldn't have hated on him. All in all, I feel like Rory is definitely not a BAD guy in real life, in fact I expect him to be nice if I ever meet him (maybe he'll try to shake my hand like Ricegum), but my problem is that he is making THIS post when he has done the exact opposite of what he has said right now. I think Rory can be a cool guy, like yesterday he wasn't getting mad at people in the VoiceChat and even made fun of his own game and I am up to forgive him if he makes content and EARNS the money he is getting on Patreon and on Nin Online. It's not a case of ''oh shit i hate rory'', it's a case of ''this man is a hypocrite, he is cash-cowing his game''. I think the staff team is un-organised but I won't be getting to that.
  4. Siluk

    What... you DM'ed me a total of 5 or less times on staff, all of which are me being nice to you and you literally thanking me for my work to the game. And no, I hold a different grudge. The grudge of you not communicating with players, lack of content, and the un-needed Patreon. You say the game is toxic, yet you don't hire any Moderators. You say the game's updates are slow because lack of programmers, yet you hire no programmers or Developers that can implement the art Sezu does or does more maps or does them faster. But what can I say, in the end, if that's what you're gonna do, sure. But don't expect people to not criticise you for it. You're a game developer for fuck sake, actually develop something and stop being thin-skinned.
  5. Siluk

    Alrighty then @Rory. I don't disagree with anything here, but you do have to realize... it's coming out of YOUR mouth. You are the guy that kicked me out of the staff team, and made sure I stood kicked out, just because I insulted your 6-5 month absence. Even though I apologised. You see, I wouldn't have cared if it wasn't for you being a hypocrite, I understood that you had shit going on and that's why I said sorry. And you still had a personal grudge against me, even when that night didn't happen on staff chat. So please, stop being a hypocrite and stop acting like you're a ''life is short, live happy'' type of person.
  6. Sicuck

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      You have been Sicucked by a stronger and smarter male.

  7. Siluk

    Somebody once told me....


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      I shall banish you back to the shadow realm. @Siluk @Saku

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      I need to be free for some time, is that acceptable? <3

  8. Happy birthday.

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      Thank you, Siluk!

  9. Siluk

    Don't forget to change your cover picture. Poor Ino may get a bad idea.
  10. Siluk

    I vote for Dairuto.
  11. Siluk

    I mean Rory... I did kinda send you a PM that I think you've read soo... what is the real reason?
  12. Yeah, I remember that bug. But it still doesn't change the fact that my Toad and NA accounts were both lvl 1 while my main account(Snake server) was max level.
  13. Well, actually it was true before I got kicked, so basically I assumed it off of my experience and what Seth and Rory has said before. Snake char was max level Toad char was level 1.
  14. Well, I just hope you guys realize when you make a char on NA server, as soon as you see how high ping you get and want to change to EU server (whether it's stable or not) you won't be able to unless you make a whole new char.
  15. I hope this is serious.