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    @Kuraen Vali Best Fire/Earth @Vali Best fire/Light @Vali R Best Fire/WmStr @Vaali Future best Fire/Water @Vali T Future best Fire/Tai @Valii Future Best Fire/Med @Vali S Future Best Fire/Wind cough Cough cough cough....
  2. Don't really know how people will take this but it's just a suggestion which would help the system of gamplay for everyone. We usually get a full server with players where often it reaches the cap and makes the server lag (or that's what people think it does) regardless I feel like players that log in and afk all day long should be kicked from the server. If we would have a system which doesn't allow players to afk it would increase the RP purpose in game to be active for the time you play the game itself. We got examples like people logging in and staying afk for more than 1 hour some even all day long. New players that join the game learn to check the bounty book and see how many of their commrades are online but none are helping the players in need not knowing that those people are actually afk. Regardless of the case , if you are not playing the game you should just log off. Suggestion Players that afk more than 15 to 30 minutes (without moving at all or typing in game "map chat, /t , /pm , /v /e , /emotes) should be kicked from the server. Also those who have a high ping of 350+ should check their own connection and improve it somehow (they usually loose connection either way) this would help the community (mostly villages) by giving them the knowledge on who is around for activities (hunting , RP mission , Raids , Defending the territory from enemies ... etc) doesn't really matter what it is. Please share your opinion and ideas on this matter Shared ideas from @Sukki and @Nefarious
  3. Senzuke Vali

    @leaf The alliance with the hidden sand village has been broken. Leaf and sand are back in having war with each other.
  4. Senzuke Vali

    Leaf alliance with the hidden sand An alliance with the hidden sand has been formed today 25/jun/19 with the intention of both villagers working together and gaining benefits from it. Knowing the situation in the Nin world with the hidden Mist being added to the game , Leaf does not see Sand as an enemy , therefore the government of the hidden leaf village (Council/Kage)with most of the ninja of the leaf having approved of an alliance with the hidden sand village With Sand approving this alliance as well , lowbie ninjas (including High ranked ninjas) are free to enter the opostite village without having to fear of being attacked or killed This will improve the man power between villages and also make it easier for the new generations to succed their missions. The benefits for both villages during a time of war against Rogue ninja and the Hidden Mist Village are: #1. One less enemy to fight. #2. Growth in man power for the new generations being able to proceed with their missions in the opposite village. #3. Aid from both sides against the actual enemy. With an alliance there will allways be conflicts between ninjas as well. Leaf/Sand ninjas will be following the rules below: Alliance rule book Breaking any of the following alliance rules will result in punishment. The rules are punishable by jail time, where two jail sessions lead to one strike and three strikes end in an exile. 2 jails = 1 strike. Note: Rogue ninjas who have alts in leaf and/or sand will be instantly exiled if their intention is to break a rule on purpose and ruin the alliance between the two villages. 1# Do not attack a Sand ninja with the intention to kill. 2# Do not go to the allied village masked. As soon as you arrive in Sand territory unmask instantly. Unmask at Large Desert map if you are heading to Sand. If you get killed because of having a mask on you won't be able to blame anyone for that action. (You can pass while masked if you show them your identity and they allow you to keep the mask on) 3# Leaf ninjas are to avoid getting themselves involved in a conflict with sand ninjas. If you are being attacked by a Sand ninja, make sure to take screenshots as proof and try avoiding the fight or arguing. Report the incident, along with the evidence, to the council or Kage either via discord or forum’s direct message. 4# Do not assist an enemy (Mist) “friendly” or Missing-Ninja “friendly” if he/she is under attack by our allied forces. 5# If you have an argument with a villager, try to solve it respectfully, if you are unable to come to an agreement contact your village Kage or council. In the rare case where they are not available, try to get in touch with a trusted/respected Jonin or Chunin from your village. 6# It is prohibited to invite a known enemy of the Leaf to the respected Leaf territory whether it is for sparring reasons or otherwise. (Sand ninjas are free to hang out around leaf territory but not invite rogue friends to Leaf territory) Note: If the Sand ninjas break these rules which apply to both villages , please make sure to take a screenshot and report it to Council/Kage. (in case you are the victim being attacked). If a sand ninja invades the hidden leaf village with the intention to raid leaf , you are free to proceed with killing the invader while having proof about the situation.
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