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  1. Defyas

    Oh you remind me about game feature which i can't use because are RNG. Anyway, that are simple suggest for make game more friendly for player. +1
  2. Defyas

    Hello, i came with suggestion. Remove stun from Vacum Spheeres, Add knock ups for every Vacum bullet, Why? Stun on this jutsu make it very good in every situation, its stunning and deal a lot damage. Awsome for combo locking with team, just perfectly jutsu You can even combo Vacum spheere>Wind Claw, = whats deal tons of dmg. What knock ups change? -You no more can braindead combo Vacum spheres>Wind claw - Its harder to be useful in group fights (knock ups break the CC timer's and reposition enemy -what is annoying for teammates, and make it balanced bettwen solo/group scenarious). What you think?
  3. Defyas

    Its not good idea, will make danger zones more empty.
  4. Defyas

    Can i please you for remove this mission? i can't abandon this mission. every time when i wanna check my progres, i have to use mouse, its nothing hard to do, but imagine doing that for 5 months 1000 times
  5. Its look fresh and i like it, but may i ask about "Night mode"? as youtube has and a lot other popular sites. GG
  6. Defyas

    dont reduction anything please. add more War Zones
  7. Defyas

    I just check always when im kill any mob, if i can't.... just spam click with mouse (left button), if you click at any item then shows on your chat communicate with yellow letters.
  8. Defyas

    I am work 8-9hours per day too, and still able to "get levels". At the begginin - you just dont know how this game work, you dont know which method are the best for early levels. early levels are the hardest in my opinion, why? - you dont have jutsus for dealing damage. - you get not much XP from missions (missions after 20+ lvl became pretty better) - you can't defend yourself against other players meanwhile doing missions. After 20+ lvl all what you need is just doing missions, you not even have to grind anything more, if you have any questions, just pm me, have a good day
  9. Defyas

    I dont think we need it in ninja game, I like the aspect where player weared in black cloths are harder to localized in night
  10. Defyas

    Wind claw technique has sound like explosion (Explosive kunai, fire jutsus), In my opinion this sound doesn't fit with this jutsu, would be nice just rechange it with any wind jutsu sound. @Ueda @Seth
  11. Defyas

    Missing ninja can spawn in other spawns, villagers can't. thats how you can avoid spam killing. But a little nerf their damage would be nice, 300+ just for mele after flicker is to much imo.
  12. Defyas

    Removed christmas mission would be nice too.
  13. Defyas

    Yes, water is one of the best elements, mainly for 1vs1 by water prision and 2nd sub, but that not explain why water shark has bugged hitbox. Its all about hitbox, because of his state this jutsu is just bad.
  14. Defyas

    I was saying that 2 year ago. i dont want be unkind, but suggestions there is just ignored, all depends on your luck did Rory check forum when your topic is new. If im wrong i am really sorry, but that just what i feel how sugestions work.
  15. Defyas

    wind have one of the best combos i think... just find someone who can teach you or train yourself alone. By the way please stop to spam at forum, thanks Uzushimaki.