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  1. Yasuo

  2. Yasuo

    The video purpose isnt to bring new players, more of a funny video for the community kinda thing.
  3. The Nin Online trailer is outdated, I made a new one.
  4. Yasuo

    110 points into STR for a 69 melee + 43 Kunai DMG 75 point into INT for 80-90 damaging jutsus + 45 Shuriken DMG no nerf thx.
  5. Thats the point, no one wanted him to be GM anyway. He keeps doing stuff he thinks he has the right to. Closing previous topic shouldnt have been closed. I shouldnt have been banned by the guidelines. Ichika shouldnt have been banned by the guidelines. Amrit got warned for saying ''God please have mercy'' Mistake after mistake in such a short of time, how is he still GM?
  6. No reason to shut down a topic without other people able to respond to it. @Alarnin You keep mentioning that u follow the guidelines on whenever there is a topic about you, however like I mentioned before u dont. ''You may be given warning points'' doesnt mean u have to ban someone for breaking this rule while having 0 warning points. Rory mentioned these examples and put ''Warning Points'' punishment next to it. Eg. of an out-of-character insult "bitch nigga fml your mom" Eg. of an In-character insult "You fight like a bitch" If Rory thinks this is warning point punishment worthy, how can u even ban people for saying stuff like this below. Do not harass other players eg. (OOC) Do not be toxic to other players (OOC) Do not use /v (village chat) for non-village related matters Do not use use offensive language or slurs (includes race, religion, gender, etc.). Show respect towards any development staff, it is not a requirement for developers to interact with players. It's not an entitlement to have direct conversation with development staff. If you are reported by somebody who takes offense, you may be given warning points depending on severity.
  7. Yasuo

    People clearly dont know what this topic means. Leaf: GF Mist: Pipe + Bubble Element Sand: Fan + strWind Element I can agree with this topic.
  8. Yasuo

    You guys are misunderstanding that this is done on purpose, its added to have more mechanics in PVP.
  9. Yasuo

    You can do that with every jutsu that has a cast time.
  10. Yasuo

    I cant believe my eyes.
  11. Rorys plan is to bring people to dangerzones instead of afking in safezones, with an ryo limit this makes people go out farming in dangerzone OR pay with nin cred for ryo. Its a win-win situation for Rory, so why not keep it this way.
  12. Yasuo

    Name: Yasuo Rank: S-Rank Criminal Reason to join: Not a Taka alt.
  13. Make it longer range, 3tile big, run cast & self stun.