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  1. Ryujin

    Give this man silver already
  2. Ryujin

    Subscribe to Lumy Nin for more complaints on Nin Online’s balance !
  3. Ryujin

    If you make it a tutorial from 1 to 50-60, i’m subscribing
  4. Ryujin

    Ayo, i’m in that video! i should do a shoutout to my crew next time if i know that it was going on youtube
  5. Ryujin

    I hope that the diplomat have a big bounty on his head, so we can ‘’discuss’’ about it.
  6. Ryujin

    As the new acting Police Chief of SMPF. I'd like to refresh the SMPF statut. The recruitement for now are CLOSED, we're actually full. On the other hand, we're currently changing some things, so I might re-open the recruitement. Ryujin, acting Police Chief.
  7. Ryujin

    Baguette Market co. is liking that
  8. Ryujin


    @Zabu @Yamikami The L formation on the first SS lmao
  9. Ryujin

  10. Ryujin

    Great Idea, Yugure. Like you said, stay deadly and silent like @Vipe
  11. Ryujin

    Sparkz on point with the musics, the first one was dope !
  12. Ryujin

    Thank you ! It's hella nice !
  13. Ryujin

    I register. Teammate: Lumy