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  1. i think this best guide is best.
  2. Kyokotsu

    Looks like I still have a copy of the latest version I did, lol, I re-uploaded to my webhost for prosperity xD "do not trust these stats as they are all over a year old" calc-latest
  3. Kyokotsu

    Awesome job man! Yeah I quite playing nin some time ago and I could never get a hold of a dev to get the stat percentages to update my calculator But I do love the minimal style you went with!
  4. Kyokotsu

    I'm N/A and I vote no.. All my friends play on Snake so I have no reason to play on a different server :/
  5. Wait, do we have to have this updater to grab the 1.9.8 patch files since at the moment we are only on 1.9.6 ?