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  1. Kaen

    Crazy! Can't wait for it! Hageshi you are a boss!
  2. Kaen

    Wyaaaaaa?! Comeback myman!!

  3. Kaen

    ma bois need Enkan No Jutsu
  4. Kaen

    If you guys can insert it in game, I would help you to find 11 more ideas for other clans and design the "emoticons"
  5. Kaen

    Hi ! I was thinking about clan abilities and wondering if it was possible to find innovative things that could match the current mechanics of the game. I had 4 little ideas so far that I hope you will like. (got inspired by Yamanaka and Inuzuka clans for some of them) these abilities aren't realy imagined for increase pvp but more for increase village's intel (sry for my english)
  6. Sup. Knowing that 1 : many clans are involved in their roleplay and some others do not have enough members to apply 2 : A lot of clans are working on additional new outfits 3 : Some unofficial organizations have become notorious in the history of the game I suggest this if possible : First, it would be necessary to formalize the status of clan leader, which would be assigned by the kage at the request of the members of the clan. Then, Ueda could create a page like "clan submission" where the different clans could propose their ideas of sub-organizations (of course related to their clans) These organizations would have 10 members and would be chosen by their respective leaders. They would have their own uniforms (made by players or artists), which would cost the same as Anbu uniforms. The clan leader does not have to be part of the organization, but he can. (So as not to make them more efficient or equal to anbu etc ... they will not have weapons or buff)
  7. I called them : Jade Wings Jade Wings are an archaeological treasure of the land of wind. These fans are said to come to us from a powerful horned man dressed in white from another planet. Unbreakables, even the thousands of years that separate our time from the day of its creation have failed to scratch the jade wings. the large fan called Midoribasho has the kanji "sun" and "moon", symbolizing its mysterious provenance, its large surface pushes any enemy back a long distance of several meters (knockback). The small circular fan called Oto Sen'su is not powerful in itself ... But the small bells on its handle emit a very particular sound whose origin is debated. This sound causes the opponent to lose the use of his 5 senses for a fraction of a second (snare) ... 120 str req 35 base damages
  8. We'll never forget your kindness...

    Let me give you this flower...


  9. I still remember that first time we met, near the snow-capped mountains. These times when we talked together were rare moments of serenity and kindness. I wasn't aware that you had any health problems but obviously that wouldn't have changed a thing. Beyond all this community that you leave in tears, your departure must surely devastate your family and your close friends. So, Saturday, we will give them all the strength and compassion we can, although it will never be enough. You can rest because we will never forget you. Goodbye, Melina.
  10. Kaen

    Nice try everybody, nice try but
  11. Kaen

    YAGYU Shuku ... Konton ... Two nations that in the past have declared multiple wars and annexations ... 60 years ago, the conflict, at its peak, shaved the surface of both camps, following the creation of a forbidden technique, the "Gukoizan" which exterminated 99.98% of the population. Today, the Yagyu clan, unique survivors of the conflict, has become integrated with the different populations of the five major ninja villages. If they are dividing, their goal remains the same ... Prevent the creation of a new Gukoizan! The methods diverge, but they are ninjas whose kekkei genkai is a dojutsu called "Miraigan" allowing them to easily predict the dangers in a fight ... Even if the mentality has changed over time, the Yagyu remain close to theirs. phylosophical dogma. Death to the traitors. Location : Kiri/Mist
  12. Whaw, I already gave too much like...