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  1. Kaen

    Crazy! Can't wait for it! Hageshi you are a boss!
  2. Kaen

    Wyaaaaaa?! Comeback myman!!

  3. Kaen

    ma bois need Enkan No Jutsu
  4. Kaen

    If you guys can insert it in game, I would help you to find 11 more ideas for other clans and design the "emoticons"
  5. Hi ! I was thinking about clan abilities and wondering if it was possible to find innovative things that could match the current mechanics of the game. I had 4 little ideas so far that I hope you will like. (got inspired by Yamanaka and Inuzuka clans for some of them) these abilities aren't realy imagined for increase pvp but more for increase village's intel (sry for my english)
  6. Sup. Knowing that 1 : many clans are involved in their roleplay and some others do not have enough members to apply 2 : A lot of clans are working on additional new outfits 3 : Some unofficial organizations have become notorious in the history of the game I suggest this if possible : First, it would be necessary to formalize the status of clan leader, which would be assigned by the kage at the request of the members of the clan. Then, Ueda could create a page like "clan submission" where the different clans could propose their ideas of sub-organizations (of course related to their clans) These organizations would have 10 members and would be chosen by their respective leaders. They would have their own uniforms (made by players or artists), which would cost the same as Anbu uniforms. The clan leader does not have to be part of the organization, but he can. (So as not to make them more efficient or equal to anbu etc ... they will not have weapons or buff)
  7. We'll never forget your kindness...

    Let me give you this flower...


  8. Kaen

    Wait, what? Is this man paid?
  9. Kaen

    If that man is kicked from his spot, make us comeback
  10. Kaen

    Bro for Real he did THE SAME to me. Muted me for fakes reasons, when I noticed him it was fake, he was trolling like "ah sad... enjoy the mute" then man banned my main disc cauz I said him what I though about his sentence in dm... after that he even blocked me. So I hoped on my alt disc, he perma muted him, bro... weeks after, I see I'm still perma muted, then I ask him to unmute me cauz it's geting long but man just ban my alt disc and add "Harassing Mod weeks after the sentence" no cap this man dont deserve to stay mod of this disc, he is a 12 y/o dictator, abusing powers and treating person as shit
  11. Kaen

    Nice try everybody, nice try but
  12. Kaen

    I'm so sexy! You all! Poor fools, I challenge you to find me a Nubian as sexy as me! Show me, I'll point the finger at a liar! This ALPHA build, that dark look, you see the experience of the killings in his eyes! It's in the blood! In this damn genetics boy, YAGYU We are so high, I allow myself to write in fucking center, what are you going to do ?!