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  1. THIS ENTRY IS A STORY OF TWO BOTHER WHO FOUND THEMSELVES ON TWO DIFFERENT SIDE OF THE SAME WAR It started off with two brother despite being from two different villages they could always see eye to eye They did every thing together One day the found out that they two villages were going to war And that was the last they saw each other 10 years later the one brother was sent on a assassin mission only to find out that black killed liroy's sensei And they meet once more and had had a brutal battle Three years after that encounter the two brothers meet on the battleground hoping to end this once and for all The battle raged on till they had nothing left - finished batted and broken With what little energy they had left ,they casted it into one last move hoping to end it But this is not where the story ends but it is where it begins They rest now to fight another day I hope you enjoyed this entry and i would like to thank @Liroyfor helping me with the whole thing and @Ohiya for letting me kill him ps I hope i win
  2. BlackKage

    Name: Ketsueki Karusu (meaning blood raven) Clan heads: @ViceGeneral Ketsueki and @Bmore Ketsueki III Village: Sand The clan was founded by many other clan's nobles who lost thier clan after the great clan war. This occurred before the formation of villages where they were a versatile clan. The nobles who founded the clan came from the land of lightning. Other nobles from the other lands such as fire, water, earth, and wind also joined. The original name of the clan was Blood Phoenix later on the name was changed to blood raven because the raven represents interlect, strength and power now the the nobles of the sand due to the formation of the village ,teaching , law keepers and law enforcers Paths Due to the mixture of clan three blood line techniques were formed . Raven's blood- this jutsu creates a thick strong blood lay infused in they skin (this move gives a big agility buff and a minor fort buff with the side effect of fort debuff after and cool down 3min commonly used by tai ) Raven's beak - this jutsu creates a thick strong blood lay infused to your hand and feet which (this gives a major strength Buff and minor agility buff with a strength bebuff cool down of 3min commonly used by weapons masters) Raven's Mind - this jutsu speeds up the mental speed of the ninja (this gives a major intelligence buff and major chakra buff cool down of 3min commonly used of int users ) Achevement SMPF General SMPF Vice general SMPF COMMANDERS Advisory councillor Chunin Jonin ANBU (SORRY CAN TELL YOU THAT ) For more lore :
  3. just made a part 2 to my war day story 

  4. i missed this game T_T

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  5. @Wavei got enemies got alot of enemies got a lot of ninjas try to drain me of chakra trying to take away from this ninja;D:P