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  1. Jazzberry Jam

    You're free to read them however you want. And of course. It's all due to my attitude. Which is a reaction to something someone else did. A reaction is at fault, not the cause of said reaction. I should've shut up and ignored you, shouldn't i? It would've led to the same outcome. I tried it. I tried every combination you can think off. Fighting people off, ignoring, talking, memeing, taunting, you name it. People just love to shit on others, troll, waste their time. If i ignore, your (note, not you personally, but people that do this kind of thing) ego gets hurt, you attack. If i reach out and talk, same, meme, same, i tried to reason. I've had moderate success by "flaunting" how much time i have left, because most people dont have as much patience or free time to match my own. You did. Great for you. I guess. Achievement unlocked. I shouldn't have to keep quiet and take my death, although i have had for so much time with no result. That's why im here, to say it so others can read. Maybe a separate server with optional pvp is born out of it. Maybe. At the end of the day, i didnt even mention today's incident in the original post, didn't call you out or something. Yet you were still defensive about it. Are you sure you weren't hurt at some point?
  2. Jazzberry Jam

    His density is getting to me. It's like that old internet post, where people ask you to stay calm when you are actually calm, and keep doing that, until it pisses you off and you are no longer calm. But i'll stop replying before it gets too far. Bashed my head against a wall for 3 hours. Had enough of that.
  3. Jazzberry Jam

    Yes, please show the damage logs. Please do. All you've been hurt in all those 3 hours was some wild hogs and a wind mask, which is a knockback with 1 damage. Im not trying to win sympathy. Was trying to fight memeing with memeing. Some respond well to that. It happened before, where a "conflict" was deflated because of some stupid joke, and then we'd simply talk about stuff. I'm sorry if that hurt you.
  4. Jazzberry Jam

    I haven't used first person, nor was that 70% of my post about myself. When it was personal experience i actually stated. It's further down in the post, and that experience wasn't about today. Wanted to avoid mentioning recent experiences. That 70% of my post was hypothetical engagement and how the game encourages things to play out. During the academy test, the game asks the question about being killed and what to do about it. And the game's correct answer is "gather allies and get revenge". That's why i talked about it. I know everyone goes through it. That's my point. People shouldn't go through this. Are you okay with it? With having this kind of experience?
  5. Jazzberry Jam

    There's one thing you've failed to realize in all our clashes. I didn't attack you. Not once. All i did was run past you. But since you were so full of yourself, you didn't even realize that. I didn't say i was bullied, i didn't say i was harassed. I didn't even say the words you quoted me by. You can't even distinguish between individuals it seems. You dont even bother anymore. You see someone, you kill, you dont care, you dont bother, so of course you create the wrong image about them, but its no big deal, after all, the shoe fits most of the time. For i dont even know who's sake, i'll repeat myself. My post is not about "waaa, im getting killed" My post is about the game not letting me choose when to get killed and when to do another activity. All i did was try to run past, but i couldnt even do that. I couldn't ignore attackers, i couldn't somehow avoid them. I couldn't turn off PVP, swap servers, you name it. Couldn't even change maps once i received damage. PVP cannot be avoided when doing other activities.
  6. Jazzberry Jam

    I had 5 hours left. I gave up after 3, 3 and a half at most. And again with the of course. That's not okay, behavior wise. That's really not okay. Ask any psychologist. That's not a normal behavior for a human being.
  7. Jazzberry Jam

    No. That's not normal. That's psycopathic behaviour. I shared how much time i have left in the hopes of reaching an understanding, of the other person realizing there is a real person behind the other in-game character, with limited time, who wants to enjoy a game just like you, during that limited time. Memeing/trolling and intentionally doing anything to prevent that player from reaching his goal shows immaturity, egoism and lack of empathy. "Harassing world" is that a new trending "hashtag"? No it's not a harrasing world, it shouldn't have to be. Why does someone have to feel like shit so that someone else can have a laugh or a temporary ego boost out of it? Why can't we all enjoy a game together and laugh together and help each other have an easier time in game? As for Kiara, that's what i've been doing for over a month. The quest i wanted to finish today was one of the very few one would take among the many skipped. Am i supposed to skip that too? Then there are no more quests to do. What next? Grind mobs? You can still get killed by players during that activity too. What next? Stay in village and chat? Well, you can still get killed during that activity too. Stay in hospital? Sure but village chat is no longer a global thing so i can't even chat with other players. I dont mind being "harassed" and killed, when i choose to participate in that activity. I dont get to choose here. LoL, WoW, path of exile, destiny, warframe, you name it, they let you choose what you do with your time. There's PVP modes, there's PVE modes. There's a mix, there's something for everyone. Nin Online doesn't even have something for some people, it only has something for one type of people. PVPers. Why should people skip quests? Why can't they be enjoyable from the start? Why does everything have to be decided by PVP? Why can't i choose when i want to get killed over and over and when i want to do something else? I'm not even angry. I'm disappointed. I used to love this game. It was such a joy. I'd log in, people left and right forming teams to level up together, there would be friendly spars, they'd be exchanging tips on how to improve. Others would dress up funny just to pull pranks on people. Konahri would dress up as a tree and surprise heal injured players. There would be daily/weekly events, pvp ones, quirky ones, even to test new content about to be added. Leveling up didn't require you to give up half your lifespan, your sanity and your left kidney. Sure there wasn't as much "content" as it is today, those were simpler times, but the overall experience was better. And everyone had a place, a choice on what they wanted to do.
  8. Jazzberry Jam

    Nin online doesn't respect player's time. The time a player has to play the game and invest in the game is not his to control, nor does it match the results. Ironically, the result is controlled by other players. This is especially bad when most players are bored of the game and or immature. You can log in, try to do a mission, say you have an hour left before going to work or doing other things in real life. Well too bad, there's a player out there that is dead set on killing you no matter what, for that next hour. Feels bad. Your hour of entertainment is gone, you didn't progress at all, nor did you get any entertainment. As a bonus, you dont like pvp. Now what? Get back at him like the game suggests? You don't have time anymore, maybe tomorrow. But tomorrow the enemy player is not online. Or the player is, but with allies too, so now you die in a 1 v 5. What now? Gather allies and get revenge? No time left today, maybe tomorrow. Next day, the player might be online, might not, you might have allies online, you might not. Let's say everyone's online. Big war happens, everyone dies. You sort of got back at him? What now? Well, your time to play is over, you'll come back tomorrow. Tomorrow, you're gonna want to finish the quest. But there's a player there that kills you as soon as he sees you. And you ran out of time. So you spent a week having your time wasted by many other players, not being able to do what you wanted to do, and also trying to get back at him because the game says so, even though pvp activity is something you might not like. Why? What's the point? Where's the entertainment? Where's the result of having spent a week in this game? Where's the break from all the shitty things happening in real life? It's realistic? Get good? It matches a design vision? Play at a different time? You don't like it shut up and don't play? How do any of these fix the state of the game and how it delivers this experience? Sometimes, realism and visions you've had for a game are best left aside in order to deliver a better experience for the players. Not everyone has time all day every day to play, a game needs to account for that. Players should be able to get something out of the game, whether they choose to spend a little bit of time or a lot. It's their time and they get to choose what to do with it. Sooner or later, if they see their time is just wasted, they'll just leave. Criticism shouldn't be silenced, otherwise there would be no progress anywhere. People get angry when a part of a game sucks because they care about the game and they want to see it do better. They might not always deliver feedback in the best possible way, but they still do. As for some of my personal experiences, i've met players who specifically drew pleasure out of wasting other people's time. I've even seen some lie about me being hostile, in order to gather more people from the village to kill me. Think about that for a moment.
  9. Jazzberry Jam

    Are you sure you saw the damage it does correctly? I had someone use the bubble clone on me and i never saw that damage.
  10. Jazzberry Jam

    What i find really strange is that mist get a mission to retrieve a juice from within sand village as early as level 15. That mission is pretty much the same as retrieving compromised documents, a much higher level mission. That shouldn't be given at such an early level as it is a very hard mission to pull off.
  11. Jazzberry Jam

    Most tournaments already have trash talk and all that "rp" mixed in, here and there. Nothing new honestly. Would've liked to see a roleplay event that's interesting and not tied to PVP. Now that's something not that easy to do.
  12. Jazzberry Jam

    >Wants to promote roleplay instead of PVP >Makes a PVP last man standing event Okayyyyyyy
  13. Jazzberry Jam

    Yeah but on the other hand, it's more or less the most protected of all the villages. Everyone needs to pass through bears and a 5 minute ride/kraken attack in order to get to mist. So attacks are somewhat discouraged. What's more, if they leave on a boat, everyone else can still jump on the same boat, making for some awkward elevator music moments. There is no escape from mist where you come out alive if you are followed by several high level ninjas. Doesn't matter if you get to the boat ride first, they will also be teleported to the same boat and you will die there. And you will have wasted 20 ryo.
  14. Jazzberry Jam

    On one hand, i'd like the boat ride to take less and stuff. But on the other hand, less bloodshed is nice. Wars are boring.
  15. Jazzberry Jam


    Would love to hear a small description of what your vision was for each mastery.