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  1. pxy

    Simply amazing! This is actually one of the suggestions that I really hope to be added. Definitely helps the overall game immersion since people won't have to tab out of the game to go to discord trade channel to sell/buy something.
  2. pxy

    I feel like one of the main reasons new players drop this game is because of the initial heavy grinding you have to do to level up. I've seen it with one of my IRL friends who's basically obsessed with the naruto anime/manga. The thing is though is that Rory intended the game to be this way, so unfortunately I don't think that the overall experience gain will be buffed. A tip would be to try and play the game while there is a world blessing on, and read up on guides on the forums. Other than that good luck.
  3. pxy

    Very nice idea issa, hopefully we can see this in the game sometime soon to give a fresh dynamic to hunts/group fights.
  4. pxy

    I was a victim of this earlier today, I must say it is very unpleasant and makes absolutely no sense..plz fix
  5. pxy

    We need this asap, RIP Issa E/F we were gonna go crazy in CE
  6. pxy

    hmm i feel like bleach dubbed isn't that bad compared to other animes
  7. Been trying to edit my videos more, still a big noob but enjoy ;')
  8. pxy

    maybe, we don't know that yet, but its fair to assume its available to leaf only because the only person in the manga/anime who uses it is a leaf ninja. what bruh? Tenten was only able to use it once lmao. Any normal person trying to wield it would die due to chakra consumption, so it makes no sense to have that available in leaf. I am water/light, regardless of the pipe being locked to water (which I am) I would still be able to use it.
  9. pxy

    Yeah, a mist ninja who regardless of pipe being locked to water would still be able to use, and not a SS? lmao. Why are you asking me about weapon designs like I was the one who created Kiba? All I said is that in a part of the anime cannon the sword demonstrates that its able to hit through trees and rocks, period. I also never said that its underpowered lmao, that's how you chose to interpret it which wasn't my intention. If you watched the clip, you should be able to cast certain jutsus with the sword, but that's more of a rework. 3v1'ing isn't that farfetched if you really think about it. The SS are the top of the top WMs, regardless of a sword being ''absolutely broken'' to you.
  10. pxy

    Why are people completely disregarding the reason that Sand and Mist have these weapons available to them? Its in the anime, and is obviously lore based. I just see people in here complaining about other villages weapons/village passives, and not thinking on how to ACTUALLY bring leaf a new weapon, which you guys already have in the staff (which I know is a rare drop, but with leaf numbers gathering and farming it shouldn't be a problem.) My suggestion would to be to band together as a village and try and drop the staff and go from there, be proactive instead of coming on the forums complaining about needing a new weapon and nerfing others when there is a boss in your village that already drops one. Also one last thing: To the people who think that Kiba shouldn't be able to hit you through objects such as trees or rocks, please take a look at some cannon use of the sword Here, if anything the swords should be able to do more but as said before, that's a topic for another day.
  11. pxy

    Wasn't aware this was a bug, I only briefly stayed in there anyway.
  12. pxy

    @Ueda Me and two other people (Loose, Tight, and Lupo) decided to team up to beat Kiritomo since it would be easier with the 3 of us, and every time we killed Kiritomo he would re-spawn. I think we killed him up to 6 times and tried to turn the mission in multiple times but it wouldn't work. We all spent all of our ryo, blood and chakra pills, and toad oils in order to keep trying to get this mission to work but it didn't. Here is 5 minutes of the bug: If we could receive all the items we lost to the bug that would be a big help.
  13. I need you to do my next one lmaoo