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  1. Takashi

    Black Garou confirmed
  2. I can charge you 2k ryo for making an eye. Cmon any artist needs more than that to work, 2k ryo (or $2) is just an insult.
  3. Takashi

    Actually @Emiya and @Erox are the only admins i felt like i had a friendship with
  4. Please @Ueda, change the background sound of Asoki port map since it's literally PEOPLE SPEAKING after the actual song finishes, i was for like 30 minutes opening and closing programs in my PC thinking i had a video open LMAO i was feeling crazy (Also sorry if this doesn't belong to Support, these voices in my head got me freaked out)
  5. Takashi

    Damn that sounds horrible LOL
  6. Takashi

    Damn the slug bless looks like something most of the players would abuse and it would make items drop in prices. But i like the idea of all the types. Indeed.
  7. Takashi

    Bruh if he paid just accept that sword how it is. If you want a new looking sword pay for the GFX of that NEW sword. End of the discussion.
  8. Takashi

    I have toad at 1st try and i like it what do u mean :v
  9. Takashi

    *Ahem* Kakashi got Zabuza's Kubikiribocho after defeating him in war, why not the same here in Nin? BIG YES
  10. Takashi

    Take my money already
  11. Takashi

    a)Boxers (no clothes) The Red Beast has to show off all the hard work doing push ups and never dropping the weights. But right after that, a relaxing bath... b)Normal Clothes A casual day helping Gorou, the Tool Shop Owner on packing up all the Ninja tools needed for all the Leaf Shinobi and Kunoichi. c)War Clothes Using Ryuta Style Sealings on three Tailed Beasts at once, protecting the Village from them.
  12. Takashi

    You just said what i had in mind Also @Butai if the fight stops for charging chakra, try to think of your victory strategies, or in case your oponent is too much for you to handle, think about possibilities to flee, that all makes the PVP more RP related.
  13. Now way, this is not aceptable, i had to use 10 blanks for my Summon! Hmph!