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    I remember in when i was 17(2016) being bored in an afternoon, i just had to Google "Naruto" in indiedb website, between all the stuff i found the existance of Nin Online, and since then I can tell this game is a part of my life, this is the only game in which i get into the community stuff, i feel like my friends here are my real life friends (there may be some beefs ingame, but nothing personal, all good with everybody) and I must really thank you bro @Ueda for making and developing Nin Online, keep it up, you're doing great man, there's no other way to look but up and beyond
  2. The White Beast is back (and probably will be drawn, looks like would fit in a manga style)
  3. Since I'm probably coming back to NinOnline, I may consider this a signal from the destiny itself, DM me @Ueda if you need my help
  4. Takashi

    Black Garou confirmed
  5. Takashi


    *Resetting acc to be ur student...*
  6. What is happening? I'm logging with my only account and is not working :(


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    2. Takashi


      Oh, It's solved, thanks anyway! @Deathmall

    3. Deathmall


      Oh and also this happens when the server is down lol. Forgot to mention.

    4. Takashi


      Thanks for the info hahah

  7. Guys, three days ago I broke two knuckles of my right hand, so I won't be able to play for some weeks, if i connect i will just talk XD, hope to see you all! :D

    1. Ryuga


      Woah, hope your arm gets better, mate, so we can play more :S

  8. Thanks, problem fixed!

  9. Guys, I can't reach the red zone with my mouse, since I started, I haven't had the chance to try PVP, what do I have to do? D:


    1. Jester


      Try posting on forums in the bug section.

    2. Siluk


      No, don't post it on the Bug Reports, post it on Support. This is not a bug.