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  1. Ashido

    Josh Suwa is one. Special Jonin (Tokubetsu Jonin; Literally meaning "Special High Ninja") are ninja who, rather than all-around Jonin training, have jōnin-level ability in a specific area or skill, much like warrant officers in real-world militaries.
  2. Ashido

    Thank you for positive vibes. Your signature is really cool.
  3. Ashido

    Working on beats, osts, artwork, and templates for profiles. PM if you're interested in transforming your profile for RP purposes. Here's a few links of profiles done. (Working on others atm but here's mine) Also debuting a self-proclaimed mixtape called KTD hope you enjoy the soundtrack on the page.
  4. Ashido

    Having an economic system would be cool
  5. Ashido

    I'll set it higher. We have plenty of great shinobi in leaf. We just need to unite those people and come up with ideas to help better our village. Simple as that.
  6. Ashido

    I feel like if you can't make a build that can compete with a particular mastery you should make something more suitable for you to fight them or choose the same mastery if it's that much of a problem, We need a new server and advanced masteries. The jutsu may not be 100% balanced but they work. The game works. People just need to stop being so nit picky about the detail and look at the overall gameplay. We need more content, more ways to earn experience other than grinding or raise the amount of experience earned from mobs. It takes too long to get 1 level in a 2D game. I can see if this was skyrim and it held the quality. But it's literally a sandbox 2D game. Having this kind of grind kills the game imo.
  7. Ashido

    Please make this a thing. Having a mastery should feel unique especially if it's a village one.
  8. Ashido

    Synposis: The Ukiyo Clan (憂き世, "Floating World") is a renowned shinobi clan famous to the Land of Fire. Originating south of the continent on a remote island used to ship weapons to and from hidden villages their name reigned supreme in the Land of Fire; homing The Hidden Leaf Village. Known for their plethora of talents and unwaverable skill, ("commonly identified with their ability to sing, dance, drum, paint, and sculpt") the Ukiyo Clan would celebrate the day of their creation, holding festivals that consist of bountiful food, fighting, dancing, and the sharing of battle stories. Deemed ruthless and unmerciful due to their isolation of the land, their were many who were killed off as a sign of accomplishment using it as a title to show their strength. With only a small pool of accessible knowledge and fundamental techniques the clan thrived and prospered upon a long history of both smithing and crafting/weapon designing - to profit off other villages supplying on-going war. Unfortunately due time shinobi stole and mimic their iron casting skills to a watered down degree making their services no longer needed. Due to this a great depression fell upon their village causing them to move up north where they became infamous and known for their crimson red eyes and majestic black hair. Ukiyo that have remained in the village slowly began to die off due to illness, starvation, and simple invasion which led to experimentation and the stealing of the knowledge of the clan which had began slowly decaying. Currently standing the Ukiyo are of Konoha and all of the knowledge of their blood filled history has been passed down to the final successor who now leads the clan to salvation. Brief History: Native to the Land of Fire were a band of tribesmen who specialized in blacksmithing, hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, and business. The natives were known as Kami no Min and lived a life fruitful lives beneath their chief, Marukei Ukiyo. When the world was effected by chakra these were the only people who received an stigma instead, those who chose to practice nature affinity were chastised by their father clan genetics, the Taiyou. Taiyou are intergalactic beings that travel from star to star, balancing the amount of light in the universe, their job is to burn brightly and fend the overall universe from chaos, destruction, and things alike. Their skin are rich in melanin and they bare rings of fire behind their heads much like halo. Instead of chakra they are known to use an ancient art of energy-control called Hadou ("Hadou is closely knit with the user's synchronicity to their surroudnings becoming expansive in sensiblity and hyper-aware if used correctly.") when a Ukiyo practices chakra hand-seals rather than hadou breaths their skin becomes pinkish pale, their eyes vary in color, and their ways are lukewarm; much like 3rd generation Ukiyo. Ukiyo are one of the most profited tribes amongst the five nations. When nearing poverty the clan began dying off in vast numbers leaving a few who were commonly known as Serafima ("Literally Meaning; "The Burning Ones"") who possessed great skill in not only gathering information but prolonging the tradition of the the very first clansmen and or whoever is successor. Low on profit the elders of the village decided to build and train a very selected few shinobi who were brought up to be the village's saviors as the chosen to market off the pain and suffering of the clan. Upon teenage years, those who learned their history were shipped across the countries and used as scapegoats to foreign countries who all rose up through the ranks of their assigned village, becoming known, esteemed, skilled warirors of multiple titles ("Via; Doctors, Martial Aritst, Samurai, etc."). Today the Ukiyo left remaining are those true soul survivors, leading lives of their own, traveling the world and obtaining knowledge of each individual society. One being a male who was known for his intellect and had became very profitable and sought to become the richest shinobi in the world, Ashido. The other was a woman who was skilled and a master surgeon who left the village to pursue her way of life, having prophetically learned the ways of complex medical ninjutsu without the help of systematic schools. Seeking refuge, it became common to see one of these familiar clansmen baring the ukiyo clan symbol upon their backs.
  9. Ashido

    Is this still ongoing? I'd like to join and have notifications when events take place.
  10. Ashido

    Are Ukiyo and Hinode still in a joint relationship? If so I'd like to speak with the current leader @Phoenix Hinode or @Tameshi Hinode about this as our clan is reworking based on the relationships gained over the years. Sincerly, Founder of Ukiyo - Ashido Ukiyo
  11. Ashido

    This is a good MMO based idea.
  12. Or atleast through RP make it make sense. Like fake your death or something.
  13. Ashido

    I feel this. Preserve villagers and isolate trouble makers that disrupt the community/village in a proper way, mature way, SENSIBLE WAY, REASONABLE WAY!, RESPONSIBLE WAY!!! If you do not know what any of these words mean by definition look them up before continuing to read! Kage want loyalty but don't do anything to earn people's loyalty. Respect could be given or taken how you feel.. personally or rather imo everyone deserves respect first and foremost as a human being.. but that's just me.. honestly the kage themselves aren't even loyal to the villagers. How about helping your home instead of making enemies.. How you leaving the village to fight other villages when your village is literally in shambles! It's self-centeredness.. when I was leaf and raids happen I rarely did them.. I even stopped doing WW and Bounty Missions simply because it was too hard to do it alone.. jonin and chunin that afk in the village helped me or other low levels whenever they felt like it. Hosted RP whenever they felt like it. Like who put these lazy mfs in charge of how everything works.. OH RIGHT! The KAGE! The point i'm getting at is yeah it's a harsh world but no one ever said it had to be.. You "Late in gamers" "Old Nin Heads" make it that way.. The current state of Nin can literally change overnight but y'all rather harbor over situations that can easily be fixed by communicating and empathizing with people..
  14. Ashido

    What's up people of Nin, as you all know the current state of RP in this game is pretty settle but I'd like to change this and making use of having a Ninja Biography. Currently I've worked on only my own just so there's something to preset. The overall purpose of this post is to get more people involved and enjoy the experience of having their own characters brought to fruition by commissioning their characters. These are examples of what I have to offer. Thank you for reading. Profile Pictures - 10k Ryo or 10$ per commission Full Body Pictures - 20k ryo or 20$ per commission Cover Photos - 15k ryo or 15$ per commission Tabs and Logos - 5k Ryo or 5$ per commission Premium Package - 30k or 30$ (Includes a personal "Ninja Bio Template") Example: Name: Ashido Age: 22 Years Old Race: Human Tribe: Kingu Bloodline Limit: Unknown Profession: Martial Arts Birthplace: Kumogakure Affiliations: Kirigakure Team: Akiyama Occupation: Musician The Kingu Zoku (キング族, "King Tribe) Are a nomadic group of different clans who abandoned the Shinobi continent long ago, during the formation of the Hidden Village System. They moved far south to the Dense Darkness Continent, A continental landmass with strange endemic species and various extreme micro-climates. It is filled to the brim with monstrous beasts, including the Wyvern. The inhabitants of this landmass utilize their unique physiology to combat these beasts. This lifestyle shows us that most of the tribe are not shinobi but hunters. The few who do remain in the shinobi continent, maintain close ties with their homeland, becoming not shinobi but Senshinin (戦士忍, "Warrior Ninja") Notable Features - Standing roughly five foot ten inches, Ashido appears to be your average sized human being. Depicted as a man in his early twenty's, his simplistic wardrobe and experienced yet fundamental practices establishes his skill as an exceptional brawler. Varied by his bronzed skin, buzzcut-wool like hair, and umber eyes, he is casually seen wearing his Off-White Bandit fit, Utility Vest, and Black Turtle Neck. A huge reader he's always carrying a few scrolls just incase he becomes inspired to write something formally and or useful to his village, he's also a poet. Documents recorded from his travels have shown this shinobi to be very seasoned in many arts of fighting. Known to have a deep voice albeit for his ability to sing, his overall nature is as perplexed as an samurai; showing appreciation for mannerisms and a sense of responsibility. Lastly villagers have noted the male to have a philosophical air about him, standing near him you'd feel a warming similar to that of the sun, accompanied by an gentle yet winding atmosphere.