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  1. Ouja

    Looking for the latest version of Nin Online for Mac OS. If anyone has it please contact me, I'm an Gold member.
  2. Ouja

    For anyone with a Mac this is definitely a great alternative. The functions for me are different versus when I use a Laptop o PC. Im able to zoom in and out, I move much quicker than I would on pc or laptop, and map switching is faster.
  3. Ouja

    Like an mist org outside of mist.
  4. Ouja

    Puppet Brigade and 7SSM should allow both rouge/hermit and main villagers IMO. Every village has ops already
  5. Ouja

    The thing is... Most people apply for terms and or go through the motions for certain roles and or ranks but rarely carry the responsibility of it. As I said before this is an MMORPG, without the RP it's really just an base, team up, button smashing, MMO Of course you're going to struggle organizing the game. The foundation isn't being implemented.
  6. Ouja

    Josh Suwa is one. Special Jonin (Tokubetsu Jonin; Literally meaning "Special High Ninja") are ninja who, rather than all-around Jonin training, have jōnin-level ability in a specific area or skill, much like warrant officers in real-world militaries.
  7. Both my ninjas @Itami and @Tengoku Gold. Now we wait for @Aza to finish his profile and stuff.

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    2. Deathmall


      I'll take you all under my wing hopefully you'll learn a lot. And for the organization sure, I'll inform you of the details when I see you. I'm actually heading to the Center right now. Feel free to pm me on the forum or in-game, and especially the Discord i'd recommend to get it if you haven't.

    3. Ouja


      What's your discord?


    4. Deathmall


      Same as this, Deathmall.

  8. Ouja

    Ayeee my nucca Tami