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  1. Hey guys
     Does anyone know when the Chunin exam is due?

    1. Kuraen Wilkor

      Kuraen Wilkor

      Next month but exact date is unknown 

    2. sasori okanin

      sasori okanin

      Next month :O:O ok thank you man

  2. Oh man we're fed up waiting lot and not a sign of an open beta, but that this topic liters farce Why don't you want to open beta Why, that's a lot I have times the official term


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    2. sasori okanin

      sasori okanin

      What I did not know he was in the hospital Is it okay I wish him a speedy recovery this is sad right:(:(:(:(

    3. sasori okanin

      sasori okanin

      I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience with the best wishes for a speedy recovery Seth

    4. Drendy


      Just try to find out more information first before going to conclusion or in your case actions lol, and I think everyone will be fine. Believe me I wanted to ask them same thing...but then moderator NEVER really replied to me...I send him a question about where to put something onto the forum as the guideline suggests and nothing...I sent him message on March they have their own problems to deal with.

  3. Hi Mr.Rory:

    I want to say that the open BETA is long overdue 



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    2. Quad


      Dude just wait patiently, im in the same boat as you, im also just a normal player and dont have silver or gold rights - so yeah man just wait :) I rather wait a year and have a better, well polished game ;) there is a reason it was delayed, to make the game better so chillax man it will come out eventually ;)


    3. sasori okanin

      sasori okanin

      I'm patient,but what i want is to know how much it takes this delay is only but on the whole thank you for for your advice


    4. Mjorn



      I see many players here who are the owner of reason, do not care about the thinking of new players, the guy just asked a question and has already been criticized.

  4. Sorry sir rory,but i would like to know the maximum duration may be required to open beta


    1. Chai


      It's obvious that they can't say the exact date. There's a lot of bugs that has to be fixed before going into open beta.

  5. Here is the topic about Silver Ninja.

    And here is some advice from my site. Spamming "how to get silver" is a rather bad start.

  6. Oh man endure a little lost patience a full month and a few days will not hurt

    1. Oniikage


      Yes, my friend, I and my group of friends playing Nin are waiting normally, but what stresses me are some players who do not accept a different opinion and want to make a bust because of little thing, the famous "politically correct" haha. But thank you for your understanding.
  7. Hi sir 

    Can you tell me how to hecome rank a silver ninja pleaaaase 

    1. Bamboosled


      What is better gold or silver?


  8. Hi 

    Can you help me 

    I need rank a silver ninja 



  9. Can toy tell me how to become rank a silver ninja pleaase

    1. Dona


      You must help the game or the community ;)

  10. Hi Indra

    Can you tell me please how to become a silver ninja pleaaase

  11. Hi Siluk

    Can you tell me please how to become a silver ninja pleaase

    1. Siluk
    2. sasori okanin

      sasori okanin

      But I'm certain the players have helped you understand the game and have showed them how to play and have Cano seven people