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  1. Harmony

    Love the idea maybe it come with advance earth if it doesnt get changed
  2. Harmony

    Boruto > Naruto
  3. Harmony

    No i dont see more than that sadly
  4. Harmony

    As long as i can keep my resolution im fine ^^
  5. Harmony

    Well doubt that a change like lowering someone resolution will happen its visually unappealing on certain monitors & laptops. does this make sense
  6. Harmony

    Just seem a bit much for a game that is suppose to be rp driven/encouraged let me role-play as a byakugan user in peace(Dont ruin my rp bro) plus a lower resolution looks horrible on screen
  7. Harmony

    Oi i prefer larger resolution than fps <.< it a tradeoff doing that is like capping ppl monitor at 30-60 fps and i dont see the whole village yet ;-;
  8. Harmony

    Oh yeah i've reported that it happens with that hair and faded locks just have to open inventory and change hair color to fix it or change hair to something that isnt one of those two
  9. Harmony

    The blood sword is 10x easier to get then tonfas is your price based on just a higher lvl or the and dmg
  10. Harmony

    put it in a danger zone were alot of ppl pass in the middle of dark clearning ppl need ww kills
  11. Harmony

    Yeah cant compare gentle fist and bubble those mastery are meant to be played differently. Majority of the jutsus feel useless to me dont think much of a dmg change would win ppl over seems like it might just need a rework the pipe stun should be changed and added to a higher lvl str pipe. The way bubble jutsu are other masteries would benefit more from using pipe than it. Feels like it needs a jutsu that keeps bubble placed like tags similar to this but for longer than regular pipe if thats added nerfing the pipe so other masteries wont benefit from it as more than bubble users would help with the amount of ppl who play it
  12. Harmony


    Could just make a jutsu for tai users similar to how weapon mastery's tag jutsu but i dont think it should have to much dmg or range but maybe a higher cd and tai is a bit strong ^^'
  13. Harmony

    Official-Org Integration guys stay on topic
  14. Harmony

    could just make it where if you dont have half of your memebers online you cant activated buff for orgs that are meant to fight together
  15. Harmony

    Oh i didnt mean for the each individual meant only for leader the leader can set their group and what fits his/her ideas so you can challenge leader to a 1v1 up to a 4v4