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  1. Harmony

    Just keep asking to be removed that's as far as i can go
  2. Harmony

    I would like to be removed off the tier list
  3. Harmony

    Yes agree scalpels need a self stun or cast time all instant jutsu need a self stun or cast time if they knock back or stun if its unavoidable with flicker give it a cast time if its able to be avoided give it a self stun
  4. Harmony

    yes nerf instant cast that knock back or stun and add cast time to tornadoes and tai/gf jutsu
  5. Harmony

    Maybe with the new client we'll see alot of fixes and balancing tis is probably *crosses fingers*
  6. Harmony

    @Seifer changing flicker to a dash would solve the issue of homing to be honest you could dash out of the range of those homings for example what you tried to prove yesterday would be easier to dodge with just a dash
  7. Harmony

    It is possible to dodge it make it seem like its 100% undodgeable without a sub and i agree that the mechanics on certain homing need to some change only except for water and earth prison oh and maybe that lightning move that strikes down on ppl similar to kirin. Not all tai user just run and flicker at first instant some melee and see if they pop a sub or atleast dmg you to use the flicker instant combo.
  8. Harmony

    I am for all change in homing but you can atleast dodge homing by running out of its range once even if you're in its range because of the cast time unlike flicker once you are in its range during its cast time you're going to get hit 100% of the time by tai's and gf first lvl 10 jutsu and wind claw if you dont have a sub theres that one percent chances the person has some sort of delay after casting. I'm more for reworking flicker than homings but if you have a better idea i am all for change if it adds more diversity to different play styles and improves gameplay
  9. Harmony

    actually you can't dodge it been playing this gf/wm for around 3 years and havent had one person dodge flicker mountain crusher
  10. Harmony

    would probably balance alot of masteries atleast maybe when that is add maybe a change to sub will help to to remove sub punish aswell would be easier to manage balancing to each mastery after that without having to add cast time as a temporary fix
  11. Harmony

    hope this get implemented and replaces the current flicker or at least a test trial of it
  12. Harmony

    Would that really solve the issue knowing nin players they just invite each other to player made orgs just to go raid