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  1. alba hozuki

    Whats the market price for shirokata?
  2. alba hozuki

    looking forward to seeing all the art! If anyone needs any inspiration they can draw me...
  3. Wow, this was a Fun exam, we never got to do our group hug tho, if anyone has any pictures of all of us in the finals please send it to me, and a special thanks to @VagaSan, and @tatsumagi. And of course congrats to our sensei @MrChubb The Hozuki on becoming jonin. also thanks to the Pirate Team of Dona! This was a fun exam even tho everyone was naked!
  4. alba hozuki

    @Ori Sasayaki congratz on making another amazing guide, really.. wow. if you need any help with ss of objects feel free to ask. As Pinku said. "its looking gucci."
  5. alba hozuki

    maybe u could add how much points you have in total when at max level and how much points you have left after adding it to one of the stats. Like the idea tho its very handy
  6. GO GO HOEZUKI CLAN... uhm... what.. no... I-I meant... -.-:P

    1. Booty Gang Pinku

      Booty Gang Pinku

      go pinku clan GO ME GO ME GO ME e-e

    2. Opal


      Majestic. Dignified. That's us

  7. Thanks for giving us a reply.
  8. alba hozuki

    can you cast it on yourself?
  9. alba hozuki

  10. alba hozuki

    @Niti Tunneler's Tongue: 5 Ryo Scarab shell: 4 Ryo Big Scarab Shell: 5 Ryo Hawk talons: 7 ryo Raccoon tails: 8 ryo Bear Paw: 6 ryo Grey Bear paw: 7 ryo WHAT I WOULD ADD: MARKET PRICE: cig: 5kryo gas mask: 5k ryo Black Fan: ??? ryo twin fans: ~5k ryo Masurama (new sword): ??? ryo Twin Fangs: 5k ryo Bandit sword: ??? ryo Bandit pants: ??? ryo Blanc scroll: 250-350 ryo Tier 1 scroll: 500-600 ryo Tier 2 scroll: ~1k ryo Tier 3 scroll: roughly 2k-3k ryo WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: DNA SAMPLE: 100-200 ryo --> 80 - 150 ryo VENOM: 15-25 ryo --> 15-20 ryo
  11. Good luck Yuko! Looking forward to see how you will fit into your new role.
  12. alba hozuki

    OMG YES, I am also looking for sand release since I've started playing, AND OML I could totally see you rocking that PAPER RELEASE!
  13. alba hozuki


  14. alba hozuki

    Finally, the Hozuki Clan can take back their rightful spots as a ninja of the Blood Mist village! also look forward to serving @Mell as my Mizukage. You're going to be Mizukage right?
  15. alba hozuki

    I have been keeping up with the show mainly because of characters other than Boruto. For me it felt really draggy as I had already read most manga, and I was really excited to see Mitsuki explain to the team his backstory and family which he was about to do in the film. I also think that the film was a reason for me while the first half was slow as I just wanted them to catch up and move on. But then they released some surprisingly good "arcs" I believe its called, such as the Hidden Mist story, where I was really happy to see that The Hidden Mist was able to collect all the seven swordsman weapons again (idk, it just felt good to see them in place again). I personally like Sarada's personal arc, but it could have been a bit more focused on Sarada. Finally I was really happy once (in the most recent episode) they finally explain Mitsuki, as I find him one of the most interesting characters. (He is also super cute) AND how they gonna make him super smart and over power him, but in the movie he needs help passing the chuunin exam, like isn't he supposed to be all mighty and stuff. This is what I though about the new show, I was sad to see how the modern technology was affecting the traditions of the ninja world and it goes really deep in the event of the East being forced open like an oyster by white people. I do think this movie has potential, the reason I dont think its a repetition of Naruto is because of Mitsuki and Sarada which are completely different from their counterparts (idk who (Naruto and Sakura?)). I REALLY, REALLY want to see Mitsuki beat them up for some reason. (you've all seen his power, dont lie he is far stronger than Boruto)