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  1. SparkZZ

    Really nice
  2. SparkZZ

    Work of art.
  3. SparkZZ

    Good work, especially for the map design, very clean. Simply tweak the passive
  4. SparkZZ

    A decimal cast can be great, but poison senbon is fine
  5. SparkZZ

    SAND MILITARY POLICE FORCE State: [RECRUTING] As the current Police Chief, I am declaring that we are now open to new applications. One requirement: The applicants must have a certain dedication to roleplay. Form for Application Rank*: Level: Masteries: Also PM me on Discord. *I.e. : Genin, Specialized Jonin, Chunin, Jonin
  6. SparkZZ

    Cool vid
  7. SparkZZ

    I've been wanting a CTF for so long
  8. SparkZZ

    Using only flat stats is best
  9. SparkZZ


    I never understood the trade-off with having higher level requirements. Buff the damage scaling. Don't change the jutsus in any other way.
  10. SparkZZ

    Nah. Lightning is fine. Only change I would do is an increase in the base damage of Lightning Current. Screw anyone trying to make feast a run-cast.
  11. SparkZZ

    Lot of people claimed this video, so here it is. Had fun ^^
  12. SparkZZ

    Now that we have access to an efficient method of communication, we can coordinate ourselves and raise awareness the same way Lumy does. Inform yourselves, and make your proper opinion. You no longer are limited to listen to whatever bullshit the news propagate. Lots of issues need to be addressed; the situations in the US, Palestine, and many others have been going on for too long already.
  13. SparkZZ