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  1. Eriones

    Chakra scalpels being able to stack with Tonfas should not be a thing as well.
  2. Eriones

    There's an easy solution. Try to go diagonally towards Summoning Toad and use melee. That should solve the issue. Peace.
  3. It's not caused by ping spikes. I've been playing for almost a month using pingzapper. Sometimes my PC crashes and when it happens while being logged into the game, I get the same problem as yours. Even tho, I want to log on other characters, the game says I can log in on one character per computer. This issue appeared when new server came. I don't really know the good solution than waiting those 10 minutes.
  4. Eriones

    But some people, included me, voted when they were in village. Vote had been given and after this I became missing nin.
  5. Eriones

    Let me choose. Hmm. Riley. Done.
  6. Very nice and helpful guide for beginner players of RP'ing. I'd like to use it, but actually I learned few days ago how to empathize with my role in this world. Big applause Saku!