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  1. Seth

    Hello, I am Seth Jones ex-director of Nin Online. I used to be the co-creator of Nin Online helping @Ueda with the game programming and design with feedback and suggestions. Here's the updater we designed before we switched to PatchKit. It is open-source for the Nin Online community and my own portfolio. It is free to use for non-commercial reasons.
  2. Yeah I coded that client a lot, but I am glad we are finally moving away from Visual Basic 6. Visual Basic 6 uses C++, which is why we used it so long. Other than that, it was a terrible programming language.
  3. Seth

    I'm interested in Pirate Souls, always liked souls as a kid.
  4. Fix bug with unequip Shiroaka with extending buff duration. Fix bug with Cash Shop not giving items. Server maintenance, improve server speed.
  5. Server maintenance, improve server stability and performance. Bug fix with Cash Shop.
  6. Run animation has been improved. Shadows have been removed from Toads in Toad Village. Cash Shop preview now displays player name in the text properly. Fixed mapping bug with Sand Village.
  7. Resolutions with width above 1920 are now supported up to 2560 for the menu.
  8. More changes Should no longer show "OS" not supported. Should download the latest version of IniFileParser.dll, in order to open settings menu. If you have problems, please erase your config.ini file or copy it to a new file without having two [Options] sections.
  9. We've made some updates to our updater, to address issues with some of our players. This marks the end of life for Windows XP compatibility as we have moved to .NET Framework 4.5.2 for the updater. Better compatibility with new features in Windows. Should handle SSL properly with some hosts. This should eliminate the error some people experience when trying to update the game. Updated our config parser, which handles modifying the client options. More interesting features are planned to enhance the updater. We will include this new updater in our new installer, after we finalize the changes we are making to our client.
  10. We are ending support for Windows XP. Windows 7 users must have System Pack 1 installed. Some changes we're making: Move to .NET Framework 4.5.2, from 4. This will improve support and features from the .NET Framework, which should resolve issues with certain networks. For example, my university Internet made me unable to use the updater. Moving to Chromium browser for social login, where it used to rely on Internet Explorer 11. We also will later, implement where it uses your default browser, although that is not planned until much later.
  11. Target window will now always disappear if a player or monster does not exist. Fixed Facebook login.