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  1. Tameshi Hinode

    Welcome to the clan,christi
  2. Tameshi Hinode

    Welcome to hinode @ychiro!
  3. Tameshi Hinode

    One of our clan members, @Kiroku Hinode , drew this awesome clan picture for us. I wanted to share it with everyone,so here it goes!
  4. Tameshi Hinode

    Welcome to the clan!
  5. Tameshi Hinode

    Me and @Kiroku Hinode have been working on a uniform for our clan(should we ever make it into the game.If not,it was still a fun experience). The goal was to come up with something that has a bit of both sides,samurai and ninjas,it also has a little,,templar''touch to it. Heavy armor,partly covered by a red coat.The symbol on the back represents our clan logo,a yellow sun on a red background. I also created a new logo for the clan,here it is: (it may,or may not get edited in the near future) PS:Edited the clan description.
  6. Tameshi Hinode

    We didnt have our weekly clan meeting this time,but thanks to @YamaTakeshi Hinode,we had a fun little RP event. If you want to read more about this event,have a look at some screenshots or even the whole recording.....there you go! I also linked our lore thread to our clan description.
  7. Tameshi Hinode

    @Hageshi Hinode Just became a clan elder,congratulations!
  8. Tameshi Hinode

    We just had our 3rd clan meeting yesterday! Thank you all for showing up again,and id also like to thank our guests from the ukiyo clan for visiting us, @Ashido @Stormi and @Akali,it was an honor to have you there
  9. Tameshi Hinode

    Welcome to the clan,kiroku and vicinius.
  10. Tameshi Hinode

    Welcome to the clan, @Zabuza Hinode and @Gashadokuro !
  11. Tameshi Hinode

    Welcome to the clan lymanp!
  12. Tameshi Hinode

    We have a new clan elder now, @Kotaro Hinode Congratulations!
  13. Tameshi Hinode

    Thank you for attending our second clan meeting today! This time,the meeting lasted nearly 2 hours! And once more,it was recorded,thanks to @Hageshi Hinode,so every clan member who missed out on it,can pm me for the link. Hope to see you all again next week
  14. Tameshi Hinode

    Welcome,healy and sadao,glad you joined us.