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  1. Jaiir

    i dont think so, cant find the item anywhere
  2. Jaiir

    yeah!!!! lets make new players get & waste 5 coupons on that!!!!!!!!
  3. Jaiir

    Im only talking about the lowest tier of medical supplies. The one YOU currently have. People in the forum complain bout the *higher* tiers of the mission cos the time/reward ratio is kinda wack If u cant farm larvaes and scorpions for literally 5 mins being lv 10 then idk bud lol
  4. Jaiir

    No one talks bout this mission in the forum cos its a decent LOW LEVEL mission. Dont know why u doing maths lol, the tails and cocoons both have a huge drop rate (and almost always boosted by a blessing and maybe raid points). Of 3/4 scorpions u kill, at least 1 will drop a tail. u keep comparing coyotes with scorpions. You can literally 1 hit scorpions/cocoons ( and multiple of em depending on your mastery) at lv 10+. U cant do this with coyotes The mission is a low ass tier one, its not supposed to give u 400k exp and 800 ryo. U can literally kill 30 scorpions in 5/10 minutes, fast mission, fast exp, fast ryo, and always a drop chance of scrolls. 30 Mob exp + Selling the drop + Mission Exp + Mission Ryo + any scroll ( if u drop one) its a pretty good mission tbh. If u keep complaining bout this low ass tier mission gl w the sand survey one lol
  5. Jaiir

  6. Jaiir

    Most farming missions are pretty good.t the mission itself doesnt give that much exp but the 30/40/50/60/70 mobs u have to kill + blessings, its a pretty good ammount of exp (specially at your level) . If u dont like the mission just abandon it lol
  7. Jaiir

    bumping this post so a gm sees it lol Having to grind completely alone ( or with friends if u lucky ) since lv 1 is pretty boring ngl
  8. Jaiir

    LMFAO thenks bud
  9. Jaiir

    And blessings? Im guesing u made whole posts complaining on how now they can be bought with ryo and forcing the devs to give the money back to the people that paid real $$ for blessings
  10. Jaiir

    Why are you always so aggresive towards everyone that suggest a simple idea? lol Im only talking bout the basic hairstyles in the char creation screen. Not having a limited & "free" (it'd cost ryo)) option to customize the hair in a game where the char customization is a really big thing just feels kinda weird imo.
  11. Jaiir

    Ay hello! Was kinda thinking that a "barber" npc or something would actually be a pretty nice addition to the game. (ofc it'd cost ryo)) I dont find it something illogical, lore-wise talking. It'll obviously only be the basic hairstyles from the char creation screen and maybe a hair dye option (ofc only for the ones that bought the object). Having to either hide your whole head or reset/create alts just for a simple hairstyle change feels kinda weird lol. It'll also give more outfits combinations and ideas for most people.
  12. Jaiir

    aw thanks! sounds great, i'd totally move there since i havent been able to meet anyone in my current village and its kinda boring lol. But my main goal is to become a hunter-nin ( only cos i love the mask oop ) so after that i could maybe join yall,,,,,,,,
  13. Jaiir

    Oh i didnt knew that was a thing!! dming u
  14. Jaiir

    Aw thanks for the tips! very much appreciated instead of just flaming me like some players did lol Tried joining the Mist discord but i have to be lv 30+ to enter and couldnt find any active mist clans ( i may be wrong,,,) so seems im alone til high lvl lol
  15. Jaiir

    Yeah, and 80% of all the members there are either gold or silver and thats not the point either lol even if they cant send memes, the topics they talk in general are pretty random and offtopic ( which im totally fine with! i dont make discord rules ). Having more channels either to ask stuff or search for parties would be 999999999999 times easier than staying afk 24/7 in my village ((which is already pretty low populated ( mist )) searching for low level players to party with or asking stuff