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  1. gotta keep the inactive council trend going, eh?
  2. Zuh


    duck summon when!?
  3. sorry couldn't tell, you're not the brightest bulb.
  4. buddy it was the creator of the game that said that..
  5. QoL changes are just as important for games as anything else
  6. force update your game and it fixes.
  7. Zuh

    why does no one use this feature.. hello oriax.

  8. it's a pretty big problem, can't expect it to be resolved that easily. It takes time
  9. I found this game on dbindie today :P feel free to message me and explain how this game is xD it looks awesome!

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    2. Zuh


      @Indra yeah it looks awesome from what i've seen so far :) 

    3. Shigure


      the game is fun , you should try it when it will open !

    4. Zuh


      @Shigure yeah hopefully it's back up soon lol