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  1. My old cat just died.

  2. Magatama

    I would like to suggest adding non - daily mission abandonment option. As it is for now we can't abandon RP/Arc missions and we only have 14 mission slots. Of course 14 mission slots is a lot but for some players like me that come back to do old/new content it's hard to take all of them. I propose increasing mission limit(currently it;s 14) or adding option to delete missions. For it to be safe just add confirmation box with "Do you want to abandon mission?" after you click "abandon mission" Sorry for my England.
  3. I've ate Lasagne today.

  4. I love lasagne.

  5. Magatama

    As an guy without any talent or dream I really respect you guys for making your dream come true Uedory and Seth. I think that most of us is really grateful for discord communication ! Big companies would usually direct you at some kind of support website, but look at this @Ueda guy: He even helped some random guy so he can enjoy NIn. I can be considered dick for saying word "unfair" pretty often when something is added for only one village, but I didn't mean to hurt you but only get loose from feelings of this old missing. Thank you for your hard work @Ueda @Seth @Sezu @Stephen @Kenock @Akiro Jessica(whore)
  6. Magatama

    As an medic I can say that this man tells truth.^ If we talk about grinding for exp, It's really bad to have medic if you want to level up fast. 1 additional person to split exp with =/= No thanks buddy.
  7. Magatama

    Can't wait for every random character to use Wood Release.
  8. Magatama

    Clan Name: Magatama. Affiliation: Missing STORY: Magatama clan was founded by Great Sage Magatama, for many generations, our main activity was supervising local temples and helping normal people. We bless people and help them resolve unnecessary conflicts. As priests/monks we don't use violence even if it costs our life. We have huge Temple but most of our members is scattered across whole world. We get money from donations or little trades. One of current leaders is reincarnation of Great Sage Magatama. CLOTHES: We usually wear used kimonos, ponchos or rarely on special events Monk robes(we would be grateful to wear blessing monk robes).
  9. I updated wiki with whole Rory jutsu balance changes(17.12.2018)

    Now I will need to rework some templates.

  10. One day I will buy ps4 pro.

  11. I want to kill myself. The ninja was so leafy that he could only spam kill under Takumi hospital.
  12. Hey,that's my nickname! :(

    1. Mud


      Not anymore,I was camping for it some time already!

    2. Magatama


      One day I will take it again.