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  1. I'm pretty sure that It happens much more often while playing in windowed mode.
  2. Magatama

    I would specially suicide to mobs, if you want to destroy my mood and mission why am I supposed to help you or give you some kind of reward? Not everyone enjoy ducking pvp in this game. Goin past all players to do docs and then getting ambushed at forest or desert near my own village feels bad. My #1 rule is never leave Takumi without BI. also ping is everything you need.
  3. Magatama

    Increase nin pg to 16+ so we can curse all we want.
  4. Magatama

    He doesn't know @Berserk
  5. Magatama

    So it's not myth that you can change locations without 10sec loading time and snare.
  6. Magatama

    Make kills in safe zone count. Let's say that you can't get away with body in safe zone and that's why you won't get bounty related stuff(Imaginery guardians patrol area) News spread about someone death and you've got another victim added to kill count. Daimyo/Kage cares about death unlike Bounty guy who wants some nice fresh meat.
  7. Magatama

    I agree.
  8. Magatama

    As an fellow non-pvp guy I can only list these: Grinding valuable/Rare items(bone sword, bandit sword, double bandages, tonfas, special sakkats) Chatting with people Helping other people with missions. I'm not counting RP beceause you can use it as you wish.
  9. Magatama

    Level up all your alts to 60.
  10. Magatama

    Kill: @Magatama
  11. Magatama

    @ReubenNickfor me.
  12. Magatama

    I don't know even know what's your point my friend. From what I can guess you are rogue who likes to pvp and harass, nothing wrong with it! It's your choice to play/have fun this way. From what I know normal rogues usually skip missions like leaf springs or tanzaku delivery(low exp mission), but if those missions would be only thing that hermits can get it will even increase your chances to harass/kill more so I dont see any downside for rogues like you. Low lvl missing usually group up to do cbk/bounty missions so I think it will be easier to kill one guy. Have fun.
  13. Magatama

    Try not to blow out your magic candlestick menora while running and yelling "I'm ALPHA MALE" It was supposed to be nice and cool topic in memory of our comrades, not your salt.
  14. Magatama

    Hello(or how old enemies of Poland would say "Guten Tag") I think that Missing mission RNG should depend on your current bounty.What do you mean you fockin disappointment? Hehe, It's pretty clear that not everyone wants to kill people. I was hermit +/- from the moment I've became missing ninja, I've always wanted special missions made for Hermits that won't drag us into killing people. But why create special missions when you just can forbid "kill other players" missions from ever showing up. If Missing NInja has 0 bounty(Hermit) this person shouldn't be able to get "Bounty/CBK" missions. I think that people become Hermits specially to avoid conflicts like me, they want to do missions that won't destroy mood of other person. If you want to get better exp missions just go Rogue, but if you want to be neutral you must suck it up and and do deliveries(or lets beg Uedory to give us some juicy new higher exp missions) Have fun and Good Night. Make it happen plox @Ueda Sorry for my England.