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  1. If anyone wishes to buy me Gold Ninja, i would gladly accept! ^-^

  2. *Awaiting for Nin Online to come back online!*

  3. We understand it's not that easy. But, it's essentially what we hope could happen. We know it won't happen how we hope, it just sucks for those who played fairly during a bad patch :/
  4. It's a completely sticky situation that you're facing, and i'm sure the decision you make will be one that's best for everyone. I have faith that you'll do what's best for the player base as a whole, since it should be the players interest in mind and at heart. It makes a lot of sense either way. For instance, i didn't log in during the patch last night, so it's most likely i won't get a rollback. But for me to log in, and to see new players nearing the level cap would put me at such a disadvantage. So i understand it from that aspect. But for those who logged in last night, and grinded fairly, for them to get rolled back puts them at a disadvantage too. I know it's an unfair decisions to make, but it's one that may have to be taken. Either way, it's going to be unfair to someone. You just have to stand by the choice you make and hope people will follow.
  5. I understand that you feel the need to rollback to account for those who used exploits. But, as it has been previously stated, there are those who have actually grinded to get to where they are now. It sucks to hear that there are people cheating to get to higher levels, and that those including myself, are having to take the consequences for those who feel the need to cheat. Hopefully, the result doesn't end in a rollback and there is some way to find those who have used exploits so they can be punished individually. I really enjoy this game! I found it back in 2013/2014, maybe earlier and fell in love with the art work itself, i just knew this would be a game i'd be happy to grind at in my spare time and would hate to see it get affected in a negative way due to impatient people who don't understand what hard work actually is. I wish the best of luck for this game and hopefully all issues get resolved soon. I'm sure you guys know what you're doing, and those who truly stand by this game will stand by your decisions too!