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  1. That bold coming from someone with Earth.. All you have done in this thread is troll, grow up kid..
  2. That moment you turn major game events that happened since closed beta to almost the present day into RP and don't even get a honorable mention. Also if you view my bio from a phone it looks bad, I edited it to be viewed from a PC.
  3. I agree that ANBU masks should remove you from bingo book while equipped..
  4. Shadow Sage

    My 2 cents are this, if you have mental health issues.. The internet is not a good place for you to be chillen, its a cold ruthless void that only attracts the worst out of people.. I suggest a healthy diet of smoking herb and trying to balance the imbalance in your brain.. Regards Dr Pervy Sage
  5. If you have not read my bio please head to my profile to check it out!! And of course I want to enter this!!
  6. Dood I'm not usually a fan of that style of music... But every song you've showed me (Including your profile song) is friggin awesome haha

  7. I think this time is pretty fair for the exams. It really caters to a majority of timezones
  8.   New profile song in honor of the new official war system

  9. New Profile Song: Apathy - The Grand Leveler

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      Whats name is the last song you have?

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