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  1. Adarya

    Thats so cute!
  2. Adarya

    Yeah! They are all fictional, It's just too add a bit more personality to the Ninja Bios in profiles :)! And well, tecnically medical ninjutsu would count as "ninjutsu" in naruto lore.
  3. Adarya

    Hello! I've been creating this info graphics using the character creator art from my old post This go really well in your ninja bios, and I wanted to show them off to give some inspiration to other on how to custom their ninja bios a bit further! You can find out how to make your own custom character in my old post here:
  4. Adarya

    Posting a few old ones I created to have them archived here: @Savi @Mizukishi @GodJihyo newest look @Astalliana
  5. It's me again! Trying to get more female outfits and hairstyles, like always. So in my mission for Rory to give us more female items, I decided to create outfits based on female characters from "The last" Movie/anime. Zoomed out: Bonus headband
  6. Adarya

    Request to add a "Sort Inventory" button to re-arrange your inventory in order. Its super annoying when equipping different items, how they go to all random inventory spaces. They totally ruin the order of your inventory :c So I request a button that takes your inventory from something like this: (you can see I added a visual representation at button right corner) To this:
  7. Adarya

    Ooh me! Maybe possible add my dog summon? My char reference image: Location could be The chakra forest Pose could be Holding Poison Kunai and making a hand sign like so? In any case Ill be happy with any art :)! These are just some ideas :P!
  8. Adarya

    This would be an incredible addition for the game
  9. Adarya

    So my boredom and desire for new longer hairstyles made me create some new styles. Thought they turned out pretty cute c: I also added some "blush" below my char eyes. (its literally 2 pink pixels each side, pls add)
  10. Adarya


    Ohh thats really amazing! great job!
  11. Adarya

    We desperately need more female outfits, so while being bored I created some things. Its one of the few times I attempt pixel art but im ok with the results . And here's the zoomed out version:
  12. Adarya

    So glad to see the academy being a success! Thanks everyone for the hard work!
  13. Adarya

    Aquarius is actually 10 minutes