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  1. Adarya

    Leaf Festival

    Leaf villagers gather to enjoy the festival prepared for them where they enjoy shows, food and drinking! You can spot some villagers on dates, or chatting with friends or simply enjoying the food and going to their favorite bars. But you can also see some enemies lurking in the shadows ready to strike... Special thanks to: @Arashi @Antar @Yonsu @Tekkey Hinode @LionGod @Sky Walker @Gintoki Hatake @Jihyo Tensei for all the help!
  2. Ninjas embark on missions. Some of them are returning from theirs. Others train by sparring each other. Others meditate and some others just relax outside their village and enjoy the sun and have fun. Thanks @LionGod @Spooks @Sky Walker @Sin @Esty @Trapsfor the help Special appearance from many ninjas who I grabbed their picture from discord
  3. Adarya

    Yesss this look so good!
  4. Adarya

    A lot of items need more color variations actually, we need more ways to customize our characters. Hopefully with the new hair color system we're getting, we get a way to dye clothing soon too
  5. Adarya

    Hello! I just made this pixel inspired by Naruto's and Hinata's wedding. I think adding them to the cash shop could open a lot of possibilites for RP weddings. They were pretty easy to made since the male one is a recolored kage robe and the female one is a modified and recolored snake inner kimono. Based off
  6. Adarya

    Agree, I always drop this mission in sand cause its not worth the hassle of getting killed thanks to the speech bubble
  7. Adarya

    Now that we have zoom in feature and we can see the details of our characters better Could we add a "blush" type of eye style to premium eye style changer or accesory/headwear? Just adding 2 pink pixels below the eyes to make the effect of our character having some blush/make up can make a cute difference. pls its so cute and its literally 2 pixels Sort of like Kimi Eye Style that has the red makeup below the eyes.
  8. Adarya

    Thank you! That's alright! It was just an idea I got in my head and I wanted to share. Like others said it could be a clan jutsu. or a buff for Sensory level 3 and available for all villages.
  9. Adarya

    Yeah it could work as a sensory buff, maybe for Sensory level 3 :o!
  10. Adarya

    True! Alternatively it could make a nice clan jutsu, or like @Wanheda said it could be a passive for sensory and make it clan exclusive :o! I like this idea a lot too!
  11. To me the idea of village passives is related to having an advantage over your territory. Mist has the ability to charge and not lose chakra in water, making them deadly at their big ocean zone. Sand can cloak at desert and not being spoted by anyone and without the necessity of hiding behind something. But Leaf has will of fire... which to me doesnt really correlate with these two. What does will of fire bring to defend leaf village? So It got me thinking, what would an advantage be for leaf players to be able to defend their territory, and I got the idea of Forest vision. The concept is similar to pokemon old school games. Being able to see in a radious close to the character. This FOV follows the character while moving and it would translate to be able to see behind trees. This is a mock up concept of whats the idea I have in mind. Alternatively it could only be limited to be able to see behind leafs only and not the tree trunks like so: By limiting the range within the player is able to see behind the leafs, the other village players won't be as much as an disadvantage when trying to go to the leaf village, they can still take routes from the side of Chakra forest to try not being spotted etc... This bring leaf at an advantage while defending their own territory like Chakra forest, Larvas, etc... but its still fair becuase it wont bring much of an advantage inside their village, just like mist passive isnt much of an use inside their own village. This is is just an idea I got randomly today and I wanted to make a concept and share it to everyone, I would like to hear your comments and opinions or how this could be more balanced or if you think its too broken, etc...
  12. This is awesome :)!
  13. Adarya

    Hello!I continued my clan banners and now I made 2 for each leaf clan, in case anyone wanna decorate their profile cover photo. Feel free to use them. Each clan is represtented by a color, but they all share the similarity of using a forest as a background, cause Leaf village I also created leaf village ones in case someone is not in a clan but still want to use a forum banner:
  14. Adarya

    Agree! i had to change to red cause the new pink made me sad