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  1. Adarya

    Thank you! That's alright! It was just an idea I got in my head and I wanted to share. Like others said it could be a clan jutsu. or a buff for Sensory level 3 and available for all villages.
  2. Adarya

    Yeah it could work as a sensory buff, maybe for Sensory level 3 :o!
  3. Adarya

    True! Alternatively it could make a nice clan jutsu, or like @Wanheda said it could be a passive for sensory and make it clan exclusive :o! I like this idea a lot too!
  4. To me the idea of village passives is related to having an advantage over your territory. Mist has the ability to charge and not lose chakra in water, making them deadly at their big ocean zone. Sand can cloak at desert and not being spoted by anyone and without the necessity of hiding behind something. But Leaf has will of fire... which to me doesnt really correlate with these two. What does will of fire bring to defend leaf village? So It got me thinking, what would an advantage be for leaf players to be able to defend their territory, and I got the idea of Forest vision. The concept is similar to pokemon old school games. Being able to see in a radious close to the character. This FOV follows the character while moving and it would translate to be able to see behind trees. This is a mock up concept of whats the idea I have in mind. Alternatively it could only be limited to be able to see behind leafs only and not the tree trunks like so: By limiting the range within the player is able to see behind the leafs, the other village players won't be as much as an disadvantage when trying to go to the leaf village, they can still take routes from the side of Chakra forest to try not being spotted etc... This bring leaf at an advantage while defending their own territory like Chakra forest, Larvas, etc... but its still fair becuase it wont bring much of an advantage inside their village, just like mist passive isnt much of an use inside their own village. This is is just an idea I got randomly today and I wanted to make a concept and share it to everyone, I would like to hear your comments and opinions or how this could be more balanced or if you think its too broken, etc...
  5. This is awesome :)!
  6. Adarya

    Hello!I continued my clan banners and now I made 2 for each leaf clan, in case anyone wanna decorate their profile cover photo. Feel free to use them. Each clan is represtented by a color, but they all share the similarity of using a forest as a background, cause Leaf village I also created leaf village ones in case someone is not in a clan but still want to use a forum banner:
  7. Adarya

    Agree! i had to change to red cause the new pink made me sad
  8. Adarya

    New updated art for my character. Also made art for @Althion (so cute ;_;) @Jiroubou And new art for @Donatello Johnson
  9. Adarya

    Yes! I've always wanted something like this to create new outfit combinations Great work!
  10. Adarya


    Awesome! The game will feel more alive
  11. Adarya

    I actually been thinking about how to expand the raid system further, and I also was thinking of suggesting extending the raid time to 4 hours. While the raid system is a step in the right direction for end game players to have more things to do, it can definitely be more expanded. Heres some of the ideas I came up with, you can maybe get inspired with some of them. Adding "Raid missions" The idea is for the 3rd person withing the mission area to start giving daily missions (Could be 1 or 2 or 3?) for ninjas of level 40+ These missions are not going to give Ryo or exp as rewards, but instead it would give the respective village some Raid score points. These Raid score points would be used by the Hokage or a council member to restore a "Raid points" back to maybe 50% health. (This should have a limit of something like only being able to restore 3 points per day) or any other idea you can come up with. This is a example of how a mission reward would look like: Some Ideas for the Raid missions could be like the one in the image, to capture guarding spots within the villages (This ties to your suggestion no 5) The visual indicator could be something such as this: And they could be located in less common areas like so The idea is to have more content for end game players, since once you reach level 60, there isnt really a big motivation to do missions. The Raid score could also be tracked individually and tie to your suggestion no 6, to add a score and use these points to buy ninja tools or cosmetic items. This also brings me to the next idea: Village leaderboard The village leader board could be located besides the notice board. This board would look similar to the bingo book, except it would only show the respective village ninjas, and how much “Raid score points” they have acquired or how many "raid points" They have captured. (This could be reseted on a weekly/monthly basis). This is just an extra thing to have some healthy competition within your village teammates. and for the Hokage and council members to keep track who's helping the village the most. Or maybe even by the end of the month the Ninja's with more score points could get rewarded by Kage/council with a special item. Anyways those are some quick ideas I came up with that could help you come up with some other stuff EDIT: Reading other posts I see that some people have similar ideas. So mine can also be tied in to theirs as in Manpower/Village point be rewarded in raid missions instead of "Raid score points" Like I suggested (Cause maybe we really dont need a 4th different kind of scoring). EDIT 2: Seems like Zeller suggested a leader board for raid points as well, so just take my suggestion as visual representation to his.
  12. Adarya

    This is such an easy fix to such a big problem, hopefully it gets implemeted soon