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  1. Adarya


    Awesome! The game will feel more alive
  2. Adarya

    I actually been thinking about how to expand the raid system further, and I also was thinking of suggesting extending the raid time to 4 hours. While the raid system is a step in the right direction for end game players to have more things to do, it can definitely be more expanded. Heres some of the ideas I came up with, you can maybe get inspired with some of them. Adding "Raid missions" The idea is for the 3rd person withing the mission area to start giving daily missions (Could be 1 or 2 or 3?) for ninjas of level 40+ These missions are not going to give Ryo or exp as rewards, but instead it would give the respective village some Raid score points. These Raid score points would be used by the Hokage or a council member to restore a "Raid points" back to maybe 50% health. (This should have a limit of something like only being able to restore 3 points per day) or any other idea you can come up with. This is a example of how a mission reward would look like: Some Ideas for the Raid missions could be like the one in the image, to capture guarding spots within the villages (This ties to your suggestion no 5) The visual indicator could be something such as this: And they could be located in less common areas like so The idea is to have more content for end game players, since once you reach level 60, there isnt really a big motivation to do missions. The Raid score could also be tracked individually and tie to your suggestion no 6, to add a score and use these points to buy ninja tools or cosmetic items. This also brings me to the next idea: Village leaderboard The village leader board could be located besides the notice board. This board would look similar to the bingo book, except it would only show the respective village ninjas, and how much “Raid score points” they have acquired or how many "raid points" They have captured. (This could be reseted on a weekly/monthly basis). This is just an extra thing to have some healthy competition within your village teammates. and for the Hokage and council members to keep track who's helping the village the most. Or maybe even by the end of the month the Ninja's with more score points could get rewarded by Kage/council with a special item. Anyways those are some quick ideas I came up with that could help you come up with some other stuff EDIT: Reading other posts I see that some people have similar ideas. So mine can also be tied in to theirs as in Manpower/Village point be rewarded in raid missions instead of "Raid score points" Like I suggested (Cause maybe we really dont need a 4th different kind of scoring). EDIT 2: Seems like Zeller suggested a leader board for raid points as well, so just take my suggestion as visual representation to his.
  3. Adarya

    This is such an easy fix to such a big problem, hopefully it gets implemeted soon
  4. Adarya

    Thats so cute!
  5. Adarya

    Yeah! They are all fictional, It's just too add a bit more personality to the Ninja Bios in profiles :)! And well, tecnically medical ninjutsu would count as "ninjutsu" in naruto lore.
  6. Adarya

    Hello! I've been creating this info graphics using the character creator art from my old post This go really well in your ninja bios, and I wanted to show them off to give some inspiration to other on how to custom their ninja bios a bit further! You can find out how to make your own custom character in my old post here:
  7. Adarya

    Posting a few old ones I created to have them archived here: @Savi @Mizukishi @GodJihyo newest look @Astalliana
  8. It's me again! Trying to get more female outfits and hairstyles, like always. So in my mission for Rory to give us more female items, I decided to create outfits based on female characters from "The last" Movie/anime. Zoomed out: Bonus headband
  9. Adarya

    Request to add a "Sort Inventory" button to re-arrange your inventory in order. Its super annoying when equipping different items, how they go to all random inventory spaces. They totally ruin the order of your inventory :c So I request a button that takes your inventory from something like this: (you can see I added a visual representation at button right corner) To this:
  10. Adarya

    Ooh me! Maybe possible add my dog summon? My char reference image: Location could be The chakra forest Pose could be Holding Poison Kunai and making a hand sign like so? In any case Ill be happy with any art :)! These are just some ideas :P!
  11. Adarya

    This would be an incredible addition for the game
  12. Adarya

    We desperately need more female outfits, so while being bored I created some things. Its one of the few times I attempt pixel art but im ok with the results . And here's the zoomed out version:
  13. Adarya

    Next we have @Kuraen Alarnin in his younger handsome days