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  1. With the adition of status extraction jutsu, It would be nice to have a way to see if any of the party members have a buff/debuff besides their name on the party list. It can make parties with more than 1 healer help prioritize which member of the team to target to heal/buff or remove debuffs from. An example of another game:
  2. Adarya

    A simple yet very effective solution to team fight/raids chaos
  3. Adarya

    Great year for nin!
  4. Adarya

    Definetly a must! Theres a lot of unused houses at the villages, we could definetly have a hair salon type of house
  5. This is an awesome update, Im really glad the new hair dye system is finally implemented. I know its still fairly new but I think these could add some QoL to the system. A way to introduce the values manually for more precision. A way to save our favorite colors to have easy access to them. Here's a little mockup of what I mean:
  6. Adarya

    Maybe they could also make the amount of HP boosted scale with the user's chakra instead of the target's fortitude. (also increase the percentage substantially) so pure medics could consider on taking this jutsu to the battlefield.
  7. You can ask for a refund in the first 24 hours within your purchase. Follow the steps in Hope it helps!
  8. Adarya

    A mummy has be spotted in leaf!
  9. Im giving it a shot with some Gothic/vampire inspired furniture set. I plan to add more items in this same post so stay tuned, but I wanted to share my progress so far Icons: Chair: Table: Big Table: Drawer: Sofa: Stool: Candle: Red Moon: Rug: Mirror: Fire place: Coffin: Heres a little preview how they could look in game. The Coffin acts as a bed Also created some Color variants in halloween themed colors: Green: Purple: Orange: And last but not least a color variant for the moon to channel your inner werewolf: Inspiration drawn from gothic furniture like this ones:
  10. Adarya

    Leaf Festival

    Leaf villagers gather to enjoy the festival prepared for them where they enjoy shows, food and drinking! You can spot some villagers on dates, or chatting with friends or simply enjoying the food and going to their favorite bars. But you can also see some enemies lurking in the shadows ready to strike... Special thanks to: @Arashi @Antar @Yonsu @Tekkey Hinode @LionGod @Sky Walker @Gintoki Hatake @Jihyo Tensei for all the help!
  11. Ninjas embark on missions. Some of them are returning from theirs. Others train by sparring each other. Others meditate and some others just relax outside their village and enjoy the sun and have fun. Thanks @LionGod @Spooks @Sky Walker @Sin @Esty @Trapsfor the help Special appearance from many ninjas who I grabbed their picture from discord
  12. Adarya

    Yesss this look so good!
  13. Adarya

    A lot of items need more color variations actually, we need more ways to customize our characters. Hopefully with the new hair color system we're getting, we get a way to dye clothing soon too
  14. Adarya

    Hello! I just made this pixel inspired by Naruto's and Hinata's wedding. I think adding them to the cash shop could open a lot of possibilites for RP weddings. They were pretty easy to made since the male one is a recolored kage robe and the female one is a modified and recolored snake inner kimono. Based off
  15. Adarya

    Agree, I always drop this mission in sand cause its not worth the hassle of getting killed thanks to the speech bubble