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  1. Mell

    Im really proud of you. From what i see i dont have anything more to teach you. You have become a strong independent woman like you wanted to be.
  2. Mell

    Spear has no self stun senbon is fast 2 homings 1 deadly 3x3 aoe cc aoe stun ( and you can combine all of this woth other mastery) lets check the topic to buff fan mastery So we wont wasted a time here
  3. First of all i understand why @Ueda invented charm system just to be some small thing that will not affect gameplay that much. Who would think that today having a right %charm on your character is now a big advantage in pvp perspektive. Since we are now have lvl 60 cap which is mean we gain more 40 stats to spend on what we what. Please take a look at this number Somemasteries can go for full tank with 2000hp and if he/she has fort%charm so he/she will get 2100hp Yeah it just 100hp but if you take a look that 100hp is actually 2.5 half level. So it mean you are basically lvl62.5. And in a long run when we unlock another lvl cap this charm will affect more than it is now. In term of pvp perspective this kind of thing is really unfair. please consider making charm reroll be a thing Sincerly Mell CEO of SI company
  4. Mell

    Also leave the comment
  5. Mell

    I told @Ueda about this since he replaced rubberband with this instead. Isnt it funny? When you use subs and expect that you will get away with some damage that is about to comes, but instead getting combo in your face after subs pops.
  6. It used to be some rp back then. But rory banned some of rp players /miss Sand Guard 01-10
  7. Mell

    Here pic of @Yukimura when he is on duty
  8. Mell

    havent had a /v for 2-3 years of playing, still alive fyi.
  9. Melees that dominating the game is Tai melee and Fan melee imo
  10. Mell

    Rip @Yukimura and @Sarus