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  1. Yagami Ninkage

    So i mentioned the bug directly in the topic. This bug has been my rival for the past 2-3 months and i can't find any fix to it. I've tried uninstalling,reinstalling,uninstalling,re-downloading the client,installing client,updating and stuff but it hasn't worked at all. The bug happens when i launch the game,login and select server and start game but after the load i have a pitch black screen and this ProPlusWW.MSI bug makes its appearance.Can somoene help me please? @Ueda
  2. Yagami Ninkage

    Understand what you mean sir but nin already had one and if you just cant even re-add it then just at least update the Ninja hideout thingy we are supposed to get early notifs on updates but we dont,the category is dead and no one pays special attention to it.Anyways take that in consideration and at the very least my handsome man what is the meaning of your role "Newbie"..? WolfForAdmin!!!!
  3. Yagami Ninkage

    Hmmm... imagine making Nin a better place if your just toxicly obsessed with the Ninkage lmao(Nah u gotta give me respect in order to get even more greater than it :O)
  4. Yagami Ninkage

    This idea has been in my mind for a few weeks/months and i have been working on it but i dont think i will have time because of my upcoming board exams and then im a full time book worm(nah jk) and have no more time.So yes what i wanted to suggest is that if @Ueda or @Serias would make Achievements of masteries like landing ur lvl 10 jutsu 200 times or w/e and the reward will be clothes of the mastery for example like tai u land seismic dash 200/300 times and u get a pant made specially for taijutsu users and a examples is below Any mastery: Landing your level 10 jutsu at least 200/300 gives u a achievement+that masterie's pant/shirt/hat/accesory or w/e. This would give players to get this achivement thinking of it as a mission or something they wanna accomplish. Second i wanna suggest is that if we land a jutsu at a wall/mountain/wall or floor it leaves a stain or something at it(Eng aint my native) So like we land fire jutsu at a wall it leaves a stain on it which is going to stay there for 3-5 min. Thats all i wanna suggest and i hope rory considers this As always peace
  5. Yagami Ninkage

    We have kirin lol its Lightning strike...
  6. Yagami Ninkage

    Rory,the mastermind of chinese/singaporean brains(not racism),is the greatest developer of all times...No naruto sandbox has been released except this game so far its the best one u can find even if there is any but all i can say is that the Dev/Admin should not pay to *his* visions but to the *community's* cuz it worsens our game exp not his.You can see a recently retired admin,Seth.He tried to play the game but what happened?That guy left it after just a week or so cuz of the pvp and the so called "Enjoying leveling" life.He now understands our pain and so must Ueda.
  7. Yagami Ninkage

    6 people voted so far,if you see this reply to this topic!
  8. Yagami Ninkage

    I agree,CS also maplocks u if you haven't maxxed it and i disagree with Souei trash i mean bruh its not op it only give you int that all Pce < 3
  9. Yagami Ninkage

    Hahahahaha Ori i love you man but trust me there aint any lowly stuff coming from me in the future!I've been working on something pretttty and im sure it will make me a silver too!Your reply inspires me alot ty
  10. Yagami Ninkage

    So yes... some of you might have understood what i actually mean by the topic but yeah if you dont they you dont have valuable IQ like them(Jk)... So the main purpose of this suggestion is that i my bad maybe the community might want a Public Beta Test... So what i mean by that a few silver or any ninjas(poll given) could be email-ed the uh application of Nin Online's PBE in which they could test out some jutsus that are NOT in the game yet.Obviously,not everything should be in it and what i mean by that is like when staff wanna add something NEW they work on it FIRST and dont let it out not on the game and PBE version.After they work on it and say its ok to let it on the PBE at the least,then please do add it.Benefits are the following: Hype! Some Nin News Channels which would tell us FIRE stuff thats gonna be in the game soon. Some players could have a bit of a fun i guess! etc Now last thing i wanna say is that obviously there will be a question either by Rory or some guy replying to this topic or some dude discord messaging me and sayin it pains to type here,so here it is"UwU WoUlD nEw PlAyErS wOuLd GeT iT tOo UwU" obviously they wont to get this PBE application you'll need to spend at least 2-3 years in the game and thats it for this suggestion! Ily nin community and @Ueda @TheWolf
  11. Yagami Ninkage

    Thats for only GMT+1 what about gmt+ 3+ timezones?Huh?Use brain.Thats midnight not everyone can be up till midnight not everyone lives alone.
  12. Yagami Ninkage

    I know but i see him hosting Tourneys good for EU timezones as well #SaluteToSerias!
  13. Yagami Ninkage

    To be honest and to be quite frank on that note,i honestly dont like the way how CE's held almost busy hour for EU people and comfortable time for NA people,its unfair.Most of the time whenever i see NA's they're mostly Chunin and trus tme they dont need to be if they have to be afk all the goddamn time.So here's what i suggest we have a EU GM i think its @Serias(Shirou was) now and i want to recommend him and @Ueda that for gods sake host 2 CEs of same village One NA timezone and One EU timezone and whenever i see a chunin hes mostly afk or busy irl cuz hes from NA goddamn it and whenever i see a active chunin/SJ/Jonin hes most likely EU. Please ueda 2 CEs of Same village hosted by diff GMS of 2 diff timezones will help village have active Chunins+ Thanks for reading and i understand most of the people are from NA and Most of us EUs dont get to complete rp missions just cuz of that main sole reason.
  14. Yagami Ninkage

    10-Bi hokage chan?i mean sama?but wait doesnt that mean he will have 10 times bi in a war/raid?Damn.... no disrespect to the one who will be but im just sayin it might even be Esty xD